Friday, July 1, 2022


The New Abortion Rhetoric: Out of Touch With Nearly Every American

New Air Force One; Boeing wants more money

New Analysis Details Enormous Economic Consequences as Earners Flee Blue States for Red

New Biden Regulations are Putting American Travelers at Risk and Forcing Thousands of Flights to be Canceled (VIDEO)

New Bill Would Mandate Federal Reserve To Promote "Racial And Economic Justice"

NEW Bombshell VIDEO of Whistleblower: “You have to give your ballot opened to them so they can see who you are voting for, or who you supposedly have to vote for”: True the Vote

New Climate Change Tax in the EU Will Exempt Private Jets

New Court Ruling 'Massive Defeat' for Biden DHS on Border: Texas AG

New documentary from The Daily Wire will make you laugh, cry, and run screaming down the street

New Documentary from Kirk Cameron Explores World of Homeschooling

New ESG Rule Hurts America's Small Farms and Ranches

New film argues WHO engaged in ‘population control experiment’ under guise of vaccination program

New Heritage Foundation Study: Youth Suicide Rates Are “SIGNIFICANTLY HIGHER” in States Where Puberty Blockers, ‘Trans Drugs’ Are Easily Accessible For Children

New Hunter Biden Texts Shed Light On Gun Controversy

New Illinois law allows teenage girls to have abortions without informing their parents

New Model Penal Code Is Setback for Victims of Sex Crimes

New Monkeypox Study Holds Possible Clue To Fast Spread Of Virus

New Normal: Plane Makes Emergency Landing as Captain Remains 'Ill' in Bathroom

The new 'Promises Made, Promises Kept' politician -- Joe Biden

New Republican Bill Would Criminalize Supreme Court Leaks

New Study finds Covid Vaccination can cause Children to suffer Vaccine-Associated Enhanced Disease; and Pfizer and the FDA knew it would happen

The New Top Gun Movie Highlights America’s Incongruous Military Strategy

New TV ad holds Schumer accountable for his threat to Justice Kavanaugh

'New 2022 Strategy' from Democrats to stop MAGA Republicans

New Video Shows "Holy Grail" Of Shipwrecks Off Colombia

New 'Virtual' Children 'Will Become An Accepted and Fully Embraced Part of Society'

New World Reserve Currency from BRICS As America Commits Economic Suicide