Tuesday, April 6, 2021



Arizona Sheriff Says Biden Border Crisis 'Worse Than Obama Years'

Biden administration reportedly planning to dismantle ICE immigration enforcement

Biden Picks Person For DHS Who Was Deputy Sec When They First Built The ‘Cages’

Biden backs citizenship for 11 million illegal immigrants, ahead of bill unveiling

Biden Pledges to Give 11 Million Illegal Immigrants Citizenship

Biden Heartily Welcomes Fentanyl Into the U.S.

Fentanyl Flowing Into United States At Record Volume

Biden Invites Tidal Wave of Illegals into the U.S.; Welcome to the business boom for smugglers of illegal migrant children

Biden releasing Covid-positive illegal aliens into US, relying on border communities to clean up

The Border Is Wide Open To COVID Super-Spreaders

Biden Says He Will Admit and Grant Permanent Status to Immigrants Who Go on Food Stamps and Medicaid

With 13,000 'Kids In Cages', We Remember When Biden Vowed To "Flood The Border" When Elected

Don Surber: Biden re-opens kids in cages facility

Biden: The President of Human Trafficking - Children are selling for $3,200 at the border

Biden Border Crisis: South Texas Migrant Facility at 729% of its Legal Capacity, Children Are Going Hungry and Only Showering Once a Week

Foreigners Flooding the Border Claim They’re Coming Because ‘Biden Will Be a Good President for Migrants’

The Biden Administration Is Keeping Immigrant Children in Deplorable Conditions

Jen Psaki Tries, and Fails, to Explain How White House Can Activate FEMA at Border Without Declaring a “National Disaster”

A Reporter Grilled Psaki About Biden’s Border Crisis And She Circled Back And Blamed Trump For Some Reason

Sorry, Democrats, You Can’t Blame The Border Crisis On Trump

Kevin McCarthy Vindicated: Four Arrested at Border Since October on FBI Terrorist Watchlist

Biden issues gag order on Border Patrol, does all he can to cover up illegal alien surge

Trump Rages Over "Huge Cover-Up" At The Border As Biden Starts Releasing Illegals Without Court Date

Project Veritas Exposes SHOCKING Images of Kids Packed Like Sardines in Border Facility

The Biden Administration Is Imposing A Media Blackout At The Border

Border Photographer Sounds the Alarm on Biden's Insane Media Blackout

Biden Administration Will Spend 90 Million to Provide Hotel Rooms for Border Crossers

ICE spending $86 million on hotels to hold growing number of migrant families

Biden’s Secretary of State Anthony Blinken Previously Appeared on Sesame Street to Promote Refugee Immigration

CBS Reports There Are Now 13,000 ‘Kids In Cages’ At The Border

Sara Carter: Biden immigration policy causing rampant ‘violence at the border’

Human Traffickers Made Up To $14 Million Per Day In February Border Rush: Report

Peter Navarro: “Donald J. Trump Built This Big Beautiful Wall” But Joe Biden and the People Controlling Him Decided to Kill the Whole Thing

“Kamala Harris Must Think That’s Amusing!” — TX Lt. Gov Dan Patrick GOES OFF — CHILD SEX TRAFFICKING UP 1,967% at Just One Border Sector

The Morning Briefing: Joe Biden's Humanitarian Border Crisis Becomes a Cover-Up While Kamala Harris Just Laughs

Hyena Harris

VIDEO: Kamala Harris Laughs When Asked If She Has Plans To Visit The Border Given The Crisis

She Thinks This is Funny - Top 20 Tweets

The shameful inhumanity of Joe Biden's border policies

Morse: Immigrants Themselves Are Making It Clear the Border Crisis Is Joe Biden's Fault

Biden’s* America – Migrant Caravan Departs Honduras For America

Video: Human Smugglers Drop Small Children from Border Wall in New Mexico

Deputy Border Patrol Chief: I Think We’ll Have ‘About a Million Apprehensions or Encounters This Year’

FEAR OF LICE OUTBREAK at Biden’s ‘Kids in Cages’ Camp Where 4,100 Children are Stuffed in Facility That Holds 250 Children

PHOTOS: Biden Allows Reporters in Migrant Child Detention Site at 1700% Capacity

Migrant Girl Loses Her Voice After Brutal Gang Rape [While Answering Biden’s Open Borders Invitation]

The Biden Border Crisis Is Real, And It’s About To Get Much Worse

Candace Owens: For the Biden Administration, It’s Not a Border Crisis, But a Border Plan

Don Surber: Illegals are the worst parents in the world

Terrorists Are Crossing America’s Porous Borders And Biden Is Making It Worse

GG: Want something to think about? Working Americans who are paying into Social Security their whole working lives will receive only $255 death benefit when they die (and, btw, not all Americans who pay into the sytem will receive this death benefit). BUT Joe Biden is giving illegals who are pouring over the border about$400 PER NIGHT for a hotel room. Think about that.