Monday, April 19, 2021

4/19 - THE U.S.

U.S. Army is re-considering ‘gender-neutral’ fitness tests

U.S. Cities Descend Into Chaos As Criminals Brazenly Hunt For New Victims In Broad Daylight

U.S. Colleges Push To Mandate Student Vaccinations Before Fall Semester

U.S. Dollar's Status As Dominant "Global Reserve Currency" Drops To 25-Year Low

U.S. Economy Is Now Run By Women

U.S. Financial Markets Have Become A Giant Mirage Built On A Foundation Of Fraud

U.S. Homes "Snatched Up Right Away" As Market Drained Of Supply

U.S. intel community walks back claim Russia put bounties on American troops in Afghanistan, report

U.S. Marshals Service Reveals Majority of Rescued Sex-Trafficked Children Came From Foster Care

U.S. Military has become A Political Attack Machine Against Joe Biden’s Opponents

U.S. Military Is Targeting Republican Naval Officers with Phony Investigations to Get Them Kicked Out of the Military

U.S. National Debt Will Soon Cross The 30 Trillion Dollar Mark

U.S. Navy Now Letting Confused Sailors Define Their Own Gender

U.S. nuclear power reactors with highest risks of meltdown from earthquakes are in South Carolina and Missouri

U.S. Rep Slams WHO COVID-Origin Whitewash Report

U.S. Scientists Are ‘Playing God’ By Creating Bizarre Human-Animal Chimeras During Extremely Strange ‘Experiments’

U.S. Small Business Owners “Fear The Worst Is Still To Come”

U.S. Soldiers Openly Questioning Why BLM Riots Weren't Treated Like Capitol 'Insurrection'

U.S. Special Operations members doxxed by NBC for thought crimes (scroll down)

U.S. Troops’ Retirement Savings Funding the Chinese Military warns Rep. Mike Waltz