Tuesday, November 1, 2022


New Bombshell Reveals Extent to Which FBI Tried to Take Down Trump: PJ Media

New California law blocks pro-life states from accessing data via Big Tech to enforce abortion bans: Lifesite

New C19 Vax Figures from Pfizer prove the old Vaccine had Negative Efficacy within 30 days: The Expose

New Disturbing Report Reveals Depths of Shover in Chief Jill Biden’s Control Over Joe, His Handlers: RedState

New Documents Show 2020 Election Grants in Pa. Intertwined With Professional, Partisan Left: Frontpage Mag

New Email Reveals Answer To Establishment's Efforts To Oust Trump: The Epoch Times

New England facing natural gas shortages, rolling blackouts this winter: Larwyn's Linx

"New Era" Of SPR Releases As Weapon In Crude Markets "To Manipulate An Election": Zerohedge

New Era: Twitter Fact-Checks Biden Over Corporate Earnings Claim: RedState

New Evidence Suggests Konnech’s Eugene Yu was at the Very Least Affiliated with China’s Largest Election Firm with Direct Ties to US Cities: TGP

New Factory in the Netherlands Will Produce 3D Printed Fake Meat to Replace Real Meat Produced by Farmers: The Expose

NEW federal grant for EcoHealth and Peter Daszak to research coronaviruses: Alex Berenson

New FOIA Requests Reveal Gates Foundation Assisted The CCP: Judicial Watch

New Glossary from NY Times to Avoid Calling President Biden a ‘Liar’: RedState

New Home Sales Plunge In September As Mortgage Rates Resurged: Zerohedge

New law in Washington state allows criminals to call 911 and say officers are not allowed to pursue them: NewsNation

New Lawsuit accuses Amazon of Selling ‘Suicide Kits’ to Teenagers: TGP

New Media Term for Violent Criminal, "Gentle Giant": Revolver News

New military ad tries to seduce heartland boys to sacrifice amid woke recruitment crisis: Revolver News

New mRNA “Injection” from Moderna to Repair Heart Muscle After a Heart Attack: TGP

New Poll Finds Almost 8 Out Of 10 Americans Say Things Are "Out Of Control": Summit News

New Poll Reveals How Many Americans Including Dems Think Biden Has Mental Issues: RedState

New Premier of Alberta Says Unvaxx'd Are The "Most Discriminated-Against Group" She Has Seen: The Epoch Times

New Pro-Kidnapping California Bill Is Pure Evil — And Here’s Why Republicans MUST Copy It in Every Red State: Revolver News

New Project Veritas Drop Suggests DOJ May Go After “Misinformation” as “Election Crimes”: TGP

New Racial Equity Committee from Biden Administration -- Can you guess what its mission will be?: Frontpage Mag

New Release of “Little Demon” from Disney About a Woman Impregnated by Satan and Her Antichrist Daughter already canceled: TGP

New Research claims Lab-Leak Origin is Very Highly Likely: The Expose

New Super Strain Of more lethal COVID Created In London Lab; Report: Summit News

New Swiss Study: Covid Shots Increase Risk of Myocarditis by 800 TIMES in Young Adults: Becker News

New Twitter Is Full of Glorious Musk-Scented Liberal Tears: PJ Media

New Ukraine Aid of $50 Billion Before Next Congress: Dave DeCamp

New Voice of Women that pushed by Joe Biden - Dylan Mulvaney: PJ Media

New Warning: Biden's Diesel Fuel Crisis Worsens: PJ Media

New weapon in the climate war, mashed potatoes: Andrea Widburg

New Wireless Brain Implant Activates Nanoparticles To Zap Tumors With Heat, Scientists Claim Brain Implants Will Save 100,000 Americans

The new world reserve currency: Sorelle Amore Finance

New WSJ Poll Spells Doom for Democrats Down the Homestretch

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