Friday, July 9, 2021


Choir of LGBT in San Fran sing about coming for "your children"

Strong Earthquake Swarms Trigger Rockslides In Central California

California Researchers Discover America's First "Triple" Mutant COVID Strain

Camilla Canepa, young Italian girl killed by COVID vaccine; Surgeon who operated on her says: ‘You have never seen anything like this’

Canadian Leadership on the Torching of Dozens of Churches: 'Burn It All Down!'

The Capitol Cop Who Killed Unarmed Jan. 6 Rioter Ashli Babbitt

Capitol riot was planned with a Lego set

The Case Has Been Built On Lies - top 20 tweets

CDC Data Highlights COVID Vaccination is More Dangerous than COVID Infection for Young Adults

CDC Insists Benefits Of mRNA Vaccines Still "Clearly Outweigh" Risks Of Dangerous Side Effects

CDC Targets Unvaccinated Children in New Guidance For Students Returning to School in the Fall

Censored COVID Vaccine Victims Demand Answers In Private Facebook Group

China Is Now ‘Welcomed With Open Arms’ Following US Departure From Afghanistan; Plans to Invest $62 Billion, Expanding Its “Belt and Road” Initiative

Chinese Scientists Try to Make a Male Rat Pregnant. It’s Time to Draw the Line

A Chinese ‘Spy Recruitment’ Scholar Is Now Running Joe Biden’s NSA Personnel Department

CNN Mocked for Glowing Coverage of Chinese Communist Party's 100th Anniversary

CNN, MSNBC’s ratings collapse due to ‘serious credibility problem’ covering Biden, experts say

Code Name: Titanic - top 20 tweets

The Company Behind The Now-Defunct Keystone XL Pipeline Is Suing The Government For $15 Billion

Confirmed: Undercover Agents Were Working Capitol Rioters on January 6, Court Documents Reveal

Cops Quit in Droves as Crime Skyrockets and ‘Defund’ Movement Grows

The Costs of Biden's Big Government

The COVID Cult Has Been Slowly Killing America's Economy And There's Not Much Time Left

The COVID-19 era taught us: Don’t trust, verify

Crackpot and Former ABC Strategist Matthew Dowd: “Jan. 6 Was Worse than 9-11” (VIDEO)

Critical race theory high school instructor warns students not to talk about the class to anyone else