Wednesday, February 3, 2021


On November 3rd of 2020, we saw several states have massive ballot dumps in the middle of the night that somehow were all marked for Joe Biden.

In the days that followed, multiple statisticians and x-military analysts and data crunchers all explained to the satisfaction of many voters that these middle of the night votes were fraudulent.

Both Democrat governors and anti-Trump Republican governors ignored the data presented at legislative hearings and ignored the voters of their respective states and certified the results for Joe Biden anyway. Especially egregious was Arizona, whose governor allowed the questionable vote outcome to be certified as HEARINGS WERE ONGOING!

The result has been the most massive defrauding of voters in American history.

Voters who have protested this crime have been deplatformed, lost their jobs, threatened with investigation by the FBI and put on no-fly lists with airlines.

It does seem that the odds are stacked overwhelmingly against President Trump and his voters who KNOW that Donald J. Trump won the November 3rd election.

So what to do?

Here is what I am doing.

I believe that the following governors (both Democrat and Republican) KNOWINGLY allowed their states to certify questionable votes.

ARIZONA - Doug Ducey, Repub
GEORGIA - Brian Kemp, Repub
MICHIGAN - Gretchen Whitmer, Dem
NEVADA - Steve Sisolak, Dem
NORTH CAROLINA - Roy Cooper, Dem
WISCONSIN - Tony Evers, Dem

In addition, multiple senators and representatives also have turned a blind eye to the questionable certifications of votes in the swing states. They are every bit as culpable as these governors.

So . . . I am fasting one meal a day, either breakfast or lunch. I am spending that time praying about the following 4 things:

1. By KNOWINGLY ignoring the data about fraudulent votes dumped in their states in the dead of night, they have shown themselves to be dishonest, corrupt and liars. It is clear that all who have had a hand in pushing this fraudulent election are unsaved, so I am praying that they repent and be saved.

2. I am praying that all who have had a hand in pushing this election fraud will have their lies and corruption exposed and they will be held accountable.

3. I am praying that all who have had a hand in pushing this election fraud that their grip on power will be broken. It took 10 plagues, but eventually even Pharaoh was brought down.

4. I am praying for President Trump. He's facing a den of vipers at his sham impeachment trial. I pray for his lawyers (who I am not confident have his best interests at heart) to do an outstanding job and for President Trump (if he speaks) to have the right words to say. I pray that the senators who are putting President Trump on trial will become as fools and be incompetent and shown to be the liars that they are proud to be.

I do not tell God how to answer any of these requests. I don't make suggestions for Him or try to help Him plan any of these. I simply make my requests known. I have taken encouragement from Psalm 37 lately -- the wicked shall be brought down.

Is this a call to action?

Only you can decide that.

I'm just telling you what I am doing.

Massive list of questionable election night cheating