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As Biden Pulls out, bin Laden's Security Chief Triumphantly Returns to Be Embraced in Afghanistan

Heartless and Emotionless US General Describes How US Military Left Hundreds of Americans Behind As US Forces Left Afghanistan (VIDEO)

The Incompetence is Stunning - top 20 tweets

Marine Officer Relieved of Duty for Slamming Leaders Over Afghanistan Debacle Issues Blistering Warning

Military is Issued Warning That No ‘Disrespect’ of Biden Will Be Allowed Over Afghanistan Debacle

The Taliban celebrate US withdrawal with gunfire - top 20 tweets

Taliban hangs “traitor” by the neck from Black Hawk Helicopter in Kandahar Left Behind by Joe Biden (VIDEO)

Treason: Afghanistan Disaster Is More Proof Biden Is Owned Lock, Stock and Barrel by China

Viral Infographic Reveals The Shocking Amount Of Military Hardware Biden Handed To The Taliban

8/31 - AROUND THE U.S.

ARIZONA: Maricopa County Elections Official DEMANDED Pens Before the Elections And SHARPIES On Election Day

CALIFORNIA: Huge chunks of ash fall from the sky as South Lake Tahoe evacuates Caldor Fire in California (PICTURES)

COLORADO: School District Instructs Teachers To Avoid Informing Parents If Their Child Shows ‘Persistent’ Gender Confusion

GEORGIA: Fulton County Caught In Another Lie – Claim Only 5,000 Absentee Ballots Were Adjudicated in the 2020 Election – Previously Claimed Over 100,000 Absentee Ballots Were Adjudicated

HAWAII: Health care whistleblower says he has seen more people die from COVID-19 vaccines than from the virus

ILLINOIS: Gov legalizes spreading HIV, mandates that insurance companies cover IVF for homosexuals

LOUISIANA: Hurricane Ida Exposes Grid Weaknesses As 2,000 Miles of High-Voltage Lines Damages

MICHIGAN: Senate Majority Leader Caught On Camera Saying Jan 6th Was Staged and Mitch McConnell Was a Part of It

MICHIGAN: MI RESIDENTS FIGHT BACK: Estimated 1,000 Show Up For Protest After Unelected Officials Make Last Minute Decision To Mandate Masks For Kids [VIDEO]

MINNESOTA: School Administrators Keeping List Of Those Who Challenge Their Radical Approach To Education

MISSISSIPPI: AG Asks Supreme Court To Overturn Roe v. Wade

NEW YORK: Governor Kathy Hochul Acknowledges 12,000 More Deaths in New York From COVID Than Previously Disclosed by Cuomo

OREGON: Vaccine Mandate Could Lead to Mass Exodus of Firefighters and Paramedics Across the State

PENN: Rural Fulton County's Voting System decertified, Cites Violation Of Election Code

TEXAS: McAllen declares disaster after 7,000 COVID-infected illegals pour into city

WASHINGTON: High School Forcing Unvaccinated Student Athletes to Wear Ankle Monitors, Parent Says

WASHINGTON: Hospital Removing Patients From Transplant List for Being Unvaccinated

WISCONSIN: Kenosha Is A Political Liability For Democrats Because They Lit The Match And Watched It Go Up In Flames

Monday, August 30, 2021


A Very Odd Confluence Of Events - Michael Snyder
(GG: Ida, Afghanistan, new COVID19 variant)

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Andrew Cuomo Grants Clemency to George Soros-Linked Murderer in final hours as governor

Angelina Jolie 'Ashamed' of Biden's 'Sickening Betrayal' in Afghanistan

Anne Boleyn Transformation is Just the Latest Blackwashing of History

Anthony Blinken is Very Nervous Contemplating the Full Weight of the DoS and Intel Community Aligning Against Biden Over Afghanistan

Arne Duncan, Obama’s Secretary of Education Compares Anti-Mask, Anti-Covid Vax Americans to Kabul Suicide Bombers

Assange Described A Decade Ago How 'Endless' Afghan War Was Engineered By "Transnational Security Elite"

Ben Shapiro Just Lights up Malcolm Nance When He Pushes False Jan. 6 Narrative

Beth Moore unleashes on “Unvaccinated Christians”

Bill Maher May Have Just Delivered His Most Conservative Monologue Ever

Dr. David Martin with Dr Reiner Fuellmich: "This, my friends, is the definition of criminal conspiracy, this is not a theory, this is evidence."

Fauci Calls for Government-Mandated Vaccinations

Fauci and the NIH Knew Covid-19 “Vaccines” Could Lead to Antibody-Dependent Enhancement

Janet Yellen Made Over $7 Million in 2020 for Speeches (on ZOOM Calls) During COVID from Citi Alone

Jennifer Aniston drops Unvaxed Friends

Jonathan Turley Calls out Concerning Comments by Ashli Babbitt's Shooter

Justin Trudeau Abandons Kabul Evacuation Operation, Leaves Canadians Stranded

Kamala Harris Poses In Front Of Communist Ho Chi Minh Bust – “The WORST Photo Op For An American In That Country Since Jane Fonda Donned A Helmet There In 1972.”

Obama judge Linda Parker Orders Lin Wood and Sidney Powell Be Punished for Daring to Sue the State for Election Fraud in the 2020 Election

Mark Zuckerberg Is Planting The First Church Of The Metaverse

Paul Craig Roberts: They Killed People for Vaccine Profits

Peter Daszak Deletes Tweet Revealing Wuhan Lab Researchers At Fauci-Funded Conference

Peter Schiff Breaks Down The Inflation Tax

Powell Admits in Congressional Testimony Inflation is Hotter and More Concerning than the Fed Expected

Prince Andrew Sued By Epstein Accuser Over Alleged Sexual Abuse

Rashida Tlaib Made Thousands in Rental Income Despite Advocating for Cancelling Rent

Richard Grenell Lays Out His “Evidence” to Reveal The People He Says Are Running This Country

Robert F. Kennedy Assassin Sirhan Sirhan Granted Parole In California

Dr. Robert Malone calls out FDA for “bureaucratic shell game” on vaccine approval

Dr Ryan Cole Delivers Concerning Message About COVID Vaccine and Long Term Impacts

Seth Keshel Presents Ten Statistical Anomalies Highlighting 2020 Election Vote Fraud and Manipulation

The Obscenity of Paroling Sirhan Sirhan, Assassin of Robert F. Kennedy

Steve Bannon Lays It All Out In Under 2 Minutes…COVID, 2020, January 6th and GOP

Stuart Scheller, Marine commander, puts career on the line to demand accountability over Afghanistan debacle

The military brass may regret firing Lieutenant Colonel Stuart Scheller

Tucker Carlson on January 6 Narrative: 'Don't Pretend the FBI Doesn’t Stage Crimes'

Sunday, August 29, 2021


An Ominous Sign? Exactly 16 Years Later, A Hurricane That Is Similar To Katrina Threatens To Devastate New Orleans - Michael Snyder

The following article notes this:

The ISIS massacre occurred about an hour before a meeting was to take place in the White House between President Joe Biden and Israeli prime minister Naftali Bennett, who was to be the first foreign visitor to the White House since the Biden decision of withdrawal from Afghanistan. The article also details all that Joe Biden has done for Iran since being installed in the White House.

What Afghanistan Reveals about Joe Biden, Israel, and Iran

Friday, August 27, 2021


Israel's Prime Minister Naftali Bennett was here in the US meeting with Biden about Obama's Iran nuclear deal. As we can see, disaster happened and Biden is unable to cope with it.

In addition to the disaster in Afghanistan and the killings of our US Marines, there was a lightning strike outside the White House as Biden was preparing to speak about the killings of the Marines, and it is also interesting to note that the service member recorded as reacting to the lightning strike is a US Marine:

Lightning Strikes Outside White House Minutes Before Biden Delivers Remarks on Kabul Blasts That Killed at Least 13 US Servicemen (VIDEO)

Also, a rapidly developing hurricane is forming in the Gulf of Mexico, hurricane Ida. There will be only hours between formation and ramping up into an anticipated major hurricane, and the cone of possibility includes New Orleans. This first YouTube by Pow Ponder includes a brief history of other severe hurricanes that have traveled this same path that Ida appears to be taking, and those previous hurricanes include Katrina (2005), Andrew (1992) and Camille (1969). All 3 of those hurricanes are infamous.

Gulf Hurricane Ida by Saturday! Major Hurricane Sunday Approaching Gulf Coast! POW Weather Channel

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Biden Prepares to Scapegoat Americans He Abandoned in Afghanistan

Biden Puts His Head Down After Peter Doocy Reminds Him Trump Is No Longer President

Broken: Moment Biden Stared Slack-Jawed Into Camera During Kabul Terror Attack Speech

Good Guy Jesse Kelly Mad as Hell, Pulls No Punches – This Administration and Their Military Leaders Makes Me Want To Vomit

HORROR! Dead and Injured Lay in Swamp Outside Kabul Airport After Bombings — MASS CASUALTIES

‘KILL LIST’ – Biden Regime Provided Taliban with Names of AMERICANS, Afghan Allies

Major UK Paper Slams Biden for Afghanistan Debacle with Scathing Cartoon

MSNBC Analyst Tells Americans To “Deal With It” After Death Toll of Marines Climbs

Our Fate is in a President's Bloodied Hands

Resign - Kurt Schlichter

The Report on U.S. Officials Giving Taliban a List of American and Allied Afghans Makes Sense – The Lists Were Provided to Taliban by State Dept. and CIA

They still haven’t lowered the flag to half staff at the White House - top 20 tweets

This Is A Moment In U.S. History That Will Forever Live In Infamy - Michael Snyder

Trump, America Firsters Remind GOP That Afghanistan Crisis Could Have Been Averted By Fighting For 2020 Election Integrity

UK and Russia Tipped Off US on Kabul Attacks After Biden Trusted Taliban for ALL SECURITY — Terrorists Already Demanding Ransom for Stranded Americans

What’s Next in Afghanistan as 13 US Service Members Die in Attacks


Early COVID Patient Samples From Wuhan Had Genetically Modified Virus Similar To Canadian Lab's: Report

Early Wuhan COVID Patients Had Genetically Modified Henipah, One of Two Types of Viruses Sent From Canadian Lab

Earmarks, a Favorite Tool of Central Planners, Are Making a Comeback Under Biden

Easier for Delta to Kill ‘Vaccinated’ than Jab-Free People, claims mRNA Tech Inventor Dr. Robert Malone

Editor-In-Chief Of Europe's Top Newspaper Apologizes For Fear-Driven COVID Coverage

Edward Snowden: The All-Seeing "i": Apple Just Declared War on Your Privacy

Egypt's Bread Subsidies May Bring Millions To The Brink Of Starvation

Elder Abuse Is Ok In Biden's DOJ: Cuomo Won't Be Investigated for Nursing Home Killings

Elderly Americans Are Increasingly Being Targeted As Violent Crime Soars To Crazy Levels In Major U.S. Cities

Elderly Barbara Boxer Mugged: 80-Year-Old Former Dem Senator Robbed In Oakland

Election Fraud in 24 Hours

‘The Election Group’s’ Jennifer Morrell’s Discussion of Proper Election Activities Is Compared with What Actually Happened in 2020 Election

Elections Official Who DEMANDED Pens Before Election And Sharpies On Election Day DONATED TO MARK KELLY

"Elitist Authoritarians" Are Intent On Making Us All "Shut Up And Obey" - Tucker Carlson

The embarrassment that is Joe Biden

Emboldened China Warns Taiwan: 'The Island's Defense Will Collapse' and the 'U.S. Military Won’t Come to Help'

Eminent doctor: COVID vaccine is ‘bioterrorism by injection’ and has likely caused at least 50K deaths in the US

Enough To Kill 238 million Americans - top 20 tweets

Empty Shelves, Severe Shortages And Widespread Crop Failures Are Ahead In The Fall Of 2021

Enter the Dragon

Entomologist Declare The Names “Gypsy Moth” And “Gypsy Ant” Offensive

Epidemic of Mandatory

Epstein: They Knew Everything And Did Nothing

Erdogan Might Host Taliban Leader As US Ex-Ambassador Blasts Biden For "Handover" To Enemies

Erik Prince attacked by Biden and Psake for Not Rescuing Stranded Civilians for Free After Their Botched Withdrawal – Prince Reminds Biden of the Time He Saved His Life

ESG - Time For A Complete Rethink

EU Releases Urgent Memo Highlighting The Dangers of “Right Wing” Memes

European Leaders Feel a "Sense of Betrayal" by Biden's Decisions on Afghanistan

Even Mainstream Media Is Now Asking Big Questions About Covid Vaccines

Eventbrite SUPPRESSES Michigan “Deep Rig” Movie Night: Evidence of Voter Fraud is “Harmful Misinformation”

Evergrande's Liquidity Crisis Becomes Ever Grander

"Everybody's Always Blaming Me for Everything" - MOTUS

Everyone Will Need COVID Vaccine Booster Shot, claims Fauci

‘Every Single One of These Transnational Criminal Organizations Are Involved in Sex Trafficking’ - DHS Insider

Evidence Presented to Grand Jury in Durham’s Russia Probe

Evidence To Soon Be Presented To Citizens Grand Jury Of Interstate Conspiracy To Manufacture/Harvest Counterfeit Ballots For Use In 2020 Election

Exclusive: 'Benghazi Document-Scrubbing Operation' in State Dept. Basement - Sharyl Attkisson

‘Expect endless retaliation’: House riot committee provokes partisan war

Expert Cyber Team CONFIRMS Votes Can Be Altered From Overseas in Run-Up to Lindell Symposium

Experts Confirm COVID Deaths Massively Inflated

Extreme North Carolina floods: 2 dead, 98 rescued, 35 missing and 10-15 bridges destroyed after rain from Tropical Storm Fred (videos and pictures)

Thursday, August 26, 2021


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After telling US nationals to make it to Kabul airport, they are now told not to come and those who are already there are told to leave

America's $800 Million Kabul Embassy To Be Abandoned - No Troops Will Guard It

Are we helplessly witnessing America’s destruction?

Biden Asleep at the Wheel - cartoon

Biden Backstabs Americans and Bows to Taliban, Leaves Just 7 Days to Get Thousands out of Afghanistan

BIDEN BLOODBATH : Russ Travers, Fired By Trump, Is in Top Afghan Evacuation Role Under Biden

Biden Finally Does 6-Minute Afghan Presser, Reiterates "Support Of Allies", Takes No Questions

Biden jokes with NBC correspondent about Americans stranded in Afghanistan

Biden Needs To Start Answering Basic Questions About The Afghanistan Evacuation

Biden, With Eyes Bloodshot and Five Hours Late, Insults Everyone Watching With Surreal Presser

Biden’s Botched Withdrawal: Afghans Outside Kabul Airport Knee Deep in Sewage, Wave Their Papers, Begging to be Let In (VIDEO)

Disgusting! Blinken blames those left behind for their predicament during presser

Explosions at Kabul airport have injured US soldiers

A Final Ignominious Act For An Ignominious Fraud - top 20 tweets

Foreign Media Reporting on Biden’s Afghanistan Dumpster Fire

Major Biden Administration Mistake: Taliban Seizes Pilatus PC12NG Spectre ISR Spy Planes

New Ad Exposes The Biden Admin -- Wow

Only 5 Percent Of People Evacuated From Afghanistan By The US Are Americans

Reason for White House Panic, Biden Approval Rating Plummets – 39% Approval on Economy, 26% Approval on Afghanistan Withdrawal, Support Amid Independent Voters Abysmal

State Dept Issued Warning That Americans Left In Afghanistan Will Be "Without Assistance", Then Deleted It

The Taliban Just Pantsed Joe Biden and Signaled a Coming Hostage Crisis

Taliban Secures World's Largest Lithium Deposits After US Withdrawal From Afghanistan

TRAINWRECK: Woke Department of Defense Releases Photo of US Plane Rescuing Civilians at Kabul Airport — Then It’s Discovered the Plane is From UAE

U.S. Amb. to Afghanistan: We Warned Americans to Leave Afghanistan and ‘People Chose Not to Leave’

US Military Has Started Withdrawing From Afghanistan – Biden Turns His Back on Thousands of Americans Stranded Behind Enemy Lines

"US Troops Call It World War Z": Shocking New Images Capture 'Post-Apocalyptic' Scenes Outside Kabul Airport

US Turns Away 500 Afghan Interpreters and Other Allies Who Made It to Kabul Airport

White House Suggests Biden Planning to Abandon Americans Trapped in Afghanistan

White House Cuts Audio Feed as Biden Responds with Snark When Asked What He Will Do if Americans are Still in Afghanistan After 8/31 Deadline (VIDEO)


AUSTRALIA: It's a Penal Colony Once More, Only this time the inmates are Australians themselves

AUSTRALIA: Pandemonium Breaks out, as Stampede of Lockdown Protesters Overrun Police

BRAZIL: 10 Million Bag Loss Of Coffee: Preliminary Assessment

BURUNDI: Anti-vax President assassinated, C19 vax program rolled out days later

CANADA: Ottawa lays out proposal for digital safety watchdogs to crack down on hate online

CHINA: Building More Bioweapons Labs Like Wuhan’s

FRANCE: Something Truly Remarkable is Unfolding in France, And It’s Starting to Feel a Little “King Louis-ish”

GERMANY: Covid Turning German Police Into Something Reminiscent of Their Dead Relatives

GREECE: Teachers Who Don’t Get Vaccinated Face Pay Cuts or Suspension: Report

HAITI: Anti-vax President assassinated, C19 vax program rolled out days later

ICELAND: Major COVID Spike Despite Having Highly Vaccinated Population

INDIA: India is showing us how to hold Fauci accountable

IRAN: As Bennett meets Biden, IDF ramps up plans for strike on Iran’s nuke program

IRAN: Torture Mastermind Becomes Its Next President

ISRAEL: Ultra-Vaxxed Israel’s Crisis Is a Dire Warning to America

JAPAN: Fukushima nuclear water to be released via undersea tunnel

LEBANON: Iran Will Begin Transporting Fuel To Lebanon: Hezbollah Leader

MEXICO: AMLO Moves to Confront BigAg Blocking Imports of Glyphosate and Genetically Engineered Corn

SOUTH AFRICA: The First Country Built on “Critical Race Theory” — Officially Implodes

TANZANIA: Anti-vax President assassinated, C19 vax program rolled out days later

TAIWAN: China Launches Massive War Exercises Near Taiwan

UK: Data destroys entire premise for vaccine push

Wednesday, August 25, 2021


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The Afghanistan Debacle Is Exposing President Biden’s Descent Into Unreality

As Afghanistan Falls Apart, So Does Oval Office Schedule

Byron York's Daily Memo: Who are we bringing out of Afghanistan?

Daniel Greenfield Webinar Tonight: How Biden Gave Islamic Terrorists Their Biggest Win Since ISIS and 9/11

Don Surber: Biden negotiates with terrorists

Iran, Russia, and China To Hold Joint Naval Exercises In The Persian Gulf

Maybe the Afghanistan ‘failure’ wasn’t a failure at all but rather an operation - top 20 tweets

Muddled, late, and disorganized: Joe Biden sends the Taliban a mixed message

Reps. Moulton, Meijer After Surprise Kabul Visit: ‘We Won’t Get Everyone Out on Time, Even by September 11’

Surrender: Antony Blinken Says U.S. Must Get Taliban Permission to Evacuate Americans

The Taliban Is in Possession of US Weapons, But They Have Something Else That's Extremely Concerning

Watch: Trump Releases Brutal Ad Bashing Biden’s Afghanistan Disaster

Why Biden Has the CIA and the Pentagon Frothing with Rage

8/25 - WATCHING DEMS . . .

Dem Pelosi Changes House Rules to Pass Green New Deal $3.5 Trillion Spending Package

Dems Adopt $3.5T Budget Blueprint

Dems and Media Dehumanize the Unvaccinated to Salvage 2022 Midterms

Dems Are Bringing Back Segregation

Dems Are Hiding Their True Spending Plans for Budget Proposal

Dems Aren’t Even Bothering To Hide Their Wrongdoing

Dems’ ‘Ballot Harvesting’ Law Blows Up in Their Faces as GOP Weaponizes It in Newsom Recall

Dems Block Bill to Declassify Intel on Origins of COVID-19 Virus in Wuhan Lab

Dems deliberately conflate rights with privileges

Dems Have Not Allowed the COVID Crisis to Go to Waste

Dems Hope to Pass $5.4 Trillion in New Spending And Yet the Debt Limit Is Not Addressed

Dems' infrastructure bill includes per-mile fee, making driving too costly for many Americans

Dems' ‘Infrastructure’ Bill an ‘Inflation Bomb Dropped on an Already-Carpet Bombed Economy,' claims Mike Lee

Dems' January 6th Show Trials Threaten All Americans, claims Ron Paul

Dems Panic as Latinos and Asian Voters Leave The Party

Dems push voting bill that aims to upend Supreme Court decisions

Dems Rapidly Losing Ground In Fight Over Critical Race Theory

Dems Realize There Are Consequences to Their Actions

Dems should keep their grubby paws off Americans’ retirement savings

Dems spending bill bigger than advertised

Dems Spending Could Cost Taxpayers $5.5 Trillion, Sen. Cynthia Lummis Says

Dems Take Aim At Supreme Court In Newest Bill

Dems Took Communist-Sponsored Trips to China; “Collaborated Extensively” With CCP

Dems Vote to Allow Illegal Aliens to Work in Congress

Dems vote to force American taxpayers to fund overseas abortions

Dems Want Second Bite of Apple and Go After Kavanaugh

Tuesday, August 24, 2021


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Afghan Refugee Claims Taliban Raping the Dead Bodies of Its Victims

The Afghanistan Debacle Is Exposing President Biden’s Descent Into Unreality

As Pentagon's Afghan Debacle Unfolds, Russia Announces Joint War Drills With China and Iran In Gulf

Biden told US Commanders Not to Send Out Troops to Rescue Americans Trapped in Kabul Because He feared a ‘Black Hawk Down’ Moment — It Would Make Him Look Bad

Big Tech's Role in Helping the Taliban Capture Afghanistan

Chaos on the Ground, Collapse at the Top

Defense Contractors Told Not To Personally Assist ‘Friends And Former Colleagues’ Stuck In Afghanistan

Delusional Biden on Afghanistan: “I Think History is Going to Record This Was the Logical, Rational and Right Decision to Make” (VIDEO)

Former CIA operative: I wouldn't get the stranded Americans in Afghanistan if I were the State Department, believes situation will turn around

Jen Psaki's Blood-Boiling Lie - top 20 tweets

MUST-SEE VIDEO: In Afghanistan, the fix is in

Representative Madison Cawthorn Warned by House Chair Not To Insult Dear Leader

Richard Grenell — Same Official Who Lied about Hunter Biden’s Laptop and Was Fired by Trump Is Leading Joe Biden’s Afghanistan Evacuation Disaster

Schiff Admits It’s ‘Very Unlikely’ US Will Get All Americans Out of Afghanistan by Deadline

Taliban Mocks Iconic Iwo Jima Photo, And in the process, creates the Biden Monument

Telegraph UK Destroys the US Media for Enabling Biden, While Biden Whines About Suddenly "Hawkish" Media

“This is the Iran Hostage Crisis 5,10,100 Times Worse Than it Was Back Then” – Ohio Senate Candidate J.D. Vance Talks Biden’s Afghan Disaster on The War Room (VIDEO)

Watson Video: The Truth About Afghanistan

When Has This Ever Happened? US Military Gives Joe Biden Until Tuesday to Decide Whether to Extend Mission in Afghanistan past Aug. 31


1 Female President for America soon, Joe Biden says

1 thing keeping Biden in office

2 Counts of Murder for Democrat Megadonor Ed Buck

2.8 Tons Of Meth, Fentanyl Seized In California

3 socialist policies in the United States

5 Months Pregnant, I Face Losing My Job And Health Care For Choosing Not To Get A COVID-19 Injection

5 Vaccine Doses or You’ll No Longer Qualify As ‘Fully Vaccinated’, According To Swedish Professor

6 Reasons China, Not Just Taliban, Benefits as US Exits From Afghanistan

6 Troubling Leftist Wins in $1.1 Trillion Infrastructure Bill

9 Things You Need to Know About the Budget Resolution’s Reckless Tax and Spending Spree

10 BIGGEST LIES About Covid-19

10 Hindenburg Omens

11 Notable Topics in Senate Vote-a-Rama on Spending $3.5 Trillion

18 States with Election Integrity Laws Now

19 GOP Senators Betray Constituents, Help Pass $1.2 Trillion Democrat Infrastructure Bill

20 Signs that a Horrific Global Food Crisis is Coming

20 Years Of War In Afghanistan Has Cost US Taxpayers Over $2.2 Trillion

50 New Precinct Committeemen Sworn in at Once in Maricopa County

83 major brands implicated in report on forced labor

84 GOP Legislators Say Team Biden Works at ‘Behest of Abortion Lobby’ in Defiance of Law

85 Things You Can Do To Help The United States Shake Wide Awake

100 Reasons to Recall Gavin Newsom

100s Defy NYC Covid Mandates

160 Minnesota Principals Plot to 'De-Center Whiteness'

300+ Recall Election Ballots and other Paraphernalia Found in a Passed-out Felon's Car

1000s of deaths and adverse reactions yet FDA rushes to grant full approval to Pfizer COVID jab

1000s of kindergartners no-show, putting their futures at risk, experts say

1000s Protest Vaccine Passports, Mask Mandates At Oklahoma Capitol, Shout ‘USA’

1000s of Rejected Ballots in Atlanta Were Later Adjudicated and Counted

15,000 dead seniors and 11 harassment victims later, Andrew Cuomo finally resigns in disgrace as New York governor

323,000 Federal Student Loan Borrowers to Receive $5.8 Billion in Automatic Total and Permanent Disability Discharges

Monday, August 23, 2021


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America's Humiliation Continues as Taliban Special Forces Unit Mocks Iwo Jima Photo Wearing Captured U.S. Gear

Biden Admin Omitted Impassioned Plea by Emmanuel Macron to Show Moral Responsibility in Afghanistan from White House Readout — Hid It from American Public

Biden Stands By Kabul Evacuation, Laughs When Confronted With Poll Suggesting Majority No Longer See Him As "Competent Or Effective"

If you want to know how much the Deep State hates you . . .

It’s Worse than We Thought: Taliban Seized 75,000 Vehicles, 600,000 Weapons and 200 Aircraft in Afghanistan Leftover by Biden Admin

Joe Biden, Sinking into the Sand

Mr. Secretary, Does The President Not Know What's Going On? - top 20 tweets

Secretary of State Blinken Admits US Must Ask Taliban for Permission to Evacuate Americans from Kabul (VIDEO)

The Steep Cost of Mishandling Our Withdrawal From Afghanistan

Taliban 2.0: ‘Special Forces’ Unit Patrolling Streets of Kabul Wear US Military Uniforms and Left Behind Body Armor


ARIZONA: Central Arizona Farmers, Ranchers Face Worst Drought in U.S.

CALIF: Dixie Fire Now Single Largest Wildfire In California History

TENN: At Least 22 Dead, 50 Missing After Deadliest Flood Event Ever In Middle Tennessee

China floods, Brazil freezes, US dry – Top exporters lose crops as grains crisis accelerates

Dramatic Satellite Imagery Shows Intense Wildfires Ravaging Western US

Freak Weather Events And Drought Are Devastating Agricultural Production All Over The Globe

The little known New Madrid ticking pipeline bomb

Megadrought Impacting Corn And Soybean Yields

MEXICO: 1000s Of Cattle Are Literally Dropping Dead From Starvation In Northern Mexico

One Shocking Chart Has Californians Trembling With Fear

Over a million animals killed amid China’s flooding emergency – Fears of African swine fever outbreak

People in the eastern United States should be concerned about earthquakes… Here’s why

Plunging Crop Supplies Send Prices Soaring And Reignite Food Inflation Fears, WASDE Reports

Water Shortage Crisis, Hoover Dam Is At Record-Low Water Level

Wildfires Are Coming For Wine, Weed, And Christmas

Friday, August 20, 2021

8/20 - WATCHING . . .

Two posts today, so keep scrolling.


The Afghanistan Debacle is Exactly What the Left Wanted

The Afghanistan Exit Debacle: Incompetence, Distraction, Or Something More Sinister?

Another Debacle: Biden Admin Scraps Plan to Charge Americans Evacuating from Afghanistan $2,000 after Public Outrage — Maria Bartiromo Goes Off!

British Parliament Holds Joe Biden in Contempt For Unilateral Decisionmaking and Botched Afghan Withdrawal

Imagine How Horrible The Unedited Version Would Be - top 20 tweets

Lt. Colonel Oliver North: They’ve got the bank records. They got it all thanks to the embassy… It is being reported that the Taliban has captured the payroll data from the American embassy and the Kabul banks showing the names, addresses and phone numbers for locals now being hunted down.

Report: Taliban Killing People Found with Bibles on Their Phones

Something Is Wrong with the President the CCP Puppet
(GG: There, fixed it.)

They Knew: Leaked State Department Memo Warned Of Afghanistan Collapse

VDH, Taibbi, Roggio and More

What's Wrong With Joe? Biden CCP Puppet Calls a Lid on Public Appearances—Indefinitely
(GG: There, fixed that one, too.)

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Jan 6 "Insurrection" that was worse than 9/11:

FBI Shoots Down Dem 'Conspiracy Theory' That Jan. 6 Capitol Riot Was Pre-Planned
Alternate title: FBI doesn't want to talk anymore about Jan 6 to avoid revealing their plants working with BLM and Antifa

- - - - - - - - - - - - - -

Vaccine watch:

US Investigates Moderna Jab After Data Show 2.5x Higher Risk Of Heart Inflammation
(GG: Whatcha wanna bet that "2.5" is lowballed?


Dad: My Son’s School Made Him Get a COVID Vaccine, Now He Has a Heart Condition

Dad Shreds School Board's Trans Pronoun Rule: Call My Kids King and Queen and Me Master

Daily Kos Calls Unvaccinated ‘Domestic Terrorists,’ Says They Should Be ‘Under House Detention Wearing Ankle Monitors’

Damning Video Explaining How, Why, and Who Stole the 2020 Election - Phil Waldron

Dangerous Side Effects Potentially Linked To mRNA Vaccines, EU Warns

The Dangers of Progressivism

Danish WHO Chief Says COVID "Patient Zero" Was Likely Wuhan Lab Worker

Data in Lindell’s South Dakota Reveal NOT Shown Fake

Database Launched To Expose Hateful Critical Race Theory Advocates, Welcoming Submissions

Database Proving How Fauci Funded Wuhan Lab Has Been Taken Offline

The DC Insurrection of 1932

DC Trump Appointed Judge Allows Dominion’s $1.3 Billion Defamation Case Against Giuliani, Sidney Powell and Mike Lindell to Proceed

DEA Agents Told to Stop Saying ‘Mexican Cartel’

Dead Bodies Strewn About in Streets of Kandahar – Little Attention Being Paid

'Deadly Serious Season' Unleashing "Trumpian Earthquakes" Around The World

Dear Media: You got what you wanted and what you worked for. Happy now?

The Deception Spinning in Your Head Simply Means They Want You Dead

Def Sec Austin and Gen. Milley Defend Operational Decisions That Led to Chaos in the Fall of Afghanistan

Defendant in Whitmer 'Kidnap' Plot Says Zealous FBI Agents Stagecrafted It and Entrapped Defendants

Defiant Biden Bristles, Refuses to Admit Mistakes in First Interview Since Fall of Afghanistan

Deja Vu All Over Again

#DeleteFacebook - top 20 tweets

Deleted Senator Cornyn Tweet Lists "30,000 US Troops In Taiwan" - Evoking Fury From Beijing

‘Delta’ hysteria is another hammer blow to already flattened small businesses

Delta, Southwest, and American Airlines Allow Employees to Remain Unvaccinated

Delta, United Airlines Are Providing African Migrants Free Flights To The U.S.

Dennis Prager: You Have a Right to Be Transgender. You Don't Have a Right to Expose Yourself to Women.

Dept of Homeland Security Makes Official U.S. Government Announcement, If You Question Govt COVID Response You are Considered A Domestic Violent Extremist

Devastated Female Afghan Reporter Weeps During Pentagon Briefing. John Kirby's Response Was Yet Another Slap in the Face

Devastating House of Commons Speech on Biden's 'Shameful' Actions: 'This Is What Defeat Looks Like'

Devin Nunes sees 'challenge' in Garland attempting to 'bury' Durham report

DHS Alert… You’re A Potential Terrorist If You Oppose White House Lies’ - Gen. Flynn does not hold back!

DHS Considers Hiring Firms to Conduct Dragnet Social Media Surveillance to Profile Trump Supporters as Terrorists

DHS Uses Small Texas Airport to Disperse Illegal Immigrants Released from Detention

Discrimination Against the Unvaccinated Is About to Make Life VERY Difficult

Disney Reveals Trailer for Star Wars Hotel That Costs $6,000 Per Family

Doctors' roundtable: Stop the Shot

Disturbing Questions of Federal Foreknowledge about Jan 6

The DOJ Capitalizes on Brett Kavanaugh’s Cowardice

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Thursday, August 19, 2021


Two posts again today, so keep scrolling.

100 Taliban For Every American Citizen - top 20 tweets

Afghanistan Vet: Every Enemy Knows How to Defeat the United States Now

CAN’T MAKE THIS UP: Biden State Dept. Focused on Gender Equality as 10,000-20,000 Americans Remain Trapped inside Afghanistan

Democrat Downplays Taliban Taking U.S. Embassy: ‘It’s a Building’

Don Jr. Calls Biden's Afghanistan Fiasco the 'Largest Hostage Situation in History'

General Scottie Miller Who Recommended Closing Bagram Air Force Base left Afghanistan in July and Is Expected to Retire Soon

Lara Logan Carries a Big Trumpet About Afghanistan – If The U.S. Government Wanted it to be Different, It Would Be

Left Behind: Billions in U.S. Equipment for the Afghanistan Taliban to Use Against... Us

Mark Milley Deserves To Be Fired And Court-Martialed For His Afghanistan Lies

Taliban makes Democrats, Joe Biden, and social media into figures of fun

“These Five Individuals Will Help Undermine the Very Same Government President Obama Says He’s Trying to Help.” – Lt. Colonel Tony Shaffer in 2014

8/19 - WATCHING . . .

Biden’s Afghanistan Catastrophe Increases Terror Threat in US

Biden’s Afghanistan Exit Ignores Lessons From Iraq

Biden's Afghanistan Speech Proves He Will Be President Chaos

Biden's Agenda is funded in 'Robust Way' in $3.5 trillion package claims Schumer

Biden's American Carnage

Biden’s Anti-2nd Amendment Policy Push <br />
Biden’s ATF Nominee Labels US Gun Owners “Tiger Kings” Preparing for a Zombie Apocalypse Who Need to Hide Their Guns Behind their Jerky (VIDEO)

Biden's ATF Nominee went on Chinese Communist TV...didn't disclose it

Biden's Baleful Border Betrayal

Biden's Band-Aid Eviction Moratorium

Biden’s BLM Nominee Pushed Population Control, Defined American Children as ‘Environmental Hazard’

Biden’s Border Crisis Is About To Make History

Biden's Cancellation of Keystone could leave taxpayers on the hook for billions in damages

Biden’s Catastrophic Afghanistan Withdrawal - President Trump

Biden's COVID HOTELS Plague the Border and Endanger the Whole Country

Biden's COVID Presidency - Byron York

Biden’s dangerous assault on freedom of speech

Biden’s DHS Quietly Flying, Busing Border Crossers to West Texas

Biden's DOJ Sets Stage to Permanently Destroy Election Integrity, Ensure GOP Never Wins Again

Biden’s Electric Vehicle Plan Without Mining Expansion Is A Big Win For Beijing
(GG: And now lithium sources in Afghanistan being handed over to China.)

Biden’s Eviction Moratorium Leaves Constitution in Cold

Biden's Food Stamp Increase Means Higher Food Prices For All

Biden’s gaffes are concealed from viewers by media

Biden’s Hostage Crisis of Epic Proportions

Biden’s infrastructure bill is chock-full of anti-white racism

Biden’s Infrastructure Package Will Federalize Local Zoning Laws, Displace Single-Family Homes In Suburbs

Biden’s infrastructure tax would hogtie miners and developers, industry warns

Biden’s lawless eviction ban deals another blow to the rule of law

Biden's Media Monkeys Are Finding It Difficult to Spin for Him Now

Biden's 'Mission Equity' Threatens to Destroy NASA

Biden's Most Terrifying Move Is One No One Is Talking About

Biden's Next Move Is One of Pure Delusion and Desperation

Biden’s 19-minute Afghan speech cost taxpayers $30,000

Biden's pants-on-fire lie of a white nationalist insurrection

Biden's past lies resurface

Biden’s Presidency Collapsed with Afghanistan

Biden’s radical remaking of America

Biden’s Six Months In Office Have Us On The Road To Communism

Biden’s State Dept Halted A Trump-Era ‘Crisis Response’ Plan Aimed At Avoiding Benghazi-Style Evacuations Just MONTHS Before Taliban Takeover

Biden's Surrender Presidency

Biden’s Taking A ‘Long Weekend,’ And Kamala’s Taking A ‘Trip,’ Leaving White House Empty During Afghanistan Crisis

Biden’s Teleprompter Read “Leave Now”

Biden’s Ten Most Insanely Radical Nominees

Biden’s UN Racism Inspectors Plan To ‘Restrict’ And Criminalize Free Speech

Biden’s Unprecedented Attack on the Constitution

Biden's Vaccine Rollout: It's Not Our Fault You Suck as a Salesman