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Ok, faithful readers, I did it! I sorted through several hundred links I had bookmarked (it took me a while). I eliminated many for being too old or no longer relevant, and what I've come up with is below -- 300 plus. I had planned to do 2 posts, one today and the other tomorrow, but since it is so late today, I will just keep this one long MEGA post. Remember, this is a sampling of what is out there and not all inclusive -- there is simply no way to include all of the stories. I'm sure later I will think, why didn't I include . . . fill in the blank. It happens.



VP Who Wanted to Force Catholic Hospitals to Perform Abortions Says He's the Candidate of Religious Freedom

Biden: I’ll Have a Litmus Test on Abortion for SCOTUS Nominees

Biden Floats Funding Abortions In Poor Countries While Answering ‘Overpopulation’ Question

Biden Has a Plan to Defend Abortion if the Supreme Court Strikes Down Roe v. Wade

Biden doubles down on his commitment to making abortion on demand the ‘law of the land’; says passing legislation allowing abortion at any stage of pregnancy is 'the only responsible thing to do.'

5 Most Shocking Abortion Policies Biden-Harris Openly Support

Priest: Silent bishops will have blood of aborted babies on their hands if Biden wins presidency



Playing Pretend: Biden’s Imaginary Supporters

Biden-Harris joint appearance in Arizona draws no spectators — as in ZERO attendees

What the MSM TV coverage doesn’t show you at a Biden Potemkin rally

John Talks on YouTube, multiple videos on TRUE size of Biden/Harris rallies (as well as a few other topics)

They Voted for Trump in 2016; Now They Are Voting for Biden?



Biden Campaign Releases Hypocritical 'Abuse of Power' Ad; Trump Campaign Bludgeons Biden with ad about Biden getting Ukrainian prosecutor fired

Peter Schweizer Book Reveals How Biden Family Siphoned ‘Millions in Taxpayer Cash’—Hunter Biden Just the ‘Tip of the Iceberg’ (JAN 2020)

Ukrainian prosecutor files against Joe Biden for abuse of power



Joe Biden Offered Pete Buttigieg a Job in His Administration, and May Have Broken the Law Doing So

Obama Cabinet gets ready to come back to life in Joe Biden administration

“Joe Biden” is simply an avatar for Obama’s third term

Biden Taps Buttigieg, Rice and Yates for Presidential Transition Team

Is this Satire? Cuomo and Abrams being considered for Biden AG

Hillary Auditions For SecDef In Sprawling Pro-Biden Op-Ed Admitting Massive Defense Jobs Cuts Plan



Hunter Biden’s Firm Received $3.5 Million from One of Russia’s Most ‘Powerful’ Oligarchs

Before The Bidens "Did" Ukraine, There Was Iraq... And Serbia

The Plot Against Libya: An Obama-Biden-Clinton Criminal Conspiracy

Meadows: ‘You’ll See a Romanian Connection’ with Money Flowing to Bidens

Peter Schweizer on ‘the Biden 5’: Deals in China, Costa Rica, Iraq, Kazakhstan, Russia, Ukraine



Biden’s Closing Argument: America is a failed idea

Joe Biden tweets out that America is an idea and 'we've never lived up to it'



93-page ‘Biden report’ exposes Democrat candidate’s strongly anti-Catholic platform; CatholicVote will be spending almost $10 million in swing states to expose the Democrats' presidential candidate

Why Biden Is a Threat to Traditional Christians and Religious Freedom

I've Had It With These 'Pro-Life Evangelicals for Biden.' You Can't Be Pro-Life and Pro-Biden

Priest: 'You cannot be Catholic and vote for Biden, period'

Catholic Pastor: 'Democratic Party Has Become the Party of Death and Catholic Joe Biden is Their Standard-Bearer'

Biden Staffer: Traditional Religious Beliefs Should Be 'Taboo' and 'Disqualifiers' for Public Office

Biden Pledges to Gut Religious Freedom Protections, Saying They Give 'Hate' a 'Safe Harbor'

Joe Biden: Christians Violate Gay Rights Simply by Existing



50 Things a Biden Presidency Would Mean for America

Smith: A Biden Presidency Will Mean A Faster US Collapse

Goldman: A Biden Win Will Accelerate Dollar Weakness



Joe Biden’s Brother Frank Linked to Projects Receiving $54,000,000 in Taxpayer Loans from the Obama Administration—Despite No Experience

Joe Biden's brother James and his Shady Land Deal in the Virgin Islands

James Brother Now Facing Allegations Of Influence Peddling

Joe Biden’s Sister Valerie Sent Millions of Joe’s Campaign Dollars to Her Own Consulting Firm

Beau Biden Agreed to Lenient Plea Deal for DuPont Heir Who Raped 3-Year-Old — No Prison Time

Greenfield Video: The Biden Crime Family Comes Undone; A laptop from hell sets off the downfall of a crooked clan

SGTreport video: The Biden Crime Family

Joe Biden's niece avoids jail in credit card fraud scheme



Biden Throws Blacks Another Racist Dog Biscuit

New Film Exposes Joe Biden's Role in the 'High-Tech Lynching' of Clarence Thomas

Who ‘Ain’t Black’? Biden reminds African-Americans where they stand in the Democratic Party.

Biden Blames Black Host For Racist Comments: “He Was Being A Wise Guy”

Nolte: ‘You Ain’t Black’ and Joe Biden’s 10 Other Acts of Racism

Joe Biden LOCKED him up but Donald Trump set him free

Joe Biden's History of Racial Comments

Black Georgia Dem: ‘White Supremacy Is Not What’s Hurting the Black Community’ – It’s Joe Biden and These Groups



"Build Back Better" is a term that refers to a long-term globalist agenda to dismantle democracy and national borders in favor of global governance

Was Joe Biden’s new campaign slogan “Build Back Better” actually plagiarized from somewhere else?



Thanks to Rep. Sylvia Garcia, the barn door now is open on the Bidens and the Democrats

DEC 2019: Joe Biden said he would not comply if given a subpoena from Congress that involved questions about his role in having a Ukrainian prosecutor fired who was looking into corruption involving an energy company that his son Hunter was involved with (GG: Now we know why in OCT 2020.)

Joe Biden Ukraine Scandal Exploding

Impeachment Boomerang: Contacts exposed between US embassy, Hunter Biden-connected Ukraine firm

Biden’s bid to oust Ukraine prosecutor followed intense pressure by son’s Burisma firm

BREAKING: Senate Finance and Homeland Security Committees Release DEVASTATING Report on Hunter Biden, Burisma and Corruption — CROOKED BIDEN FAMILY ENRICHED THEMSELVES AND OBAMA KNEW!

How to Understand Joe Biden’s Ukrainian Connection

It turns out that there really was Russia collusion!



Biden Boosters Dox Nuns For The Sin Of Attending Trump Rally

WATCH: Biden Refers To Horn-Honking Trump Supporters As ‘Ugly Folks’ While Promoting ‘Bringing The Country Together’

Biden calls Trump supporters "chumps" during campaign rally

Clean Up: Biden Tries Populist Tone in Pennsylvania After Calling Trump-Supporters ‘Chumps’

Biden Responds to Gallup's 'Better Off Now' Survey by Attacking Voters, insults their memory

#ThugsForBiden are now censoring free speech through violence

Video: Biden Supporter Screams At Chinese Trump Supporter “You F**king Chinks!”

Biden suggests he would use brass knuckles to deal with Republicans

Biden campaign ad compares Trump rallies to Hitler's crowds leaving Dilbert creator Scott Adams very angry



Biden scoffs at idea a rising China could be a threat; says we should "benefit" from a rising China

Trump Ad Just Destroys Biden On China

Joe Biden: The Chinese Communist Party's Candidate for President

About that Biden-China relationship

China has bought and paid for Joe Biden and his entire family

Chinese group was hosted at Obama White House by man now serving as a Biden transition team co-chair

Kamala Harris, Schumer, Cuomo And Feinstein Listed As 'Key Contacts' For Biden-China Joint Venture

Emails show that Biden group knew they were working with Chinese intelligence

Joe Biden Has Been Compromised by a Massive Trove of Blackmail Material in the Hands of China

The end of China Joe’s plausible deniability

China Wins if Biden Wins; Biden’s disturbing record of pro-China bias



Joe Biden goes overboard pandering on 'climate change' — dissing coal miners

Joe Biden goes full Thunberg on climate hysteria

Joe Biden Promises Fewer Fires, Floods, and Hurricanes if He Wins in November



Old Biden Clip – Tells People Not To Assume He’s Not Corrupt

Joe "Highest Bidder" Biden Exposed

Biden the bagman

The Biden Corruption Scandal Isn’t About Hunter, It’s About Joe

The Truth About Obiden

WATCH: Biden at a Loss for Words When Confronted With the Truth

BidenWatch for October 26, 2020

President Trump Speaks About Biden Corruption in New Ad

Joe Biden - A National Security Threat

Joe’s Voter Fraud Freudian Slip - Patriot Retort

Joe's Freudian Sniff? Joe Biden Just Said He's Got a Great 'VOTER FRAUD Organization' Going

Sen. Lankford: The Joe Biden Counterintelligence Risk

President Trump speaks directly to Americans about Joe and Hunter Biden in video

The Joey Fingers Protection Racket

Rudy Giuliani: Here are the crimes they are hiding from you

RFB - Biden Scandals Watch

The Ben Shapiro Show: The Case Against Biden



Bioethicist who thinks people should die at 75 advising Biden on coronavirus

Biden: COVID-19 an opportunity to ‘fundamentally change the science relating to global warming’

Joe Biden Misstates The Number Of Americans Dead From Coronavirus, Claims 600,000 Dead

“COVID has taken this year — just since the outbreak — has taken 100 year. Look, here’s…the lives…it’s just…I mean, think about it. More lives this year than any other year for the past 100 years"

VIDEO: Biden Insists COVID-19 Began In “Luhan Province”

Biden gaslights Americans over who was responsible for the lockdown

If Biden Wins, He and Dr. Fauci Have Promised to Lock Us Down for 111 Days



Joe Biden: ‘I don’t count drunk driving as a felony’



Biden’s Plan To Overhaul 401(k) Tax Breaks Could Force Companies To Cut Retirement Benefits



With Trump Still at Walter Reed, Biden Calls for Election Day Coup de Grâce (Death Blow) Against Trump

Hillary Clinton Says Biden Should Not Accept Results Of The 2020 Election



Jon Voight: ‘Biden Is Evil.’

Biden's Self-serving Lies

Joe Biden has claimed, more than once, that he has been a professor at the University of Pennsylvania

Joe Biden is not a good person

'Lie of Year' resurrected by Biden, disproven by millions



BidenGate, Bobulinski, and The Campaign Of Fear

Tucker Carlson's interview with Tony Bobulinski is must-see TV

Tony Bobulinski Tells Tucker: Joe Biden Denials Of Involvement In Son’s Business ‘A Blatant Lie’

Tony Bobulinksi Drops an Evidence MOAB on Joe Biden’s Corruption

'You'll Bury Everyone Involved': Bobulinski Recorded Biden Operatives Begging Him To Stay Quiet, Set To Release Tues

Body Language Ghost: Analyzing Tony Bobulinski's press conference



Joe Biden Promises Flood of Foreign Graduates for Investors, Paperwork Protections for Americans

Joe Biden: H-1B Foreign Workers ‘Built this Country’



Biden: We Should Put Fossil Fuel Execs In Jail And If We Don’t Stop Using Fossil Fuels, ‘We’re All Dead’ (DEC 2019)



1973 - Joe enters Congress
1974 - Biden discusses his dead wife's "Playboy body" and how he satisfied her in bed in strange interview
1985 - Senate Transcripts: Joe Biden Quoted N-Word 13 Times in 1985 Hearings
1991 - Biden: "I'll probably be dead and gone by 2020."
1994 - Biden's 1994 crime bill incarcerated thousands of young black men in long prison terms
1996 - Biden: Iranian Attacks Are An Act Of War!
2017 - Biden and wife Jill earn millions after leaving office
2020 - "I'll fix America" H/T Eric Trump tweet



Trump Campaign Trolls Biden With ‘Investigative’ Mini Series ‘Truth Over Facts’



When asked if he was willing to accept American workers losing their jobs in order to implement the Left's New Green Deal, Joe Biden said, "Yes!"

Biden Tells Coal Miners 'Learn To Code' (Which, btw, Twitter flags telling someone to "go code" as "abusive behavior"

Joe Biden has made it clear to the energy-producing states (Pennsylvania, West Virginia, Ohio, etc.) and the Midwest automobile manufacturing states that those jobs must be sacrificed for the greater good of the Left's New Green Deal

Biden Says He'd Displace 'Hundreds of Thousands of Blue-Collar Workers' to Create Greener Economy



Protestor Shouts at Biden -“Stop Touching Kids”

Gold Star Dad: Biden's Comment to Son's Widow Was So Bad I'd Be in Jail if Secret Service Hadn't Been There

The more you know about Biden, the ickier he is

C-Span Footage of Biden Touching Young Girls Flagged as “Child Sexual Exploitation” by Twitter

Security detail reports that Joe Biden would strip to swim naked in front of female security agents



An Armed Guard in a Texas Church Struck Down a Murderer Immediately; Joe Biden Called His Ability to Do So 'Irrational'

Biden Warns Gun Makers: 'I'm Coming For You. Period.'

Biden's Latest Campaign Hire Shows Joey Boy Is Putting The Second Amendment in the Crosshairs

WashPost: Joe Biden’s Gun Control ‘Terrible for Working Class Firearm Owners’

Biden's Gun Control Claims At Odds With Crime Stats

Joe Biden promises to put Beto O’Rourke in charge of gun control



University Of Delaware Refuses To Provide Agreement Detailing Why It Can’t Release Biden’s Records

Joe Biden on sealed University of Delaware documents: "they weren't supposed to be revealed"

Secret Service Admits To Destroying Records In Alleged Biden Breast-Grabbing Incident

Biden and Boasberg Refuse to Leave Their Basements



Biden Opens Super Tuesday Victory Speech by Mixing Up His Sister and His Wife

Prickly Biden voters hate when you point out Jill is not a doctor

Jill Biden on Hunter Story: ‘The American People Don’t Want to Hear These Smears Against My Family’



Biden Campaign Staffer Mocked Cops As Worse Than ‘Pigs,’ Called For Defunding Police

Biden: I Support National Police Misconduct Registry, Chokehold Ban

The Police Defunding Foundation Behind Kamala Harris



46 Minutes of Gaffes and Nonsense (as of MAY 2020)

Facepalm: Joe Biden's "breast" gaffe

6 Recent Examples of Joe Biden’s Cognitive Decline That Should Concern Us All

Biden Forgets Name Of H1N1 Halfway Through Saying The Name Of The Virus

Sanjay Gupta's Face Is Priceless as Joe Biden Devolves Into Incoherence on CNN

In Highly Controlled Interviews With Very Friendly Corporate Media Shills, Joe Biden Proved to the World That He Has Advanced Dementia and Under No Circumstances Can Be Permitted to Be "President," Even if In Name Only

We Have No Idea What Joe Biden Is Muttering About Here. Maybe You Can Help Us Out?

Asked About Son’s Business Dealings With China, Biden Gives Incomprehensible Answer

Democrats Should Worry, Because Joe Biden Clearly Can't Handle the Presidency

Biden Confuses D-Day With Pearl Harbor

Joe Biden: Put ‘Citizens On A Pathway To Citizenship'

Joe Biden Inadvertently Reveals During Disastrous Press Conference Why Handlers Keep Him in the Basement

What is Wrong with Old Joe? Biden Becomes Totally Incoherent During Interview, Says His Campaign Has “Voter Registration Physicians” (VIDEO)

Joe Biden: I’m Joe Biden’s Husband And The Most Awkward Hug Ever

Trump baits a trap for Biden

Biden Emerges From His Basement and Can Barely String a Coherent Sentence Together

Biden's Virtual Tampa Rally Was a Total Disaster

There's a reason why Rush is wondering if Biden is ever seen at night

Gaffe-O-Matic: In One Day, Joe Biden Rolls Out Three Laughable Blunders

Man with dementia says 56% of you have a bad memory

Joe Biden continues to age at warp speed on the campaign trail

Disturbing Joe Biden Brain Freeze Caught at PA Rally: ‘Truaninonashufodopressure’

Watch: Joe Biden Refers to Doug Emhoff as ‘Kamala’s Wife’



Joe Biden defense of Hunter’s overseas business deals conflicts with public evidence

Hunter Biden and Lobbyist Named in IRS Complaint Against National Security Non-Profit Where They Both Served on Board



Biden Lashes Out at Female New Hampshire Voter Asking About His Poor Performance in Iowa, ‘You’re a Lying Dog-Faced Pony Soldier’ (VIDEO)

Biden delivers own version of bitter-clinging 'deplorables'

Joe Biden: Trump Supporters Think 'All Mexicans Are Rapists'

Fact check: Joe Biden hurled more insults than President Trump at first debate



Biden: Undocumented Children 'Become Americans Before a Lot of Americans Become Americans'

Joe Biden Vows to Give Taxpayer-Funded Obamacare to All Illegal Aliens in U.S.

Biden Lays out Extreme Immigration Position: Amnesties, Handouts, and Only Felons Get Deported

Joe Biden Promises Pathway to Citizenship for 11 Million Illegal Aliens

Biden: I Will Provide a Pathway For Legalization of 11 Million Illegal Aliens

Biden vows to not enforce US laws in his first 100 days

If Biden Comes In, So Do 50+ Million Immigrants

Biden suggests he would give Social Security benefits to illegal aliens



After 9/11, Biden Wanted to Send $200 Million Check to Iran

How Joe Biden helped an Al-Qaeda leader come to the USA and apply for disability for bullet wounds

Biden: ‘I Wish’ Schools Taught More About ‘Islamic Faith’

Biden Islam Campaign Ad

Biden’s “Allah Willing” in Context

Biden: Muslims Will Serve ‘At Every Level’ of His Administration



Biden's Anti-Israel Stripes; What he recently told the pro-Israel lobby AIPAC says it all

Joe Biden: Israel's Fake 'Friend'

Adversary of Israel at it again

US envoy Friedman: If Biden wins, it will be bad for Israel and Gulf on Iran

Joe Biden and Jews with Trembling Knees; Who remembers when Joe Biden yelled at -- and threatened -- Prime Minister Menachem Begin?



"Biden created 1 job in 47 years... It was for Hunter"

Sperry Exposes The Complete History Of Hunter Biden's Crony-Connected Jobs



Joe Biden Says He Will Kill High-Paying Jobs Created By Keystone XL Pipeline

So Donald Trump just got Joe Biden to admit that he wants to ban the entire U.S. oil industry…

Mansour: Biden’s Energy Policies Could Kill 160,000 Michigan Jobs, Decimate Auto Manufacturing, and Create California-Style Rolling Blackouts



Johnstone: Biden Is Everything The Democrats Are

Biden Has Become an Albatross for the Democrats



Patrick Buchanan: There is a real possibility that, this coming week, Joe Biden will be selecting the 47th president of the United States.

Biden’s VP Search Puts Spotlight on How Long He’ll Serve

Vote Biden-Harris 2020 if You Want to Kill the Republic

Brave Kamala runs away - Patriot Retort

Dem Rep. Barbara Lee: Biden Picking Harris ‘Another Chapter In The End of White Politics’

Consumer Watchdogs Say Kamala Harris Looked The Other Way While Utilities Set Stage For Wildfires

Report: Kamala Harris Listed as ‘Key Contact’ for Biden Family Business Venture in China

Good grief, that laugh - Patriot Retort

The Kamala Harris Nervous Laugh is What Gamblers Call a ‘Tell’

Journalist Who Exposed Planned Parenthood: Kamala Harris Weaponized Her Office to Punish Me on Behalf of Her Donors

12 reasons to fear Kamala Harris becoming vice president — and likely president; Democratic presidential candidate Joe Biden’s running mate is a ruthlessly ambitious political opportunist whose principles appear to shift — except on abortion.

GOP Rep. Rogers: If Biden Is Elected ‘He Will Not Finish One Term’ — ‘Kamala Harris Will Be the President’

While Joe steals Trump’s policies, Kamala steals his moves

Body Language Ghost: Kamala at the VP debate



Biden Finally Admits He and Obama Put ‘Kids in Cages’ but Only to ‘Keep Them Safe’

Trump Trolls Biden with Epic Wifi Password at Sunday’s Rally



Cybersecurity Expert Authenticates New York Post’s ‘Smoking Gun’ Hunter Biden Email, Report Says

Hunter Biden’s Magical Moscow Laptop

The October Laptop Surprise

Rep. Jim Jordan: They Said the Fake Dossier Is Real; Now They’re Saying the Real Laptop, Emails Are Fake

Hunter Biden Laptop Held Inappropriate Pictures of Certain Minor — Joe Biden Is Lying



Joe Biden Inadvertently Reveals During Disastrous Press Conference Why Handlers Keep Him in the Basement

Media Downplay an Unfolding Biden-Ukraine Scandal

Media Won't Be Able to Prop Up Drooling Train Wreck Biden for 2 More Months

Media won't show Biden's AUG rally size

Joe Biden Won’t Sit Down With Journalists For Interviews But Found The Time To Interview With Rap Slut Cardi B

Two Weeks Before the Election, Joe Biden Only Wants to Answer Questions About Milkshakes

USA Today Refused To Publish Hunter Biden Scandal Op-Ed, So Here It Is

Exclusive: ABC Affiliate in Philadelphia Refuses to Air Restoration PAC Ad Highlighting Biden Corruption

Here's The 'Censored' Biden Story That Forced Glenn Greenwald To Quit The Firm He Founded

As Biden falls in the polls, the media's lies get bigger

CNN Photoshops Biden Photo, Alters History

Scarborough: ‘Obviously, Joe Biden Is Not Senile’

Imagine If MSM Consistently Applied The Evidentiary Standards It's Applying To Hunter Biden's Emails

No News Is Good News: Media Willfully Ignore Hunter Biden Scandal

How The Mainstream Media Covered For Joe Biden

Geraldo Rivera: ‘Outrageous Negligence’ by ABC’s Stephanopoulos to Not Ask Biden about Son Hunter

The Media’s Futile Information Suppression Complex

LOOK: Media Hacks now in FULL PANIC over Hunter Biden story. But, real talk? It AIN’T going AWAY, Jake

CNN Refuses To Air Anti-Biden Ad – Even Though It’s Accurate

MRC President Bozell: Media Put a ‘Blanket’ Over Biden Scandal, Massive Corruption, 'No Coverage'

CNN is not even pretending anymore

Evidence of Joe Biden Corruption Just Keeps Piling Up, and the Media Refuses to Cover It



Joe Biden performs his first marriage - between two men

RFB, APRIL 2019 POST: The Equality Act and Joe Biden

Joe Biden Says ‘No Room For Compromise’ On Transgender Issues

Joe Biden Demands SPLC-Style Terror Watchlist to Protect LGBT People

Biden to Ensure His Presidency ‘Addresses the Unique Needs of…Lesbian, Bisexual, Transgender and Queer Women’

Biden-Sanders’ ‘Unity Plan’ doesn’t mention God even once. LGBT mentioned 17 times; needless to say, America is not the focus

Joe Biden: 8-Year-Olds Should Be Allowed to Decide They’re Transgender

Will Joe Biden Become Our First Female President?

Biden Promises Biological Males Access to Girls’ ‘Sports, Bathrooms and Locker Rooms’



Biden Campaign Accuses Facebook Of Favoring Trump After 'Glitch' Takes Down 1000s Of Ads

"Weekend at Biden's" campaign ad



Joe Biden brags that the moment he's elected and before he's even in office, he'll be on the phone with world leaders making deals; odd, that's what he accused Michael Flynn of doing

Joe Biden may have ‘personally raised’ idea to investigate Michael Flynn



Joe Biden: “We Don’t Need Standing Armies," we can cut forces from the military



The Indecency of Joe Biden

Once a plagiarist, always a plagiarist

With Biden ascendant, it's useful to remember just how awful he is

Nolte: President Joe Biden Will Be Immediately Impeached for 4 Major Scandals

MARK LEVIN: It's Confirmed --- Joe Biden is Unfit to Serve as President



How Biden plans to destroy the suburbs

Biden’s 2020 Party Platform Proposal Seeks to Abolish America’s Suburban Communities



The Obama Dazzle eludes him

Joe Biden Keeps Forgetting Barack Obama's Name and It's Getting Uncomfortable

Barack Obama, his back against the wall, finally endorses Joe Biden

Trump Video Mocking Obama Endorsement of Biden More Popular Than Obama's Speech

Biden Admits Obama Was A Failure As President

Now We Know Why Obama Picked Biden



Joe Biden Flat Out Lies About bin Laden Raid

A warning about Biden and Harris from the niece of Osama bin Laden



Party That Wants To Run Your Healthcare Roots For Political Opponent To Die

Biden Adviser, Obamacare Architect, Now Makes Money By Keeping You On Lockdown

Joe Biden's response when asked by young man who lost his insurance if Biden had lied about Obamacare (scroll down to tweet)

Biden walks back vow to let people keep private insurance (JAN 2020)

Joe Biden Brags About Getting Obamacare Passed Without A Single Republican Vote

Joe Biden's deleterious health care plan



Hunter Biden Under Active FBI Investigation, DOJ Official Confirms

7 Key Corruption Questions Joe Biden Must Answer After FBI Bombshell

Bobulinski Says He Was Questioned by FBI Agents For 5 Hours as a “Material Witness” in Ongoing FBI Investigation Focused on Hunter Biden and Associates (VIDEO)



Biden reminds voters Trump made America great again



Bad Meme Idea from Team Biden – Patriot Retort



Phone Calls Between Biden And Ukraine's Poroshenko Leaked; Details $1 Billion "Quid Pro Quo" To Fire Burisma Prosecutor



VIDEO: Welcome To Joe Biden’s America…

Joe Biden: MLK’s Assassination Didn’t Have The Worldwide Impact George Floyd’s Death Did

Farage: Joe Biden Can’t Condemn Antifa Because He’s Beholden to the Radical Left

The Face Of The Democratic Party Isn’t Joe Biden, It’s The Raging Mob

Is Antifa Holding America's Safety Hostage... to Elect Joe Biden?

GOP Issues a Powerful Response to Biden's Political Switch on the Riots

Trump Releases EPIC Campaign Ad SLAMMING Biden and Harris For the Riots, It Looks Like THE PURGE



Joe Biden's role in the The Plot Against the President

Joe Biden Was In Oval Office SpyGate Meeting and Now the Trump Campaign Has One Question for Him

Leaked 2016 Call Reveals Joe Biden Risked National Security To Sabotage Trump

Spygate: The True Story of Collusion [Infographic]



"If He'd Take It, Yes" - Biden Considers Obama For Supreme Court Nomination

Biden Lies …Again – Says SCOTUS Appointments Never Happen In Election Year; Hey Siri, who is Anthony Kennedy?




Biden Bumbles Over Tara Reade Answers During Tense MSNBC Interview

Joe Biden Officially Denies Tara Reade Sexual Assault Claim

Joe Biden, with straight face, Says He’s Championed Against Violence Against Women His Whole Life

Democrats Are Reaping The ‘Whirlwind’ Kavanaugh Warned About



Joe Biden: ‘If You Elect Me, Your Taxes Are Going To Be Raised, Not Cut’

Biden wants $4 trillion in tax increases

CNBC Reporter: Biden Is Offering Most Expensive Tax Plan Of Any Democratic Candidate In Recent History (VIDEO)

ABC's Jon Karl Blows Up One of Biden's Most Important Claims, One That Affects Most Americans

Home Depot Co-Founder: "Fraud" To Suggest Middle-Class Won't See Higher Taxes Under Biden



Biden Dodged $500K In Taxes By Exploiting Loophole



Facebook Responds To Biden's "Demand" For Censorship

Does this explain why Facebook suppressed Hunter Biden revelations?

Email reveals deal planned between Hunter Biden and Mark Zuckerberg

Facebook Flags Anti-Biden Ad as 'Misleading' Because It Doesn't Support His Trans Agenda

Google is giving Joe Biden a very unusual and valuable in-kind campaign donation

Election Interference? Big Tech Censored Trump More Than 60 Times, Left Biden Unscathed



Biden says Vindman deserved Medal of Freedom, not Limbaugh

The Biden Emails Prove Impeachment Was A Sham

Trump Impeachment Was Over Legitimate Biden Ukraine Questions



Biden Hammered Romney’s Bain Ties In 2012. Now, Bain Execs Are Fueling Biden’s 2020 Bid



Biden: 'You Have To Elect Me To Find Out What My Policy Positions Are'

Biden: ‘You’ll Know My Opinion on Court Packing When the Election Is Over’

Friday, October 30, 2020


Ok, faithful readers, I will be doing something different in these last few days before the vote on Tuesday -- I will be posting on Saturday and Sunday. I have bookmarked quite a few articles about Joe Biden in the past year or so, and I want to post these as reminders to his views and positions (which go back and forth sometimes - think fracking) as voters head to the polls. Most of these you will have probably seen because a number of links will be about the recently revealed debauchery of Hunter Biden as well as Joe Biden's sellout to the Chinese. Drop in over the weekend, if you have a few minutes and see if you remember some of these flashbacks!


Businesses are boarding up windows and pulling guns off the shelves in anticipation of widespread election unrest

Democrat Radicals Post Online Guide to 'Disrupting' the Country if Election is Close

Democrats’ actions looking more and more like a plot to steal the 2020 election

Former George Mason Prof. Says Americans Should ‘Topple’ Govt if Trump Wins

The Left Girds Its Loins for Battle After the Election

Many Americans are now planning to “bug out” ahead of Election Day as authorities brace for chaos in the streets

Mysterious “Donald Trump Watch” Website Reveals Addresses of Local Trump Donors for Antifa and BLM Terrorist Targeting

7 Open Leftist Threats That Political Terror Is Coming To America Whether Trump Wins Or Not

They are going to go all-out in a desperate attempt to try to stop Trump from declaring victory

Under the guise of planning for right-wing violence if Trump loses, Democrats are gaming out how to steal the election if Trump wins

You've Lived to See the Day: Walmart Removes Guns for Fear Mobs Will Loot Stores and Shoot People

Tuesday, October 27, 2020


We have a really big ice storm going here in Oklahoma. We lost power this morning. On a generator now. Have a few more hours to go before this system moves out.


x-Advisor to Steve Jobs Says Facebook is “Destroying the Very Fabric of Human Relationships”

x-British PM: One world government needed to cope with COVID-19

x-Business Partner Tony Bobulinski: Here Are the Politicians Hunter Biden Was Focused on and Why

x-CBS News President says the liberal bias in news is undeniable, and there’s nothing that can be done about it

x-Chicago Bears Coach Has a Message for Kneeling Athletes

X-CIA spook: Trump Is "Exposing The Deep State Like No One Since JFK"

x-Cop to AOC, Pelosi: ‘Defund Your Protection First’

x-DIA analyst who leaked classified material to reporters sentenced to 30 months in prison

x-eBay Execs Charged With Cyberstalking in Bizarre and Terrifying Plot to Silence Online Critics

x-FBI Lawyer James Baker, Who Played Key Role In Probe Of Trump Campaign, hired by Twitter

x-FBI lawyer Kevin Clinesmith pleads guilty in Durham investigation

x-Feminist reveals how abortion, porn are killing culture

x-French PM: Left Has Abandoned Class Warfare in Favour of Race Warfare

x-French President Nicolas Sarkozy Indicted For "Criminal Association" In Libyan Funding Scandal

x-GOP candidate Carly Fiorina endorses Biden, claims he ‘could lead’ on abortion

x-Intel Officials Scramble To Downplay Ratcliffe's Russiagate Releases

x-Joe Biden advisor on Ukraine is Facebook's lead executive on Election Policy

x-Joe Biden staffer lays out the alleged depths of Joe's dementia in anonymous post

x-Judge's Flynn Filing Another Example Of "Irregularity" In The Age Of Rage

x-Mexico Defense Minister Arrested On Drug Trafficking Charges By DEA

X-MI6 Boss Says COVID-19 Manmade, Escaped From Chinese Lab

x-NASA astronaut becomes first woman to reach Earth's deepest point

x-NSA Tech Chief: CIA Fabricated Russiagate "Evidence"

x-NYPD Commissioner: I've Seen Hunter's Hard Drive; the Bidens 'Belong in Handcuffs'

x-Obama officials embedded in corporations supporting Black Lives Matter radicals

x-Obama speechwriter one of the questioners at Biden's Town Hall

x-Planned Parenthood director Abby Johnson describes brutal reality of abortion during RNC speech

x-President of Poland says Hunter Biden profited off his father's name despite Joe's claims otherwise

x-Social Security Senior Officials Beg Biden: Please Stop Lying About Social Security

x-Trump adviser breaks silence on Russia probe: Iran deal basis for #Obamagate

x-Twitter CEO Dick Costolo Threatens To Put Capitalists Up Against A Wall And Murder Them

x-UK Deputy and anti-Trump Prime Minister ‘Involved’ In Facebook Censorship of Biden Story

x-US Ambassador Accuses China Of Trying To 'Cover Up' Wuhan COVID-19 Outbreak

x-VA Staffer Admits To Killing Seven Elderly Vets Using Insulin

x-Vatican doctrine head: Vote for ‘good Protestant’ over ‘bad Catholic’

x-White House doctor says Biden lacks ‘mental capacity’ for presidency

Monday, October 26, 2020

10/26 - WATCHING . . .

Earth watch:

CO: Cameron Peak Fire became largest in Colorado's history

GULF COAST: Tropical Storm "Zeta" forms in the Caribbean Sea, moving toward Yucatan and U.S. Gulf Coast

OR: The Gales Creek fault is a new dangerous earthquake threat for Portland, Oregon … And there may be many more underground

OR: Yet another warning that makes it clear that we should all be bracing for a major seismic event along the west coast

TX: Jellyfish are washing up by the thousands on a Texas beach and wildlife experts aren’t sure why

DENMARK: 2½ million minks culled Denmark after coronavirus is found on 63 fur farms

GLOBAL: Sharp increase in natural disasters over the past 20 years

JAPAN: Fukushima To Dump 1 Million Tons Of Radioactive Water Into Pacific


Economic watch:

15 signs that America’s economic depression is accelerating as we head toward the Holiday Season

The economic implosion of 2020: Job losses ramp up again as millions of Americans continue to slide into poverty

Goodbye Middle Class: Half Of All American Workers Made Less Than $34,248.45 Last Year

Nearly Half Of Small Business Owners Expect To Close Down Permanently

Next Up: Global Depression

Putting 2020’s $10-Trillion-Plus COVID “Stimulus” In Perspective – From Ultra-Deflation To Hyper-Inflation

Rosenberg: We Are In A Depression

So Donald Trump just got Joe Biden to admit that he wants to ban the entire U.S. oil industry . . .

Survey finds that one out of every five Americans could be out of money “by Election Day”


Election watch:

Biden campaign calls a lid -- no more in-person campaigning until election!

Big Tech Panicking – Trump’s Grassroots MAGA Army Working Around Platform Controls

The big Trump rallies you don't see

Byron York: Media Ignore Spontaneous Trump Rallies

Can’t you see I’m tryin to learn edition? Top 20 Bad Blue Tweets

Crashing NBA ratings predict Trump win

The Data in Michigan Should Have Democrats in a Panic

‘Democrats Have Lost Their Minds’: Ben Shapiro Explains Why He’ll Vote For Donald Trump In 2020 For The First Time

Even Ivanka draws a bigger crowd than Kamala

Here are 3 reasons why very few experts are trusting the national polls that show Biden with a huge lead over Trump

Is A Trump 'Surprise' Victory In The Offing?

Kim Klacik Outraises Democrat Opponent in Baltimore

Lifelong Democrat Dov Hikind: Why I Am Voting For Donald Trump In 2020 - VIDEO

The New York Post endorses President Donald J. Trump for re-election

Pelosi: Trump 'delusional' if he thinks Republicans can win the House in 2020

Prager U Video: 3 Things You Should Think About Before You Vote

Texas Reloaded - Greatest joint campaign ad in history

“Today, I went to a Trump rally” In Democrat Majority Greenwich, Ct. “I wanted to see one up close for myself…and it was an eye-opening experience”

The Voters Deserve to Know Now

Will The AMISH PAC Swing Pennsylvania and Ohio For Trump?