Thursday, May 5, 2022

5/5 - WATCHING . . .

Biden admin funneled millions to fund overseas abortions under guise of ‘COVID relief’

Biden Asks Congress for $33 Billion More for Ukraine to Fund Their Government Salaries, Pensions and Budget Obligations

Biden Begins Buying Back Oil To Refill Strategic Reserve... Will Send Gas Prices Back To Record Highs

Biden Continues To Blame His Own Inflation Crisis On Russia’s Invasion Of Ukraine

BIDEN ECONOMY: Recesssion Looming – US GDP Down 5 Months in a Row – Last High Was in October 2021

Biden Gang Took $1.9 Billion for Border Wall and Spent It on “Environmental Restoration” and “Community Consultation” (VIDEO)

Biden Hosting Second Global Covid-19 Summit in Possible Bid to Stop Hemorrhaging Poll Numbers

Biden Makes the Most Terrifying Statement About Parental Rights I’ve Ever Heard

Biden Price Hike: Most Americans Blame US President For Higher Gas Prices

Biden Regime Called Out For Signing Off On Bill Gates Mosquito Army Despite ‘Safety Concerns’

Biden Says U.S. Govt Has No Money to Fight Pandemic, Moments Later Biden Says U.S. Govt Sending $500 Million to Ukraine

Biden Sends Nearly $1 Billion to Afghanistan Since Taliban Takeover

Biden slanders America's 80 million Trump-supporters

Biden Thinks He’s Delaware’s First Senator

Biden: There Has Never Been a Senator From Delaware

Biden Wanders Around Lost.. AGAIN Before Shuffling Off Stage After Speech at Green River College

Biden Wants $2.6 Billion For Gender Equity Worldwide

Biden Will Continue To Call Americans Who Do Not Support Him "Extremists": Psaki