Wednesday, November 16, 2022

11/21 - HOW? WHY?

FTX on Steroids: Is "Tether" the Biden World's Crypto BCCI? - Revolver News

FTX Implosion Leads to Chaos in the Streets: Bix Weir, Greg Hunter interview

Clif High recently said that secrets would come out that would make people vomit. Clif stately plainly that the vomiting would be actual vomiting, not just a metaphor. Then I see this at Gateway:

Steve Bannon Fires Warning Shot: Biden Family Is About to Have their Entire Depraved and Perverted Family Exposed to the American People

And then there's this:

Top Biden Official Visits Israel, Calls for Strengthening Palestinian Leadership to Prevent Collapse

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How The American Empire Will Collapse (Shocking Insights): George Gammon

How Bernanke Broke The World

How Biden Used a Budgetary Gimmick To Score a Pre-Election Political Win

How Big Is America's 'Strategic Cheese Reserve'?

How a company aimed at bringing the woolly mammoth back to life spun off a startup that could speed drug development

How the CDC is trying to cover up cancer deaths accelerated by the COVID shots

How COVID Became The Path To Global Financial Surveillance

How COVID-19 Pandemic Countermeasures Are Still Hurting Our Children

How the Covid “Vaccines” Cause Cancer: Dr. Ryan Cole

How DARPA and Moderna pioneered the idea behind mRNA vaccines

How Democrats are using 'green new deal' to build an American Social Credit Score

How Democrats ignited our energy and inflation crisis

How do we resist the Globalists and their final push for depopulated one-world order?

How do we sway the minds of people who refuse to see the negative data?

How Do You Punish the Democrat Party for Illegal Contributions from FTX?
(PS: It wasn't just the Democrat Party.)

How Elites Will Create a New Class of Slaves: The Glenn Beck Podcast

How The Elites Use Your Ignorance and Their Arrogance Against You

How Fashion Was Used as Lethal Weapon to Successfully Destroy America

How Dr. Fauci Hoarded Millions During the COVID Pandemic

How Obama’s Big Economic Lie Caused Our Inflation Crisis

How Portland’s decriminalization of hard drugs destroyed the city

How a Secretive Billionaire Handed His Fortune to the Architect of the Right-Wing Takeover of the Courts

How The Surveillance State And Big Tech Colluded To Make Twitter ‘Disinformation’ The New Terrorism

How a University, its major funders and a Newspaper killed reliable research into the toxicity of Aluminium adjuvants in Vaccines

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Why are mad scientists creating an Omicron variant with 80% mortality?

Why Are US Government Agencies Determined to Hide Information About the Safety of Covid Vaccines?

Why Are Walmart And Other Major U.S. Retailers Canceling BILLIONS Of Dollars In Orders As Summer Comes To An End?

Why Did Biden Send Top U.S. Officials to Meet With the Taliban?

Why The Censors Fear Information Freedom

Why Do the Chinese Commies Have Their Own Police Station in New York?

Why Financial Approaches Won't Fix The World's Economic Problems This Time

Why Do Progressives Hate Kids?

Why Does Jill Biden Feel the Need to Dress in Patterns Similar to That of Home Furniture, Curtains, Wallpaper?

Why Does John Fetterman Have Convicted Murderers on His Payroll?

Why The FBI’s Raid On A Christian Family Is Its Most Dangerous Abuse Yet

Why is SBF so protected?