Thursday, June 2, 2022


Twitter's top censor donated $18,000 to Democrats before shutting down the New York Post's Hunter Biden laptop revelations

Afghan Refugees Given $400,000 To Purchase Houses In Florida As Americans Go Homeless

Disgraced BLM co-founder Patrisse Cullors paid baby daddy $970,000 for 'creative services' and brother $840,000 for 'security'

'Minor' $1.9 Million Failed Bond Interest Payment Triggers Russian "Failure-To-Pay" Event

Trump Reminds Americans: Hunter Biden Got $3.5 Million from Moscow Mayor’s Wife

$3.8 Million for Navy to fly in year's supply of crickets, mice to feed birds on San Clemente Island off Calif

The Amber Heard op-ed in the @washingtonpost that the jury just found defamed Johnny Depp was ghost-written by @ACLU, after Heard promised to pay them $7 million (a promise she never fulfilled)(#19)

$10 Million Lottery Winner Convicted of Murder

Hunter Biden Took In $11 Million Over 5 Years According To NBC Analysis

House Passes Bill To Address Formula Shortage – Gives FDA $28 Million For Screwing Up If They Promise Not To Do It Again

Yale School of Medicine administrator stole $40 MILLION in computers and electronics from school to fund her lavish lifestyle

Gen. Flynn Files $50 Million Claim Against Feds

$54 million in Chinese gifts donated to UPenn, home of Biden Center

Twitter Agrees to Pay $150 Million FTC Fine for Using Two Factor Authentication as Ruse to Sell Targeted User Data to Advertisers

Hunter Biden's Chinese Firm Invested $1 Billion Into World's Largest Greenhouse Gas Emitter

Ford Lost $3.1 Billion By Gambling On Biden’s Idiotic Electric Vehicle Plan

NBA Owners Have More than $10 Billion Invested in Red China

Amazon’s Mega-Yacht Owner Funds $10 Billion “Great Reset" to Save Planet

White House Asks For Another $20 Billion In COVID Money To Stop Winter Wave

After Senate Votes To Pass $40 Billion Ukraine Aid Bill . . .

Zelensky Requests $5 Billion a Month from Global Community in World Economic Forum Speech

Obama, Biden Largely To Blame For $1.6 Trillion Student Debt Crisis: Author

Synthetic Biology: The $3.6 Trillion Science Changing Life As We Know It

Americans Have Lost $20 Trillion Since The Start Of 2022