Wednesday, February 17, 2021

2/17 - THE NEWS

The Coming "Monetary Hurricane" Is A White Swan

The Doctor Is In(sane) - Peachy Keenan

The Donald was their final warning

The Economic Crisis Caused By This Pandemic Has Dramatically Altered How Americans Are Living Their Lives

The Exact Same Thing That Is Happening To GameStop Is Eventually Going To Happen To The Stock Market As A Whole

The FBI is renting billboards around the country to pervert reality and promote Democrat lies that President Trump and his supporters are violent

The Great Reset Updated: You Might Not Have Heard of NGFS, but NGFS Has a Plan for You

The ‘Green New Deal’ can happen to you, too

The Highest Paid Federal Government Employee Is the Same Guy Who Cost Millions of Americans Their Jobs

The idea that McConnell is the right man to decide who is 'electable' is a joke

The Ignominious Defeat of the Trump Deranged - Patriot Retort

The Left Wants to Transform and Nationalize Our Election System

The Lincoln Project, Facing Multiple Scandals, is Accused by its Own Co-Founder of Likely Criminality

'The Nation Is Not Divided,' But 'We Have to Bring It Together' claims Joe Biden; insists the nation is behind him

The New York Times and Politico Nearly Share the Same Headline in Defending Biden From GOP Attacks

The Occult Meaning of The Weeknd’s Super Bowl Performance

The PCR Test does not Identify the Virus: Covid “False Positives” Used to Justify the Lockdown and Closure of the National Economy

The Polar Vortex Is Proving Exactly Why Green Energy Is a Disaster for America’s Power Grid

THE PROOF: Many aborted babies are used in vaccine creation

The Reason Why A Lot Of People Are Leaving San Francisco Might Surprise You

The Successful ‘Conspiracy’ To Rig The 2020 Election

The United States Shaken To The Core - Last Trumpet Newsletter