Thursday, March 31, 2022


x-AG Bill Barr outs himself as an establishment swamp creature

x-Blackrock Fund Manager Discovers Disturbing Trends In Mortality

x-Border Chief: Joe Biden Intentionally 'Handed over Southern Border to Cartels’

x-Border Officials Slam DHS Sec Mayorkas' Comments During Terrible Meeting with Border Patrol

x-CEO of Neustar, the Firm Named in Recent Hillary Spying Activities, Ironically Was Also an Obama Appointee to His National Security Telecommunications Advisory Committee

x-CIA officer and Ric Grenell clash over Hunter Biden laptop on Twitter

x-CIA Senior Operations Officer John Sipher Openly Brags About Swinging Election for Biden with Disinformation Campaign on Hunter Biden’s Laptop

x-Clerk For Biden SCOTUS Hopeful Edited Wikipedia Pages To Make Her Look Better, Rivals Worse

x-Canadian military chaplain: Trudeau has ‘declared war’ on Canadians, treats them as ‘terrorists’

x-Dem congresswoman Tulsi Gabbard issues warning about the 'bigger issue' with censorship, says 'Power Elite' Will 'Silence and Cancel Anyone Who Dares Question' Biden

x-FBI Agent Peter Strzok Has Found Another Vast Russian Conspiracy To Investigate

x-FBI Agent Pleads Guilty To Tampering With Evidence

x-girlfriend of Prince Andrew said former President Bill Clinton and the late Jeffrey Epstein were "like brothers"

x-JFK Aide: What The West Gets Wrong About Putin

x-Kamala Harris Aide Symone Sanders Gets Hired By MSNBC

x-Malaysian Professional Football Player Dies of Heart Attack 5 Days After Receiving COVID-19 Booster Shot

x-Miss USA Writes Cryptic Instagram Post Shortly Before Jumping to Her Death From NYC High-Rise

x-Obama Advisor Caught With His Hand in the Cookie Jar

x-Obama Official Gets 7.5 Years for Taking Bribes on Federal Contract

x-Pfizer VP says Powerful drug may have been used to kill nursing home COVID patients

x-transgender patients share stories of transition regret, negligence of medical establishment

x-Russian Ambassador and Current CIA Director, Bill Burns, Knew Exactly What Would Trigger Vladimir Putin to Enter Ukraine

x-Russian president explains the difference between meaningless sanctions and massive leverage

x-UCLA ‘Philosophy of Race’ Lecturer Arrested For Threatening to Commit Mass Shooting Against White Members of Philosophy Department

x-VP Al Gore, Canada's Deputy Prime Minister, BlackRock CEO and More are on WEF Board

x-White House Physician Says Biden Is Not Cognitively Fit To Deal With Russia Crisis

x-wife of Hunter Biden writes memoir on their scandal-filled marriage

x-Yale Administrator Pleads Guilty To Embezzling $40 Million In Massive Fraud

x-Zelensky Spokeswoman Deletes Tweet Saying a Harris Presidency Would Be a ‘Tragedy’

Tuesday, March 29, 2022


US Ambassador to Israel: ‘The Biden Administration Believes it Must Take Care of the Palestinian People’

US Army Announces Mandatory Training on Pronouns and Gender Dysphoria — While Russia Invades Ukraine, Surrounds Kiev

US Army Mandates Training to Help Soldiers Shake off Their Sex 'Assigned at Birth'

U.S. Army Recognizes Differences Between Men and Women in New Fitness Tests

US Bioresearch in Ukraine Timeline

US college education is nearer to collapsing than it appears

US Company Metabiota Links Biolabs in Africa and Ukraine to the Pentagon’s DTRA

The US Congress must vote to stop the Iran deal NOW!

US COVID Deaths to Pass 1 Million Mark Today — More than 600,000 Deaths Under Joe Biden

U.S. Death Toll of poultry Rises To 14.6 Million As The New Bird Flu Plague Spreads Like Wildfire All Over The Globe

US Debt Clock in real time

US Defense documents (2010): Biolab opens in Ukraine – Plans for the facility began in 2005 with Senator Obama who acknowledges seeing tubes containing anthrax and other dangerous bioweapons in presidential speech

U.S. Election Integrity Lawyers Are Being Targeted By a Group Whose Leader Accepted a Chinese Communist Propaganda Junket; Longtime Clinton ally and George Soros-funded Media Matters for America founder David Brock is also advising the 65 Project

US embassy REMOVED all their Ukraine BIOWEAPON LAB DOCUMENTS from the website… Here they are…

The U.S. Federal Government Fuels Child Smuggling And Trafficking

The U.S. Government Paid Media Outlets Millions of Dollars While They Ran Covid-19 Vaccine Propaganda

U.S. Intelligence Operations Against Americans - The story is bigger than Hunter Biden's Laptop: Techno Fog

US Is Training Ukrainian Troops In Poland

US Mulls Sending New "Switchblade" Kamikaze Robot Drone To Ukraine

The US Must Face an Existential Threat, but It's Not Climate Change

U.S. Retail Sales Collapse as Govt and Media Attempt Denial That Economy Is Contracting

US Senate candidate from Oklahoma says Fauci ‘belongs in federal prison'

U.S. Soldier Warns That Her Gun Doesn’t Point Only at Other Countries – It Points at U.S. Citizens Under Martial Law, and Seems a Bit Happy About It

US State Department offering million dollar grant to report on alleged human rights violations by Israel

US Taxpayer Dollars Are Flooding Back Into Afghanistan

US Trade Deficit Hit a Record All-Time High in January – Inflation Expected to be Worse than Expected

US Vaccination Rates Collapse As Omicron Subsides

Friday, March 25, 2022


President Trump Files a Massive Civil Lawsuit Against the Entire Russia Conspiracy Scheme Team: CTH

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

Samantha Power and the Business of Funding Terrorism

The Sanctions Mess, In A Nutshell

SarahBeth Hartlage: vocal proponent of mRNA shots - "died unexpectedly" last week at age 36

Was Satan Not Available To Be Appointed To The Supreme Court Instead Of Ketanji Brown Jackson? (Video)

Saudi Arabia is thinking about abandoning the dollar

School Holds Mock Slave Auction Where White Kids Pretended To Sell Their Black Classmates

Schoolteacher from Kansas Joins ISIS, Plots Jihad Massacres in U.S., Leads All-Female Terrorist Battalion

Schumer shows the left's desperation to build fraud into elections

Schweizer: Hunter's 'Laptop from Hell' Leads 'Straight to' Joe Biden

Schweitzer: NYT’s Acknowledgement of ‘Laptop From Hell’ Indicates Lawyers for the Biden Crime Family are “Extremely Concerned Hunter Biden’s Going to Be Indicted” – (VIDEO)

Scientist Admits to Stealing Monoclonal Antibody Research for Chinese Communist Party

Scientists Are Working On "Contagious Vaccines"

Scientists Believe There Could Be An ‘Anti-Universe’ Next To Ours – Where Time Runs Backwards

SCOTUS Pick Explains Why She Gave Light Sentences to People Possessing Child Pornography

Secret ATF Database Of "Nearly One Billion Gun Records"

The Secret Network of George Soros

Seeing It All Come Together: Months of Predictions Closing in on Quick Collapse

Sen. Dianne Feinstein’s Husband Partly Owned a Chinese Company That Sold Spyware to U.S. Military

Senate Bill Would Force States To Pair Voter ID With Vaccine Passports

The Senate Should Investigate Ketanji Brown Jackson’s Leniency Towards Sex Predators

Severe Drought And “Dust Bowl Conditions” Threaten To Create A Disastrous Winter Wheat Harvest In The U.S.

‘Severe Reactions’ to Covid Vaccines are Far More Common Than Official Data Show: Here is the Stunning New Evidence

Sexually explicit ‘LGBT’ content promoted to kids as young as 4, reveal private school association recordings

Shocking Numbers That Show That The Middle Class In The U.S. Is Being Systematically Destroyed

A Shockingly High Percentage Of The U.S. Population Actually Wants An Authoritarian “Big Brother” Police State

Sign at Virginia Pediatrics Office to Student Athletes: “COVID Vaccination Affects Your Heart – If You Received Doses of Any COVID Shot” We Will Not Clear You “Without Lab Work”

Silencing Disfavored Speech

A simple way to end vaccine misinformation immediately: Steve Kirsch

The Skyrocketing Price Of Fertilizer Has Caused A Worldwide Nightmare That Global Leaders Can No Longer Deny

Sleepy Joe Biden Turns Into a Statue In Middle Of Sentence

Slipping Under the Radar: Pfizer Documents, Pandemic Treaty and the Magical Disappearance of Covid

"A Slow Motion Disaster": Network Sunset Of 3G Will Wreak Havoc For Millions Of Vehicles On The Road

So It Begins: Hunter Biden’s Laptop and the Ukraine War Show How the Ruling Class Plans to Silence Every Single One of Us

“So Much Has Been Accomplished” By Joe Biden For “Environmental Justice," claims Nancy Pelosi

So That's Where COVID Relief Money Went

So, Russia Wants Alaska Back

Social Media: The Intimidation and Enforcement Arm of the American Left

Solar Panels Matter More Than Human Rights, says John Kerry

Sonny Colbrelli suffered an unstable cardiac arrhythmia at Volta a Catalunya, required defibrillation following collapse

South Park is now reality

‘The Space Foundation’ Erases Name of First Man in Space Because He Was Russian

"Spooky" Object Flashes Radio Waves In Our Galactic Backyard

SpyGate 101: A Primer On The Russia Collusion Hoax’s Years-long Plot To Take Down Trump

Spying on American Gun Owners Act

Squad member Rep. Cori Bush: 'We can't be afraid of saying defund the police'

State of Decay

Stefan Halper Was Just Another Hack Who Helped Peddle The Russia-Collusion Hoax

Steve Bannon SLAMS Marco Rubio: Who Gave You the Questions for Victoria Nuland on the Ukraine Biolabs? CIA or Military? (VIDEO)

The Still-Masked Among Us

SUNY Brockport Pays Convicted Cop Killer to Speak

Supreme Court nominee KBJ was judge in "Pizzagate" shooter case

Surgeon General Asks Social Media Companies for Target List of COVID Skeptics and Influencers

Swedish biohacker promotes implanted microchip COVID passports in your hands

Thursday, March 24, 2022

3/24 - THE NEWS

The Biden Administration Is Cooking The Books On Illegal Immigrant Arrests

The Biden Legacy: Former Policewomen Are Hunted for Assassination and Beatings by Taliban in Afghanistan

The cost of lithium is up nearly 500% since last year

The Death Toll Rises To Over 12 Million Chickens And Turkeys In The 2nd Month Of America’s Horrific Bird Flu Pandemic

The Democrats Need COVID to Stay in Power

The DeSantis Doctrine

The DOJ Is Hiring Tort Lawyers To Defend HHS From Vaccine Injury Cases

The glib and unresponsive job interview

The Great Pivot of Spring 2022, V. 2.0: Robert Malone, M.D.

The Hate-Filled Left Erupts at News Clarence Thomas is in the Hospital

The IT role in Russiagate: Part III – Internet maneuvers, an Obama-linked trust group, and DARPA

The link between Covid-19, the Covid Vaccine, HIV, and AIDS

The Medical Establishment’s Willful Blindness About Vaccines and Children

The Most Complete Digital Replica of a Living Cell Yet Grows Like the Real Thing

The Peculiar Story of Fufeng Group And Grand Forks, Part 1

The Press Has Lied To Drag The United States Into War Before. Don’t Think They Won’t Again

The Real Globalist 'Mastermind' Behind the Great Reset: 'Prophet' Jacques Attali (Videos)

The real men who recruited Klaus Schwab

The Real 'Reset' Is Coming: Victor Davis Hanson

The Takeover Of America's Legal System

The Threat to Freedom Is Closer to Home

The top foreign donor to the Clinton Mafia’s “Foundation” is Ukraine

The ugly hand of Vindman in that Schwarzenegger Russia video

The Unsung White House Official Who Warned President Trump in 2017 that the Deep State Was Trying to Prematurely End his Presidency

The UN Is Warning That We Are Heading Into The Worst Global Food Crisis Since World War 2

The U.S. Economy Just Took A Turn In A Very Ugly Direction

The Vaccinated Are Dying In Britain

The White House Is Admitting That A Global Food Crisis Is Here

The Woke Mob Strikes at Yale Law School

Wednesday, March 23, 2022



Jill Biden's Latest Rescue of Her Bumbling Husband Isn't Cute — It's Dangerous

Joe Biden's Presidency Continues to Be a Dumpster Fire

Media Is Biden's Pooper-Scooper (cartoon)

The President has No Votes: Will the real US President please stand up? Presidential Impersonator Biden does not have the authority either to choose a question or to answer it without a script. Jen Psaki does have both of those authorities. So it is obvious that Psaki is above Biden in the non Biden white house administration.

Xi Jinping Continues to Play Joe Biden Like a Cheap Fiddle

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

CDC director Walensky reveals she has not a clue about vaccines. Or anything else.

CDC Pulls a Fast One – Eliminates 25% of Pediatric COVID Deaths Overnight, Blames It on a Coding Error

‘Half The Country’ Did Speak The Covid Truths The CDC Director Insists ‘Nobody Said’ — And They Were Smeared

The CDC have hidden Covid-19 data and committed Fraud because they believe the public to be stupid

The CDC knew in January 2021 that the vaccines were unsafe, but they said NOTHING

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

Sanctions Are Going To Devastate Russia Economically, But They Are Going To Devastate Us Economically Too

Dollar Kill Shot, Lethal Stupid, Fed Can’t Fight Inflation

World Begins to Move Away From Dollar

Oh Great, Now We Could Lose The Petrodollar

Macleod: The End Of Fiat Is Hoving Into View

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

“Car-Free Sundays” – International Energy Agency Urges Governments to Implement ‘Emergency Measures’ to Cut Oil Consumption

Energy Secretary Admits White House Using Ukraine Crisis as “Urgent Moment” To Transition US to Clean Energy

Elites Suggest Price Controls, Dystopian Travel Restrictions To 'Manage' Soaring Energy Costs

House Democrats Block Energy Independence Bill, Expert Slams Move as 'Unconscionable'

Joe Crushes American Energy While Hunter Gets Rich From Chinese Fossil Fuels

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

Fake Economics is Alive and Well: I Allegedly

“Fake News” Media Outlets Are Never Censored, Just Those That Tell The Truth Are

Fake-Raine: One Man’s Trip Through the Hollywood Movie Set We Know as Ukraine

From FAKE NEWS to PROVEN FACT in two weeks! US Under Secretary of State Victoria Nuland confirms Ukraine BIOWEAPON LABS

Joe Biden’s State Of The Union Previewed Dems’ Fake Attempt To Walk Back Their Culture War

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

Argentina Halts Soy Exports As Food Protectionism Soars

Beef Is Now A “Luxury Meat” And Goldman Sachs Says To Brace For “One Of The Largest Energy Supply Shocks Ever”

Soaring Wheat Prices Leave These Countries Susceptible To Uprisings

How Russia Ukraine War Could Trigger Global Food Crisis

Egg Prices Soar As Highly Pathogenic Bird Flu Spreads Ahead Of Easter

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

Elite Preparing ‘Great Collapse’ of Civilization

The Great Depression II

Great Replacement: Globalists Use Ukrainian Crisis to Further Their Population Replacement Scheme

Part of Great Wall of China Collapses After Earthquake

Time To Demand A Great Tuition Reset

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

Disturbing: Leftist Activist Organizes “Sex Ed Summer Camps” for 8-10 Year Olds In Indiana – Will Teach “Using Condoms on All Insertables” and “Explore Sensations to Discover What Feels Good”

Gay Camps for Grooming Kids

Students are being groomed by teachers to embrace LGBT ‘glitter families’ in place of parents; A sign posted in a Wisconsin high school read, 'If your parents aren’t accepting of your identity, I’m your mom now #freemomhugs.'

Parents Outraged After Texas Elementary School Performs Racial Segregation Experiment

NYC Education Dept Promotes Gay Pornography In Public Schools

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

Now that Joe Biden’s president, the Times finally admits: Hunter’s laptop is real

Addict, Degenerate and Bagman of a Corrupt Family Enterprise Exposed

Tucker Carlson Revisits the Media People Who Manipulated the Hunter Biden Laptop Story

Ted Cruz Taunts ‘60 Minutes’ With Infamous Trump/Stahl Pre-Election Clip as Media Reckoning Begins

A Warning for the Gatekeepers in the Liberal Media

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

Adam Kinzinger Threatens U.S. Aid to Israel if They Do Not Support NATO War in Ukraine

Biden Ambassador To Israel Calls Jewish Settlement Growth ‘Infuriating’

Europe’s Condemnation of Israel - and Double Standards

Israel, The Canary in the Coal Mine

Zelensky Goes Too Far and Strikes a Nerve With Israel Remark

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

New York City’s War on Women

New York Just Made Every American Citizen’s Worst Fears About Illegal Immigration Come True

New York City Sued for Giving Voting Rights to Nearly 1M Foreign Nationals

The NYT's commie crossword puzzle

NY Democrats Demand $345M for Health Insurance for Illegal Aliens

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

Globalists Enraged: Putin Disrupts Their Plans For a 'New World Order' (Video)

Here Are the Names and Faces of WEF’s Young Global Leaders in Australia and New Zealand

Here are the Names and Faces of WEF’s Young Global Leaders in the United Kingdom

Ukraine silently implemented the WEF’s ‘Great Reset’ by setting up a Social Credit Application combining Universal Basic Income (UBI), a Digital Identity and a Vaccine Passport all within their Diia app

World Economic Forum Leader Calls for ‘Re-Education Camps’

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

A Yank on Biden’s Leash

Year-Round Daylight-Saving-Time Bill Passes the Senate

You Have a Social Credit Score, and You Don't Even Know It

A Young Man Taken off the Transplant List Proves Covidians Don’t Care About Life, They Care About Compliance

Young, Healthy Servicemen Suddenly Dying in Their Bunks, and The Military Won’t Talk About It

Tuesday, March 22, 2022


2 African Migrants Get Slap on the Wrist for Raping Child in Utah

2 dosed 18-39 year olds are 4 times more likely to die from non-Covid causes

2 federal agencies are studying post-vaccination neurological issues

2 Years Ago Today Joe Biden Promised to End the US Oil Industry — Joe Kept That Promise and Today Gas Is $4.32 a Gallon

3 Women That Are Playing Key Roles In Setting Ukraine Policy In Washington

4 Special Counsel Revelations Tying Spygate To Hillary Clinton’s Campaign

6 Years Of Being Manipulated By Manufactured Waves Of Outrage With No End In Sight

7 Times The Babylon Bee Reported History Before It Happened

8 Joe Biden Scandals Inside Hunter Biden’s MacBook That Corporate Media Just Admitted Is Legit

9 Fort Bragg soldiers recently died of unknown causes

9 general officers who have earned 5 stars

10 Realities Of Ukraine: Victor Davis Hanson

10 Scapegoats Biden Has Blamed for His Failures

11 Signs U.S. Relations With China Are Deteriorating And That An Invasion Of Taiwan Is Drawing Near

11 Ways That Western Powers Are Escalating The End Times War In Ukraine

13-year-old Child Was Driving Truck That Collided with Van in West Texas, Killing Nine People

20 Minutes of Lying Hacks Telling the American Public the Hunter Biden Laptop Is Russian Disinformation

20 Republicans Who Sold Out to China

25 Big Questions That Democrats Can't Answer About The 2020 Election

25 Lies of The Democrat “Neoplantation” Strategy

50 Minerals Critical To US Security

51 ‘intelligence’ experts who claimed the Hunter Biden laptop was just Russian disinformation

100+ former police and intelligence officers executed by Taliban in Afghanistan

100s Arrested in World’s Largest Ever Pedophile Ring Raid

108 Arrested in Human Trafficking Sting in Central Florida

779 Athlete Cardiac Arrests, Serious Issues, 500 Dead, After COVID Shot

1000s of Pages of Documents Related to the Experimental Covid-19 Vaccines through FOIA Request — Animal Studies Showed Adverse Affects

8,600+ Russians Have Crossed Mexico Border Illegally Into The US In Recent Months

9,000 Americans abandoned to the Taliban in Afghanistan by Biden

170,000 Illegals Amass on US Southern Border Ready to STORM ACROSS When Biden Ends Trump’s COVID Rules — DHS Puts Out Call for Volunteers (VIDEO)

178,840 Illegals Captured and Released at Border in December — Nearly 2 Million Invaders This Year — But Biden Regime Worried about Ukraine’s Border!

220,000 Illegal Immigrants Slipped Past Border Patrol Since October

800,000 Lives Could Have Been Saved with Ivermectin and HCQ – Dr. Pierre Kory

2.8 Million Birds (Mostly Chickens And Turkeys) Have Died In The First Month Of America’s Raging New Bird Flu Pandemic

5 Million+ Questionable, Unlawful or Spurious Ballots Identified in 2020 Election in PA, GA and AZ

2 billion genetically modified mosquitoes are about to be released in the United States

Monday, March 21, 2022

3/21 - CENSORED!

You know, because Leftists are so "inclusive," and "love trumps hate," or something like that.

Biden Calls for Censoring Americans in the Name of Public Health

CCDH wants Substack to censor us: Steve Kirsch

China Silences Australia PM Scott Morrison: Hijacks Control of WeChat Account

Christian Speaker Gets Canceled by Christian College for Teaching Christian Students Christian Ideas

DC Restaurant Boots Pro-Life Group From Restaurant Over Abortion Views

DIRECTV Announces They Are Cancelling OAN News Because of The Network's Political Alignment

Emails reveal scientists suspected COVID leaked from Wuhan lab – then quickly censored themselves

Facebook Censors Pro-American Children’s Books as ‘Disruptive Content’

Forbes Dumped Adam Andrzejewski for Exposing Fauci

Google Ministry of Information Announces Zero Tolerance Policy Against Any Information That Does Not Support NATO War Against Russia

Greenwald: Pressure Campaign To Remove Joe Rogan From Spotify Reveals Liberal Religion Of Censorship

Monty Python Star John Cleese Is the Latest to Be Silenced

New York Times Blocks Ad for “The Real Anthony Fauci” Book — Says It’s ‘Misinformation’ Because It Opposes Their Leftist Dogma (VIDEO)

PayPal defunds The Exposé for reporting the facts the mainstream refuse to

Researcher Calls Out Censorship After Journal Pulls COVID-19 Vaccine Adverse Events Analysis

'Russian Propaganda' Is The Latest Excuse To Expand Censorship

Tchaikovsky Canceled for Being Russian

T-Mobile Blocked Text Messages of Dr. Malone Saying the Moderna Vaccine Nearly Killed Him

Twitter Bans Project Veritas Chief of Staff After Bombshell Report About Fauci

Twitter Suspends GOP Congressional Candidate For Pro-2A Tweet

Twitter Suspends Babylon Bee for Stating Factual Truth

University revokes honorary degrees for Michael Flynn and Rudy Giuliani

The Vigilant Fox suspended from Twitter for posting Steve Kirsch testimony on vaxxine injuries

White House Urges Spotify To Censor More After 'COVID-19 Misinformation' Concerns

The World Economic Forum Has ‘Canceled’ Vladimir Putin

YouTube to censor “new misinformation” preemptively

YouTube Permanently Bans Bongino for… Declaring He Was Leaving YouTube

Friday, March 18, 2022


Rand Paul Introduces a Way to Eliminate Dr. Fauci's Power...For Good

Rape is no longer rape to the gender marxists

Rashida Tlaib Jokes About Releasing Every Federal Inmate Into Society

The Real Globalist 'Mastermind' Behind the Great Reset: 'Prophet' Jacques Attali (Videos)

The Real War: The Civilizational Aspect

The Reality Of What Is Really Happening On The Ground In Ukraine

The Reason Islam's So Keen on Hating Us

Record ‘bomb cyclone’ brings exceptional warmth to North Pole with Arctic temperatures surging nearly 50 degrees above normal

Record Food Prices Might Go Higher

Red Pill Videos: Steve Kirsch

Redhead Refuses To Say If Joe Biden Stands By Dismissal Of Hunter Laptop Scandal As “Russian Plant"

Referee Whistles May Be Cause Of Sudden Increase In Heart Problems: Experts

Refugee Crisis Tickles Kamala’s Funny Bone

Regarding Mittens Romney

Reminder: Not one person involved in Jan. 6 riot has been charged with 'insurrection'

Rep. Chip Roy Demands CDC Release Covid Data: 'I Want to Talk About Crimes Against Humanity' (Video)

Rep. Kinzinger Vows To ‘Move Heaven And Earth’ To Stop Trump From Becoming President Again

The Republicans Who Voted for Gun Control Legislation Behind Your Back

Reported pediatric COVID-19 deaths plummet 24% after CDC fixes 'coding logic error'

Researcher Tells Durham He Saw Holes In The Alfa Bank Hoax Before Democrats Shopped It To The FBI

Retail Sales Fell Off a Cliff in December

Retired 3-Star General: Critical Race Theory Leading To Military 'Failure'

Reviewing Some Possible Unintended Consequences of the mRNA Vaccines Against COVID-19

Revolutions: Biernutz_71

RINO says if you don't support War Against Russia, if You Question Our Involvement in Ukraine, You Are a Putin Apologist

RNC Fights Back Against Partisan J6 Committee, Files Lawsuit

Robert Malone's doctor had her license to practice medicine suspended. Yes, for "covid misinformation."

Romania’s Biggest Soccer Club BANS Vaccinated Players Because They Keep Dropping Dead

Romney Was The Only Republican To Vote Against Ending Transport Mask Mandate

Ron Paul: The Fed Is The Enemy Of American Workers

The Ruling Class Is A Far Greater Threat To Americans Than Russia Is

Russ Vought: Border Crisis Can't Wait Three More Years For A New Administration To Fix

Russia Hoax Special Counsel Is Investigating the 2016 DNC Server 'Hack' and That's Not All

Thursday, March 17, 2022



As Many as 1 in 3 Afghan Refugee Women at U.S. Bases are Pregnant

Biden Afghan ‘Refugee’ Convicted of Sexually Assaulting 3-Year-Old Girl at Quantico Base – Argued His Conduct Was ‘Acceptable in His Culture’

Biden’s Handlers Release at Least 50 Afghans with ‘Potentially Significant Security Concerns’ Into the U.S.

Biden’s Handlers Dumping 16,000 Afghan 'Translators' in Loudoun County, Most Don't Speak English

‘Afghan Adjustment Act’ Would Legalize 36,000 Unvetted Afghans

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

Catastrophic Inflation: “I’ve Never Seen Prices Jump This High, This Fast”

Inflation Is "Imposing Real Hardships" On Everyday Americans; $10 Toothpaste and $4 Gas

Larry Summers Is Second Obama Economic Adviser To Blame Biden For Inflation (VIDEO)

Nobody Is Buying Biden’s Bull on Inflation – He Created It – He Owns It

Trade Deficit Jumped 7.1 Percent in January Setting All Time Record, While 2022 Inflation Estimates Now Double Previous Forecasts

Inflation rises to highest level in 40 years in metric used by Fed

FLASHBACK, JULY 2021: Hyperinflation Will Collapse Biden Administration – Clif High, Greg Hunter interview

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

Angry Biden Shouts, ‘I’m Sick of This Stuff,’ Lashes Out at Those Who Blame Him for Inflation

Biden Claims He Has Made the Economy Better But People Are Still “Psychologically” Unable to “Feel Happy” (VIDEO)

Biden Is a Weapons Grade Disaster

Biden Just Insulted Americans as Being Too Stupid to Understand His Greatness

Biden Tries to Call Saudi Arabia and UAE and They Refuse to Answer the Phone

Biden whispers about naked people and blackmail in creepy press moment

Biden's Remarks at 'Equal Pay' Event Were a Gaffe-Filled Dumpster Fire

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

Beware: Mexico To Unleash Massive Wave of 70,000 Migrants Toward U.S. Border in Unnoticeable ‘Ant Operation’

Biden's Apathy Toward His Drug-Plagued Border Crisis is Killing People

GOP Governors Try To Clean Up Biden's Border Nightmare

Outsourcing Treason at the Border

‘Potential Terrorist' From Saudi Arabia Caught After Crossing Biden's Open Border

Tucker Carlson was on fire about Ukraine and America's own border

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

City of West Hollywood Launching Guaranteed Income Pilot Program for LGBTQIA People Only

High School Lesson Plans Tell California Students They’re Inherently Privileged If Male, Cisgender, White, Christian

San Francisco Drug Overdose Deaths Nearly Triple COVID

California doubles down on COVID legislation

California Governor Newsom Wants Health Coverage For All Illegal Aliens

FLASHBACK, 2009: Rep. Wilson shouts, 'You lie' to Obama during speech

Rep. Joe Wilson shouted "you lie" after President Obama denied the health care plan would cover illegal immigrants.

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

Anti-Covid vaccine mandate protesters chase New Zealand’s Jacinda Ardern outside school

French Protesters Surround Pfizer HQ Chanting “Assassins”

Keir Starmer Bundled Into Police Car After Being Accosted By Demonstrators

“Lock Her Up!” – Angry Protesters Shout at Hillary Clinton as She Arrives at Sheraton Hotel in New York City

“You Virtue Signaling Devil in a Blue Dress!” – NY Gov. Kathy Hochul Shamed, Heckled During Public Event at New York City Church (VIDEO)

NY Governor Kathy Hochul Invited to NY Rangers Game – Gets Booed Off the Ice (VIDEO)

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

DOJ Shows No Signs of Holding 2020 Election Fraudsters Accountable – Instead Going After Those Who Call Out the Egregious Steal

Dr. Shiva Discusses His History and Analysis Identifying 200,000 Ballots in Maricopa County, Arizona with Signature Issues

Harris County, Texas, Election Administrator 'Finds' 10,000 Mail-In Ballots Days After the Election

Justice Gableman Reveals MASSIVE Voter Fraud in Wisconsin Nursing Homes — 100% Turnout in Zuckerberg-Funded Wisconsin Cities! – SHOCKING VIDEO

Special Counsel Finds Mark Zuckerberg’s Election Money Violated Wisconsin Bribery Laws

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

As H5N1 Bird Flu Spreads To More States, Many Are Wondering What Will Happen If People Start Getting Infected: Michael Snyder

Most widespread drought in 9 years expected to expand

Genetically-Modified Mosquitoes Set To Be Released In California And Florida

Watching Fukushima after 7.3 magnitude earthquake strikes

Dangerous San Andreas fault line could cause greater earthquakes than first thought warn scientists in new study

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

Biden: “It’s Simply Not True That My Admin Or Policies Are Holding Back Domestic Energy Production”

Democrats Think You’re Stupid, Suggest You're 'Un-American' if You Blame Them for the Energy Crisis

Energy Secretary: Boot Stays on Neck of Energy Industry

Energy Secretary Granholm Admits Biden Economic Pain and Gas Prices All Part of New Energy Transition

Ted Cruz Rolls out 'Energy Freedom Act' as Biden's Energy-Dependent Chickens Come Home to Roost

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

Canadian State Media Declare Freedom is Racist

Covid and Putin are not a threat to your freedom; people like Schwab, Gates and Trudeau are

Freedom is proved only through action

Kamala Says High Gas Prices Are Price To Pay For Freedom

US People’s Convoy was a ‘gigantic display of freedom’ despite media ignoring it

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

Jill Biden Says Trump Brought 4 Years of Chaos to US, Claims Joe Biden ‘Is the Right Person For This Moment in History’

Lindsey Graham says “Biden Is as Good a Man as God ever Created” and “He Needs to Go After Anybody and Everybody Who Tries to Prop Up [Putin]”

MI6 Chief Says Ukraine War Is About LGBT Rights

Palestinian Islamic 'Scholar' Hilariously Blames Homosexuality in Israel for Omicron Outbreak

Pelosi Argues Spending Trillions Helps Lower National Debt – ‘Global’ Inflation Is Putin’s Fault

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Russia: Biden Has Caved on Our Iran Deal Demands, Talks May Resume

GOP Senator: Biden is Allowing Iranians and Russians to Negotiate Iran Deal With No Americans in the Room

The Iran deal should go the US Senate for ratification

49 Republican Senators Will Oppose Iran Nuclear Deal

New Iran Agreement Would Let Russia Cash in on $10 Billion Contract To Build Nuclear Sites; Biden admin will waive sanctions so Russia can build contested nuclear plant

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Kamala Harris Quotes As Motivational Posters, Because The Time To Be Inspired Is Every Day

Kamala Litella: Patriot Retort

“The Laugh of a Madwoman”

Kamala denigrates America for 'segregation, xenophobia, antisemitism, Islamophobia, homophobia, transphobia' in tweet to Iranians

White House Changes Kamala Harris’ Latest Gaffe In Official Transcript

Wednesday, March 16, 2022


Attorney warns babies could be killed 28 days after birth under proposed Maryland law

Bill Gross Warns Investors That Surging Inflation Will Topple Stocks

CDC and Pfizer Issue Urgent Warnings on Blood Clots Even in “The Healthiest Athletes”

Einhorn Warns Market Is Underestimating Risks Of Runaway Inflation

FDA Warns of Vaccine Induced Positive Syphilis Test

Globalists Warn: Do Not Question Our Support of Ukraine

John Kerry Warns Americans to Brace for ‘Flood of Climate Refugees’

Mike Bloomberg Warns Democrats: Change Course Or Face Midterm "Wipeout"

Oligarch who founded Russia's largest fertilizer and coal companies warns the world faces food crisis without an end to the conflict in Ukraine

Pathologist warns about Covid 'Vaccine': 'Cancers Are Taking Off Like Wildfire' (Video)

Russia Warns Of "Brave New World" Of Higher Gas Prices After Germany Halts Nord Stream 2

Russian Ambassador Warns "Ordinary Americans" About To Feel The Pain

Scientist warn US Western Megadrought Worst In 1,200 Years

State Department Official Warns President Xi Will Face "Serious Consequences" If China Helps Moscow Avoid Sanctions

Trump Warns Biden Is Letting 'Radical Climate Extremists Run Our Country'

UN Warns Individualistic Conservatives Threaten the Planet

US warns China Aims To Be "World's Most Influential Power"

WARNING: Barack Obama and Eric Holder's Gerrymandering Group Paying off for Democrats

Warning: The Biden Administration Wants to Expand the War in Europe

Warning from the Farm: Vox Popoli

Zoltan Pozsar Warns Russian Sanctions Threaten Dollar's Reserve Status

Tuesday, March 15, 2022



America In The 1940s vs. America In 2022: Michael Snyder

'America is Filling Ukraine with Biolabs': Russian Embassy

America is Headed for the Worst Real Estate Crash Ever: I Allegedly

America Is In The Midst Of The Biggest Cultural Transformation That We Have Ever Seen

America is Very Unstable: Dr. Paul Craig Roberts, Greg Hunter interview

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California Suppressing Evidence That ‘Would Exculpate’ David Daleiden, Attorneys Say

Candidate Running For Senate Releases Stunning Anti-Abortion Campaign Ad (H/T-Steve C)

Female ‘pastor’ says getting an abortion made her feel ‘loved by God’

Oregon senate approves bill forcing insurance companies to foot abortion bills indefinitely

Watch Students Mock Aborted Babies

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Big Left Busily Building a Narrative Around Trump Toilets

Big News In WI Election Investigation

Big Pharma-Funded Trans Activists Promoting Sex-Change Drugs for Children

Big Tech Promotes a Big Lie

Big Tech’s “Social Credit Industry” Coming to Assess You

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Bill Gates-Linked Lab Developing Vaccine That Spreads Like a Virus To Vaccinate Anti-Vaxxers

Bill Gates: Ruthless Vaccine Billionaire (video)

Bill Gates Wants to Emulate Australia’s Covid Response

How Bill Gates Seized Control of the World’s Seed Banks and Waged War on Nature

Melinda Gates Trashes Bill Gates Over His Many Meetings with ‘Evil’ Jeffrey Epstein’ After She Had Nightmares About Him

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CBS BlameS US Inflation On Ukraine Situation

Corporate Media Blames Everything Other Than Vaxxes For Exploding Heart Attack Rates

Las Vegas Sun Blames Republicans for the Shooting of a Mayoral Candidate by a BLM Activist

Mitt Romney Blames “Shortsightedness” of President Trump’s America First Policies For Russia’s Invasion of Ukraine

Psaki blames Russia for Joe Biden's gas prices

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CDC Officials Admit Agency Has Withheld Critical Covid Information From the Public, Including Data About Breakthrough Infections, Over Fears of “Vaccine Hesitancy”

CDC Withholding COVID Data ‘Meets the Criteria of Scientific Fraud’: Dr. Robert Malone

CDC Casually Admits Covid Nose Swabs Ended Up in a Lab for Genomic Sequencing Analysis

CDC Reveals Natural Immunity Acquired Through Previous Infection of COVID-19 Provides More Protection than Vaccines

Forget Crack Pipes, a CDC Provider is Promoting 'Safe' Fentanyl Use: Daniel Greenfield

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FBI Whistle-Blower Steps Forward to Reveal Secrets on DC Pipe Bombs to Jim Jordan – FBI Is Withholding Information

FBI Docs Reveals Ties between U.S.-Funded Ukraine Neo-Nazi Group & Charlottesville – Media Blackout

Glenn Greenwald Exposes Deep State Effort To Stop Trump Pardoning Edward Snowden And Julian Assange

Project Veritas has another mind-boggling video of a NY Times reporter

Ted Cruz Gets FBI Assistant Director to All But Admit Feds Were at The Capitol on 1/6

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Biden Gets Confused Trying to Find His Way off the Stage

Biden Mistakenly Refers To Russia As The Soviet Union

Biden claims he enjoyed ‘teaching’ and misses ‘being a professor at Penn’. Except he never taught there.

Biden Starts Mumbling Something About Judgment and Cows (VIDEO)

Less than one quarter of Americans believe Biden is mentally fit and healthy

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U.S. Intelligence Warns of Domestic Threat as Biden Prepares to Sign Iran Nuke Agreement

Here’s Your Russian Collusion: Biden Working with Russia on New Iran Nuke Deal

Joe Biden Spits on US Allies to Secure a Deal That Makes No Sense

While all eyes are on Ukraine, Biden's administration is selling out to Iran

Biden Admin Restores Sanctions Waiver In Key Iran Deal Breakthrough

Iran Nuclear Talks Suspended as Window Closes on Key Deal

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JAN 6:

Pelosi’s Sham 1/6 Committee Tracks Down Republican Donors – Seeks to Criminalize GOP Fundraising Efforts Linked to Election Integrity

Pelosi Refuses to Hand Over Emails and Videos from Jan 6 Claiming “Sovereign Immunity”

NYT Reporter Comes Clean, Admits Lefty Media 'Were Making Too Big a Deal' About January 6

Judicial Watch Sues to See January 6 Emails and Video

'Someone Opened The Doors From The Inside,' Jan. 6 Defense Attorney Says

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Quantifying The World's Most Powerful Militaries

The Quasispecies Origins Of SARS-CoV-2's Enigmatic Furin-Cleavage Site

"Quarantine To Observe" Those Refusing Vaccines: Illinois Dem. Rep

Questions Being Raised About the Severe Head Trauma in Bob Saget's Death

Quinnipiac poll reveals that most Democrats are delusional and unpatriotic

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Highest Gasoline Prices in History Hit All 50 States, National Avg Increased 20 Cents in Just Four Days

Biden “I Did That” Stickers Spread Like “Let’s Go Brandon”

Putin Isn’t the One Who Banned U.S. Offshore Oil Drilling

From Farmers To Office Commuters, Here’s How Biden’s Gas Prices Are Hurting Americans Coast-To-Coast

‘The Memo has Gone Out’: The Left, ABC News Puppet Biden’s Claim That High Gas is ‘Putin’s Price Hike’

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"We are kept in a permanent state of fear and uncertainty" -- Neil Oliver

We Knew Before He Took Office That Joe Biden Would Set Foreign Policy On Fire

“We have found your biological weapons!”: Russia to the U.S.

We Don’t Know it’s the Vaxx (but it's the vaxx)

We Were Right – New Data Provides Evidence that COVID Deaths Worldwide Were Greatly Overstated – Remember 6%?

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Ukraine is a cover for everything!