Friday, September 10, 2021


Greg Hunter and Clif High, SEPT 8 interview

Oh Noes, Don’t Throw Me in The Briar Patch Mr. Biden

The Unvaccinated Will Be Punished - Techno Fog

White House Releases Mandatory Vaccine Rules for U.S. Workforce and Reinstalls Fence Around Capitol to Avoid Backlash - CTH

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Garland's Justice Dept. sues Texas over state’s new abortion law: ‘Clearly unconstitutional’

The Gaslighting Begins as Biden Sycophants Claim the Kabul Catastrophe Will Make Biden and America Stronger

Gates Foundation Is Longtime Partner Of Chinese Communist Group Which Funded Military-Linked Coronavirus Research At Wuhan Lab

Geert Vanden Bossche: Vaccine Disaster Ahead

Genders are like the twin towers . . .

Georgia Bulldogs football coach says team, which is more than 90% vaxxed, is experiencing 'highest spike' of COVID, including sports medicine director

Georgia, Pennsylvania: Watchdog says ‘Unknown’ Ballots Surpass Biden’s Margin of Victory in those 2 states

German Corona critic fears for his life

German Court Orders YouTube To Pay 100,000 Euros For Censoring Pandemic Protest Footage

Germany's Largest Amusement Park Segregates Vaxx'd From Unvaxx'd With Colored Wristbands

Get Ready For The 100-Dollar Cheeseburger

Getting Vaccinated ‘Is Not About Freedom Or Personal Choice’ And Insists Vaccine Is ‘Safe, Effective,' says Biden

Girl Who Said Joe Biden Groped Her Disappears From Social Media

Global Supply Chains Increasingly Falter

The Goal of Covidism is Communism

GoFundMe de-platforms dad whose only son died after Pfizer jab

Going To Public Places Should Be A "Privilege" Reserved For The Vaccinated, Elitist Profs Declare

Goldman: The Dr. Frankensteins of Foreign Policy

Google Installs COVID Tracking App on Android Phones in Massachusetts — Without User Consent

Google has launched an antiracism program for its employees that includes principles of Critical Race Theory and touts a “white supremacy pyramid” with former President Trump and conservative pundit Ben Shapiro layered within it

Goonies Actor Robert Davi Explains How His Upcoming Film Will ‘Expose The Truth’ About Hunter Biden

GOP Governors Slam Biden’s Vaccine Mandates After He Vowed to ‘Get Them Out of the Way’

Gov Greg Abbott: Biden's vaccine mandate is an assault on private businesses.

The Government and CDC Are Lying About COVID-19 Vaccine and Ivermectin

The government officially considers the Constitution deplorable: Surber

Government shouldn't interfere in health decisions says Kamala ON SAME DAY Joe Biden MANDATES most Americans (not illegals or USPS workers) MUST receive vax whether they want it or not

Quid Pro Joe, Postal Workers Use Leverage from 2020 Mail-in Ballot Fraud to Gain Exemption From Vaccine Mandate

The Great Computer Chip Shortage Of 2021 Is Just Heating Up

Great Thread on How the Election Was Rigged, and How the Nation Was Stolen

“Greatest Cover-Up of All Time” – House Foreign Affairs Committee Republicans Conclude Covid-19 Came From Wuhan Lab

Green Wrecking Balls

Greenfield: Blame Anyone But Biden

Greenland gets vicious blizzard from Hurricane Larry

Greg Hunter: AZ Audit Proves 2020 Election Fraud, Biden Attacks Unvaxed, USA is Broke

Grocers Are Stockpiling Inventory as Food Costs Rise

Growing number of 'multi-vaxxers' are getting unauthorized booster shots. Most are mixing and matching.

Gun Grab Is the Best Way to Enslave Americans

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Handler Points to Show Joe Biden Where to Walk After He Wanders Off Course When Returning to White House From Delaware (VIDEO)

‘Harmful Language Alert’ on Page Hosting U.S. Constitution

Harvard Medical Professor Censored for Questioning Legitimacy of Masks

Harvard Professor Insists There Are Two Sexes, Colleague Is 'Appalled'

Hasbro toy company is pushing Critical Race Theory onto its workers

Health Canada adds Bell’s Palsy warning to Pfizer labels, but says vaccine is safe

Health Freedom Is The Hottest Political Issue On The Entire Globe, And Our World Will Never Be The Same After This

Health Impact News: COVID Shots Are Killing and Crippling Teens in Record Numbers – Young Children Are Next

The Hebrew Meaning of The Word “Covid”: Dybbuk

Hell no to a debt ceiling increase

Hell to pay for sanctimonious anti-harassment NGOs who colluded to defend pervy Cuomo


Here’s my message to anyone who thinks it’s OK to deny medical treatment to those unvaccinated against Covid: R. M. Huffman, MD

Herzog: Med Schools Are Now Denying Biological Sex

HHS Amends PREP Act Liability Waiver To Cover Only NIH Approved Treatments for COVID-19

Hidden Laws Enable Parents to Control School Boards

Hide Your Daughters—Joe Biden Is Getting His Sniff on Again

History Will Not Be Kind to the Biden Train-Wreck Presidency

Hollywood Actress Puts Hillary Clinton On Notice: “You represent no flag, no country, no soul. You eat hope, you twist minds. I’ve been in a hotel room with your husband and here comes the bomb…”

Home Prices Just Did Something That They Have Never Done Before

Homelessness Is Becoming A Crisis Of Epic Proportions In The United States

Hospital Denies Deathly Ill Woman’s Request for Life-Saving Treatment Prescribed by Frontline Doctors

Host of School's Free Speech Event Issues Language Guide Prohibiting 'Man,' 'Woman,' and 'Mother'

House passes John Lewis Democrat vote fraud bill that takes aim directly at Supreme Court

House Democrats Block COVID Origins Declassification Bill

House Democrats Pass Bill To Steal Elections The Old-Fashioned Way

House Republicans Demand Treasury Watchdog Investigate IRS Denial of Faith Group's Exempt Application

“How Old Are You?” – Biden Awkwardly Shouts to 7-Year-Old Child During Speech in New York (VIDEO)

Hypocrisy At It’s Finest! Abortion vs Vaccine: My Body, My Choice – Dr. David Dinkweaver