Wednesday, May 11, 2022

5/11 - HOW? WHY?


How America Became La La Land

How American Big Tech Companies Are A Threat To Everyone’s Sovereignty

How The Biden Administration Is Aiding And Abetting The Biggest Border Fraud In U.S. History

How The Big-Tech Giants Make Their Billions?

How the Covid “Vaccines” Cause Cancer: Dr. Ryan Cole

How did you enjoy your Winter of Severe Illness and Death?

How 18 Top Political Voices Reacted When They Heard That Roe Is Likely To Be Overturned

How do those young kids end up in prison? --top 20 tweets

How is this not the biggest story in the country, exactly? --top 20 tweets

How the Election Was Rigged, and How the Nation Was Stolen: thread

How the Koran Calls for the Murder of Christians

How the Left Fosters 'Hate Crime' Then Plays the Victim

How Leftist Money Infiltrated Election Offices In 2020

How many people have been murdered by COVID-19 Injection?

How the Ministry of Truth Plans to Hide Immigration Failures and Label Open-Border Critics “Disinfo Agents”

How Obama and Biden Destroyed the Greatest Military the World Has Ever Seen

How Stupid Is Kamala Harris, Really?

How Transgenders Will Bring Down the Lefty Marxists Who Want to Destroy America

How 22 Celebrities Reacted When They Learned That Elon Musk Had Just Bought Twitter

How US and international policy-makers deliberately baited Putin to war

How We Look to Saudis

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Why Are So Many Men Desperate To Kill Babies And Traumatize Women?

Why aren't Hundreds of CDC Employees Vaxxed?

Why aren’t we allowed to question the 2020 election?

Why Biden and Johnson should be treated as War Criminals --Dr. Vernon Coleman

Why Democrats are taking us to war with Russia: Tucker Carlson

Why The Democrats’ Double Duplicity Will Fail

Why Does Disney Hire So Many Pedophiles? --Emerald Robinson

Why Every American Should Care That Diesel Prices Are Surging Across The Country

Why the Left fears Elon Musk

Why the LGBTQ+ are fighting Florida's anti-grooming law

Why Saudi Crown Prince Mohammad Bin Salman Refused To Pump More Oil To Hurt Russia

Why Today’s Left Is Willing To Admit Abortion Kills A Child And Still Support It

Why Vaccinating Pregnant Women Can Be Dangerous to the Foetus

Why Violence Is An Inevitable Outcome Of Critical Race Theory

Why is the White House Bragging About Conducting Military Operations in Ukraine to Kill Russians?

Why won't the media report that a Seattle Man Says He Killed 'In the Name of Allah?

Why Would Rural Americans Vote for Those Who Hate Them?