Thursday, June 3, 2021


U.S. Ally Gets in Bed With Iran

U.S. Army Generals Warn Of Biden’s “Tremendous Marxist Assault” On America

US Army Shuts Down Comments on ‘Woke’ YouTube Videos After Barrage of Mockery

US Army to prioritize fight against climate change

US Births Fall To Lowest Level In A Generation Amid Pandemic "Baby Bust"

USDA spends $2.5 million attempting to create 'superior' new varieties of potato (There are 200 varieties of potatoes in the U.S.)

US Embassy to the Holy See delivers huge slap to American Catholics

The US Government has a New Precrime Program, and we are all targeted

US Government Is On Track To Top Last Year's Record-Breaking Deficits

US Home Prices Explode At Fastest Pace Since 2005

US Intel Chief: Russia Poses "Existential Threat" From North To South Pole

U.S. to Israeli Delegation: Come If You Must, But Our Minds Are Made Up

US Labor Shortage Is A "National Economic Crisis"

The US Marine Corps Marches Down the Road to Hell

US Naval Exercise, Largest In A Generation, Will Prepare For "Future Conflict With China Or Russia"

U.S. Navy Employs the Weapon of Interior Decorating

US Postal Service Running 'Covert Operations Program' To Spy On Americans' Social Media Posts, Share With Agencies

U.S. Scientists Are ‘Playing God’ By Creating Bizarre Human-Animal Chimeras During Extremely Strange ‘Experiments’

U.S. Taxpayers Don’t Want to Fund Abortion

The United States Shaken To The Core - Last Trumpet Newsletter