Friday, September 30, 2022

9/30 - THE NEWS


Worse Than Katrina? It Appears That We Just Witnessed The Most Costly Natural Disaster In U.S. History By A Wide Margin

Harrowing Stories Of Survival From People That Were Caught Right In The Middle Of Hurricane Ian

Conservative Treehouse was in path of Ian and gives update

We Have an Estimate of the Damage Hurricane Ian Has Inflicted on Florida

Hurricane Ian reveals the Biden administration’s pettiness—and fear

Trump Warns of Nuke War, Ian the Destroyer, Vax the Killer

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The Current Crime Wave Is Unlike Any Ever Experienced In America

The Day Democrats Felt Personally Attacked By Having To Care For Illegal Immigrants

The Electric Car Hoax -- top 20 tweets

The Eleventh Circuit's unconstitutional ruling against Trump

The Fifth Largest Economy in the World Just Lost Control of Its Currency

The Hate Crime Double Standard

The History Books Will Prove This is an Industrial Example of The Great Pretending

The horrifying relationship between Deaths, COVID Deaths and Covid-19 Vaccination

The Joe Biden “U.S. Central Bank Digital Currency”

The Justice Department Was Dangerous Before Trump. It's Out Of Control Now

The Lancet Opens Pandora's Box, Suggests COVID Could Have Originated In US Labs

The Left’s War On History Is Really A War On The God Of The Bible

The Machiavellian Intent of John Durham Surfaces inside His Court Filing, Outlining the FBI Hiring of Igor Danchenko as Confidential Informant

The ‘MAGA Republican’ Smear Is About Turning Democrats’ Political Opponents Into The Government’s Enemy

The Meat Replacement Hypothesis

'The most outrageous intimidation effort in history': Mark Levin's electoral deep dive: Larwyn's Linx

The NEA Is Providing Teachers With Sexually Explicit Materials

The plot to eliminate animal protein is well ahead of your plans to keep eating it.

The Russians Truly Believe That This Conflict Is An Existential Fight For Survival, And That Makes Nuclear War So Much More Likely

The Stage Is Being Set For A Massive Global Rice Shortage

The Student Loan Giveaway is Much Bigger Than You Think -- like $100 BILLION bigger than what was sold to the American people

The Triple Vaccinated account for 91% of COVID Deaths in the UK throughout 2022, and there have been over 24k “unexplained” Excess Deaths since April

The 2024 Election Is Being Rigged Right Now In Plain Sight

Thursday, September 29, 2022



American Contractor Mark Frerichs Freed From Taliban in Prisoner Exchange

American Express Pledges Billions Toward ‘Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion’

American farmers are killing their own crops and selling cows because of extreme drought

American Stasi

American Wages Are Being Crushed and Beltway Elites Are Making It Worse

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Another CNN Move: Don Lemon Loses Primetime Show

Another day, another outrageous lie from the Biden regime

Another Healthy College Athlete (21) Drops Dead 'Suddenly and Unexpectedly' (Video)

Another Ill Effect of Covid injections – Transplant Rejection

Another $1 Billion in Cash to “Help Ukraine Families Purchase Essential Items”

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Biden's Approval Plummets Five Points in One Week

Biden's Depletion of the Strategic Petroleum Reserve Could Be Catastrophic Soon

Biden's illegal migrant surge costs taxpayers $20.4 billion a year

Biden’s Military: Forget ‘Mom,’ ‘Dad,’ Use Woke Substitutes Instead, Air Force Cadets Told

Biden’s Open-border Policies are Killing Americans

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India: Court Date Set for Bill Gates to Answer to Victims’ Family for Daughter’s Murder by Vaccine

Bill Gates’ ‘Magic Seeds’ Won’t Solve World Hunger But Will ‘Create Ecological Disaster’; Bill Gates is rebranding genetically engineered seeds as “magic seeds” and says they’re the answer to world hunger

Bill Gates Just Posted Another Bizarre Video — This Time He’s Promoting Genetically Modified Corn To Save Us From A Famine During The Planned ‘Climate Crisis’

Bill Gates is Primary Funder of UK Medicine Regulator despite owning major shares in Pfizer and BioNTech

Bill Gates Lied to Trump About Dangers of Vaccines and Trashed Robert Kennedy Jr. (video)

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Pfizer Bars Whites From Applying For Prestigious Fellowship

San Diego teacher defines 'fascist' to class as 'whites,' 'heterosexuals,' and 'Christians'

Several colleges in CA wouldn't allow the families of white students to participate in welcome activities

UC Berkeley Student Housing Co-Op Bans White People From Common Areas

University of Utah Doctoral Program Is Blacks Only

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China Has Been Embedding Scientists At Los Alamos For Decades: A 'Significant Threat To National Security'

China Now Owns Large Section of Land Near Pearl Harbor – Another Effort to Disrupt US Response to China Offensive?

China’s demonic TikTok trick to destroy the West from within… absolutely insidious

Chinese Biotech Firm with Deep Links to China’s Military and its COVID-19 Program Just Bought Land in Florida for a Massive Research Complex

Chinese State Media Urges 'De-Dollarization' Amid Fed's "Financial Looting": 'The Dollar Is Once Again The World's Problem'

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Election Interference: DOJ/FBI Carpet-Bombed Subpoenas An Attempt To Freeze Political Opposition In Runup To Midterms

The FBI is hiding Epstein records

The FBI Paid For Russian Disinformation To Frame Trump—And 7 Other Takeaways From Durham’s Latest Court Filing

The FBI’s Matt Gaetz Operation Sidelined An Effective Republican Voice At A Crucial Time. That Was The Point.

FBI whistleblower has a message every American needs to hear -- top 20 tweets

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Biden Regime Goes After Poultry Industry

Food Banks All Over The U.S. Are “Overwhelmed” As The Cost Of Living Pushes More People Into Poverty

A Major Food Crisis Coming In 2023? – “Prices Will Be On Steroids After The Election”

Potato Shortage Now Resulting in Rationing and Price Hikes

This Thanksgiving, Supplies Of Turkey, Eggs And Butter Will Be Extremely Tight In The United States

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The Great Barrier Reef is Blooming

The Great Currency Crisis of Our Lifetimes Is Starting Now

The Great Economic Pretending Yet Again Meets Main Street Reality

The Great Green Conspiracy

The Great Reset is coming fast and nothing will ever be the same again

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It's the Bideninflation Economy, Stupid

It’s looking more and more like monkeypox is a cover story for covid vaccine-induced shingles, autoimmune blisters and herpes

It's not a matter of choice... You WILL eat the bugs...

'It’s not Normal, It’s Drastic' (Exclusive Interview); Embalmer Sounds Alarm: Massive Increase in Strange Blood Clots and Cancer

It’s Official – DOW Is Down More Than 1,000 Points Since Biden Inauguration

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California Start-up Sends Tiny Robots Deep Into Your Brain Using Magnets To Treat Disorders

Dystopian Robot Dogs Now Sporting Guns And Russian Insignia

Elon Musk ready to unveil Optimus Tesla Bot, aims to deploy millions of them

These terrifying flying robots will inject toxins, drugs or even a VAXX into your body without you NOTICING it...

'World's Most Advanced' Humanoid Robot Promises Not To 'Take Over The World'

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The Thinnest Veneer of Civilization


The Left Should Be Happy with Biden

Gavin Newsom's Weird Idea Of 'Freedom'

Left-Wing Elites Are Our New Antoinettes

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WEF adviser claims the planet no longer needs the ‘vast majority’ of the population

WEF Piece Lauds How "Billions" Across The World Complied With Lockdown Restrictions

WEF Launches Coalition to Reward People with ‘Carbon Credits’ for Using Less Resources

WEF proposes AI to automate censorship of “hate speech” and “misinformation”

WEF Recommends Humans Become Cyborgs, Implant Brain Chips: There Are ‘Solid, Rational’ Reasons For Children To Be Microchipped

Wednesday, September 28, 2022


A Fateful Moment of History Is Upon Us: Paul Craig Roberts (H/T SteveK)

Trump Offers to Step in and Mediate a Peace Deal Between Russia, Ukraine and the US

"Significant Storm Surge" Swamps Southwest Florida Ahead Of Hurricane Ian Landfall

GG Note: I often watch Ryan Hall, Y'all on YouTube. He often does LIVE coverage of significant weather events. I highly recommend.

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1 of the mysteries of the ages

2 Democrats Now Openly Running On A Platform Of Emptying The Prisons

2 tiers of justice

3 Strategies Dems Will Use to Win the Midterms

(Remember, Katrina was a 3 when she made landfall.)

5 Major Events That Have Happened Within The Last 100 Hours

12 Abortion Laws from California and signed by Newsom that Intentionally Contravene Other States’ Laws

14 Things We Know About The Mysterious “Explosions” That Severely Damaged The Nord Stream 1 And Nord Stream 2 Pipelines

24 Attorneys General Demand Credit Card Companies Drop Plans To Track Gun Sales

50 year prison term for killer in ‘fast and furious’ murder of Border Patrol agent

115 "Provocative Maneuvers, Close Encounters" Between US & China Warships This Year

230 Economists Warn the Manchin-Schumer 'Inflation Reduction Act' Will Actually... Increase Inflation

267,000 Migrant Children at Border Since Biden Became President

1M Fentanyl Pills Seized From Arizona Home

2M Illegals Crossed the Border This Year

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Monday, September 26, 2022


Biden And His G7 Fraternity Threaten To Devastate The World’s Economy – Analysts Warn Oil Prices Could Jump to $380 a Barrel

Biden Threatens to Strip Medicare Status From Hospitals That Fail to Perform Abortions in Emergency Situations Even if Their State Has Ban on Procedure

Chevron CEO Warns Americans To Brace For Higher Natural Gas Prices This Winter

Costco CEO Warns "A Lot Of Consumers Are In Recession Right Now"

Crackpot SCOTUS Justice Warns Eastern US Could be “Swallowed by the Ocean” in Minority Dissent to EPA Ruling

Dutch Political Party Warns: 'Transhumanism is as Dangerous as Nazism or Communism' (Video)

Economists Warn the Manchin-Schumer 'Inflation Reduction Act' Will Actually... Increase Inflation

Elon Musk Issues a Dire Warning About the Economy - Do You Care?: I Allegedly

Farage Warns, If America Falls To Marxists, Western Civilization Will Follow

Hurricane warnings for Florida as Ian threatens to became a Cat 3: Ryan Hall, Y'All

"If The Fed Marches On, They're Creating Another Lehman Situation", Larry McDonald Warns Powell Is "Pumping A False Narrative"

Having Scoffed at Trump’s Warnings, Germany Now Fears Complete Russian Gas Cut-Off

IMF Cuts Global GDP, Raises Inflation Outlook, Warns "World Teetering On Edge Of Recession"

Internal Memo Reveals Capitol Police Were Warned BLM from Baltimore Was Bussing in Rioters Disguised as Trump Supporters on Jan. 6

Julie Kelly and Lee Smith Issue Dire Warning: The Democrat Party’s October Surprise Is the Arrest of President Donald Trump (VIDEO)

Manchin Warns Democrats Not To Betray Him On Climate Deal

Medical Doctor Warns Dr. Fauci, Big Pharma And All The Govt Officials Who Pushed The Deadly Vaccine Should Be Prosecuted - Vitamin D Could Have Stopped COVID Pandemic

Morgan Stanley Warns Another Big Crash in Stocks is Imminent

NASA Set to Crash Spacecraft Into Asteroid Monday Evening
(GG: Bonus article)

One Bank Warns U.S. Econ Data Make Little Sense, "Until You Recall Midterm Elections Are Coming Up"

Serbian President Warns Of "Great World Conflict" Within Two Months

Top Republican warns Democrat inflation bill ‘is seriously deceptive,’ will leave Americans poorer

Senator Warns: Fuel Prices Mean Farmers Can’t Harvest Crops — Analysts Say “Food Shortages” Are Coming

Trump Warns Something Worse Than Recession Is Coming

Tulsi Gabbard Warns "Our Democracy Is In Grave Danger"

UN food chief warns of ‘hell on earth’ food lows

WARNING: Destroying the Right Is Why the Dems Are Doubling the IRS, Giving Agents 'Deadly Force'

We're Going Into A Worldwide Recession, FedEx CEO Warns "Numbers Don't Portend Very Well"

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Friday, September 23, 2022


Abortion Tourism Ad Campaign from Gavin Newsom Quotes Scripture

ACLU Promotes White Supremacy

Adderall Shortage Worsens As People Without Drug "Not Able To Focus", May Impact Productivity

After Biden Speech, 18-Year-Old Man Killed For Being Conservative

AI expert predicts people will buy lifelike digital ‘babies’ instead of having real kids in 50 years

Air Force F-16 Pilot Died Because His Ejection Seat May Have Been Counterfeit

Air Force Pay Cuts Looming Next Month for Airmen in the Service's Toughest Jobs

Air Force Service Members With the Hardest Jobs Getting a Pay Cut. But Ukraine's Military Got $54 Billion?

Air Force Academy’s Woke Training Tells Cadets To Use Words That “Include All Genders​,” Drop “Mom And Dad”

Al Gore Compares 'Climate Deniers' to Uvalde Police Officers

Alan Dershowitz: “Clearly Wrong – Biden White House Should Not Be Able to Waive Executive Privilege of President Trump” (VIDEO)

All Of A Sudden, There Is A Huge New Push To Establish A Palestinian State

All The World Leaders Assassinated Since 2000

Amazon employees are trying to silence all criticism of transgender madness

Amazon Ring Video Handed To Police Without Users Consent Sparks "Surveillance Crisis Of Accountability"

Apologizing for the Gospel; Liberals demand not only that Christians apologize for individual evils, but the very message of Christianity itself

Arizona: Border Patrol, Citizens Continue to Find Hundreds of Thousands of Fentanyl Pills and Hundreds of Pounds of Meth

Arizona high school club asked students how they knew they were straight

Army Training Says Soldiers Must Shower with Transgender Persons of Opposite Sex

The art of destroying a nation

Articles of Impeachment -- top 20 tweets

As The World Burns – Biden Taxes Small Businesses And Middle Income People To Pay For Their Own Destructions

Asteroid to be destroyed by NASA Sept 26

ATR: Taxes On Fuel, Businesses, Medicine And More In “Inflation Reduction Act”

Australian Minister: Anyone Who Has Not Been 'Vaccinated' 3 Times Is Crazy (Video)

Average Mass. Home Electric Billing Rising From $179 to $293 Per Month - top 20 tweets

Ax-swinging madman terrorizing NYC McDonald’s is released without bail

Wednesday, September 21, 2022


U.S. Battling Swarms of Asian Spotted Lanternflies That Have Invaded 14 States

U.S. Cities: Worse Murder Rates than Ukraine’s Civilian Death Rate

US Consumer Price Inflation Slows In July, Real Wages Continue To Tumble

US Debt Clock in real time

US Denies Plan To Refill SPR With Sub-$80 Oil

U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs Now Offering Abortions in Direct Conflict with State Pro-Life Laws and Federal Law Prohibiting Such Action

The U.S. Economy is on the Brink of Implosion as the Dollar Surges Higher: Steve Van Metre

The U.S., Europe, Africa And China Are All Simultaneously Experiencing Droughts Of Epic Proportions

US farmers face plague of pests as soil temperatures raise

U.S. Food Production Just Keeps Getting Slammed By One Disaster After Another

US Gasoline Pump-Prices End Record Losing Streak As End Of SPR Drain Looms

US Households Going Under from the Weight of Inflated Utility Bills

US Industrial Production Unexpectedly Dropped In August

The US Labor Market Is A House Of Cards – Here Are The Reasons Why

US Life Expectancy Falls Again in ‘Historic’ Decline

US Marine Corps Quietly Drops Punishments For Refusing Covid-19 Vaccine

US Military Introduces Exoskeleton Suit For Soldiers

US Navy Quietly Cancels Vaccine Requirement Order For SEALs

U.S. Pacific Air Forces Prohibits the Use of Gendered Pronouns to Improve 'Lethality'

US Signs Deal To Give Israel 4 Refueling Planes Needed To Bomb Iran

US Surgeon General Vivek Murthy Contradicts Joe Biden, Says the Covid Pandemic is Not Over (VIDEO)

Monday, September 19, 2022


1 Day After Proclaiming He Beat Big Pharma, Joe Biden Introduces a New Annual COVID Vaccine from Big Pharma

2 Day siege on Martha's Vineyard -- top 20 tweets

2 More EU Aluminum Smelters Going Offline Due to Excessive Energy Costs, Aluminum Shortages Predicted

2 year Jail sentence for prayer outside Abortion providers considered by British Parliament

3 Bronx Women Wanted For Robbing Street Vendors of Their Clothes at Knifepoint After Hurling Racial Slurs

3 consecutive years of La Nina: The world is barreling towards a $1 trillion weather-disaster damages – And it could even get worse

3 More Minutes of Succinct Sunlight from Mike Davis on the Fabrications of a Politically Motivated DOJ

4 Guatemalans Indicted For Human Smuggling, Dumping Body In Texas

5 Examples That Show Why There Is A Mass Exodus Out Of Major U.S. Cities Right Now

5 Reasons Biden’s Corrupt FBI Will Lose in Court After Raiding Mar-a-Lago and Stealing President Trump’s Documents that Implicate Their Own Crimes

5 Red Heifers Have Arrived In Israel As Jewish Leaders Prepare For A New Shemitah Cycle

10 Worst Car Names Of All-Time

10 Years Of Global EV Sales By Country

12 Minutes of Denials

12 Numbers That Show That We're Getting Dangerously Close To An Economic Crash As The Fall Of 2022 Approaches

12 Things Suggest That the Economy is About to Crash: I Allegedly

14 Young Canadian Docs Die After Getting the Shot

15 dead journalists in Mexico

20 times worse than 2008: Peter Schiff

33 Things We Know About The Coming Food Shortages

60 Minutes interview disaster with Biden

720 years he spent serving in the Senate, claims Biden

919 dead athletes

1500 IRS agents didn't pay their own tax debts

8000 migrants entering the US daily because of Joe Biden's open border policy

87,000 new agents will ‘absolutely not’ target middle-income Americans, claims IRS

14 million Trees Sacrificed for Scottish Windmills

20 million households -- or about 1 in 6 American homes -- are behind on their power bills

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Friday, September 16, 2022


WA School District Launched an 'Ethnic Studies' Program Teaching Students to Resist 'Systems of Oppression'

Wake up, America! Climate change hysteria will change our country

War on Freelancers Will Cause Economic Havoc

Washington Post Jumps Back onto the Foreign Nation Nuclear Secrets Angle to Mar-a-Lago Documents

Waterfalls Appear in Death Valley

We Just Witnessed Something That Hasn’t Happened Since 2008, And It Is Causing The Housing Market To Crash: Michael Snyder

West Point To Remove Portrait Of Robert E Lee, One Of Its Most Famous Graduates

Westerns Are Us; What remnants of the Western endure will be the survival of American culture

When is a Recession not a Recession? When The Financial Media Need to Protect Joe Biden

When Media Acknowledged That Biden Is a Joke

White House Doubles Down On Labeling Trump Voters, GOP As “Fascists”

Whole Foods Founder and CEO Says Socialists Are 'Taking Over,' American Liberties Are Threatened

Wickedly Fast Frontier Supercomputer Officially Ushers in the Next Era of Computing

Wisconsin Supreme Court bans the use of ballot drop boxes

'Wokeness' in the military is worse than many of us realize: Andrea Widburg

“Woman” who impregnated 2 inmates removed from N.J.’s female prison

Words and Consequences: 'West Bank' vs. Judaea and Samaria: Victor Sharpe

Words Don't Lie

World Should Fear Population Collapse And Not Overpopulation Claims New Study

World's largest facility to grow 'cultivated meat' to be built in the US

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Thursday, September 15, 2022



Americans Are Dipping Into Savings To Weather Bidenflation

Americans Are Further Souring on AG Garland

Americans Have No Reason To Believe The FBI Raid On Trump’s Florida Home Was Justified

Americans Now Worried About Biden's Mental Health

Americans Will Be Without Medicine Once Trade With China Stops: Michael Snyder

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

Another Canadian Athlete and Doctor Dies Suddenly During a Cycling Event in Quebec Due to “Cardiac Arrest”

Another Culture War Skirmish in Provo

Another Inflation Report Brings More Bad News for the Biden Economy

Another One: Poultry Processing Plant Catches Fire in Montebello, California (VIDEO)

Another week with deaths far above normal in Europe

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

Biden’s ‘Democracy’ Lecture Reminded Americans How Relentlessly Democrats Undermine It

Biden’s Executive Order Designed to Release Transhumanist Hell on America: Leo Hohmann

Biden’s Justice Department Said To Fold on Death Penalty Trials for 9/11 Terrorist Conspirators

Biden's Student Loan Bailout: A Trillion Dollar Clusterfark Waiting to Happen

Biden's war on Trump heats up with 40 subpoenas issued by the DOJ in one week

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

Drought Conditions Now Affecting Two-Thirds Of US

A Horrifying Drought Is Causing Widespread Crop Failures Throughout The United States And Europe

Megadrought Threatening Millions Of Americans With Loss Of Water And Power

Megadrought: China reports ‘most severe’ heatwave and third driest summer on record

Summer Drought Wreaks Havoc Across Northeast Farmland

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

Dems Launder Our Money Through IRS Salaries

IRS Annual Report Shows Training of Heavily Armed Agents Raiding Suburban Homes (PHOTOS)

IRS Hiring Spree Is The Biggest Expansion Of The Police State In American History

IRS Is Obama’s National Security Force

IRS Job Page Removed After Alarming Description of the Special Agent Position Got Exposed

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

It Gets Worse for Amazon as Tolkien Fans Find They've Forced Homosexuality Into Middle Earth

It Is Going To Take “Trillions” To Fix The Massive Derivatives Crisis That Has Erupted In Europe

It Isn’t Hard to Cheat: Larwyn's Linx

It looks like a horror movie but it was 2020 . . .

It Seems Like the Justice Department Forgot to Read This Key Memo Before Ransacking Mar-a-Lago

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

SEPT: Watch and Pray

AUG: The Earth Shall Wax Old

JULY: The Battles of Life

JUNE: A Confluence of Calamities

MAY: Travail

- - - - - - - - - - - - - -

Don't be fooled into thinking this disaster movie is coming to an end

The Build Back Better Agenda is Anti Human, We Need to Start Calling Them Out

The Foolish Pantomime of U.K. Politics as the Candidates for Prime Minister Keep Pretending

The Governing Class Discovers that People Owning Nothing Does Not Make Them Happy

The Madness of New Push to Vaccinate Children 6 Months to 5 Years Old

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

Scientists discover “Strange Crystalline Formations” in the blood of the COVID Vaccinated

Scientists fed rats sugary soda for two months and they got demonstrably stupider

Scientists from Harvard and Johns Hopkins Found Covid-19 Vaccines 98 Times Worse Than the Virus

Scientists Have Recreated the Spanish Flu in a Lab and Lament It’s Not Deadly Enough

”Scientists Will Build a Noah’s Ark for THE ELITE Leaving the Rest of The World to Drown”: Yuval Noah Harari

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

'They Are Getting Ready for Trump’s Second Term': Former Pentagon Brass Encourage Military to Disobey Orders

They Can't Let Him Back In: Michael Anton

‘They don’t want you to own a home’: Dr. Vernon Coleman

They Have Been Destroying Our Culture For Decades, And We Can See It Degenerating Right In Front Of Our Eyes

They Raid Trump Home For Nuclear Documents . . . But Never Forget . . .

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

But the Memes!

"The FBI prevents discovery of its own misconduct... utterly corrupt"

Instagram and Reality!

I wonder what he's thinking?

Guard the children

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

British Government Offering Farmers “Lump Sum” Payments To Stop Growing Food, Sell Their Land To The Government

UK Government admits COVID Vaccinated Children are 4423% more likely to die of any cause and 13,633% more likely to die of COVID-19 than Unvaccinated Children

UK Government confirms the Fully Vaccinated accounted for 94% of COVID-19 Deaths in May

UK Government report admits 18.9 Million people still remain Unvaccinated in England and 50% of the country has refused the Booster but 90% of COVID Deaths since April were among the Triple Vaccinated

UK's National Health Service drops 'woman' from guidance on ovarian cancer to be 'inclusive'

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

Wisconsin Democrats Are Using Dark Money Front Group To Attack Republican Senator Ron Johnson

Wisconsin Election Commission Takes Down Voter Roll List and Voting History of 7.2 Million Voters After Release of “2000 Mules” Documentary

Wisconsin School District Investigating Middle School Students For Sexual Harassment For Using Wrong Pronouns

Wisconsin Supreme Court bans the use of ballot drop boxes

Wisconsin Voters Sue Democrat Cities Over Illegal Drop Boxes In 2020 Election

Wednesday, September 14, 2022


Ana Navarro Confirms: Abortion Is About Eugenics

Barack Obama Hosting Martha’s Vineyard Fundraiser for Eric Holder’s Army of Election Workers

Ben Shapiro Dismantles Trans Activist In Under 5 Minutes (video)

Bill Gates is quietly carrying out a sinister plan to force you to eat Fake Meat

Deborah Birx Praises Herself While Revealing Ignorance, Treachery, and Deceit

Dick Cheney elevated Fauci to top of US bio-defense research apparatus post-9/11

George Soros Vows to Continue Backing Woke Prosecutors Despite the Lives They’ve Ruined

Janet Yellen Declares Lower Economic Activity and Higher Energy Prices are Good During Our Transition to Windmills

Jill Biden Thinks It's Un-American To Oppose Porn in School Libraries

Joe Biden Celebrates Inflation Reduction Act as Stock Market Collapses Due to Massive Inflation Report

Joe Manchin Begs Republicans to Save His Bad Deal With Democrats

Joe Scarborough Preaches That Jesus Approved of Abortion

John Durham shocker: Russia Hoax “source” Danchenko was a paid FBI informant: Techno Fog

King Charles helped organize original Great Reset meeting with World Economic Forum during COVID-19

Merrick Garland Doesn’t Care About The Rule Of Law. Just Ask Hunter Biden

Mike Lindell surrounded by FBI while at a Hardee's and has his cellphone seized

Mitt Romney Urged Joe Biden to Run
(GG: As bad as John McCain was for the Republican Party, Mitt Romney is even worse, and I didn't think that was possible.)

Noah Harari, World Economic Forum Futurist: ‘We Just Don’t Need the Vast Majority of the Population’

President Trump is Our ‘Canary in the Coal Mine’

Robert Mueller on Igor Danchencko in July 2019, "not in my purview": CTH

Steve Kirsch says he's been redpilled on election fraud in America

Tom Luongo: None Dare Call It A Recession Lest The Democrats Lose The Mid-Terms

Young white teen brutally attacked by black boy in public school restroom while others just video record and don't stop it or help the severely injured boy

- - - - - - -

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Monday, September 12, 2022

9/12 - WHY?

A Different Take on the Dismissal of the Trump v Clinton Lawsuit: CTH

Sunday Talks, Senator Mark Warner Says “People Will Die” if Trump Mar-a-Lago Documents Become Public: CTH

Dem Senator Compares 9/11 Terrorists To January 6 Rioters

President Trump lavishes praise on Clarice Feldman's latest 'Clarice's Pieces' as a "must read"

Clarice Feldman's "Clarice's Pieces": The DoJ Argues that the Intelligence Community Overrides the Judiciary

Why Did the DOJ and FBI Execute the Raid on Trump:
Part 1: The Story Behind the Documents
Part 2: The Evidence Within the Documents
Part 3: A Culmination of Four Years of Threats and Betrayals

- - - - - - - - -

Why A Federal Judge Shouldn’t Toss The Case Enabling Stefan Halper To Pretend Russia Collusion Was Real

Why Anti-Gun Zealots Can’t Admit Concealed Carry Saves Lives

Why Are People Across China Refusing to Pay Their Mortgages?

Why are people falling ill and dying suddenly in record numbers?

Why Aren't Democrats Enthused About Biden for 2024?

Why CDC Changed Definitions Of Vaccine, Vaccinated

Why did Biden and Fauci take Paxlovid?: Steve Kirsch

Why did Deaths among Female Children in the UK increase by 57% immediately after they were offered the Covid-19 Vaccine?

Why Does The United States Just Keep Getting Hit By One Historic Nightmare After Another?

Why Does This Keep Happening? -- top 20 tweets

Why Is The CDC Hiding Excess Death Data? --Emerald Robinson

Why Is Mainstream Media Silent on Churches Getting Burned?

Why The Media Don’t Want You To Know About The Massive Protests Going On Around The Globe

Why is Washington DC So Intensely Focused on Targeting Donald Trump and Labeling His Supporters as Threats to Democracy?

Why So-Called Inflation Reduction Act Doesn’t Reduce Inflation

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

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Sunday, September 11, 2022



Al Marchand, you are missed.

9/11/2019: Images of 9/11: A Visual Remembrance

9/11/2020: Images of 9/11: A Visual Remembrance



Jason S. Clairday, you are missed.



9/11/2013: So far, Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton have not been held responsible for the deaths of those murdered in Benghazi.

9/11/2014: So far, Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton have not been held responsible for the deaths of those murdered in Benghazi.

9/11/2015: So far, Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton have not been held responsible for the deaths of those murdered in Benghazi.

9/11/2016: So far, Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton have not been held responsible for the deaths of those murdered in Benghazi.

9/11/2017: So far, Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton have not been held responsible for the deaths of those murdered in Benghazi.

9/11/2018: So far, Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton have not been held responsible for the deaths of those murdered in Benghazi.

9/11/2019: So far, Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton have not been held responsible for the deaths of those murdered in Benghazi.

9/11/2020: So far, Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton have not been held responsible for the deaths of those murdered in Benghazi.

9/11/2021: So far, Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton have not been held responsible for the deaths of those murdered in Benghazi.

9/11/2022: So far, Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton have not been held responsible for the deaths of those murdered in Benghazi.


8/26/2021: Joe Biden gets 13 service members killed in Afghanistan.

Friday, September 9, 2022


Taiwan Tensions Will Speed Up US-China Decoupling

Take a Look Inside a Cricket Farm…Which Is Where Your Food Will Come From Soon

Taliban Orders All Afghan Women Back To The 7th Century

Taxpayer Funded Child Abuse: NYC Schools Are Spending Over $200K On Drag Queen Shows For Children

Taxpayers To Foot Bill for Terrorist’s Sex Change

Tel Aviv University Researchers Discover That Sleep Provides a Major Key to the Mystery of Consciousness

Tennessee: Ivermectin NOW available over the counter

Testimonies From COVID Jab Injured

Texas Bans Wall Street Giants Blackrock, Credit Suisse And Others Over Energy Boycott

Their Economy Is Collapsing All Around Them As Europeans Head Into An Extremely Cold And Bitter Winter

There Will Be Pestilences: Authorities Don’t Understand Why So Many Vile Diseases Are Suddenly Erupting Around The World

Think the Unthinkable and Accept That is the Better Reference Point: Neil Oliver

This Is A New Game, What Comes Next Isn't Pretty: Blain

“This is the Future of the Liberal World Order and We Have to Stand Firm” – Biden Advisor When Asked What He Would Tell Americans Who Can’t Afford High Gas Prices (VIDEO)

This Never Happens. Except it does. All the time.

The Time of Economic Abundance is Over: I Allegedly

“Thor Love and Thunder” – A Woke Movie Where Even the Rock People are Gay and Having Babies and The Queen is a “King”

TikTok’s New ‘Elections Center’ Is A Massive Threat To National Security

Tomato Shortage Emerges In Drought-Stricken Californian As Ketchup Prices Soar

Tony Fauci, Nina Jankowicz, Vivek Murthy, Karine Jean Pierre and More Served in Missouri and Louisiana Lawsuit Alleging Collusion to Suppress Freedom of Speech

Total chaos as millions of student loan borrowers rush to get Joe Biden's $10,000 debt amnesty

Toyota Helps Transsexualize Kids

The Transgender Movement Is Not Just Intolerant. It’s Barbaric And Violent, And It’s Coming For Your Children

Travail: Last Trumpet Newsletter

The Trigger For The Next Great Depression

Trouble is Coming: I Allegedly

Trudeau Deploys New Tactic to Disguise Latest Covid 'Vaccine' Threats

Trudeau's Woke Trail Through Canada; A disturbing look at what a leftist Prime Minister has done to his country

True The Vote Believe They Can I.D. Out of Staters Who Made After Hours Delivery of Drop Boxes in Detroit

Trump's Stolen the Nuclear Codes! (cartoon)

Tucker Carlson Walks Through a List of Political Dissidents the Biden Administration Has Targeted in the Last 18 Months

Twitter applies don’t say ‘groomer’ policy to suspend users of that ‘hateful’ word

Twitter’s “Tricky” Timing Problem: Lawsuit Reveals Back Channel with CDC to Coordinate Censorship

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Tuesday, September 6, 2022

9/6 - HOW?

How America’s Unsecured Border Contributes to Fentanyl Crisis, Deaths

How Angela Merkel's Green Agenda Caused the Economic Collapse of Germany

How Barrack Obama Had A Hand In The Mar-A-Lago Raid

How China’s relationship to Hollywood has shaped the movies

How the Covid “Vaccines” Cause Cancer: Dr. Ryan Cole

How Democrats are Killing Our Economy and Standard of Living: Tucker Carlson

How Did Democrats Become So Out of Touch With the American People?

How the Election Was Rigged, and How the Nation Was Stolen: Ace of Spades

How George Soros Has Significant Control Over Media Narratives

How George Soros Spent $18B to Control the Media, Defund the Police, and Elect Leftist Prosecutors

How 'Green' Is the Inflation Reduction Act?

How I Almost Didn't Graduate From Stanford

How Joe Biden is Implementing the Green New Deal Energy Program and Killing the U.S. Economy, and Standard of Living, in The Process: Tucker Carlson

How Joe Biden Is Using the Controversial Title IX Program to Destroy Innocent Men on College Campuses

How Joe Manchin Gets Elected in West Virginia

How the Left Hopes to Seize Control of Local Election Offices

How Mattis Betrayed His Fellow Marines At The Behest Of The Deep State

How the Mainstream Media Tries to Drive You to the Left

How The Media Used Russiagate Conspiracy Theories To Create A News Cartel

How the Migrant Surge Played a Role in the Uvalde School Shooting

How Much Did the US Government Pressure Twitter to Ban Alex Berenson?

How Much Have Energy Bills Risen in Each State Since Biden Took Office?

How Much You Need To Earn To Afford A Home In 50 US Cities

How to Clean House at the FBI and Justice Department

“A How-To Guide in Subverting a Democratic Superpower from Within” – Reviews of Dr. Birx’ Book Reveal Her Deceiving Ways and Incompetence in the White House

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Friday, September 2, 2022


Same-sex ‘marriage’ bill would require US gov’t to recognize polygamy in certain states

Scary Story for Those Over 60

Schiff: Americans Paying For Big Government Through The Inflation Tax

School board director running ‘safe sex’ workshops for 9-year-olds

School counselor under investigation for ‘immoral conduct’ because she condemned transgenderism

Scientist tweets picture of "distant star," only it isn't

Scientists and Doctors Join Massive Lawsuit Claiming Biden Admin., Big Tech Violated Free Speech Rights Over COVID

Search and Seizure - top 20 tweets

Seattle Museum Hosting Sex-Themed ‘Drag’ Camp for Children

Severe Economic Desperation Rises Rapidly All Over America As Nearly Half The Nation Cuts Back Spending On Food

Shame of the Nation

Social Security: Whistling Past The $96 Trillion Graveyard

Soros Prosecutors Run Half of America’s Largest Jurisdictions

Southwest Border Apprehensions hit Record High in June

Starbucks and the Decline of America

Stop Assuming the Legitimacy of the Corrupt Establishment’s Actions: Schlichter

'Sudden and Unexpected': At least 11 Vacationers Drop Dead on Italian Beaches in 24 hours

Sunspot That Is Pointed Directly At Earth Right Now Could Potentially Produce Another “Carrington Event”

Surgeon Aims to Perform the First Successful Womb Transplant on a Transgender Patient

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