Wednesday, May 4, 2022


Panic in D.C.! Talk about ANYTHING except 2000 Mules and the stolen 2020 election! This is the hill Leftists will die on.


Obamas Urge Their Followers to Take to the Streets to Save Roe

Children’s storybook glorifying the killing of unborn babies disgusts even some abortion supporters

Give Them an Inch and They Want the Third Trimester: How the Left Made This Happen

“Decision to Abort a Child” – Biden’s Handlers Whisk Him Away After He Admits Abortion is Murder in Off-Script Remarks (VIDEO)

Flashback: In 1982 Joe Biden Voted for Constitutional Amendment to Overturn Roe v Wade and Make It a State Issue

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The Office of “What He Meant to Say”

Branco Cartoon – Off The Charts

The Embarrassment In Chief

Joe Biden Laughs at America's Economic Struggles

Biden Spit in Your Face at the White House Correspondents' Dinner

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Hey Look, Child Separations at the Border Are Okay Again!

Illegal alien population grew by more than 1 million in Biden's first year

MS-13 Gang Members Flood Across Southern Border

Scenes from the Dems' Border Invasion

‘This Is A Mobile Morgue’: Chip Roy Rips Into Secretary Mayorkas, Biden Administration’s Immigration Policy

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Durham has hundreds of e-mails between Fusion GPS and reporters

Durham’s Damning Evidence of Collusion Between Clinton Operatives and Media to Spread Trump-Russia Hoax

Emails Surface: More Evidence Hillary Clinton Paid For Anti-Trump Disinformation Operation

Latest Durham Filing on Sussmann Shows the Net Is Tightening, People Are Flipping

Musk's Mention Highlights Twitter Counsel Baker's Russiagate Past At FBI

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The Abuse Never Ends: DOJ Demons Sue Paul Manafort for Not Reporting Foreign Accounts after Locking Him in Isolation for Being Trump’s Campaign Manager

CIA Officer Who Signed Hunter Biden Laptop Letter Claims Credit For Trump Loss

Deep State Response, Dept of Homeland Security Will Establish Disinformation Board with Obvious Agenda

FBI Conducted Millions of Searches of Americans’ Electronic Data in 2021 without a Warrant

Spygate Researchers Did Work For Former Special Counsel Robert Mueller

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About half of US water ‘too polluted’ for swimming, fishing or drinking, report finds

On Top Of Everything Else, Drought, Drought And More Drought Is On The Way For The Western U.S.

Lake Mead falls to an unprecedented low, exposing one of the reservoir’s original water intake valves

Researchers Reveal Bird Population Declines in California Due to Green Energy Resources

This is unprecedented territory: Millions must cut water use in drought-stricken California

Magma rising! Massive swarm of hundreds of earthquakes near Mount Edgecumbe volcano, Alaska

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Denmark will stop promoting COVID vaccinations on May 15, 2022

Epidemic: German and Austrian Mayors Under 60 Are'Suddenly and Unexpectedly' Dropping Dead

Hitlers New Army: Muslims March for Jihad Against Jews and Israel in Berlin, Media Attacked (Videos)

Italy Announces Rollout of Dystopian ‘Social Credit System’ to “Conserve Resources” – First of its Kind in the EU – Compliant Citizens Will Be Rewarded for “Good Behavior”

Hackable Cyborgs in Sweden! Early-adopters implant wallet, keys and ID, all in a microchip beneath the surface of their hand

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Food Security and Shortages

Food Shortages In Six Months – The Globalists Are Telling Us What Happens Next

Food Supply Protectionism is Rapidly Spreading as Global Organizations Like The IMF Warn of Consequences

Scary: Biden's Supply Chain Shortage Hits the Baby Formula Market

A Series Of “Mega Disasters” Could Make This A Catastrophic Year For Food Production In The United States

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“It’s Beyond ANY Shadow of a Doubt That the Vaccines Are Causing LARGE NUMBERS of Deaths”: Dr. Peter McCullough (VIDEO)

It's Like Democrats Want to Be Crushed in November

It’s Not In Your Head: The Left Really Has Become This Miserable

‘It’s time to arrest the guilty Doctors who gave the covid-19 Vaccines’: Dr. Vernon Coleman

It's Time to End Biden's War on Fossil Fuels

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My My My, Myocarditis rates are high For the vaccinated, even for women

My Husband Was 'Beheaded and the Head Placed on His Back'; the atrocities Muslims inflicted on Christians in the span of just one month

My Life Has Been 'Turned Upside Down': Hunter Biden's 'Laptop from Hell' Repairman

My Nightmare Experience With Cruel, Fascistic COVID Policies at a California Hospital
(GG note: My elderly 80-year-old aunt fell and broke her hip. Her Alabama hospital would not admit her until she agreed to take the vaxx. Since then she has suffered horribly from clots and an arm she can barely move.)

‘My name is Spartacus’: COVID-19 Deep Dive Part I

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Pfizer CEO Albert Bourla talks about an "electronic pill" that contains a biological microchip that sends out a signal the moment you take the pill. Wasn't this a conspiracy theory??

Pfizer's Covid-19 Vaccine Documents Counter "Safe And Effective" Narrative

Patients Taking Pfizer’s Paxlovid Experience Second Round of Covid-19 Shortly After Recovering – Doctors are Baffled

Pfizer and FDA knew Covid Vaccine caused Immunosuppression and VAED/ADE in Feb 2021; and they knew it was killing people

Pfizer Study suggests Covid-19 Vaccine to blame for huge increase in Hepatitis among Children as UK Government launches Urgent Investigation

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Barack Obama is the current real President of the United States; Joe Biden is his Puppet

Obama’s Fundamental Manipulation of Free Speech

Obama Email Scandal Is Coming

Reminder — Barack Obama Is Un-American and Awful

Obama, Biden, and the Threat to American Greatness

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Convenient Timing, Supreme Court Leak Simultaneous With 2020 Election Fraud Documentary Release

"The SCOTUS Leak Is Part Of An Intimidation Campaign" - top 20 tweets

The Left Is Descending Into Dramatics Over the Supreme Court Leak, and Libs of TikTok Is Posting the Meltdown

What Comes Next After Roe Is Overturned? Chaos On The Streets Of Washington Like We Have Never Seen Before

Biden Gives the Game Away in His Statement About SCOTUS Leak