Tuesday, June 14, 2022


1 Devastating Paragraph From The WSJ Editorial Board Sums Up Durham’s Clinton/Russia Revelation

1 Way Government

2 Examples of Russia’s Use of Drone Warfare

2 Greek Tankers seized by Iran In Gulf As Retaliation For US Taking Oil

2 morality tales: Biden and Trump

2 New Studies Show Link Between Incurable, Degenerative Brain Disease and the Experimental Covid-19 Vaccine

2 Polls Show Biden’s Approval Rating Collapsing Into The Mid-30s

2 Studies now suggest the circulating Monkeypox Virus has been manipulated in a Biolab

2 Utah Moms File Open Records Requests on Election Records – State Lt. Gov. Tips Off Reporter, Blocks Them from Access, and Feds Are Called In

2 Years In, Black Lives Matter Has Prompted More Americans To Reject White Guilt

3 Laws That Biden’s Voter Registration Order Could Break

4 Really Big Names That Are Warning That Major Economic Disaster Is Ahead

5 Georgetown Ethics Profs Scold President For Failing To Uphold Free Speech Policy

5 Major Challenges Facing The Energy Industry

5 Months to SADS

5 Red States Undercounted, 6 Blue States Overcounted: Democrat Census Bureau

5 Warning Signs The End Of Dollar Hegemony Is Near... Here's What Happens Next

7 Kill Clot Structures

7 Recent Acts of Leftist Extremism Targeted at Political Foes

8 arrested in Oklahoma City for human trafficking following abduction of 15-year old girl

8 Key Questions the January 6 Committee Will Not Answer and One Nancy Pelosi Can't Avoid

8 Most Insane Proposals in California’s 492-Page Reparations Report

9 Big Things We Learned From The Michael Sussmann Prosecution

10 Creepiest and Most Dystopian Things Pushed By The World Economic Forum

10 different surveys all show the vaccines are not "safe and effective" -- not even close: Steve Kirsch

10 Under-Reported Revelations From Trial Of Former Clinton Lawyer

11 Statistics That Show How U.S. Consumers Are Faring In This Rapidly Deteriorating Economy

12 Nightmarish Economic Trends That We Should Expect To See During The 2nd Half Of 2022

18 Major Airlines, FAA, And DOT To Be Sued Over COVID Vaccine Mandates

20 Dumbest Hollywood Hatemongers

20 Dumbest Hollywood Hatemongers, Part II

20 Dumbest Hollywood Hatemongers, Part III

20 Dumbest Hollywood Hatemongers - The Top Five

23 States have left National School Boards Association

20 Tweets, 6/8/22: "There is no more perfect encapsulation of 2022 Democrats than this"

29 Republicans Back Resolution To Expunge Trump’s Second Impeachment

30 Years Of Gun Manufacturing In America

So . . . 46 biolabs ARE in Ukraine!

50 Biggest Data Breaches in the world From 2004–2021

50+ Feared Killed in Terror Attack on Nigerian Catholic Church

51 stars now on US flag in DC

58 young children suffered life-threatening adverse events after mRNA COVID-19 shots

70 Satirical Babylon Bee Stories That Recently “Came True”

75 Soros-Linked Radical US Prosecutors Who Are Wreaking Havoc in American Cities

85 More European Diplomats by Russia In Retaliatory "Hostile Act"

135 teachers and aides charged with child sex crimes so far in 2022