Friday, July 2, 2021


Desperate Barack Obama Pleads with Lawmakers to Push Through ‘For the People Act’ to Make it Easier For Democrats to Steal Elections (VIDEO)

The December 1st Collusion Between AG Bill Barr and the AP Provides a Stark Warning

Bill Cosby Conviction Overturned On Technicality, Will Be Released From Prison Within Hours

DEMS MUST BE TERRIFIED! Maricopa County Auditor Bob Hughes Shares How They Are Using High Tech Forensic Digital Cameras and OCR to Validate Ballots

Glenn Greenwald suggests the FBI had a role in Jan. 6 riot, exposes propaganda of CNN, MSNBC

Hunter Biden Firm Funded Company That Partnered With Wuhan Lab on Bat Research

Jen Psaki Says Republicans Are the Ones Defunding the Police and Not Supporting Law Enforcement (VIDEO)

Jill Biden, 'Every Inch a Goddess'

Jill Biden to Replace Feeble Joe at Tokyo Olympics, Host Meeting with Prime Minister Yoshihide Suga

Joe Biden Just Did What the Democrats Impeached Donald Trump For

Jonathan Turley Points out How DOJ Suing Georgia Could Backfire Big Time on Biden, Dems

Justice Alito devastates Dems' arguments in AZ voting rights case Brnovich v. Democratic National Committee

Kamala Harris Has a Big Problem

Lauren Boebert UNLOADS on Speaker Pelosi, Hunter Biden and Cop-Hating Democrats in Pro 2A Speech for the Ages (VIDEO)

Lester Holt: Poster Child for Media Bias

Lois Lerner Is BAAACCCKKKK!!! New IRS Targeting Scandal Erupts in Texas

Merrick Garland Weaponizes the DOJ to Go After Republican Voter Integrity Laws

Mike Pence suggests Trump supporters are unAmerican

Neil Gorsuch Tacitly Admits He Pulled the Wool Over Americans' Eyes in His Transgender Ruling

President Donald Trump Held Massive MAGA Rally in Wellington Ohio

Maricopa County Supervisor Steve Gallardo BEGS Senate To End Audit

Economist Stephen Moore Warns that Democrats Are Planning on Adding $22 Trillion in Debt Over the Next Decade (Nearly Doubling the Debt)

Tucker Outlines Biden Administration Logistic Program to Facilitate Southern Border Invasion

Tucker Carlson Outlines The Primary Threat to Our Nation, The Corrupt Intelligence Apparatus Which Includes The FBI

Tucker Carlson 'Confirms' Stunning Claim: Biden Intelligence Agencies Spying to Take Him 'Off the Air'

(NSA Responds to Tucker Carlson Claim of Surveillance, The Generic and Very Political Non-Denial Should Alarm Everyone)

Vernon Jones DESTROYS CNN Reporter: “CNN’s About Controlling N*groes, That’s What It Stands [For], Controlling N*groes”

Xi Jinping warns bullies will ‘face broken heads and bloodshed’

Zoltan Pozsar Explains How The Fed Started The Next Repo Crisis