Thursday, February 11, 2021

2/11 - CENSORED!

Aunt Jemima Rebranded By Slave Owner

'Canceling' The Mandalorian's Gina Carano for Republican-Jewish Analogy Only Proves Her Point

Candace Owens Challenges Fact-Checker, And Wins

Democrat Stephanie Murphy Pushes Legislation to Ban Anyone Who Participated in “Stop the Steal” Activities and Anyone in Q-Anon from Holding a Security Clearance or Joining Military

Facebook Engaged "Emergency" Conservative Censorship Post-Election

Forbes boldly announces its intention to discriminate against staffers of President Trump

Former Facebook Exec Calls For OANN, Newsmax to be Deplatformed: ‘We Have to Turn Down the Capability of Conservative Influencers to Reach Huge Audiences’ (VIDEO)

Former Pfizer VP Says Lockdowns Were a Mistake, YouTube Removes His Video

Hundreds of writers and book agents sign joint letter demanding publishing industry bans Trump memoir

Mark Dice: It's Coming

Now They Want to Ban Police Dogs

Obama's Biden administration weighing punishing Florida with travel restrictions

Pro-life videos 'disappear' from YouTube, says group

Robert F. Kennedy Jr. has been banned from Instagram

Sephora Cuts Ties With Beauty Influencer for Being a Conservative, Says Republicans ‘Aren’t Aligned’ With Their Values

Starbucks fired NJ barista for refusing to wear ‘Pride’ shirt, lawsuit claims

They're trying to scrub Trump's presidency from history

Trump Aides Bail on Impeachment Defense, Welcome the End of His Presidency

Twitter suspends Trump supporters Wayne Allan Root and Gateway Pundit

UT San Antonio Sorority Kicks Student Out over Pro-Trump TikTok

'View' Loves Radical Dem's Push to Expel Over 100 Republicans Who Challenged Election

YouTube REMOVES actual Senate videos of doctors testifying about early treatments of COVID

YouTube shuts down LifeSite’s channel, every video completely gone

YouTube and Vimeo remove Mike Lindell's election fraud movie