Tuesday, November 8, 2022

11/8 - THE NEWS

Buchanan: Democrats, Not "Democracy", At Risk Today

The Atlantic suggests 'Covid deniers' forgive and forget after having been lied to for three years

The billboard that we will be running right outside CDC headquarters in Atlanta

“The CIA Backs Pixar And Disney Films”: Kanye

The Clearest Sign Yet that God Has Given America Over to Depravity

The Coming U.S. Government Default And End Of The Dollar As The World's Reserve Currency

The Consortium Imposing the Growing Censorship Regime -- and Our New Live, Prime-Time Rumble Program

The Dark Origins of of the Davos Great Reset

The Deep State is alive and well

The Democrat War on Fossil Fuels and American Prosperity

The Democrats’ Ugly and Dangerous Closing Argument

The 2022 Election is the Opening Salvo in the Repudiation of America’s Elites

The Fed Speaks Before The Midterms

THE FIX IS IN: Hillary Attorney Marc Elias Says We Won’t Know Who Wins Midterms for Days

The Four Horsemen of the Economic Apocalypse

The Funeral Business Is Booming (And Not Because Of COVID)

The Greatest Lie Ever Sold: George Floyd and the Rise of BLM

“The Guy Who Showers With His Daughter Is Telling You You’re a Bad Person” – Tucker Carlson Roasts Joe Biden after Disgusting Union Station Speech

The Left-Wing Health Group Citing the Boy Scouts of America To Justify Excluding Whites From a Prestigious Fellowship

The Mainstream Is Increasingly Accepting The Possibility That The Fed Will Blow Up The Economy

The Man who invented Climate Change and influenced Schwab’s Great Reset Agenda

The mRNA vaccines were not a product of Operation Warp Speed and developed in just a few months -- rather, DARPA has been working on them with companies such as Moderna since 2011: Dr. Peter McCullough

The New York Times and Washington Post Suddenly Concerned About the Upcoming Midterm Elections

The Next Great “Mass Extinction” Is Already Here

The one-world religion on full display as fake ‘faith leaders’ join globalist predators to push Earth worship at U.N. COP 27 conference

The Pathetic Democratic Pantheon: Victor Davis Hanson

The Petrodollar-Saudi Axis Is Why Washington Hates Iran

The Profoundly Stupid Narrative That Nuclear Brinkmanship Is Safety And De-Escalation Is Danger

The Shocking Facts About the Continuing Cover-up of COVID-19’s Laboratory Origin by the U.S. Government and Colluding Scientists

The Trojan Horse Presidency

The View Calls White Women “Roaches” For Voting GOP