Wednesday, June 1, 2022


New Anita Dunn-Led, Focus Grouped ‘Ultra-MAGA’ Tag Backfires Spectacularly

New Army Recruitment Video Looks Like a creepy Ad for the New Joker Movie

(GG note: Check out pgunnels reading Patel Patriot's Devolution Part 22: Irregular Warfare, which takes a look at this creepy ad.)

New Biden Team Shake-up Causing Turmoil in White House

New Black Box Data Of China Eastern Jet Points To Intentional Nosedive

New Book For New York School Kids Praises Socialist Democrat Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez

New Book from Bill Gates Is More Worthy of Study By A Student Of Abnormal Psychology Than A Public Health Official

New budget numbers show US careening toward calamity

New Documents Confirm Former Obama Officials Including John Kerry Were Meeting Secretly with Iranian Officials During Trump Administration

New DOJ Notes Reveal FBI Panic After Trump Tweeted He Knew He Was Being Spied On

The new face of policing, Uvalde

New 40-year high for inflation in key gauge watched by Fed

A New Generation Of Disinformers: Branco Cartoon

New Government Study Finds Cleaner Air Leads to More Atlantic Hurricanes

New Hunter Biden Records, Flagged Financial Affairs from Banks


New Loudoun County Story About School Librarian and Child 'Sex Workers'

New Media Reports (and curious Pelosi statements) Hint Biden Is In BIG BIG Trouble

New migration plan coming from Biden, but Mexico already boycotting

New Modelling Study concludes ‘Unvaccinated are a danger to the Vaccinated’; but Real-World Data proves COVID Vaccines INCREASE Risk of Infection by 400%

New Moms Face Baby Formula Shortage

The New Normal Is Failure

The New Normal Reich

New Peer-Reviewed Study Finds Pfizer’s Covid-19 Vaccine Protection Against Omicron Wanes Just a Week After Receiving Second and Third Dose

New Polling Shows Americans Are Bracing for a Recession

New Progressive 'Idea': Literally Brand Conservatives as Racists

New pro-life documentary helps viewers understand the history and morality of abortion

New Public Charter School Specializes in LGBT Affirmation — in a Rose-Red State

New “Racial Literacy Curriculum” for High School Pushes Social Justice in Every Subject, Including Math

New Research Shows “Harvesting Blood and Body Parts of the Young” Could Help Achieve “Immortality”

New Record: Joe Biden Delivers Nasty Speech Blaming Republicans After Leftist Shoots Up Buffalo Store — ONLY 821 People Tune In — But 81 Million Votes!

The New Rules of Medicine (in case you didn't get the memo): Steve Kirsch

New Term from Progressives to Smear Everyone They Don’t Like

New US PsyOps Recruitment Video Casts Spotlight On China Threat

New White House Press Secretary Claimed Trump Stole the 2016 Election

New White House Press Secretary Off To a Faceplanting Start

New White House Press Secretary So Historic, She Had To Play Second Fiddle To A White Woman For Almost 2 Years

New WHO COVID Report Once Again Proves Sweden Right

New Zealand Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern welcomed to White House to meet with Biden on How to Structure Firearm Restrictions and Force Climate Change Energy Policy