Friday, November 4, 2022


Facebook admits the COVID Vaccines destroy the Immune System and cause Acquired Immune Deficiency Syndrome

Facebook and Twitter Private Portals Where Democrats, Government Officials and Corporate Elites Meet to Ban Unwanted Conservative Content

Failed Presidential Candidate Hillary Clinton Warns GOP has Plan to Steal 2024 Election

FAKE NEWS On the Warpath: These Mainstream News Networks Give GOP Negative Press 87% Of The Time In Midterm Run-Up – And One GOP Candidate Has 100% Bad Press

A Fateful Moment of History Is Upon Us: Paul Craig Roberts

FBI Protected Woman Who Made $200 Mil Selling 8,000 Children

FBI and DOJ Switch Tactics, Now Claim 2022 Election is Vulnerable to Manipulation

FDA warns of brain swelling and permanent vision loss found in children taking puberty blockers

Federal Lawsuit Filed to Prevent Ballot Drop Box Watchers

Female fertility is negatively affected by the c19 shots: EMA

Fentanyl: The Untold Part of the Story

‘Fit, healthy, in the peak of condition, and dead — and nothing to see here’: Mark Steyn segment exposes the beastly vaxx

Florida Sheriff’s Office Seizes Enough Fentanyl to Kill 1.5 Million Adults

The Food Crisis That Could Change Everything: Bongino

For the First Time in 20 Years, 30-Year Mortgage Rates Hit 7 Percent

Fractal computing is catching voter fraud in real time: fascinating read

France: Macron Admits Half The Crimes In Paris Are Committed By Foreigners

"Frankly Terrifying": Energy Crisis Could Drag 26M Brits Into Fuel Poverty

From The East Coast To The West Coast, The U.S. Continues To Be Hit By An Endless Series Of Disasters

From Wild-Type SARS-2 to Omicron: Towards a Theory of Corona Evolution

Furry Fetish: Children Now Identifying as Animals, Talk of 'Litter Boxes' Instead of Bathrooms (Exclusive)

Future Quantum Computers Could Crunch Data With Single Electrons on Neon Ice

Future shortage of fertilizer for American farmers ahead due to massive increase of US nitrogen exports as Europe scrambles for fertilizer