Friday, September 30, 2022

9/30 - THE NEWS


Worse Than Katrina? It Appears That We Just Witnessed The Most Costly Natural Disaster In U.S. History By A Wide Margin

Harrowing Stories Of Survival From People That Were Caught Right In The Middle Of Hurricane Ian

Conservative Treehouse was in path of Ian and gives update

We Have an Estimate of the Damage Hurricane Ian Has Inflicted on Florida

Hurricane Ian reveals the Biden administration’s pettiness—and fear

Trump Warns of Nuke War, Ian the Destroyer, Vax the Killer

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The Current Crime Wave Is Unlike Any Ever Experienced In America

The Day Democrats Felt Personally Attacked By Having To Care For Illegal Immigrants

The Electric Car Hoax -- top 20 tweets

The Eleventh Circuit's unconstitutional ruling against Trump

The Fifth Largest Economy in the World Just Lost Control of Its Currency

The Hate Crime Double Standard

The History Books Will Prove This is an Industrial Example of The Great Pretending

The horrifying relationship between Deaths, COVID Deaths and Covid-19 Vaccination

The Joe Biden “U.S. Central Bank Digital Currency”

The Justice Department Was Dangerous Before Trump. It's Out Of Control Now

The Lancet Opens Pandora's Box, Suggests COVID Could Have Originated In US Labs

The Left’s War On History Is Really A War On The God Of The Bible

The Machiavellian Intent of John Durham Surfaces inside His Court Filing, Outlining the FBI Hiring of Igor Danchenko as Confidential Informant

The ‘MAGA Republican’ Smear Is About Turning Democrats’ Political Opponents Into The Government’s Enemy

The Meat Replacement Hypothesis

'The most outrageous intimidation effort in history': Mark Levin's electoral deep dive: Larwyn's Linx

The NEA Is Providing Teachers With Sexually Explicit Materials

The plot to eliminate animal protein is well ahead of your plans to keep eating it.

The Russians Truly Believe That This Conflict Is An Existential Fight For Survival, And That Makes Nuclear War So Much More Likely

The Stage Is Being Set For A Massive Global Rice Shortage

The Student Loan Giveaway is Much Bigger Than You Think -- like $100 BILLION bigger than what was sold to the American people

The Triple Vaccinated account for 91% of COVID Deaths in the UK throughout 2022, and there have been over 24k “unexplained” Excess Deaths since April

The 2024 Election Is Being Rigged Right Now In Plain Sight