Tuesday, January 25, 2022



Biden's Big Elections Lie

Biden's Deplorable Lies May Not Even Be in His Partisan Interest

Biden Lied About Why COVID Tests Are In Short Supply

Biden Lied About Testing and Rejected Plan to Surge COVID Tests

Biden Lies Yet Again About Manchin and WH Has to Rush to Clean It Up

Biden’s January 6 Anniversary Speech - and His Big Lies

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Bidenflation: Consumer Prices Surge 7%, Worst Since 1982
(GG: 7%, right! Not at my grocery store. How about double plus on what I'm paying for numerous items, if it's there.)

All Aboard The Inflation Freight-Train, Schiff Says Fed Doing "Too Little, Too Late"

The Political Power of Inflation Will Destroy Joe Biden and the Democrats

"Stupid Son Of A Bitch" - Biden Busted On Hot Mic After Being Asked About Inflation

FLASHBACK, JULY 2021: Hyperinflation Will Collapse Biden Administration – Clif High, Greg Hunter interview

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Biden Gives Border to the Cartels

Biden Press Conference Revealed Why He Must Be Impeached For Immigration Malfeasance

Former CBP Chief: Biden Invites More than 3,000,000 Border Crossers to U.S.

In South Texas, The Border Crisis Threatens To Become A Constitutional Crisis

The Rape of America's Borders

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Biden Already Blames Powell For The Democrats' House And Senate Losses In November

Pelosi Blames Trump Supporters for a Murder Committed by a Farrakhan Devotee

Philadelphia Media Blame Grocery Store Shortages on “The Winter of Severe Illness and Death”, Omicron

Verizon, ATT blame government for 5G problems; Biden thanks companies for delaying launches

WH Chief Of Staff Ron Klain Blames Trump For Americans Disapproving Of Biden On COVID

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1.22: Vax Die-Off for Next Three Years – Clif High, Greg Hunter interview


11.17: Collapse of Civilization Coming – Clif High, Greg Hunter interview

10.2: Red October – End of World as We Knew It – Clif High, Greg Hunter interview

9.8: Deep State Deception Tricks Us into Thinking They’re Winning – Clif High, Greg hunter interview

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Bobby Kennedy Jr. Gives Historic Speech at Lincoln Memorial Today for March Against Vaccine Mandates and Medical Tyranny

Dr. Robert Malone and Robert Kennedy Jr. Deliver Speeches at Washington DC Rally Against COVID Mandates

Firefighters speak at Defeat the Mandates DC

PHOTOS AND VIDEO: Over 20,000 Americans March in Washington DC Against Vaccine Mandates and Medical Tyranny

Thousands Come out for Anti-Mandate Rally in DC

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DENMARK: Danish Newspaper Apologizes For “Hypnotically” Following Government Narrative on COVID

FINLAND: Meet the pro-life Finnish MP facing trial next week for opposing same-sex ‘marriage’

FRANCE: Teachers Stage Mass Walkout Over Govt's Ever-Changing COVID-19 Rules

GERMANY: Police Use Pepper Spray and Fists against Peaceful Freedom Protestors

UK: Meet the funeral director blowing the whistle on wrongfully labeled COVID deaths

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If Congress doesn't block these state GOP voting reform bills, the midterms are illegitimate: Biden

If Trump Had Greenlighted Russia To Invade Ukraine Like Biden Just Did, He’d Be Accused Of Corruption

If you have to be . . .

If you missed last night’s story: Pfizer made a veterinary vaccine that killed thousands of calves. As the German gov’t investigated, Pfizer denied responsibility and kept selling the vaccine.

If You’re A Tennis Star, Being Unvaxxed Is As Scandalous As Being Disappeared By A Communist Government

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10 Signs That Indicate That The U.S., The UK, Israel And NATO All Believe That We Are On The Precipice Of War With Russia

Joe Biden Just Told Americans in Ukraine to Go Jump in a Lake

The State Department Indicates Americans Could Be Abandoned Behind Enemy Lines...Again

The NATO Response to Ukraine Proves How Right Donald Trump Was

Obama-Biden State Dept Orders Diplomats and Families to Leave Ukraine Ahead of U.S. Conflict with Russia

White House Will Not Answer the Only Question That Matters About Ukraine and NATO: CTH

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NASA Enlists Priests To Assess How The World Would React To Alien Life

NASA To Crash Spacecraft Into Asteroid, Testing Earth's Planetary Defenses

NASA To Launch Telescope Stronger Than Hubble That Can See Back In Time

NASA's Curiosity Rover Finds 'Tantalizing' Carbon Signs Of Possible Ancient Life On Mars

Getting the willies about some of those new NASA space probes

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Adams defends brother’s NYPD job, says he’ll protect against white supremacists

"It's Been Bad Since Christmas" - Subway Service Slows Dramatically As Worker Shortages Cause Mass Delays

New York City Is Turning COVID Treatment Into A Racial Hunger Games

New York Democrats Propose Law to Punish and Silence Critics Regarding COVID Measures and Treatments

Mayor Eric Adams Begs For Federal Help As NYC's Crime Problem Spirals Out Of Control

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Calgary Starts to Feel the Pain of U.S-Canada Government Vaccine Mandate on Truckers -- IT HAS ONLY JUST BEGUN

DC Mayor Muriel Bowser Asks Residents to Begin Voluntary Rationing of Food at Grocery Stores

A Note About the DC Metro Area Food Store Shortages That Must Be Emphasized

Staggering Photos From Across America Prove Joe Biden's Food Crisis Is Undeniable No Matter What He Says - New Images From ANP Readers Show Things Getting Exponentially Worse

United Nations and World Bank Predict Increased Global Starvation Due to Fertilizer and Farm Costs

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They are starting to walk back Boosters

“They have exaggerated Omicron to cover up the rising flood of Heart Attacks due to the Vaccines”

They Have "Four Weeks To Comply" After Becoming Eligible For Booster Shots, Apple tells employees

“They have Given Up at Least 1 and Maybe 2 Congressional Seats!” – Eric Greitens Goes Off on Pathetic Missouri RINOs and Their Redistricting Map (VIDEO)

“They have Pushed Medicine on me and Abuse me in the Facilities and Jail Because of What I Believe” – J6 Defendant Matt Council Shares his Tragic Story