Tuesday, May 3, 2022


Alex Newman: Deep State Controlled Demolition of America

AOC now stressed about Twitter causing hate crimes

Barack Obama Emerges from the Shadows to Spread Covid Vaccine Misinformation

Barack Obama is the current real President of the United States; Joe Biden is his Puppet

Bill Gates’s pandemic police force is the latest in a long line of stupid ideas

Bill Maher Blasts Twitter Censorship, Cites Hunter Biden Email Story

Bob Snow, American Airlines pilot, suffered heart attack while flying, blames vaccination he was forced to receive under duress

Bob Unanu, Goya CEO, Discusses Food Production, Security and Sustainability from Field to Fork

Catherine Englebrecht of True the Vote Gives a Riveting Interview on Steve Bannon’s War Room About the Massive Fraud in 2020 Election (VIDEO)

Chuck Schumer Compares Ketanji Brown Jackson’s Confirmation to Jesus Christ’s Resurrection: ‘The Stone Has Been Rolled Away From The Tomb’ (VIDEO)

Chuck Todd Bitterly Admits Democrat Capitol Riot ‘Investigation’ Ploy Not Going as Planned

Rep. Clay Higgins Questions DHS Secretary Mayorkas About Southern Border Crisis

Cori Bush: Abolish Filibuster, Force Pro-Lifers To Fund Abortions For “Pregnant People”

David Horowitz: American Prophet

David Lara Explains The “Playbook” of Ballot Traffickers In Arizona After Discovering Ballot Mules In San Luis, AZ

Deborah Birx is Back With the Worst Timed Memoir in History

Dinesh D’Souza Discusses His Perspective on the 2020 Election After a Full Review of the Illegal Ballot Harvesting

Elizabeth Warren: We Need to ‘Break’ Elon Musk’s Stranglehold on Big Tech

Elon Musk Again Sounds Alarm Over Depopulation

Elon Musk Rips NBC News After Host Suggests Republicans Are Nazis

Emmanuel Macron Pelted With Tomatoes On First Trip After Re-election

Emmanuel Macron too busy to take Biden's phone call, Biden referred to staffers

Hillary Clinton Decries Online ‘Disinformation’ despite pushing Russia hoax

Hillary Clinton Moves to Cut Donald Trump off at the Pass in Legal Fight

Hunter Biden Rips Joe in Blistering Letter: 'You Have Finally Crossed the Line'

Ilhan Omar Once Again Shows How Much She Hates America

Jen Psaki asked if White House Feels any Responsibility for Border Death of National Guardsman Bishop Evans, Responds Well, He Wasn’t Working for us

Jen Psaki: Teachers Should Talk With Kindergarteners About If They’re “a Girl or a Boy," dismisses parents

Jennifer Granholm, Energy Secretary, Says We Have To Use High Gas Prices To Go Green – Sounds Like They Might’ve Facilitated the High Prices

Joe Biden Directly Confirms He's Running for a Second Term

John Durham Pulls The Curtain Back

John Roberts’ Cowardice On Obamacare Is Why The Left Thinks It Can Bully and Extort SCOTUS

Josh Hawley Intriguingly Plays ‘Connect the Dots’ With Biden WH After Draft SCOTUS Opinion Leak

Kamala Harris Tries to Explain Space to the U.S. Space Force

Kevin McCarthy Told GOP Leaders Twitter and Big Tech Needed to Strip Accounts from Fellow GOP Lawmakers — AFTER CUTTING VIDEO AGAINST CENSORSHIP!

Lisa Monaco – In on Obama’s Secret Russia Meetings in 2016 in White House – Caught Using a Pseudonymous Email Likely Against the Law

Marjorie Taylor Greene Tells Jim Acosta to His Face, ‘You Know Why People Don’t Like You? Because You’re a Liar’

Mayorkas admits in private what Democrat lawmakers fear about Title 42 invasion

Nina Jankowicz, Biden's new "disinformation chief" starts her new job by protecting Kamala, claims online Mockery of Kamala Harris a Threat to Democracy and National Security

Patel Patriot: Devolution Part 20

Pope Francis’ Unholy War on Traditionalist Carmelite Nuns

President Trump's "Hole-in-One"

Robert Malone: "mRNA vaccines are the entry point to Transhumanism"

Samantha Power Celebrates Fertilizer Shortages That will Force Farmers to Transition to “Natural Solutions” (VIDEO)

Taylor Lorenz is 50 - top 20 tweets

Dr Vernon Coleman: “Children are being Destroyed”

Victor Davis Hanson: Tearing Down The Silicon Valley Wall

Zelenskyy Says He Needs $7 Billion Per Month Western Government Subsidy to Sustain Economy