Thursday, July 28, 2022

7/28 - WATCHING . . .

Dems Ain’t Fooling Anyone With Their Jan. 6 Hijinks

Dems (and the NYT) have no shame

Dems Announce Season 2 Of Jan. 6 Saga After This Week’s Finale Ended With A Dud

Dems Are Dangerously Close To Changing Laws So Our President Is Elected By Popular Vote

Dems Are Doing All They Can To Thwart Democracy

Dems are holding a leadership conference sponsored by . . . Pfizer

Dems are in a tailspin: Schlichter

Dems are not serious about protecting you: Carlson

Dems Are Playing a Sick Game

Dems Block Bill to Ban Biden Selling U.S Oil Reserves to Chinese Communist Party

Dems brazenly, unironically call themselves 'the party of freedom'

Dems Cagey Answers In Post-Roe Senate Hearing Show Just How Unpopular Their Abortion Radicalism Is

Dems Can’t Define a 'Woman,' But They’re Sure About 'Violent White Supremacist'

Dems coming for your guns

Dems Conspire to Recreate 2008 Housing Meltdown

Dems Decriminalized Drugs to Help Black People. Black Overdoses Skyrocketed

Dems Double Down on Driving Up Inflation

Dems Facing Death by a Thousand Papercuts

Dems greatest trick is convincing the world they are the good guys

Dems Have Blocked Bipartisan Measures to Keep Guns from Criminals Because They Want to ‘Disarm Law-Abiding Citizens’: Cruz

Dems hope Biden uses the climate to take over and destroy the economy

Dems Plan To Snatch Medicare Dollars From Seniors To Subsidize Their Rich Friends

Dems Push Division and Hate: Elon Musk

Dems Pushing Hardest for Student Loan Forgiveness Are the Same Dems That Are Deep in Debt

Dems Quietly Panicking, Don't Want Biden To Face Trump In 2024

Dems Still Not Backing Away From Violence

Dems Think Teens Can Kill Babies And Sterilize Themselves But 18 Is Too Young For Self Defense

Dems Vote Unanimously to Be Extra Lenient on Child Sex Traffickers

Dems want to rid America of guns and masculinity

Dems Wanted to Intimidate Justices. Now It's Getting Dangerous.

Dems Yell ‘Do Something!’ On Guns While Their Prosecutors And Policies Create Our Culture Of Crime