Friday, September 23, 2022


Abortion Tourism Ad Campaign from Gavin Newsom Quotes Scripture

ACLU Promotes White Supremacy

Adderall Shortage Worsens As People Without Drug "Not Able To Focus", May Impact Productivity

After Biden Speech, 18-Year-Old Man Killed For Being Conservative

AI expert predicts people will buy lifelike digital ‘babies’ instead of having real kids in 50 years

Air Force F-16 Pilot Died Because His Ejection Seat May Have Been Counterfeit

Air Force Pay Cuts Looming Next Month for Airmen in the Service's Toughest Jobs

Air Force Service Members With the Hardest Jobs Getting a Pay Cut. But Ukraine's Military Got $54 Billion?

Air Force Academy’s Woke Training Tells Cadets To Use Words That “Include All Genders​,” Drop “Mom And Dad”

Al Gore Compares 'Climate Deniers' to Uvalde Police Officers

Alan Dershowitz: “Clearly Wrong – Biden White House Should Not Be Able to Waive Executive Privilege of President Trump” (VIDEO)

All Of A Sudden, There Is A Huge New Push To Establish A Palestinian State

All The World Leaders Assassinated Since 2000

Amazon employees are trying to silence all criticism of transgender madness

Amazon Ring Video Handed To Police Without Users Consent Sparks "Surveillance Crisis Of Accountability"

Apologizing for the Gospel; Liberals demand not only that Christians apologize for individual evils, but the very message of Christianity itself

Arizona: Border Patrol, Citizens Continue to Find Hundreds of Thousands of Fentanyl Pills and Hundreds of Pounds of Meth

Arizona high school club asked students how they knew they were straight

Army Training Says Soldiers Must Shower with Transgender Persons of Opposite Sex

The art of destroying a nation

Articles of Impeachment -- top 20 tweets

As The World Burns – Biden Taxes Small Businesses And Middle Income People To Pay For Their Own Destructions

Asteroid to be destroyed by NASA Sept 26

ATR: Taxes On Fuel, Businesses, Medicine And More In “Inflation Reduction Act”

Australian Minister: Anyone Who Has Not Been 'Vaccinated' 3 Times Is Crazy (Video)

Average Mass. Home Electric Billing Rising From $179 to $293 Per Month - top 20 tweets

Ax-swinging madman terrorizing NYC McDonald’s is released without bail