Thursday, November 10, 2022



Blame Trump for the ‘Red Trickle’? Nonsense: Raheem Kassam

Joe Biden Holds Midterm Election Result Press Conference – Vows to Push Harder on Economic Agenda, Continue Targeting President Trump and Investigate Elon Musk

Karine Jean-Pierre Says Democrats Will Oust More MAGA Republicans in 2024: ‘One Election Will Not Change That…There is Still Work to be Done’ (VIDEO)

DHS Censorship Agency Had Strange First Mission: Banning Speech That Casts Doubt On ‘Red Mirage, Blue Shift’ Election Events

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More Americans Now Believe In Aliens

More Bad News: Weimar Or Venezuela?

More Cowbell: top 20 tweets

More Economic Pain is Coming: I Allegedly

More evidence for the lab leak theory

More FBI Election Meddling – Talking About Vote Fraud Is Now an ‘Election Crime’

More Foods Will Be Gene-Edited Than You Think

MORE LIES: Joe Biden Shamelessly Claims His Son Beau Died in Iraq (VIDEO)

More Nightmarish Pestilences Continue To Erupt All Over The World

More proof that the Democrats have become a cult

More than 350 anti-Semitic incidents occurred on US college campuses last school year

More Than 1,100 Active Duty Military Officers involved in lawsuits Against Unlawful Vaccine Mandate

More Than 30 Million Adult Americans Harmed By Jabs With 15% Diagnosed With New Medical Condition Within Weeks To Months!

MORE THAN Half of the People Registered to Attend Trump Rallies Are First Time Attendees

More Tragic Consequences of Democrats' Open Borders Folly

More Troubling Info at Danchenko Trial About Dem Operative Connected to Clinton

More War, More Vax Deaths, More Dem Problems and More Economic Problems

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"Big Announcement" Coming from Trump On Nov. 15 Amid Expectations Of Presidential Bid

Big banks setting actual loan rates to big businesses based on 'diversity' quotas instead of ability to repay

Big Brother’s Playbook -- DHS efforts to curb "dangerous" speech

Big Concerns that Credit Suisse May Be the Next Lehman Brothers

The Big Data Titanic

Big Decision in FOIA Case Against the FBI Pertaining to Seth Rich

The Big Lie about 'The Big Lie'

The Big Midterm Lesson: Defensive ‘Victories’ On The Right Aren’t Going To Save The Country

'Big Oil' is "War Profiteering": Biden

'The Big One Is Coming': Top US Military Commander Warns American Capabilities "Sinking"

Big Pharma Has Always Been One of the Major Forces Behind the European Union

Big Pharma says most adults have mental illness and require prescriptions for expensive pharmaceutical “cures”

Big Picture, 2020 Midterm Elections Highlight the Distinct Difference Between Ballots and Votes: Larwyn's Linx

Big Problems at the Big Bank Signal an Ominous Warning for the Economy

Big Ridiculous Lie from Pelosi

The Big Stock Capitulation Is Yet To Come

Big Tech colluded with DHS to Censor Speech

Big Tech is Funding Literal Migrant "Roadmaps" To Enter The US From Central America

Big Trouble Brewing at Banks that Will Rival the 2008 Subprime Mortgage Crisis: Steven Van Metre