Wednesday, March 31, 2021


AOC’s Green New Deal becomes real with John Kerry as climate czar

Bill Clinton and Kamala Harris speak about "female empowerment" (Not the Onion)

WHO insider blows whistle on Bill Gates and GAVI global health dictatorship

Bishop Strickland: Hatred in society is the result of hatred for the unborn

FBI facing allegations that its 2018 background check of Supreme Court Justice Brett Kavanaugh was 'fake' and Dem senator demands newly-confirmed AG Merrick Garland facilitate 'proper oversight' by the Senate

Dem Sen. Chris Murphy: Not Passing Gun Control Sends Message to Mass Shooters ‘That It’s Okay’

Chuck Schumer Scheming to Bypass Filibuster for Third Stimulus Bill

Dr. Fauci Helped Fund China's Wuhan Lab - Top 20 tweets

General Michael Flynn Tells His Story

Creepy Former DOJ Prosecutor, Glenn Kirschner, Connected to the Seth Rich Case, Now Wants “Every Business In America” to Pledge that the 2020 Election Was “Accurate”

Supreme Court Rejects Efforts to Depose Hillary Clinton over Email Server
(GG: Roberts making sure there are two systems of law and justice, one for the Clintons, and another for the "little" people.)

Once Again, Colorado Baker Jack Phillips Is on Trial for Being Christian

Jen Psaki Says White House Stands Behind Decision To Give In-Person Education To Illegals Over American Kids

José Baselga, renowned cancer researcher with AstraZeneca, dies at 61

Kamala Laughs Again: This Time Over Parents Who Want Their Kids in School

Kamala Harris Takes Veiled Shot at Trump, Trashes America as a Racist and Xenophobic Country After Meeting with Asian Community in Georgia

Now Kamala Harris Is “Asian-American”…?

The Matt Gaetz Leak Makes the FBI Look Really Stupid and Corrupt

NRCC Chair: Nancy Pelosi Is ‘Trying to Subvert Democracy’ by Overturning Certified House Election

Pat Condell – Free Speech is Largely Gone

Peter Schiff: The One Promise The Fed Is Going To Keep

President Trump Launches New Website! –>

Putin Warns Against US 'Retaliation' For SolarWinds Hack

Rand Paul calls out a slippery, evasive Anthony Fauci

An American Genius, Rush Limbaugh

Russell Brand on The Great Reset and Leaders Colluding To Make Us Powerless

Seuss in a Noose - Peachy Keenan

Attorney Sidney Powell: “This The Greatest Constitutional Crisis in the History of the Republic… Save Perhaps The Civil War” (VIDEO)

Susan Rice Put in Charge of Effort to Expand Mail-in Voting to Make it Easier For Democrats to Steal Elections

The US Marines attack Tucker Carlson, critics, forced to walk back comments with apologies