Tuesday, September 6, 2022

9/6 - HOW?

How America’s Unsecured Border Contributes to Fentanyl Crisis, Deaths

How Angela Merkel's Green Agenda Caused the Economic Collapse of Germany

How Barrack Obama Had A Hand In The Mar-A-Lago Raid

How China’s relationship to Hollywood has shaped the movies

How the Covid “Vaccines” Cause Cancer: Dr. Ryan Cole

How Democrats are Killing Our Economy and Standard of Living: Tucker Carlson

How Did Democrats Become So Out of Touch With the American People?

How the Election Was Rigged, and How the Nation Was Stolen: Ace of Spades

How George Soros Has Significant Control Over Media Narratives

How George Soros Spent $18B to Control the Media, Defund the Police, and Elect Leftist Prosecutors

How 'Green' Is the Inflation Reduction Act?

How I Almost Didn't Graduate From Stanford

How Joe Biden is Implementing the Green New Deal Energy Program and Killing the U.S. Economy, and Standard of Living, in The Process: Tucker Carlson

How Joe Biden Is Using the Controversial Title IX Program to Destroy Innocent Men on College Campuses

How Joe Manchin Gets Elected in West Virginia

How the Left Hopes to Seize Control of Local Election Offices

How Mattis Betrayed His Fellow Marines At The Behest Of The Deep State

How the Mainstream Media Tries to Drive You to the Left

How The Media Used Russiagate Conspiracy Theories To Create A News Cartel

How the Migrant Surge Played a Role in the Uvalde School Shooting

How Much Did the US Government Pressure Twitter to Ban Alex Berenson?

How Much Have Energy Bills Risen in Each State Since Biden Took Office?

How Much You Need To Earn To Afford A Home In 50 US Cities

How to Clean House at the FBI and Justice Department

“A How-To Guide in Subverting a Democratic Superpower from Within” – Reviews of Dr. Birx’ Book Reveal Her Deceiving Ways and Incompetence in the White House

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