Friday, August 5, 2022


Panama: Protests Over Skyrocketing Inflation, Demonstrators Block Roads

Panama's Inflation Upheaval Causing Food, Fuel Shortages

Panama Fixes Prices Of Groceries, Medicine in effort to stop protests

Pandemic Monkeyshines

Panelists at NBC Are Openly Wishing for Trump’s Death (VIDEO)

Paramount+ Sponsors Children Dancing at Drag Event

Parents Will Choose ‘Digital Babies’ in the Metaverse Over Real Ones Within 50 Years: AI Expert

Patel Patriot’s Devolution Series

PayPal's IndyMedia Wipeout

Pelosi's Husband Enters Plea In DUI Case Following Car Crash

Pennsylvania Prohibits 'Zuck Bucks' Ahead Of 2022 Midterms

Pervert Parade: An Insane Number of Teachers Have Been Arrested for Sex Crimes This Year

Pete Buttigieg Admits High Gas Prices are Intentionally Part of the Biden Strategy to Push People to Electric Vehicles

Pete Buttigieg Laughs When Confronted About High Gas Prices (VIDEO)

Peter McCullough: ‘Medical crisis’ is being exploited to push global government

Peter Navarro Sues Pelosi and Her Unconstitutional Jan 6 Committee

Peter Navarro Vows to ‘Lead the Charge’ to Impeach Biden If GOP Wins House

Peter Schiff: This Recession Is Just Getting Started

Pfizer Jab In Young People Only 20% Effective After 60 Days, 0% After 5 Months

Plastics Used in Face Masks Have Been Found in Patients’ Lungs

Plate-Licker in Chief: cartoon

The Plot Against the President

The Point of No Return

Police Failures In Uvalde Are What Happen When Law Enforcement Cares More About Woke Politics Than Training

Politics Is Now ‘All-Consuming’ Of The Left, Driving Them To Perpetual Misery

Pope Francis: Biden’s support for abortion is a matter for his ‘conscience’ and ‘pastor’

Popular Nigerian Actress Collapses and Dies Unexpectedly at the Age of 48

Portland, Maine to raise property taxes to pay for free housing for 'asylum-seekers'


Predictive AI Technology Puts A Target On Your Back

Prepping the Mind: Larwyn's Linx

President Gaslight: cartoon

President Trump Sits Down with Chanel Rion from OAN: “Do You Expect to be the First President Since FDR to Win Three Presidential Campaigns?”

Pride Event in PA Featured a Stripper Pole Where They Taught Kids How to Pole Dance (VIDEO)

Pro-Abortion Whitmer Just Slashed Care For Pregnant Women From Michigan’s Budget

Progressive Christians Waiting Until Marriage To Remove Each Other's Masks: Babylon Bee

Progressive Money Fueling FBI, DOJ, Leftist Activist and Election Official Coordination: FOIAs

Progressive Crime Syndicate

Project Veritas: FBI: Quoting Thomas Jefferson Makes You A Potential Domestic Terrorist…

Proof Modern made covid-19

Protesters in Somerset Give Joe Biden’s Motorcade the Middle Finger (VIDEO)

Providence Spends Covid Money on Race Reparations

Publicity Stunt Reduces January 6 Commission to Farce

Puppeteer Jeff Dunham Mocks Joe Biden In Hilarious Send-Up (VIDEO)