Monday, November 14, 2022



Biden’s Corrupt Green Subsidies May Lead to EU Trade War

Biden’s Decree Forcing Doctors to Treat Patients Based on “Gender Identity” and Not on Science is Unlawful: Federal judge

Biden's Embarrassing Apology Tour at COP 27 and ASEAN Summits

Biden’s Inner Pluskat: How the Loss of Control of Either House Could Impact the President

Biden's student debt relief program unlawful: Federal judge

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Biggest Bailout Since 2008 was buried by bankers Out of Fears of a Bank Run

'Biggest Corruption Scandal in the History of Mankind,' MEP denounces EU Covid Vaccine Purchases

The Biggest Crash in History as Bank Run Sparks Liquidity Crisis

The Biggest Employers in the World

‘Biggest threat facing humanity’: Canada’s public health agency pivots from COVID to ‘climate change’

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AOC Blames Cops On Subway For Rise In Transit Crime

Biden Blames Gas Station Owners for His Record Gas Prices

Biden Blames Republicans for Paul Pelosi's Assault

Biden Blames Trump supporters for Depape's hammer attack on Paul Pelosi Attack

MSNBC Blames Trump for Depape's hammer attack on Paul Pelosi Attack

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Child Euthanasia Without Parental Consent? Canada Is Considering Just That

Trudeau Liberals to facilitate suicide for the mentally ill starting in March

Schwab’s WEF Young Global Leader puppet Trudeau is about to take control of Canada’s Internet and censor everything opposing the Establishment’s sinister narrative

Letter to the Editor: Fifth Generation Warfare Manual Describes How Canadian Government Will Deal with Political Dissidents

Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau Becomes First World Leader to Appear on ‘Drag Race’: Watch

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Will God deliver 10 Commandments for climate change?

At Climate Summit, Elites Chow Down on Gourmet Meats While Telling Us to Eat Bugs

John Kerry Introduces COP27 to Carbon Trading 4.0 – The Newest WEF Multinational Scheme Using Climate Change Income for Elite Affluence

John Kerry Spills the Beans at U.N.’s COP27 Meeting: They Want to Replace Capitalism with a New Economic System

Biden Apologizes For Trump Pulling Out of Paris Climate Accord, Speaks Gibberish at Global Climate Conference in Egypt (VIDEO)

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CLOWN SHOW: Biden Calls Kamala Harris “President” Again

Biden says His Son Beau Died of Cancer Minutes After He Said His Son Died in Iraq War (VIDEO)

Biden Struggles To Read From Giant Teleprompter: “I Was Reading Their Quote. Sorry”

Biden Has to Be Guided Off Stage By New Mexico’s Governor After Lying About the Economy and Falsely Claiming He ‘Cut Federal Debt’ (VIDEO)

Biden Goes Unintelligible and Dangerous at Events for Charlie Crist

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Woke Disney Introduces First Morbidly Obese Main Character with Dysmorphia to Normalize Obesity to Children

While the University of Oklahoma Implements a Robust Woke Agenda, China Dominates its Research Programs

Virginia Military Institute Went Woke, Enrollment Fell 25%

Woke Social Media Platform Launches to Fight 'Elon Musk's MAGA Twitter,' and the Name Is Perfect

Military Game ‘Call of Duty’ Goes Woke – No American Flag, 22 Gay Pride Flags, Burning US Flag, ‘BLM’ Allowed but Not ‘WLM’ or ‘FJB’

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Feds are Buying Cell Phone Location Data on Millions of Americans Through Private Brokers – Same Type of Data Used by ‘2000 Mules’ Investigators

Feds to Force Us to Pay for Sex Change Surgery for Children

Federal Research On Manipulating Brains And Rewriting DNA Should Worry Us All

Federal Agencies Become ESG Activists

The Fed Got Everybody Drunk On Cheap Money But The Party Is Over: Peter Schiff

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Cascading Trouble for FTX Crypto Exchange Leads to Inquiries of Campaign Donations to Democrats and Regulators: CTH

Tens of Billions of US Dollars Were Transferred to Ukraine and then Using FTX Crypto Currency the Funds Were Laundered Back to Democrats in US

FTX Hit By Mysterious $662 Million Outflow Amid Revelation That SBF Implemented Bookkeeping "Backdoor"

FTX hacker caught by Kraken?!

FTX Says It May Have Been 'Hacked,' as $600 Million in Crypto is Mysteriously Drained Overnight

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Iran Warns Saudi Arabia to Stop Reporting on Protests

Iran Votes to Execute 15,000 Participants in Women's Rights Protests

Iran is Hacking Our Systems and Our Elections; Why aren't we hearing more about this? One word. Collusion.

Iran Unveils Drone Designed For ‘Attacking Haifa, Tel Aviv’

Iran has built a hypersonic weapon that can fly five times the speed of sound, move in and out of the atmosphere and strike advanced anti-missile systems, Tehran claims (Daily Mail, 11/10/22)
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It’s Obvious Now: America’s Voting System Is Rigged

"It's The 70s, 2010s, 1920s, And 1930s All In One Toxic Cocktail": Rabobank

It’s Buyer’s Remorse Over Joe Biden

"It's Not Looking Good" - Martin Armstrong Warns There May Not Be A 2024 Election

It’s Perfectly Fine to Choke a Latina Woman – as Long as She’s a Republican

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Scientists Trial New Wireless Brain Implant That Activates Nanoparticles To Zap Tumors With Heat, Claim Brain Implants Will Save 100,000 Americans

Scientists worldwide claim all Covid-19 Vaccines contain Nanotechnology and Graphene Oxide

Scientists conclude COVID Vaccines reprogram the Immune System causing Lymphocytes to attack Vital Organs

Scientists Studied 12 Masks — Every One Contained This Cancer-Causing Compound

Scientists Identify Viral Mutations Behind Recent Monkeypox Outbreak

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There’s a Shortage of Amoxicillin in America

There’s a Cold War Brewing Between Biden and Everyday Americans

“There’s a Lot of People Looking Back Going: “You Know, Maybe that Election Was Stolen”: Christina Bobb on the 2020 Election

There’s More to Come on the Trump-Russia Conspiracy: Kash Patel

There’s Something Terribly Wrong Happening With the Sons of Celebrities