Friday, January 29, 2021


America Isn't Make Believe

Barstool Sports Founder Dave Portnoy calls for people to be jailed over hedge fund scandal in scathing interview

Condition Unprecedented Edition - top 20 Bad Blue tweets

DeceptiCon Maneuvers, Don’t Forget Who Owns The New York Stock Exchange

EIB: GameStop Story Illustrates What I’ve Told You About the Elites

Flim-Flam Edition - top 20 Bad Blue tweets

GameStop Short Sell Firm Citadel Paid Biden’s Treasury Secretary $MILLIONS

How The Trading Platform Robinhood Started Stealing From The Poor To Give To The Rich

It's All Connected: Thousands Give Robinhood Negative Reviews, Google Then Strikes Back Against Them

John Brennan's Dark Fantasies Become a Homeland Security Bulletin

Kerry Ahead of U.N. COP26 Summit: ‘We Have Nine Years Left’

Losses Top $70 Billion For Hedge Funds

Michael Snyder: Now Reddit Investors Are Talking About Targeting Silver, And That Could Change EVERYTHING

New York Legislators Outraged At Maxine Waters' Comments When They Thought Comments Were From Trump Supporters


Prager U Video Explains Perfectly the Mindset of the Woke Mob Destroying Our History

Quinn: The Fourth Turning

Revenge of the Nerds: Reddit “WallStreetBets” Short Squeezes Hedge Fund on GameStop Stock

SolarWinds – Targeted By Massive Cyberattack – Hires Kamala Harris’s Husband’s Former CCP-Linked Law Firm As Lobbyists

Trump Hacked the Problem of Racial Inequality Edition - top 20 Bad Blue tweets

Upper Echelon Gamers - Explaining Gamestop Wall Street Robinhood and Reddit

Victor Davis Hanson: How to Deprogram Us

Wow, Big Tech Colludes With Wall Street to Protect Elites and Hedgefunds Against Ordinary Investors

x-Facebook Exec Calls For OANN, Newsmax to be Deplatformed: ‘We Have to Turn Down the Capability of Conservative Influencers to Reach Huge Audiences’ (VIDEO)

Your Government is Afraid of You

Zerohedge: We Have Some Bad News For Gamestop Shorts

Thursday, January 28, 2021


Michael Snyder can explain what is happening with the hedge funds and GameStop.

Revenge: An Internet Mob Is Turning The Stock Market Into “A Video Game”, And The Establishment Is Freaking Out

And then I think I will just leave this Lin Wood video here. If this whistleblower is telling the truth, this is EPIC!


Tuesday, January 26, 2021


Look at the first investigation that gets closed as soon as Fake President Biden gets in. Don't forget, it was supposedly Joe Biden who suggested going after General Flynn with the Logan Act:

Leak investigation regarding Flynn-Kislyak calls has been closed without charges: NYT report

Pelosi, Schiff tell Biden who they are afraid of at the NSA:

Breaking Norms And Precedent, Biden Attempts To Purge Career Intelligence Official

How many times did our real President, President Trump, tell us that Joe Biden was bought and paid for by the CCP?

Biden Immediately Removes ‘China Challenge’ As ‘Policy Issue’ On State Dept Website

My guess is that if Americans won't do what China wants, well then the power grid can be held hostage. And to think, there are idiots who voted for Biden who feel good about this:

Biden Rescinds Trump Order Banning Chinese Communist Involvement In US Power Grid

Epi pens and insulin costs go up, stimulus checks go down so the money can go to Xi via Paris. Nice, right?

Biden's return to the Paris accord is a gift to China

Can't imagine what the chaser will be:

Expert: Biden Actions on American Oil, Gas Could Kill 1 Million Jobs

Oh, dear, it must be bad if Fake President Biden ticked off Meghan. But no worries, she'll be over it tmro:

‘I Was Lied To’: Meghan McCain Lashes Out At Biden, Fauci And Amazon Over COVID Hypocrisy

NOW he's concerned about Biden policies:

Kevin McCarthy: Joe Biden More Interested in Helping Illegal Immigrants than Americans

Watch WhatsHerFace before it's gone:

This is Joe Biden’s first 2 days as President (6 mins)

Monday, January 25, 2021


Sobering. How long will YouTube allow it to remain?

Friday, January 22, 2021

1/22 - THANK YOU!

I've heard from several of you over the past few days, and I must admit I am humbled by those who have reached out to me and asked me to not stop blogging.

I started blogging in August of 2009. I felt that I should warn where Obama was taking this nation morally, and that we were headed toward an abyss, particularly where abortion and Israel was concerned. I believed he was (still is) a deceiver, saying one thing but really meaning another. That was proven out many a time, particularly with moral issues.

With President Trump, it was clear he was taking us away from that abyss because of his very strong support for the pro-life movement and his great respect for Israel. He got us in no wars. Hd did much to wipe out human trafficking, particularly of young children for sex purposes. It was his administration that finally arrested Jeffrey Epstein and Ghislane Maxwell. Clinton, Bush or Obama could have done that, but they looked the other way. And that's a very brief look at his accomplishments.

It is clear to many of us that this election was stolen from President Trump. He won in a landslide, but the Democrats cheated on a scale unprecedented. No courts would accept his case in a timely manner. It's scary to think that if the President of the United States cannot get his day in court and be treated fairly, then who can?

And what a bunch of pigs the Republicans have turned out to be! I would like to think there are a few that are not, but I no longer trust any of them. On January 7, I went online and changed from Republican to Independent. My Oklahoma delegation will NEVER get another vote or another dollar from me. President Trump let us see them all for what they really are.

And don't you just love the video that those 3 stooges (Clinton, Bush and Obama) put out about "unity"? They think we are fools. They are terrified that Trump supporters are going to turn on the process because they know there is WAY more Trump supporters against them than for them. That worries them. I have no respect for any of those 3. I publicly apologize for at one time believing in the system and voting for George W. Bush.

What is there to warn about with China Joe Buyden? We all know he is bought and paid for by China and Ukraine and who knows who else! We all know what a horrible, child-sniffing creep he is with an absolute reprobate son. We know many people didn't vote for them because they lied, cheated and scammed to be where they are. I can't warn about that because it's already known. Everybody sees the Obama administration people brought back in and that it is Obama's 3rd term. Obama was the only one beaming from ear to ear at the inauguration. He can now sit in the White House basement in his sweats with an earpiece directing Kamala and Susan Rice. He's got it made.

I truly believed that President Trump was going to pull out a "trump" card at the last minute to prevent the inauguration. I didn't know what the plan would be, but I was sure hoping there was going to be one. He did not. So if I am quilty of anything it is of being hopeful to the very last minute. For that I have no mea culpa to offer anyone. President Trump won the 2020 election, and he is still my President. Having said that, I don't think it is fair to try and push out any kind of future date as a possible date for his return other than 2024, which, personally, I don't see that happening. President Trump exposed the voting system we have as completely ruined, in favor of the Democrats. They figured out how to cheat on a massive scale and get away with it, and expect the American people to accept it or else have their personal lives ruined as we have seen with their aggressive cancel culture reprisals for using our once free speech under the U.S. Constitution to question the election results.

Only President Trump knows what he meant by his parting remarks that he would see us soon in one form or another. A new political party? A talk show? I have no idea.

As I said, I bet the farm that Trump had a plan to thwart the inauguration. That did not happen. I said I would give it to Friday, and here we are, Friday. Every last email but one, which had no comment one way or the other, asked me to not stop blogging. One person reminded me that a live fish keeps fighting upstream, a dead one just floats downstream. Another let me know that I find articles that she would never find otherwise. Yet another told me to keep being that voice. Thank you all! I mean that, I really do.

What has happened to our nation is now in God's Hands. He may have a plan that we cannot see because the Old Testament is just loaded with accounts of "Red Sea" moments, unexpected solutions to seemingly impossible situations. God sees what the Democrats did and the massive lie they are trying to pass off onto the American people. Among the things God hates, it is lying. I do not believe for one minute that God's blessing rests on wicked Haman, so let's just keep watching and praying. Psalm 34.

Tuesday, January 19, 2021


I do not know what these next 2 days will hold for us. I think there is a plan, and I think President Trump has been part of that plan for a very long time. I think he is the face of the plan.

If I am wrong, and there has been no plan and he flies off to Mar-a-Lago, and Joe Biden is inaugurated, and we all return to Obama's third term, I said I will give up blogging. If that is the case, I will make FRIDAY my farewell post. There would be no point to continue to blog after that point.

Michael Snyder absolutely gets it: This article is about nothing

Bill Maher (I know, I can't believe I'm quoting him either) said something very interesting yesterday in a Real Clear Politics article:

"Should Ashli Babbitt have applied better logic in seeing that her real problem in life wasn't pedophile Democrats or Antifa and that people like Elizabeth Warren were actually the ones who were at least trying to do something about predatory lending and economic exploitation? Yes. But not everyone can watch MSNBC all day. She had other priorities, like fighting overseas," he said.

It's like he's saying, "Yeah, they're there, but Ashli shouldn't have seen that as a "real problem" for her -- she should have been focused on other things."

They don't even hide it. It's there. They know it. So what? It shouldn't be your "problem."

Ok, but what about God? Maybe He finds it a problem. Perhaps Maher would like to tell God to stop worrying about it and think about something else.

I have things going on today and tomorrow. Check back around 3 today to see if I have any more updates as that is the earliest I can step back.

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

3 p.m. update:

Don't know how this fits in the overall scheme of things, but this is interesting, particularly in light of DNI Ratcliffe's recent report indicating that the Chinese interfered in the 2020 election and top officials at the CIA discouraged analysts from reporting it. Oh, and the My Pillow guy had a piece of paper this weekend that mentioned something about moving Kash Patel to the head of the CIA.

John Brennan Protégé Gina Haspel Resigns as CIA Director After Covering up Chinese Interference in 2020 Election

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

Beautiful and Gracious Melania Trump Publishes Farewell Message After Her Four Years of Abuse as America’s Most Elegant First Lady

Even The Director Of Biden’s National Economic Council Has Been Forced To Admit The Economy Is “Spiraling Downward”

Kohl’s and Bed, Bath and Beyond decide they don't want 74 million Americans shopping at their stores

Larry Johnson: The CIA Has Become the KGB

Larwyn’s Linx: How I Switched From Never-Trump To Never-Biden

Liz Cheney censured in Wyoming for vote to impeach Trump: 'Did not represent our voice', Washington Times, S.A. Miller, January 18, 2021

Patriot Retort: A Fitting Inauguration

Pelosi: Evangelical, Catholic Trump Supporters ‘Willing to Sell the Whole Democracy Down the River’ over Abortion Issue

Top 20 Tweets from BadBlue Tonight, 01.18.21: Opening the Borders During a Pandemic Edition

Trump makes anniversary of Roe ‘Sanctity of Life Day’

When The Left Refuses Service, They’re Preventing Violence. When The Right Denies Service, They’re Bigots

Saturday, January 16, 2021


Good morning! Did you sleep well last night?

Because honey, I don't think a bunch of our Congress people did.

See, last night, President Trump delivered a letter and an Executive Order to Speaker Pelosi and Mitch McConnell.

At 2:30 this morning, I was awake still, my brain processing what he just did.

They should have never owned those Chinese stocks, I'm just tellin' ya.

Let Justus Knight explain it to you in the following Rumble video.

Trump Blindsides Democrats! Sends Shocking Letter To Pelosi and Authorizes Self-Destruct Disclosure!

Thursday, January 14, 2021


Seven Days in May

3:40 p.m.:

The Navarro Report, Part III - Yes, President Trump Won

Jovan Pulitzer Releases Report — Confirms Numerous Countries Interfered In the 2020 Election – Millions of Invalid Ballots Inserted Into the Election

"We took them by surprise 4 years ago."

"We will never give up. We will never concede. You don't concede when there's theft involved. Our country has had enough. We will not take it anymore."

~ POTUS 6 JAN 2021

I plan to see you tomorrow.

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

2 p.m.:

Operation Eagle Claw

What was it? (Hint: Wikipedia)

Why would a 17-year-old highschool girl in 1980, watch this event VERY closely?

I’m so glad you made it back home safely, Dad. I still have the necklace made of smooth black stones from the Nile that you brought back as a momento. And thanks for the conversations we’ve had over the years about military “stuff,” like logistics. I bet all that time stationed at Langley was interesting in ways you've never mentioned. Thank you for your 20+ years of very dedicated service! It helped me when I became a military wife for another 20 years, especially when my soldier served in Desert Storm and Bosnia.

What is a tactic or strategy?

It is a plan.

There are "public" plans and then there are "quiet" plans, and those are the plans you NEVER see until it is time for the result.

That’s why I chuckle sometimes when I see non-military people throwing it out there on YouTube that they have “deep intel” about x-y-z. (Monkey Werx US is different - you can tell he knows his stuff from the military; so far, no reason not to trust him.) Martial law is the usual suspect. There’s no way. People who are executing a military plan, particularly an intense one executing logistics and maneuvers, are going to be very quiet. We won’t know until it’s over that it was even being done.

Do you really think President Trump is just winging it? Do you really think our Commander-in-Chief doesn’t have a plan? He's not just going to tell us what he's doing behind the scenes just to "comfort" us, to ease some of this tension. That's where we have to put on the big girl/big boy pants and toughen up, buttercup! Do you really think an ostrich (see yesterday’s post) is going to catch him?

Ha! No!. (Hint: She's out of options. Couldn't get the military on her side. Couldn't get Pence to invoke 25th. Couldn't get McConnell to start Senate hearings for removal. What else is there left for her to do? Not much unless her laptop reveals some other hereto unknown plan of desperation.)

For 40 years I lived military exercises and events. That is why I am so confident that President Trump has a plan.

Patience is a virtue. It's a virtue because it's a personality trait that is hard to assimilate. If it was easy, it wouldn't be a virtue.

Strange how we love the movies that has someone like Tom Cruise, Bruce Willis or Harrison Ford coming down to the wire with only seconds to spare but pulls off whatever feat he was attempting, but find that that same scenario in real life to be unpleasant and nail biting.

Oh, well, that's just the way it is sometimes.

I tell you what. If it ends up that President Trump does not have a plan and does not retain the Presidency and Biden is in on the 20th – I will step down as a blogger (if I’m not removed before then).

In the meantime, look at this excerpt from Winds of Change by Brett Stevens at He understands public plans and private plans.

I agree with every word of this excerpt. When you can, take a minute to read his whole piece. (bold emphasis mine)

. . .

Each of these is strong enough to win. So is the Bush v. Gore case that Trump keeps trying to get a court to hear. However, these are not his focus; these are the proof not of an election steal, but of a System steal.

As opined here before, Trump wanted to drain the swamp, but knew that from past investigations into the Clintons, it is almost impossible to nail these people because they systematically destroy evidence by hiding behind a wall of incompetence, obscurity, and chaotic behavior.

Like most criminals, they like filth, disorder, vice, corruption, and laxity (“liberalization”) because these help hide their criminal deeds. In this cloud of chaos and ineptitude, nothing indictable stands out, so they get away with it each time.

Consequently, Trump dangled the election on a stick for them. They took the bait, not once but possibly twice in Georgia — I have not yet looked at the figures — and each time, he and his “shadow team” caught the data.

In my view, Trump has two teams. The public team exists to force us to see how corrupt these people are by revealing the pattern of criminal behavior and then showing us how no one in this silk glove coup compromised government will even address it.

The big story of this election theft is the blackout. Media would not report it; instead, they ran Pravda-style fairytales where white knight Joe Biden defeated the loathsome, bloated, and evil billionaire from the sewers of New York. Social media banned it. Courts wouldn’t touch it.

In showing us this daily, the public team makes us aware that we have been conquered. The private team, probably resembling Richard Marcinko’s Seal Team Red more than anything else, hang out in secluded areas and trap SIGINT for use in the most powerful tool invented since the 1970s: contact-tracing.

Contact-tracing is how they nabbed Ghislaine Maxwell:

She was located using global-positioning-system (GPS) data from a phone that had made calls to her lawyer, sister and husband.

The basic idea is that if you figure out who people interact with, and who those people interact with, you can do a statistical sort and see relatedness, which tells you what “cells” (autonomous cadres) are operating within a territory. It helps bust terrorists and organized crime, too.

I think Trump captured dialogue between the kingpins and paymasters in this game, and got contact-tracing information on all the players, then captured them on tape. He has enough to use those twenty thousand sealed indictments he filed a couple years ago.

This comes straight out of the Rudy Giuliani playbook. If you think his court cases are hasty, consider that they may not be his day job, which would be to trap and eliminate Deep State cells. Only then can he get to the big bosses and take them down with RICO suits.

Trump is either incompetent, or this is what he has done. No signs of incompetence have manifested so far, so I think he is simply forcing people to reveal themselves now. He is letting them get away with their scam. He will still be president when he springs the trap and they all go to jail.

Take heart. This is a good time to be alive. The scam has been revealed, the silk glove occupiers have been revealed, and we the people who want Traditional America back (instead of Amerika, the Soviet-style ersatz occupier) are not going to go away. Neither are these issues.

January Sixth was not the end-all be-all. It was simply another demonstration while the shadow team prepares the final assault. The arrogant, pretentious, and most of all criminal political elites will never see it coming, and when they do, it will be too late to do anything but flee to China and beg for mercy.

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

12:30 p.m.:

CodeMonkeyZ. Someone who is a bit of a legend, first on Twitter until removed for being too big a threat and now on Gab.

Look at what he tweeted DEC 26:

What could that "BIG meeting" discussing "significant intel" be?

Let's see . . . DEC 25 was Christmas, and DEC 24 was Christmas Eve.

When were the affidavits from Italy delivered to President Trump?

Christmas Eve?

Yes, yes according to the person who delivered them, it was Christmas Eve.

Are you SURE that the "Italy did it!" is false?

JAN 10: Is that Secretary Pompeo in Italy making arrests? --The Richardson Post

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

11:30 a.m.:

There Are Now More U.S. Soldiers In Washington D.C. Than At Any Point During The First Civil War

REQUESTED by D.C. mayor and others.

They are THAT afraid of Trump supporters.

Who aren't even there.

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

10:30 a.m.:

Yields Surge As Stunned Traders Learn Biden To Propose Massive $2 Trillion Stimulus

How much will go to Pakistan for "gender studies"?

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

9:30 a.m.:

Have you ever seen the 1964 movie, Seven Days in May?

It was written while JFK was still alive and was a kind of commentary on his administration. It was released after his death.

Here is a YouTube that analyzes the movie in about 5 minutes.

Producer Michael Peyser analyzes trailer for Seven Days In May

SEVEN DAYS IN MAY is about the President, with only a small group of men, who has only seven days to thwart a military coup. The conspirators' plan has been underway for some time, and he is behind in time and without much help.

SEVEN DAYS IN JANUARY is about a duly elected President, with only a small group of men, who have just watched a coup take place and have only seven days before the plan is complete. This time, though, I do not think he is behind in time, and I think he has more help than we may realize.

Wednesday, January 13, 2021


4:15 p.m.:

What is the goal of impeaching?

To remove.

Let's see if that happens before the 20th.

Here is someone I watch on YouTube.

Monkey Werx US

I plan to see you tomorrow.

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

2:15 p.m.:

IF President Trump was given to symbolism, what would I think of his speech yesterday in Texas?

President Trump went to Alamo, Texas, (named after the famous Alamo Mission in San Antonio) to speak about the border wall. It wasn’t a MAGA rally. Only a few were there, mostly border agents in their green uniforms (our watchers on the wall), and probably about 100 or so.

He talked about how important it was to keep out those who would do harm to this nation. He spoke of the murderers, MS13 gang members, coyotes (human traffickers) and drugs that have come over our southern border, and particularly how bad all this was during the previous administration (the Obama-Biden administration).

He spoke about Joe Biden’s stated belief that this wall needs to come down, that it is actually harmful to the nation.

When we hear the name “Alamo,” we are immediately drawn to the early Texas history of the Alamo. It’s a place where three men (Davy Crockett, Jim Bowie and William Travis) led nearly 200 men to withstand a siege of 13 days from a Mexican army of nearly 2,000. On the last day of the siege, the Alamo was overrun and the men in the Alamo died. Their deaths became a rallying cry for future battles for the independence of Texas from Mexico.

Remember the Alamo!

It is still a cry today to never forget those who have died and to fight on in their memory and with everything you’ve got, even if means you “die on this hill.”

We’ve all seen the old western movies where there is a fort with cavalry on the inside and a few women in long dresses and bonnets clutching babies and running for cover while the natives are gathering in massive forces to ride horses around and around outside the fort as the soldiers line up on the inside of the walls at the top to start defending. Right? Seen those movies?

While there, President Trump wrote his name on the wall.

The first time a hand wrote on a wall, it was to Belshazzar, a Babylonian king who was arrogant and contemptuous toward God. He wasn’t particularly interested in honoring God nor in protecting his citizens. He was, however, quite interested in being a party animal. He held this massive party for his lords and those who should have been watching the country. Bels decided to not use the cheap plastic stuff from Party Warehouse but went for the gold goblets taken from the Temple in Jerusalem. Just when the toasting to their gods was getting good, a giant hand appeared and brought the party to a screeching halt. Bels was so shaken, his knees “smote together.” Worse, his beer-blurred eyes couldn’t figure out what the words were on the wall, so he had to go find someone smarter than himself. Daniel the prophet was brought in and told he could have some gold bling for his neck and a big chunk of his kingdom if he could figure out what was going on.

Daniel took a look at the words and said to the king that he didn’t want the gold for his neck or the kingdom because it was ALL COMING TO AN END. Judgment was about to fall! The borders of Babylon were about to be breached by the Persians. It happened that very night, and Belshazzar was dead by morning.

See, President Trump could have signed this wall at any time in the last four years. But he did it yesterday.

An outgoing gesture? A simple signing of the wall? After all, it’s not all that unusual to see a President write his name on something.

Speaking of signing, on Jan 11, President Trump signed the following, which is in effect until Jan 24. Interesting that Washington, D.C. is preparing for a possible "siege" that will last 13 days."

President Donald J. Trump Approves District of Columbia Emergency Declaration

If there are two expressions that most people in America know it’s “Remember the Alamo,” and “handwriting on the wall.”

So IF President Trump was a man of symbolism, it seems to me he might be saying that he is here to defend this country. There may not be many with him, but he, like those few men at the Alamo, are here to fight to the bitter end against overwhelming odds. And the handwriting on the wall is that judgment is coming to those inside the wall who are no where loyal to God or to this country. And he's preparing for 13 days, just like the Alamo.

That’s IF I thought President Trump was a man of symbolism.

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

1:15 p.m.:

They KNOW what is now out there, they just have NO idea how it will be used.

That's why they MUST remove him. Don't just assume it was Dems who had their stuff taken.

Hundreds of unauthorized people entered the US Capitol last Wednesday. Many of them entered the offices of several members of Congress, some of whom are members of Congressional committees on intelligence, armed services, defense, and other sensitive matters. According to Gewitz, “there is absolutely no knowing what actions were taken against digital gear inside the building” by the intruders. . . . In addition to stealing electronic equipment, foreign spies could have stolen sensitive documents, access codes and passcodes, says Gewitz. He adds that more sophisticated efforts could have included loading malware onto Capitol computer systems, or plugging surreptitious USB drives into the internal ports of tower PCs —a process that takes less than two minutes for someone who is equipped with an pocket-size electric screwdriver. Foreign actors could also have left dozens of “generic USB drives in various drawers and on various desks” around the Capitol, hoping that members of Congress or their aides will make use of them in the coming days or weeks. For all we know, says Gewitz, the place could now be riddled with USB chargers with built-in wireless key-loggers, devices that look like power strips but actually hide wireless network hacking tools, fake smoke detectors, electric outlets or switches that contain bugs, and many other surreptitious spying devices. --Analysis: Potential espionage aspects of attack on US Capitol must be considered, Intelnews, Joseph Fitsanakis, Jan 12, 2021

THAT's what you call a really bad day.

We are watching the future, wondering how this will all shake out. They are watching the people, wondering how to get rid of their leader.

The Year of Fear - Don Surber

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

12:15 p.m.:

Feel safer?

An estimated 3000 National Guard personnel are so packed into the Halls of Congress that there is no room between them.

Caught On Video: National Guard Gearing Up With Rifles, Riot Shields At The Capitol

An estimated 15,000 more are stationed throughout D.C., some possibly armed with M-4 rifles and Berettas.

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

11:15 a.m.:

Nancy chasing Trump and Pence. They just won't do what she wants!

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

10:15 a.m.:

Your guess is as good as mine:

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

9:15 a.m.:

Why do I think God has a plan?

Because I think He told Kim Clement.

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

8:15 a.m.:


Is that what the House thinks they are doing today to President Trump?

Hmmm . . .

HE is the one who plays chess. They just play Chinese checkers.

Have you seen what is going around out there in messages? It was in my Inbox before the day had even dawned:

There were more righteous in Sodom than in the Senate.


Yes, I will be posting throughout the day. See you in about an hour.

Tuesday, January 12, 2021


I am sharing this absolutely crazy conspiracy theory posted on Gab that someone sent to me because it is just soooo crazy. (PS: This will be my only post today.)

IF I were a conspiracy theorist, I'd first consider the following facts:

Trump installed major loyalists at the top of the DoD; they haven't quit.

Pompeo and Ratcliffe both haven't quit either and haven't disparaged the President.

Trump supporters are NOT violent by natue.

Trump loves this nation.

Trump has tweeted "treason" over twenty times in his four years.

Trump has acknowledged that America will be owned by China if Biden wins.

Sidney Powell recommended giving all evidence to Military Intelligence.

Capitol police allowed the protesters to enter the Capitol.

Evidence of corruption in the Biden administration is circulating: Hunter Biden/pedophilia, Joe Biden/China/Ukraine . . . etc.

Evidence of a stolen election by congress with the aid of foreign powers is circulating.

6200 troops have been allocated to DC to "guard" against more Trump supporter insurrection.

The FBI stated that "riots are being organized at all 50 state capitols."

Then I would come up with the craziest theory as to how the Trump administration and it's law enforcement Executive branch would save the Republic from the undeniable, intentional destruction the Biden administration is planning for it:

The Trump administration along with the loyalists at the DoD, State Department and DNI, created a plan to bolster a military presence around the country under the guise of "protecting the nation from Trump supporters": The escorting of Trump supporters into the Capitol by Capitol police was mandated by Trump's DoD via whitehat congressional moles in order to justify staging National Guard troops around the country in preparation for the ultimate plan: dismantle the Biden administration and its traitors.

The DoD only needed to have troops around the country to protect against ANY insurrection -- it doesn't matter who does it: Trump supporters, BLM, Antifa -- whatever, they will be prepared.

If the Biden administration is dismantled, socialist antifa liberals will undoubtedly attempt to riot, burn down cities and absolutely murder Trump supporters -- the Guard (and the Marines who support them) will be ready. It's the ultimate switcharoo.

But since I'm not a conspiracy theorist, I wouldn't think that at all.

Monday, January 11, 2021

1/11 - WATCHING . . .

I am doing something rare -- I will be posting throughout the day.


I believe God has a plan.

I believe that President Donald J. Trump has a plan.

I actually believe that the two may have the same plan.

Therefore, I am going to trust the plan.

Some avenging angels wear a suit and tie and swear to uphold the oath of their office.

And they mean it.

I plan to be here in the morning.

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

1600 (4pm):

So why have I been doing this today, posting every hour?

When you get a chance, go measure the distance between the tire and wheel well and the passenger door on your car.

When we were hit Friday night, she hit my vehicle full on on the wheel well. She broke the drive train. She cracked the engine, fluids were leaking everywhere. She had her lights off. She never hit the brakes.

I was sitting in the passenger seat. I’m not made of cast iron. I’m not made of steel. If we had been just a short distance further in our lane, she would have hit me full force. Two thin pieces of fiberglass on a lightweight door frame is all I would have had between me and her. Instead of posts today, you would have gotten a notice from a family member this morning at the blog.

Yes, I believe it was that close.

But I walked away. Shaken and bruised, but walking. I do thank God for that.

All weekend long we’ve seen one Conservative after another deplatformed and removed. I am low key, so I still have my blog.

Coming near to death has me asking if America is going to die or are we just going to have a close call?

Why are we at this point?

Whose actions brought us to the brink?

What has happened in the past that has brought us to this point in the present?

Who is desperate enough to kill many so that a few can be saved?

Do you see the links between the posts?

One more post is coming. See you in an hour.

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -


AUGUST 2016, Julian Assange tweet:

Cash. Pieces of silver (Judas) and pieces of paper (Clinton) that have damned many a soul.

Cash. One can sell her/his soul for it, but can't buy her/his soul with it.

So what then could Clinton Cash buy?

What could it really buy?

LeVey knew the answer.

Do you?

Chelsea does.

Guess we can see one of the "secrets" for which "they" want him silenced. Dead would be even better.

BTW, WHO wore it better? Her or Him?

HER . . . or . . . HIM

Question: Do red shoes belong in red files?

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -


DEC 2020: Dems pay $850,000 to their IT guy, Imran Awan, because, well, Trump made Muslim-Americans feel bad:

Of all the IT people in all the IT firms in all the world, House Democrats thought Imran Awan was best man for the job. Sometimes working from his native Pakistan, Awan and his family team accessed the computers of some 40 Democrats, including those on the intelligence and foreign affairs committees. Without their consent Awan and his team stashed the Democrats’ data on a server controlled by Xavier Becerra, chair of the House Democratic Caucus.
--Democrats Pay Off Intrusive IT Man Imran Awan

What's that name in there?? Xavier Bacerra?? And he controlled what?? What will he control??

Biden taps Awan’s collaborator Xavier Becerra for HHS boss

Feel safe?

Remember this?

James Comey testifies that DNC was denied FBI access to its servers after claimed hack

Remember this man?

Seth Rich: The Murder Washington Doesn't Want Solved

Oh, dear. WHO do they kill now?

They took what?

THAT wasn't part of the planned chaos, now was it?

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -


FLASHBACK, OCT 2020: The Trump Administration Is Committed to Combating Human Trafficking and Protecting The Innocent

"(The Boy Scouts) has maintained “red files” (or “perversion files” or “ineligible volunteer files”) since about 1919, noting the names and cases of men who had preyed on children, the complaint claims . . . " --Pedophile Magnet’ Boy Scouts of America Let ‘Serial’ Sex Abuser Prey on Four Boys: Lawsuit, The Daily Beast, Olivia Messer, July 24, 2018.

Probably not just the Boy Scouts that have "red files."

Oh, Hunter.

And you are far from being the only one.


BIG reason to hate President Trump, don't you think? Really BIG reason to get him out of there as fast as possible. Make sure HE CAN'T SAY A WORD.

"Every lie will be exposed," said some "crazy" lawyer.

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

12:30 pm:

FLASHBACK, JANUARY 14, 2017: Obama the Modern Day Haman: Will He Hang from the Gallows He Built for Israel?

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

11:30 a.m.:

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

10:30 a.m.:

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

9:30 a.m.: A LAWFUL DENIAL OF SERVICE: Are 80 Million Americans Truly Powerless Against Our New Twitter God?


- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

8:30 a.m.:

I'm starting with this.

Saturday, January 9, 2021

1/9 - WATCHING . . .

As mentioned yesterday, I've been thinking (and praying) about all that has transpired, not just since JAN 6, but since the election.

An epic battle is waging right now between President Trump and the Democrats and their allies, which now includes many Republicans.

I believe it was Antifa that entered the Capitol on Wednesday and caused havoc. I won't bother to link to all the videos and arguments because 1) there are plenty of sites out there that have that already, and 2) that's not what this post is about today -- I'm not going to spend time arguing whether it was Antifa or Trump supporters or not. I'm just not.

I am keeping the following things in mind:

1. It is clear, and has been for some time, that MSM HATE President Trump and his supporters and are going to say whatever they can on air to absolutely demoralize President Trump's followers. I DON'T listen to them. I DON'T link to them. They HATE me with everything they've got, and they are going to LIE to me. I DON'T listen.

2. I don't care who calls on President Trump to concede. I don't care if it is Tom Cotton or WSJ -- I. DON'T. CARE. One of the reasons they are calling on him to concede is because he did not concede in his video address. He did not say, "I've called Joe Biden and have congratulated him on his win." Until those words come out of President Trump's mouth, I am believing he has not conceded.

3. I am watching General Flynn, Rudy G and Sidney P. IF THEY come out and call for him to concede, then it is game over. They have had several opportunities to do just that, but instead Flynn sent a tweet thanking Italy. Why?

4. I will tell you why. There's a story being carried by a major newspaper in Italy that details how the election votes were stolen from President Trump in November from Trump to Biden. It gives the name of who funded this (Barack Obama), who carried out the steal (an Italian general on the board of an Italian defense contractor and assigned to NATO), how it was done (via military satellite), who assisted (CIA agents, Gina Haspel perhaps??), and between which locations (Rome and Frankfurt, Germany). The article says this information was given to President Trump on Christmas Eve. This possibly explains why two events occurred -- 1) why Trump went back to D.C. right after Christmas, and 2) possibly why Pence's overseas trip to Israel for the 6th was canceled. Why? Because the article says the vote steal on the night of the election was also assisted by members at the HIGHEST LEVELS OF THE U.S. GOVERNMENT, but these "members" were not named in the article. Could it have been Pence? Don't know. Further, this information about the election steal and Italy playing a role in this crime came not from some blogger in his mom's basement but from ITALIAN INTELLIGENCE. So until Mike Flynn tells President Trump to stand down, I am not going to consider it over.

5. President Trump DID NOT interfere with the electoral college vote. He let it play out, and NOW, WE THE PEOPLE, know where our elected politicians stand on claims of fraudulent election!

Beautiful! Just beautiful!

Don't you just love it? All these REPUBLICAN politicians saying, "Well, uh, we are going to set up a commission and study this election and see how we can make the next one better." IDIOTS! THEY DON'T GET IT! THE AMERICAN PEOPLE DON'T WANT TO FIGURE OUT THE NEXT ELECTION, THEY WANT TO FIGURE OUT THE LAST ELECTION! THESE GUYS AREN'T EVEN GOING TO BE RE-ELECTED IN THE NEXT ELECTION!

6. Lin Wood. What a wild card! He says every lie is going to be exposed. I'll leave it at that.

7. We all have to process the data we get and try to fit it in with what we know about our world and our beliefs. Right now, EVERYTHING is being shaken! 75 MILLION people are being berated, banned and threatened with arrest and even death for voting for President Trump. That is our right under the Constitution, to vote for the man we wish to be President. And now we are enemies of the state for having done so? It is unbelievable what is happening to our country!

A Holocaust survivor once said, "When someone says they want to kill you, believe them."

We are in an EPIC battle for the SOUL of this country and HOW we are going to be as a nation going forward. There will be a winner, and there will be a loser. Socialists CANNOT tolerate Conservatives (hence the calls for their removal from society and even for their deaths), and Conservatives will not accept socialism. There is no common ground that can be found.

If Democrats and their Leftist allies were willing to steal seven states this time in order to steal power, then what is to stop them from stealing 15, 20 or 30 states next time? This is what President Trump is revealing to the American people -- that if we don't stop this now, with this election, THERE WILL NEVER BE ANOTHER HONEST ELECTION AGAIN. Look at what he has shown us about the system -- that it is UTTERLY CORRUPT. If Conservatives passively swallow this bitter pill this time, WE WON'T BE HERE FOR THE NEXT ELECTION.

8. Most who have followed my blog know I am a Christian and a Conservative. I have been with the Republican Party since I cast my first vote 40 years ago in 1980, at the age of 18, for Ronald Reagan. I have stayed with the Republicans because they have been pro-life and pro-Israel. The Democrats murder babies and can't figure out which bathroom to use. They scream, "Science! Science!" but it's clear none of them took 10th grade Biology.

Thursday, I went to the Oklahoma Election Commission website, navigated their portal and requirements and switched from Republican to Independent. I am NOT here to help them pick up the pieces of this election. I have hated being part of the same party as Mitt Romney and Mitch McConnell, but I stayed because of President Trump and my OK Senators. But I will NOT stay with this party because they turned their backs on me and 75 MILLION other voters, so I have no problem walking away from them now.

By not arguing against states that KNOWINGLY submitted fraudulent votes, those squishy, spineless Republicans don't get it yet (but they will), they cut their own throats. Trump voters didn't want a bone (two hours of debate), they wanted it to be recognized that President Trump won this election in a landslide. They wanted it to be recognized that seven swing states were KNOWINGLY submitting fraudulent vote counts.

So who will vote for these guys now? The Democrats? The Leftists? Ha! Good luck with that!

9. Mike Pence. Is he a traitor? Is he a good guy playing a role? I have no idea. I cannot get a feel for what's going on with him just yet, and I don't want to call someone a traitor without really good evidence. I think I will know one way or the other by the 20th, so I am content to wait and see.

10. So . . . here is where I am: Until President Trump says, "I have called Joe Biden and conceded," GardenGirl is going to watch and wait and pray. MUCH is at stake. I think President Trump is fighting for the 75 MILLION who he KNOWS had their votes stolen. We will know by the 20th, maybe even sooner.

We are in days of darkness right now. That's what dark days are, days of uncertainty. Days when there is so much news and noise that it is hard to process it all and then there are days where there is no news at all and we can find nothing that tells us where we are at.

These are the days when we need to pray and call out to God and ask Him to help us. When it is hard to find peace in the world around us, we need His peace, which passes all understanding. When we don't know what to do, that's when we need His wisdom, which is "meat in due season." When we don't know where to turn, then turn to the Bible -- there is wisdom and guidance for every situation. Amen? God is in control. Nothing takes Him by surprise.

That's where we are at in this difficult time for our nation. IF President Trump concedes to Joe Biden, it will be a different trouble that will threaten us -- we will be nowhere close to out of the woods on this. It will just be a different set of troubles AND without a captain.

So this makes our choice binary: Stay with Trump OR accept Joe Biden. I am staying with President Trump until he concedes to Joe Biden.

I will be humble. I could have much wrong in my thinking and in my perceptions that I have noted above. Several of you are NOT shy about helping me be as smart as you.

So watch. Wait. Be vigilant. Be prayerful. We are in some dark days. We will know where we stand by JAN 20.

I love my readers! You are in my thoughts and prayers. I leave you with Psalm 34. I plan to see you Monday.

Friday, January 8, 2021

1/8 - UPDATE

I am sooo sorry that I did not give the update I promised. I ran an errand into town and was hit by a woman who may have been drinking. I am ok, but lost my car. Very thankful as it could have been much worse! We never know when an eternity is just a moment away. I will update sometime tomorrow. Again, my apologies.

Thursday, January 7, 2021

1/7 - WATCHING . . .

As most of my regular readers know, I generally just post links to news articles I found interesting while on my circuit around the Internet each morning. Sometimes I add comments, but most of the time I don't.

I have some things I am thinking about concerning everything we saw yesterday, but I think I would like to post those comments tomorrow. I am still thinking about things. I write that to say this: don't take my simply putting up links today as I am not caring about what is going on as that is not the case. Indeed, I care very much.

Original Sin: Mike Pence wanted to backstap Trump in 2016, become the Republican Nominee

GG: This begs the question, then why did Trump keep Pence as VP if this was the case? I don't doubt the reporting of National File, I think they are pretty solid. Mike Flynn was fired because of Mike Pence. Why keep Pence?


Wednesday, January 6, 2021

Tuesday, January 5, 2021

1/5 - WATCHING . . .


Highly Contagious Strain Of COVID-19 Found In NY State

Scientists study melatonin as possible COVID-19 treatment

This Is Why The New Mutant COVID Strain That Is Ravaging South Africa Has Scientists Extremely Worried

U.S. Official: 'Leak or Accident' at Wuhan Lab Most Likely Source of COVID-19 Pandemic

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

Ongoing coup:

Seven Days in January? All Living Former Secretaries of Defense Warn Trump Over Election Fight

Facebook Removes 1.7 MILLION Member Group “Joe Biden Is Not My President” Without Warning — But Anti-Trump “Not My President” Page Still Up After 4 Years

Former House Speaker Paul Ryan Ridicules Electoral Challenge

Mitt Romney, Lisa Murkowski and Pat Toomey Pledge to Support 2020 Election Fraud

Backroom deal? Pence, McCarthy, McConnell and Pelosi will allow 2-hr debate so they can say they let Trump's base have "their day in Congress," but still gavel for Biden

Rep. Liz Cheney Warns Objecting to Electoral College Votes Sets ‘Dangerous Precedent’

IN ONE CLICK — You Can Contact VP Pence, Senators, Representatives and All Swing State Legislatures and Demand State Legislatures Award EC Votes to President Trump – CLICK THIS LINK NOW

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

Georgia disaster:

The Media Is Lying About Trump's Call with Georgia Secretary of State

Project Veritas: Central OAC Exec Admits Org Registers Thousands of Homeless to Vote at Same Address in Fulton County (VIDEO)

Troubling Development as US Attorney for Northern District of Georgia Resigns Today -- Effective Immediately

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

Biden disaster:

Joe Biden wants Twitter to give him President Trump's Twitter account and followers once he takes office

Biden’s Inaugural Parade Viewing Stands Taken Down – Parade in Doubt – They’re Afraid it Will Turn into a Massive MAGA Rally

The Fictional Tales of Kamala Mitty - Patriot Retort