Monday, October 31, 2022


Catherine Engelbrecht and Gregg Phillips of True the Vote facing jail for exposing election 2020 fraud: Emerald Robinson

US Marshals Take Catherine Engelbrecht and Gregg Phillips Into Custody for Not Revealing Their Source in Konnech Scandal

Clandestine: MSM Reports on Looming UN Investigation of Bio Labs in Ukraine

Elon Musk Begins Releasing Internal Notes from Twitter Execs Highlighting Intent to Hide True “Objectives and Key Results” During Lawsuit

Eugene Yu, Konnech CEO, and his connection to China's National People's Congress and Chinese telecom giants

Fauci Edited Bat-Virus Research Papers in the Weeks After COVID-19 Outbreak

Gretchen Whitmer Can't Gaslight Us Anymore: top 20 tweets

Hillary Clinton Reminds Us That She's America's Worst Drunk and a Psychopath

Jill Biden Predicts Wave Of Cancer Diagnoses After COVID-19
(GG Note: Jill Biden Predicts Wave Of Cancer Diagnoses After COVID-19 Vxxine shot -- there, fixed it.)

Jim Caviezel gives ‘Mic-Drop Moment’ in answer About Good Versus Evil In America

John Kerry set to quit as climate czar post. Is he running for president?

Josh Shapiro sponsored drag queen event in Philadelphia that gave 'service hours' to minors

Ketanji Brown Jackson, the village idiot won’t shut up

Kevin McCarthy Refused to Whip Votes on Trump’s Bogus Jan. 6 Impeachment – Leaked Audio Revealed He Was Going to Push Trump to Resign

Kunstler: The Pelosi Cockamamie Story

Macron Lashes Out At US Over Double Standard Energy Policies

Mandela Barnes loves Mark Kelly: top 20 tweets

Megyn Kelly says DeSantis cannot win against President Trump in 2024

Michael Brown: The Clearest Sign Yet that God Has Given America Over to Depravity

Paul "Bobby" Pelosi: top 20 tweets

Dr. Peter McCullough stripped of his Medical Credentials for Speaking the Truth About the COVID Vaccines

Scott Adams' 2020 Prediction Was Correct – Republicans Are Being Hunted Down Since Biden Stole Election

Stacey Abrams defends ‘right’ to abortion during sermon at Baptist church

Stew Peters: DIED SUDDENLY Trailer, Streaming Nov 21st

Tim Ryan May Be The Most Shameless Fraud Running This Year: top 20 tweets

Tom Hanks and his baphomet pose in Forrest Gump

Tucker Carlson: MSNBC’s Open Race Hate Should Worry You Deeply

Xi Jinping personally approved Bidens' meetings with Chinese energy tycoon: Marco Polo report

Yuval Noah Harari | Climate Change and One World Religion | Returning to Mt. Sinai to Introduce 10 Universal Commandments | "A World with Completely Different Laws," and "We Will Rebuild the Temple"

In Sinai, a Prophetic Call for Climate Justice and Ceremony of Repentance

Friday, October 28, 2022


Early Roe Draft Leak Put Supreme Court Justices at Risk of Assassination (VIDEO): Alito

The Ebola Lockdowns Have Begun

Economic Collapse Has Arrived In Germany

Economy Falling: Greg Hunter

Eco-Vandals Defaced a Van Gogh for the Stupidest Reason Ever and the Reactions Are Priceless

Election Denial Will Win: Epoch Times

El Paso Mayor Says White House Asked Not To Declare Immigration Disaster As Border Crossings Spike

Election Drop Box Spotters Catch Man Covering License Plate In Arizona

Electric Cars Are Now Being Targeted For Overloading The Electric Grids During An Energy Crisis

Electric vehicles and the evacuation of Florida

Elon Musk cleans Twitter birdcage

The Elon Twitter memes are already starting
(GG note: This link is to CFP; the post won't be up long.)

Embalmers Reveal Patient's Shocking 'Vaccine' Injuries

EMP attack: Chinese physicists simulate nuclear blast against Starlink satellites

Endorsed by Kit dotcom: “DIED SUDDENLY”… the most important film of the year?

England records another 1000 Excess Deaths in a single week bringing the total to 26k since April; Evidence suggests COVID Vaccines are to blame

Enigmatic 7,000-year-old structure recently discovered near Prague is older than Stonehenge, Egyptian pyramids

Episcopal Church Endorses Sex Change for Children

Eric Metaxas Interviews Shillman Fellow Raymond Ibrahim on ‘Defenders of the West’: video

The eugenicists told us exactly what they were going to do and why they were going to do it’: Matt Walsh

The EU Is Driving 'Polexit'

Europe and the United States Go Thelma and Louise Over the Ukraine

Europe officially records a shocking 691% increase in Excess Deaths among Children since EMA first approved COVID Vaccine for Children

European Medicines Agency Recommends Adding “Heavy Menstrual Bleeding” to Pfizer and Moderna’s COVID Shots Product Information as a Side Effect

Europeans Post Astronomical Energy Bills As 'Terrifying Winter' Approaches

Every American child needs ‘a loving father in the home’: DeSantis

Every Elite Has a Plan Until They Get Punched in the Face by The People: Neil Oliver

Evidence of harm: Steve Kirsch

Expert Claims Covid Vaccines Will Kill 700 million People Around the World

Extreme Social Decay Is Spreading Like Wildfire In Many Of The Largest Cities In America

Eye malfunctions apparent with several celebrities

Thursday, October 27, 2022


US anger over Saudi Arabia, OPEC will impact Israel, Middle East policy: analysis

US appeals court halts Biden's billion dollar student debt relief

U.S. Appoints a Diplomat for Plants and Animals

U.S. Army Identifies 18-Year-Old Active Soldier Found Dead in Her Barracks – Cause of Death Unknown

US Army Releases New and Insane Strategic Plan to ‘Mitigate the Key Effects of Climate Change’

US Biolabs in Ukraine: Russia to call for UN investigation

US Buying $290M Worth Of Anti-Radiation Drugs for Use In "Nuclear Emergency"

US Coast Guard Discovers 3 Chinese and 4 Russian Military Vessels Operating in a Single Formation Off US Shore

US Congressman Introduces Gold Standard Bill As Inflation Spirals Out Of Control

U.S. and Europe are running out of weapons to send to Ukraine

US Existing Home Sales Crash To 8 Year Lows

US Gives Ukraine Most Advanced Air Defense System To Date

U.S. Government is Funding Drag Performances in Ecuador

US Has Only 25 Days of Diesel Supply – Shortage Could Cripple Economy

US Heating Costs Expected To Surge This Winter

US May Lead Multinational Force Against Russia in Ukraine: David Petraeus

US Military Is 'Weak' and Unprepared for Two Regional Conflicts at Once: Heritage Foundation

US National Debt Blows Past $31 Trillion

U.S. Pension Funds Could Face Their Own "Lehman Moment"

US Postal Service spied on ‘MAGA’ protesters, right-wing groups, gun rights activists: documents

US Relationship with Saudi Arabia is being destroyed by Biden After he Threatened the Oil Rich Nation for Not Meeting His Demands

US-Saudi Relationship 'Likely Unrecoverable': Expert

US Senate Passes Stop-Gap Spending Bill, With Over $12B More for Ukraine

US Still Denies Entry to Unvaccinated Legal Travelers but Not Illegal Aliens Walking Across the Open Border

US Taxpayers Footing the Bill for the Southern Border Invasion

Wednesday, October 26, 2022


Biden Admin Warns Arizona to Keep Border Open for Illegals

Biden dangerously draining Strategic Petroleum Reserve like 'campaign credit card, industry warns

Biden Threatens Saudi Arabia for “Siding with Russia” Over OPEC Oil Production Cuts

Biden Warns That If Republicans Are Elected, 'Prices Are Going to Go Up'

Cargo Traffic At LA Port Plummets; Trucking Firm Warns Of 2008-Style Slowdown

Extremely important Russian warning to the UN Security Council (MUST SEE)

GOP Gives Dire Warning to IRS Caught Red-Handed Destroying Documents; Millions of Americans Affected

"It's Disastrous": Mississippi Barge Captain Warns About Supply Chain Crisis As Water Levels Drop

Major Fuel Supplier On "Code Red" As Diesel Crisis Hits Southeast

Mike Lindell Warns UOCAVA Military Ballots Are Being Stolen by Democrats in America Today – Exactly What We Have Reported at Gateway Pundit (VIDEO)

Military Whistleblowers Sound Alarm On 'Devastating' Consequences Of Pentagon’s Vaccine Mandate

New England Power Officials Warn of Pending Winter Crisis as Natual Gas Prices Skyrocket and Electricity is Likely to be Rationed

Over 40 Years Ago, John Todd Warned About An 8-Step Plan to Take Over the World

Police Issue Warning Ahead Of Halloween After Fentanyl Pills Found In Candy Bags At LAX

Rebel Capitalist: Dreaded Death Cross Just Happened (This Is Serious)

Saudi Arabia warns U.S. not to 'manipulate' oil prices by releasing reserves (video)

Roubini Warns Of Imminent Dollar Crash: The Fed Is Going To "Wimp Out" In The Inflation Fight

Wall Street Warns This Will Be Worse Than the Subprime Crisis: Steven Van Metre

World "Still Needs Russian Oil To Flow" Amid "First Truly Global Energy Crisis"; IEA Chief Warns

Tuesday, October 25, 2022



Another Dem-Friendly Poll Shifts Dramatically Towards the GOP as a Possible Red-Wave Reappears

Another Famous Healthy Athlete in Excellent Condition 'Suddenly and Unexpectedly' Drops Dead (Video)

Another 15 Million Barrels of Oil from Strategic Reserves to Boost Biden's Chances in Midterm Elections

Another sign in the sky? Partial solar eclipse on October 25 – Over all of Europe – Maximum in northwest Russia

Another WEF puppet to take the stage, this time in the UK

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

America Is Being Transformed Into A Really Bad Version Of ‘Grand Theft Auto’

America is Governed by the Stupidest and Most Pernicious Elites Ever

America Is Struggling Because Of Biden — Not The Other Way Around

America Just Bailed Out A Bunch Of Pensions At The Taxpayers' Expense

America Was a Better Place When the FBI Didn't Rig Elections

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

Biden's Energy Depression Is Nigh

Biden's Energy Strategy Is Seriously Backfiring Ahead Of November Elections

Biden's Diesel Fuel Supply Crisis Could Soon Cripple America in Ways Never Before Seen

Biden’s Secret Promise To OPEC Backfires

Biden’s Secret Six

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

AOC confronted by angry protestors at townhall meeting, called "a coward"

Jill Biden Gets Heckled In CT Of All Places

Jill Biden Loudly Booed as She Appears on Jumbotron at Eagles Game in Philly

Joe Biden greeted by hundreds of protestors in Orange County, California

Tony Fauci BOOED LOUDLY before Throwing Out First Pitch at Mariners Game

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

Biden Has Bizarre Zone Out During MSNBC Interview

Biden Once Again Gets Lost, Does Complete 180-Degree Turn As He Attempts To Leave Stage

Biden Speaks Total Gibberish When Asked If Ohio Democrat Tim Ryan Is Making a Mistake For Not Wanting Biden to Campaign with Him (VIDEO)

“Come on, Joe!” – Dr. Jill Bosses Joe Biden Around Before He Gets Lost at Tree Planting Ceremony (VIDEO)

Old Joe Biden Drifts Off During CNN Interview: We’ve passed… “It’s Going to Bring a Billion, A trillion, 750 million Dollars, Billion Dollars, Off the Sidelines” (VIDEO)

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

Biden’s Energy Dept Drag Queen Gets Top Secret ‘Q Clearance’ Alongside Six-Figure Government Salary

Methodist pastor tells young girls that this drag queen up for ordination is an example of being "transformed by the renewing of your mind"

Panicked Dems: Biden Is a 'Drag' on Midterm Hopes, Will Be the 'Fall Guy' if Things Don't Go Well

TEXAS: “All Ages” Drag Show with Children Features Man Dancing to Song About “P*ssy” with Toddler Directly Behind

UTAH: "Family friendly" drag performers include names with "Anal Leakage" and "Genitalia"

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

Alaska snow crab season canceled as officials investigate mysterious disappearance of an estimated 1 billion crabs – Unprecedented 90% drop in population

Lake Mead water crisis is exposing volcanic rock from ancient cataclysmic eruptions

Metrolink and Amtrak Suspend Service Between LA and San Diego Indefinitely Due to the Ground Shifting

Portion Of Mississippi River Closes Again As Drought Crisis Worsens

This Is Going To Be A Winter Like No Other

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

"It's Global Govt Re-Engineering" - Austin Fitts Warns Fed Actions Are "100% Power Politics... It's A War"

It’s Not Working! The Fed’s War On Inflation Is FAILING And That Has Very Serious Implications For Our Future

It’s started. The Alex Jones trial has set the precedent. Questioning the Official Narrative will not be tolerated.

It’s Starting To Turn Toxic Out There For Democrats

“It’s Wrong” For States To Ban Sex Reassignment Surgeries On Children: Biden

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

CIA Is Attempting to Resurrect The Woolly Mammoth

Old And Busted: Biden Sends Inflation Into Hyperdrive. New And Hot: Accuses Republicans Of Wanting To “Make Inflation Worse”

Old newspaper clippings about Giant bones and skeletons being found in the United States, Mexico, and elsewhere late 1800’s and early 1900’s

The Patagonian Giants


- - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

Biden Asks Officials To Prepare For Possibility Of 2008-Level Financial Crisis

Biden Admin Pressured El Paso's Democratic Leadership to Cover Up Border Crisis

Biden Border Patrol Chief Doesn’t “Attend Important White House Meetings,” “Falls Asleep”

China Opens 'Overseas Police Stations' in US and Canada to Monitor Its Citizens Living Abroad

COVID Vaccination is causing Cancer at an unprecedented rate

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

There Are Clues That Indicate Russia Could Be Preparing A Surprise Lightning Strike To Take Kiev

There is No Single War In Ukraine and NATO Is In Trouble

There Was No Evidence the 'Vaccine' Would Stop the Spread of Covid (Video)

There Will Be Blood in the Streets: Michael Burry

There Will Be No Civil War Here: Larwyn's Linx

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

An Awful Outcome For The Truth

Merry Christmas from the Bidens

Proof of Citizenship

"Quick, name one Senator in history who has done more to hurt his state in two years than Mark Kelly"

Someone Publish Politico's Sex Assault Records

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - -


UK Treasury To Bail-Out Bank Of England's £11 Billion QE Losses

Ukraine war: Proudly brought to you by Pfizer...

ULTA Beauty promotes man dressing as woman as better at being a woman than actual biological women

Ultimate Doom! Dec. 13, 2022 Now Called ‘C-DAY’ “BIDEN BUCKS”/ Central Bank Digital Currency: (CBDC) Executive Order 14067

Unvaccinated Single Women Say 'No' To Vaccinated Single Men

Monday, October 24, 2022


FBI Agent: 'We Have More People Assigned to Investigate White Supremacists Than We Can Actually Find'

FBI and DOJ weaponized to target Biden's political enemies

FBI Arrests 87-Year-Old Pro-Life Concentration Camp Survivor for Peacefully Protesting Abortion

FBI Doctored Mar-a-Lago Photo, Added Their Own Docs to Create a Crime Scene that Didn’t Exist

FBI hack discourages use of term 'raid' on MSNBC, moments later, network changes Trump chyron to comply

FBI “Had Personal Stake” in Mar-a-Lago Raid – Agents Were After Spygate Documents Trump Was Holding That Likely Implicated FBI

FBI 'Informant' Behind Trump Raid, Was Someone in His Orbit

The FBI is beyond redemption: Victor Davis Hanson

The FBI Is a Political ‘Weapon’ and AG Garland Is Out for ‘Revenge’: Posobiec

FBI Issues Bulletin Warning About “Election Crimes” Ahead of the 2022 Midterm

FBI Labeled Veteran-Led Organization as Domestic Terrorist Group

FBI Mar-a-Lago Raid ‘Another Form of Election Cheating’: Trump

The FBI Mar-a-Lago raid had media, Dems hoping for violence from Trump supporters

The FBI Offered Chris Steele $1 Million

FBI ordered to release contents of Seth Rich’s laptop

The FBI Paid Danchenko Over $200K "to get Trump"

The FBI Put the Equivalent of a $1 Million Bounty on President Trump’s Head to Frame Him – Gregg Jarrett

FBI Purging Conservative Employees and Retaliating Against Whistleblowers

FBI Raid: Bryson Gray song

The FBI Raid and Disappearance of Journalist James Gordon Meek Should Chill You to the Bone

The FBI Raided A Former President; 4 possible reasons

'The FBI Raid On Melania's Closet Was Justified,' Says Merrick Garland Wearing Gorgeous New Evening Gown And Sun Hat: Babylon Bee

The FBI’s Relentless Hunt for ‘Right-Wing Extremism’ (video)

FBI Sends 'Clear Message' To Trump, His Supporters: The Swamp Is Real, Rep. Davidson Says

FBI Spied on 3.3 Million Americans Without a Warrant

The FBI Vs. The People: Larwyn's Linx

FBI Whistleblower LEAKS Bureau’s ‘Domestic Terrorism Symbols Guide’

FBI Whistleblowers Allege that Agents Who Kneeled in Solidarity with BLM Protesters were Promoted to Higher Rank

The FBI’s Million-Dollar Men

Federal Bureau Of Intimidation: The Government’s War On Political Freedom

- - - - - - -

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Saturday, October 22, 2022


Dangers of 5G: Robert Malone

Data show US bracing for 161,000 unaccompanied children at border this year

DC Comics Canceling Gay Superman’s Solo Run After Failure to Sell

DC, NYC Mayors Complaining Bitterly About GOP Governors Adding To The Illegals They’ve Been Encouraging For Years

D.C. Officials Made out Like Bandits With Timely Stock Trades as COVID Struck

Deaths From “Unknown” Causes Are Now the Leading Killer in Alberta, Canada Following the Rollout of the Experimental Vaccine – 2021 Total Significantly Higher than 2019

Delaware Supreme Court rules universal mail-in voting unconstitutional

Demon-attired drag queen berates church's doctrine, aspires to be ordained by same church

Dems Move To Transfer Air Defense Systems From Saudis To Ukraine As Punishment

DeSantis: “As Long as I am Governor, in Florida There Will Not be a Covid-19 Vaccine Mandate For Children in Our Schools” (VIDEO)

Detroit Tigers Donating Proceeds To Fund Transgender Surgeries For Children

A Different Sort of Warrant: Kunstler

Digital IDs are challenged in new report

Discovery Plus to debut streaming series next month glorifying LGBT drag teens

Disney Park Charges Unvaccinated Guests More, Offers Discount to Vaccinated Guests to Boost Vaccinations

District votes to keep pornographic book available for children

'Doctor' Jill Biden booed at Philadelphia Eagles game

Dog Names Are Racist Too, According To Scholars

DoJ Argues that the Intelligence Community Overrides the Judiciary

DOJ-NSD Frantic That Special Master Might Review IC Defined Classified Documents, Even if Trump Declassified, Because Sources and Methods

"Dominoes Are Aligning For A Major Synchronized Global Crisis": Noland

Drag Queen Pulls Out His Penis In Front Of Kids At ‘Family Friendly Drag Show’

Dreadlocked Professor Says White People Aren't Allowed to Have His Hairdo

Drought-ravaged corn is starving the cattle industry and hiking up grocery bills

Dutch Intelligence Investigates Politician Filip Dewinter for Mentioning the 'Great Replacement'

Thursday, October 20, 2022


AOC Melts Down At Town Hall in Queens After New Yorkers Chant “AOC Has Got To Go” (VIDEO)

Bill Gates Says European Energy Crisis Is "Good"

Catherine Austin Fitts: Fed Defending Dollar No Matter What Crashes


Chris Christie Dismantles the Credibility of Jan. 6 Committee, ABC panel erupts in chaos

Donald Trump’s Ominous End Times Warning: “We Will End Up In World War III And There Will Be Nothing Left Of Our Planet”

Doocy Confronts KJP: How Can US Be 'Barreling Toward Recession' If Economy Is 'Strong as Hell'?

Elon Musk: “Nuclear War Probability Is Rising Rapidly”

Fauci On COVID School Shutdowns: 'I Had Nothing To Do With It'

Fetterman Needs Giant Teleprompter To Answer "Questions" During "Interview": top 20 tweets

Gaetz on Durham, The FBI are the Perpetrators Not the Victims: Larwyn's Linx

Garland, Wray Must Be Impeached for Unconscionable Trump Raid: Larwyns Linx

George Gammon: Next Global Financial Crisis May Be Weeks Away (Here's Why)

Jen Psaki Can't Believe That the Economy Trumps Blocking 'Election Deniers' in the Midterms

Jill Biden isn’t mutton dressed as lamb; she’s even worse

Jill Biden Gets Mercilessly Booed at Eagles Game During Coin Toss

Joy Behar finds voters’ priorities 'sad and depressing'

Kari Lake May Be the Greatest Thing to Happen to Republicans This Year

MANAFORT: Weissman went after me because I refused to corroborate the Steele Dossier for him

Mel Gibson can testify at Harvey Weinstein trial, judge says

Nancy Pelosi purchases 10,000 shares of Amgen, manufacturer of NPlate, a drug used to treat radiation sickness

Peter Daszak and Ralph Baric Are Being Sued Over COVID!

Steve Bannon Breaks Down the Devastating Economic News from Thursday – Best Analysis on Biden Economic Crisis (VIDEO)

Tim Ryan Took Money From Opioid Distributor Whose Executives Mocked Addicts as ‘Pillbillies’

Tucker Carlson calls out anti-white race hate from MSNBC hosts Joy Reid and Tiffany Cross

Xi comes out swinging as 20th Party Congress opens in Beijing

Wednesday, October 19, 2022

Tuesday, October 18, 2022

10/18 - CENSORED!

Bank of America Cancels Popular Conservative Twitter User Catturd’s Bank Account #BankofAmericaIsCommieTrash

Biden Advisor Says Social Media Should Silence Anyone Who Criticises Green Energy "Transition"

Biden climate advisor: social media must censor Americans’ economic pain to protect green agenda

Israel found serious safety problems with the COVID vaccines then deliberately covered it up: Steve Kirsch

Kanye West DEBANKED by Chase days after controversially implying Jews control finance and created cancel culture

Left-Wing Globalist Censorship System

The Left’s Latest Frontier In The Trans Craze? Ban Misgendering Skeletons

Mark Zuckerberg Tells Joe Rogan Facebook Censored Hunter Biden Laptop Story For 7 Days on Request From FBI (VIDEO)

Not a Joke: Email Company Cancels the Babylon Bee

Outsourced censorship: Feds illegally funded private entity to censor millions of messages in 2020

PayPal Stock 'Fined' 6% After Flood Of Users Cancel Over $2,500 'Misinformation' Debacle

PayPal Backtracks, Won’t Fine Customers $2,500 For Spreading “Misinformation”

Rekieta Law Reinstated on YouTube After Termination Following False Flagging by Angry Trans Activists

Scott Gottlieb Responds To Alex Berenson Claims Of Twitter Censorship Influence

Suppress, Silence, Skew and Censor: Robert Malone

Trump DOJ Official: AMA’s Call to Prosecute Foes of Child Trans Surgery Is ‘Straight from the Soviet Playbook’

Twitter Censors, Then Un-Censors Florida Surgeon General After He Warns On mRNA Vaccines

West Point To Remove Portrait Of Robert E Lee, One Of Its Most Famous Graduates

When You Outsource Printing to China, Communists Censor Your Books

YouTube Censors Tape of Obama Officials From 2014 Planning Ukraine Coup After 8 Years

YouTube Removes Viral Video Of Incoming Italian Prime Minister Giorgia Meloni “For Violating Terms Of Service”

YouTube Suspends RSBN Just Days Ahead of Georgia Trump Rally

ZeroHedge Suspended Again By Twitter For Reporting Facts

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Monday, October 17, 2022

10/17 - THE NEWS

The Army of the Woke

The Banksters Are Being Forced To Admit That The U.S. Economy Is Really Starting To Come Apart At The Seams

The Energy Crisis In Europe Is So Bad That Some People Are Thinking Of Using Horse Poop To Heat Their Homes This Winter

The Era Of Cheap Food And Cheap Gasoline Is Over

The FBI’s Double Standard on Abortion

The first real evidence mRNA shots RAISE the risk of Covid hospitalization and death over time

The Food Crisis Of 2023 Is Going To Be Far Worse Than Most People Would Dare To Imagine

The Gaslighting Of The Masses

The Great Disrupter crashed the D.C. Establishment party, and they hate him for it

The Inflationary Train Is Flying Off The Tracks

“The mRNA Covid vaccines are killing people, plain and simple.”

The National Debt Elephant in the Room

The Next Stage Of Cancel Culture

The real reason Moderna is suing Pfizer: Moderna helped create COVID-19 and patented “Virus” in 2013; allowing Moderna to develop a COVID Vaccine before world knew COVID-19 even existed

The Trump Subpoena: Why the Jan 6 Committee’s Timing is both Terrible and Telling: Turley

“The UK Financial Crisis is Getting Worse”: George Gammon

The usual suspects! Police are using DNA to generate 3D images of suspects they’ve never seen

The White House is debating whether or not we should spray toxic gas into the atmosphere to fight climate change. For real.

The woke military is an institution that is breaking down

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Friday, October 14, 2022


California Legislature Passes Bill Giving State Custody of Out-of-State Minors Seeking Trans Surgeries

Canada Gov confesses to $105M World Economic Forum Digital ID contract

Canada’s assisted suicide regime would be seen as legalized murder at any other time in history

Canadian Recounts His Near-Death Experience After His Third Moderna Shot – Suffers Cardiac Arrest, Respiratory/Kidney Failure, Paralysis, Nerve Damage, and No Brain Activity

Cardiologist and Covid 'Vaccine Promoter' Calls For Its Immediate Suspension (Video)

Carjackings In Dem-Run Philadelphia Up Over 100%, 1,044 So Far This Year

CBP Document Details Mass Release of Illegal Aliens under Biden: Larwyn's Linx

CCP Runs Police Outpost In New York City, Part Of Global Network Of Transnational Repression: Report

CEOs are Panicking as Shocking Report Reveals Global Economy on the Brink of Recession: Steve Van Metre

CERN May Idle World's Largest Particle Collider As Europe's Energy Crisis Worsens

Cheetahs make a return to India after 70 years

Christian High School In Manhattan Hosted Mandatory Drag Show In Place Of Church Service

Climate Alarmist Explains Policy Targeting Farmers to end all Beef, Pork and Chicken from Human Diet

Climate change narrative shifts from Megadrought to Megaflood! Biblical flooding coming to CA may cause massive devastation and cost $1 trillion in damage, experts warn

Clinton-Appointed Judge DISMISSES Trump Lawsuit Against Hillary Clinton and FBI Crooks Who Manufactured Russia Collusion Hoax — Then Threatens Trump Attorneys

COCKROACH MILK is 3 times more nutritious than cow’s milk and will become next superfood: Scientists

Colorado Becomes First State To Accept Bitcoin As Payment For Taxes

The Coming Green Electricity Nightmare

A Confluence of Calamities: Last Trumpet Newsletter

Congressional “Gang of 8” Wants FBI’s Trump Affidavit To See If It Implicates Them: Larwyn's Linx

Congressional Republicans Funded by Gates

Court orders production of Seth Rich laptop

Court that first legalized same-sex marriage now legalizing polygamy, too

Covid Injections Can Cause Lethal Skin Reactions

Covid Vaccines Are Killing One in Every 800 Over-60s and Should Be Withdrawn Immediately, Says Leading Vaccine Scientist

COVID-19 Vaccine mRNA now found in breastmilk

Credit Suisse Faces DoJ 'Tax Evasion' Probe

Criminalizing Opposition in a Pseudo-Republic: Steyn

CRIMSON RHINO and The Raid on Mar-a-Lago

CV19 Vax Lies – Greatest Trust Destroyer in Human History – Steve Kirsch

Wednesday, October 12, 2022



America's Academy of Breastfeeding Medicine promotes 'father's milk'

America’s elites are neither bright, competent, nor qualified

America’s [Humiliated and Demoralized] Military

America's Other Shortage Crisis - Human Organs

America’s Problem Says He Can Control The Weather

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

Biden's HHS and CDC paid screenwriters and comedians to mock the unvaccinated

Biden’s Policies Cause Surge in Unaccompanied Minors and Greater Chance of Child Trafficking – And Not ONE DEMOCRAT Has Said a Thing about It

Biden’s Secret Promise To OPEC Backfires

Biden's student loan amnesty a disaster, and not just for his debt forgiveness for the rich

Biden’s 'Where’s Jackie?' Moment Takes a More Concerning Turn

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

Biden Blames ‘MAGA’ Republicans After Court Rules Again that DACA Program Is Unconstitutional

CBS Mornings Blames Climate Change for the Increasing Number of Fat Kids (VIDEO)

CNN’s Don Lemon Tries to Blame Hurricane Ian on Global Warming – Gets Schooled by NOAA Hurricane Director (VIDEO)

Czech President Blames "Green Madness" For Energy Crisis

Saudi Arabian Official Blames Biden For High Gas Prices

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

CDC Admits It Can't Back Claim That Vaccines Don't Cause Variants

CDC changed definitions of vaccine, vaccinated and WHO changed definition of herd immunity

CDC confirms USA suffered 338x increase in reports of AIDS-associated Diseases and Cancers in 2021 following COVID Vaccine roll-out

CDC data shows Record Number Of Children Hospitalized With Weakened Immune Systems

CDC Directs Kids To Secretive Online Chat Space To Explore Sex Change Operations, ‘Having Mulitiple Genders,’ The Occult

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

China Is Rerouting U.S. Liquefied Natural Gas to Europe at a Big Profit: WSJ

China Props Up Tehran With Major Oil Purchases

China may be intercepting American nuclear communications

TRUMP WAS RIGHT: China Placed Huawei Equipment Atop Cell Towers on Purchased Farm Land Near US Military Bases – Capable of Disrupting and Capturing Signals

White House Shrugs off Threat of China Purchasing Land Near Military Bases

GG Note: Henry Gruver, years ago, saw Russian missiles strike the US because communications were interfered with, and given Russia's cooperation with China, his warning might be worth reading again: I saw the Russians Attack the US

A. A. Allen saw something very similar; our missile defense system activated but failing because signals were intercepted: July 4th Vision

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

Biden Once Again Gets Lost Trying To Find His Way Off The Stage At His Own White House Event

“You Go Down This Way” – Dr. Jill Tells a Confused Joe Biden Where to Go After Rose Garden Speech (VIDEO)

Video: Biden Gets Lost Trying To Exit The Stage Following A Rambling Speech In Detroit

Biden delivers word salad when asked about his mental focus

Oops! Old Joe Biden bumbles way through CNN interview, drops his handler’s cue cards, hack reporter Jake Tapper helps him pick them up (VIDEO)

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

97.7 Million Birds Are Already Dead As The Worst Bird Flu Outbreak Ever Sweeps Across North America And Europe

Hurricane-Stoking La Nina To Persist Through Peak Season

European Corn Yields Expected To Plunge Amid Worst Drought In 500 Years

China Launches Giant Cloud-Seeding Drones To Combat Record Drought

The massive Hunga Tonga volcanic eruption is warming the planet… Not cooling it!

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

A Global Censorship System advocated for by New Zealand's Ardern

Global Chip Rout Vaporizes Quarter Trillion In Value As Earnings Estimates Crater

Global Food Crisis Worsens As Hunger Hotspots Identified

"Global Gloom": World Markets Plunge To Start The Week As Global Currency Crash Hits Max Pain And Beyond

Global Trade Forecast 'Darkens' On Central Bank Tightening, Inflation, Ukraine War

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

If Biden Won’t Counter China, There’s No Point Committing To The Defense Of Taiwan

“If (Biden's) Elected, the Stock Market Will Crash”: Trump

If Facebook, Twitter, And Google Hide Information For The World’s Rulers, Elections Are A Scam

If you really believe all that money going to Ukraine is really going to Ukraine, then you don't understand how money laundering works

If Young People Are Mature Enough For Trans Surgeries, They’re Mature Enough To Pay Back Their Student Loans

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

It’s both parties – they’re all open-borders hypocrites: Michelle Malkin

It's Geopolitics And Geoeconomics Amateur Hour At The White House Again

It’s Not Crazy To Think Biden Sabotaged Nord Stream To Deepen US Involvement In The Ukraine War

It’s Not the Gaffe, It’s the Lies; the question isn't where's Jackie, it's where's Joe?

It’s a Trap: Your Government has manufactured the Cost of Living Crisis to advance The Great Reset plan to ensure ‘You will own nothing’ and apparently be happy about it

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

NASA Shares Stunning Image of Jupiter Captured by Webb Space Telescope

NASA’s Vending Machine-Sized Spacecraft Crashes into Football Stadium-Size Asteroid in the World’s First Planetary Defense Test (VIDEO)

Asteroid Dimorphos in which NASA’s DART spacecraft slammed into is now a COMET with a TAIL

NASA's Suicide Spacecraft Changed Asteroid's Path As Planetary Defenses Strengthened

NASA Scrubs Moon Launch After Engine Problem

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

Now the Commies Want to Abolish Your Kitchen

Now Pfizer's Experimenting With mRNA Flu Vaccines

Now, They Are Coming for Your Car

Now They Are Literally Bowing Down And Worshipping Baal Right In Front Of Our Eyes

Now They Are Telling Us That The Rain That Falls From The Sky Is Extremely Dangerous And Can Cause Cancer

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

They Can’t Win if They Don’t Cheat… House Democrats Vote to Give Aliens the Right to Vote — IN UNANIMOUS VOTE!

They Know That They Are Killing The Economy, But They Are Doing It Anyway . . .

They Lied! They Did Not Know If the Vax Would Stop Transmission- Covid Passports WERE CRIMINAL!!!!

They 'Own the Science,' and They Want to Control How You Access Information About It

They want you physically and mentally weak, isolated, lonely, forever in debt, without god, without gender, without children, depressed, anxious, afraid, obese, addicted to drugs, eating cockroaches

Tuesday, October 11, 2022

10/11 - WATCHING . . .

Dems Are "Coming After Middle-Class Hard-Working Americans" - Tulsi Gabbard Warns "Our Democracy Is In Grave Danger"

(Tulsi Gabbard Announces She’s Leaving the Democratic Party, Torches 'Cowardly, Woke' Leaders Along the Way)

Dems Are Demanding An Extra $50,000,000 For Food For Illegals

Dems are drunk with power, says Doug Mastriano

Dems Are Hoping We Forget They Brought Us Record Levels of Murders, Overdose Deaths, and Teen Suicides

Dems are just getting more authoritarian: How Biden is losing his voters

Dems are scared

Dems aren't just persecuting Republicans; they're baiting them

Dems' Border disaster by the numbers

Dems Confirm Inflation Is Intentional

Dems DON’T CARE: “Single Largest Fentanyl Seizure In Phoenix Police History” – OVER ONE MILLION Fentanyl Pills Seized From Arizona Home

Dems espouse diversity but practice racism

Dems' Filibuster Scheme

Dems Green Energy ‘Transition’ Costs You Way More And Gives You Way Less

Dems have turned the United States into a banana republic: Larwyn's Linx

Dems Introduce Bill to Fund Foreign Abortions with U.S Tax Dollars

Dems Make IRS Larger Than Pentagon, State Dept., FBI, and Border Patrol Combined

Dems party while prices soar

Dems Use DOJ to Criminalize Election Challenges

- - - - - - -

I've been asked when I'm moving to a different platform. I have set up on a different platform and will switch to it if we wake up one morning and RFB has been removed from Blogger. If that happens, go to Prayersforthepeople for any further information.