Friday, September 25, 2020


Feinstein Caught On Camera Bullying Murkowski

"I Was Never An 'Evil Monster' Until You Decided That I Was..."

"Let Me Explain What Happens Next..." - A Reader Sums It All Up Very Ominously

No mercy for leftists: Fill Ruth Bader Ginsburg's seat now

The left threatens death, destruction, and fire if POTUS fills the open SCOTUS seat

New Flynn Document Dump Poses Huge Trouble for Dems

Secret Report Exposes CIA's Brennan Overruled Dissenting Analysts Who Concluded Russia Favored Hillary

This Is Probably Why Joe Biden Called It A Day Before 10 AM Yesterday...And Hunter Might Be the Reason.

Trump Blames Democrat ‘War on Cops’ for Shooting of Kentucky Police Officers

‘Trump Was Right’: Explosive New FBI Texts Detail Internal Furor Over Handling Of ‘Crossfire Hurricane’ Investigation


The War of All Men Against All Men

Washington and Lee University wants to teach students to overthrow the state

We Are Not Alone! World Leaders Endorse President and Peacemaker Donald Trump

'We Hope They Die!' - BLM Protesters Celebrate Shooting of Two LA County Deputies, Block Hospital Entrances

We’ll Always Have Portland for Riot Videos: The Gift That Keeps on Giving

We’ve Spent Four Years Dealing With Allegations From a Russia Disinformation Campaign

Where Is Joe’s SCOTUS List? --Kurt Schlichter

Woodward Book Exposes General James Mattis' Plot To Overthrow The US Government

Weeping and gnashing of teeth over losing Ginsburg seat

With Ruth Bader Ginsburg’s death, America’s soul will be defined over abortion

White supremacy is more dangerous than COVID, China or Antifa claims DHS

WHO admits that polio vaccine-derived viruses currently cause new polio outbreaks in Africa

Woke Means Broke — the Impact of Cultural Marxism on Pro Sports

Woke Walmart Introduces Pronoun Buttons For Workers

Woman Identifying as a Man Protests the Unfairness of Females Refusing to Date Her: ‘Why Do Women Vanish When I Tell Them…?’

Woman who tried to be male accuses doctor of lying about ‘transition’ impact

Woman yells ‘Hail Satan’ at pro-life students peacefully praying

The word "woman" is now a transphobic word

Women at ‘Women’s March’ stumped when asked to define ‘woman’

Women don't have vaginas but men do says Human Rights Campaign

Women Always Have To Pick Up The Check For Democrats

Women Hold ‘Hair Dryer’ Protest Outside Nancy Pelosi’s Home

Women don't have to wear bikini tops on the beaches of France but must wear masks

Womens' Rights Attorney Lisa Bloom: Yes, Biden Is A Rapist But I Endorse Him

World Economic Forum: LGBT inclusion will determine cities’ ‘post-pandemic success’

World Stocks Storm To Record High As Traders "Believe All Will Be OK With The Coronavirus Situation"

The Worldwide Lockdown May Be the Greatest Mistake in History -- Dennis Prager

The Worst Impeachment in History

WSJ Editorial Board: 'Team Obama Spied on Trump Officials and Tried to Conceal It'

Thursday, September 24, 2020


Earth watch:

The huge Bobcat Fire burns more than 113,000 acres and threatens 1,000 homes in Los Angeles County and is only 38% contained!

West Coast wildfires continue to rage with 11 states reporting 87 large fires

Scientists warn Seattle could be hit by giant tsunami if Cascadia earthquake strikes Pacific Ocean

Scientists Have Warned That A 400 Foot Tsunami Could Hit The East Coast If An Asteroid Hit The Atlantic Ocean

Scores of temperature records smashed as cold blast sweeps through Eastern U.S.

Water shortages in US West likelier and spreading faster than previously thought


Sky watch:

AUG 18: Asteroid Unexpectedly Makes The Closest Pass Of Earth On Record

AUG 27: Amateur astronomer discovers potentially hazardous near-Earth kilometer-size asteroid

SEPT 25: Two asteroids set to cross Earth’s orbit just hours apart while another Great Pyramid-sized space rock barrels our way

If NASA Couldn’t See The Asteroid That Just Whizzed By Us, What Else Can’t They See?

Several asteroids have had close calls with earth in 2020

RARE and spooky FULL MOON on Halloween will be visible to the entire world and not for just parts of it

Mysterious “Object A” (2020-063G) left in orbit by China’s ‘Spaceplane’ baffles astronomers

The Sun “Has Gone Into Lockdown”, And This Strange Behavior Could Make Global Food Shortages Much Worse

Don’t let Solar Minimum fool you! Solar Superstorms Can Also Explode During Quiet Phase of the 11-Year Solar Cycle as Shown by The Solar Minimum Superstorm of 1903

Astronomers Discover Four Never-Before-Seen Circular Radio Objects In Deep Space

Deep-space radiation reaching a percentage point of Space Age maximum

Scientists reveal biggest 3D map ever of the universe

Wednesday, September 23, 2020

9/23 - WHY?

Why America Is in Real Danger - Dennis Prager

Why Is America Being Hit By So Many Horrific Natural Disasters All Of A Sudden?

Why Won't Biden Condemn Antifa or BLM Violence?

Why Trump Doesn’t Just 'Send In the Troops'

Why Does Amazon Blacklist Conservatives and Christians?

Why Are Female High Profile Democrats So Miserable, Angry And Hate-Filled?

Why Are Medical Authorities Playing Games With COVID Treatments?

Why Is The Media Suppressing Information About Hydroxychloroquine’s Effectiveness Against COVID?

Why is Big Tech censoring doctors who have personally treated COVID-19 patients?

Why would the FDA ban a drug that safely saves the lives of patients?

Why Aren’t We Allowed To Talk About George Soros’s Plan To Remake America?

Why We Are Facing The Biggest Election Nightmare In Modern American History No Matter Who Ends Up Winning

Why Silicon Valley is doing all it can to help the Biden-Harris ticket -- Tucker

Why It Should Matter that Kamala Harris Is Not a Natural Born Citizen

Why the Obama intelligence assessment on Russia collusion is under investigation

Why Is The Mainstream Media Signaling That A Much Larger Stock Market Decline Is Coming?

Why The U.S. Economy Would Continue To Crash Even If All The Lockdowns Were Lifted Immediately

Why Did Dem. Governors Place COVID-Positive Patients Back in Nursing Homes?

Why is There so Little Coverage of Nursing Home Fiascos?

Why I Am Suing CNN -- Dershowitz

Why Texas is in trouble

Why the Left is Weaponizing Science

Why This Ex-Never Trumper Wants Four More Years

Why The Pelosi Wuhan Virus ‘Deal’ Is A Near-Total GOP Surrender For Blue-Collar Entrepreneurs

Why Supreme Court Nominations Have Become a Matter of Life and Death

Why character assassination is no longer enough for the Left

Why the Democrats are fuming over Pompeo’s RNC speech from Jerusalem

Why The Iran-China Oil Alliance Is So Important

Tuesday, September 22, 2020

9/22 - HOW?

How Bill Gates Controls Global Messaging and Censorship

How do they dump Biden?

How Black Lives Matter’s Hatred Of The Family Feeds Its Desire For Revolution

How to Explain to Your Kids Why Social Justice Warriors Hate Christians So Much

How Can Gov’t Function If It Can’t Make People Do Things They Believe Will Damn Their Souls?

How China Is Building and Bugging Government Offices In African Nations

How A New Asian Alliance Will Press The West’s Advantages Against China

How To Deal With China - "Made In America"

How One Coronavirus Mutation Helped The Virus Conquer The Globe

How COVID-19 Is Changing Americans' Shopping Habits

How COVID-19 Is Forcing Americans Into Early Retirement

How The COVID-19 Lockdowns Will Increase Resentment Of The Elderly

How Dr. Fauci’s fraudulent pandemic advice put millions of Americans through hell

How Defunding The Police Endangers American Lives, Liberty, And Property

How the Democrat Establishment Assimilated the Enviro-Radicals

How About Democrats Pay KKK Reparations to Black Republicans?

How Elon Musk’s Neuralink microchip will be introduced in your brain

How Feminism Helped Erase Female Biology

How Huxley's X-Club Created Nature Magazine and Sabotaged Science For 150 Years

How The Media Is Inadvertently Reelecting Donald Trump

How Michael Flynn Got Caught In The Crossfire Between Two Obama Agencies Looking To Get Trump

How New York Turned Nursing Homes Into 'Slaughter Houses'

How Governor Andrew Cuomo’s Policies Have Created Financial Havoc for Nursing Home Workers

How Republican Wunderkind Became Democrat Darling at the Chamber of Commerce

How "Silence Is Violence" Is The Ultimate Expression Of Entitlement

How Susan Rice’s Role in the Rwandan Genocide Predicted Obamagate

How Our Anti-American Education System Made Riots Inevitable

How Universities Inject Toxic Anti-Americanism Into Students

How and Why Muslims Delude Themselves about Islam

Monday, September 21, 2020


Alex Vindman Claims To Love The Constitution He Keeps Trying To Destroy

Ayaan Hirsi Ali Responds to Ilhan Omar's Call for 'Dismantling' US 'System of Oppression'

Ben Shapiro Nails the Argument About Trump and ‘Morality’

Bill Ayers, Weather Underground Terrorist, Suggests the Civil War Has Already Begun

Bill Barr Disembowels the Media In New Exclusive Interview

Bob Woodward Admits his Anti-Trump Bias on National TV

Brian Stelter Appeared On CSPAN, Caller Wrecks Him Live On Air

Candace Owens: #BLM Movement ‘Is About Black Anarchy – And, I Will Never Bend a Knee to That’

Carpe Donktum responds to the ImVotingForJoe Video

Carter Page Shows How The Left Will Ruin Patriots To Get Power

Catherine Engelbrecht of True The Vote Outlines an Election Warning

Charlize Theron Hails the Importance of Her Transgender 7-Year-Old’s Pronouns as Hollywood Embraces the Sexually Malleable Child

Chuck Schumer’s Words Come Back to Bite Him on Appointing RBG’s Replacement

David Daleiden sues Planned Parenthood for Defamation

Devin Nunes on Why Kamala Harris Is 'Unqualified' to Be Vice President

Gavin Newsom Signs Bill Reducing Penalties for Sodomy with Minors

George Takei: ‘Scientifically Ignorant’ to ‘Defend So-Called Biological Sex’

Hunter Biden Is "Riding The Dragon": Bombshell Film Explores Shady Deals With China's Military

Igor Danchenko and a 34 Month Long DOJ/FBI Cover-Up Operation

Jeff Bezos Scolds Amazon Customer for Saying ‘All Lives Matter’

Jesse Watters Destroys Biden's Attempt To Brand Civil Unrest 'Trump Riots'

Jim Caviezel Rebukes Christian Fence-Sitters in Inspired Interview

Jim Jordan laid out the best-ever explanation of the seditious plot to spy on Trump's campaign and take down his presidency

John Solomon And Co-Author Extend Obamagate Back To Uranium One

Kayleigh McEnany Puts Nancy Pelosi's Black Market Blow-Out on Blast at WH Briefing

Keith Ellison Doesn’t Think Police Should Respond To Rape Cases

Matt Walsh destroys transgenderism in less than a minute

Megyn Kelly rebukes Kamala Harris over Jacob Blake: How About Blake’s Victim?

Newt Gingrich Puts Kamala Harris In a No-Win Situation Over Amy Coney Barrett

Nick Sandmann encourages Americans to unite around Trump who calls out MSM

Peter Schweizer: The Biden Campaign Is Hiding Kamala Harris–Here’s Why

Ron Paul Fears 'Fedcoin': A New Scheme For Tyranny And Poverty

Tim Scott Explains There Were Witnesses During Impeachment, Gets Attacked With Slur, Has Best Response

Tom Cotton Summarizes the Stakes of 2020

Tom Fitton calls for a criminal investigation of the Mueller team

Tucker Carlson rips the mask off the Democrat party

Friday, September 18, 2020


The Wages of Promiscuous Sex is Death

The Wages of Trump Derangement

"Wake Up! America's At Risk Of Being Lost" -- General Michael Flynn

Walgreens Drags Down Dow As Q2 Sales Slump; Company Cuts 4,000 Jobs

Walmart Now Sells Used Clothing As Unemployment Nears Great Depression Levels

Walmart replaces all cashiers with self-checkout in one store — and they may roll it out all over the country

Walter Williams Exposes The True Plight Of Black Americans

WaPo writer can't figure out why Trump supporters won't talk to her

The War for Free Speech is Here

A Warning to Deep State: AG Barr Explains What a Healthy Justice Department Is – Then Slips In What He Really Thinks about Obama and the Mueller Gang

WARNING: Top 1% Farmer Voices His Concerns About The Coming Food Crisis

Washington passes far-left sex ed plan promoting promiscuity, LGBT, abortion

Watch What Happened When Biden Thought the Cameras Stopped Rolling During CNN Town Hall

Watergate vs. Obamagate and That Susan Rice Email

We Are In The Midst Of The Worst Drug Crisis In American History (pre-COVID article)

We Are In The Process Of Completely Losing America

We Are Witnessing Economic Carnage Like We Have Never Seen Before, And The Economy Is Going To Continue To Bleed Jobs

'We can't rely on foreign sources': Trump administration awards US generics producer $354M contract

We Haven’t Seen Political Violence Like This in America Since… the Civil War

'We Hope They Die!' Black Lives Matter mob blocks emergency room for L.A. County Sheriff’s deputies gunned down Saturday night

We must stop importing medication from China

We Now Know What Happened In the Moments Leading Up to Floyd's Death

We Should Mourn For What Is Happening To America

“Wealth Transfer Is Exactly What’s Needed” – BET Founder Calls for $14 Trillion in Reparations to 42 Million African American Including a $350,767 One-Time Payment

Weird purple thing lying like crazy

Welcome to Mogadishu, Minnesota

We're Not All In This Together

West Nile Virus Has Killed Millions of U.S. Birds, Is Lethal for Humans and Is Increasing Again… A new Pandemic Ahead?

When asked, Trump zeroes in on what made Liz Warren lose

When Governments Switched Their Story From "Flatten The Curve" To "Lockdown Until Vaccine"

When It Comes To Economic Suffering, Some Parts Of The U.S. Are Feeling It Far More Than Others

While Social Unrest Rages On, COVID Still Killing American Small Businesses

Whistleblower steps forward to expose how Carter Page was targeted as basis for wiretapping Trump campaign and Gen. Flynn targeted for destruction

WHO Advisory Committee Member Retweets (Then Deletes) Michael Moore Clip Endorsing Anti-Trump Violence

WHO Washes Its Hands of Any Responsibility for the Coronavirus Pandemic

Witches and Satanists for Biden

With Herman Cain’s death, Maxine Waters again shows her mean lack of class

With his tweets about Scarborough's intern, Trump set a trap for Twitter

Wisconsin Lawmakers to Illinois: We're Not Bailing Out States With History of 'Reckless Budgeting'

A World of Corruption - Last Trumpet Newsletter

A World Under Siege By Disaster And Disease - Last Trumpet Newsletter

Wuhan's fingerprints are also all over the opioid epidemic

Thursday, September 17, 2020

9/16 - BY THE 1000s

By the 1000s:

1K Georgians Voted Twice In The State’s June 9 Primary

1K+ Shootings This Year in Mayor de Blasio’s New York City

1.2K Public Health Experts Advocate Mass Gatherings Because "White Supremacy" Is Bigger Threat Than COVID-19

1.4K Refugees to U.S. from Travel Ban Countries in 2019

6.1K Military Dead from Coronavirus, claims Joe Biden (actual number? 7)

7.7K Media Jobs Slashed This Year

9.3K Stores Closed Across US In 2019

25.1K Felony Cases Dropped by Chicago Prosecutor Kim Foxx

30K more registered voters than eligible voters in Detroit

30K reports of poop to authorities in San Francisco

50K Earthquakes in Alaska Last Year! 2019 Finishes as the Second Highest Year on Record!

50K People Who Died In America From Coronavirus Were In Nursing Homes

100K Mail-In Votes Went Uncounted In California’s Primary

100K Oil And Gas Jobs Lost

223K Mail-In Ballots Bounced as ‘Undeliverable’ in Recent Primary Election in Las Vegas

338K Customers Stopped Paying Phone Bill During Pandemic

400K Anchor Babies Born in 2019, Exceeding U.S. Births in 48 States

600K Mink Killed in Dutch Fur Farm to Eradicate Coronavirus Spread

860K Americans Filed For First-Time Jobless Benefits Last Week

1000s of ‘Black Trans Lives Matter’ Protesters Gathered Outside Brooklyn Museum in June as Gov. Cuomo Threatened Party Goers in the Hamptons ‘Violating Social Distancing’

1000s Of Churches Are About To Defy Lockdown Orders. It’s About Time

1000s Of Default Notices Are "Flying Out The Door"

1000s Of Dutch COVID-19 Survivors Likely Have Permanent Lung Damage According To Top Pulmonologist


By the 1000s of dollars:

$1K a month by San Fran mayor London BREED to black women if they will get pregnant

$1K fine for Californians using more than 55 gallons of water per day

$83K per Month Salary for Hunter Biden from Burisma

$100K to Planned Parenthood from "Price Is Right" in matching donation with RuPaul

$600K from Ilhan Omar to her new husband in July

$700K Paid To The Husband Of A House Judiciary Committee Democrat by a Ukrainian Oligarch

Wednesday, September 16, 2020


Watching Israel and the Middle East:

Behind the scenes of the U.S.-brokered Israel-Bahrain agreement

‘The dawn of a new Middle East’: UAE, Bahrain, Israel Sign Historic Peace Accords

Israel and Morocco Will Establish Direct Flights Between Their Countries Soon

Joel Rosenberg: Israel-UAE peace deal 'a big deal'

One little clause in the UAE-Bahrain-Israel Peace deals has quietly handed over the Al Aqsa compound to the Jews

The “Peace Agreement” That Israel Just Signed Is Another Huge Step Toward A Palestinian State

Trump Gets ANOTHER Arab Country to Establish Diplomatic Relations With Israel

Trump Literally Gives Netanyahu the 'Key to the White House'

Iran, Hamas And Islamic Jihad Call For ‘Uprising’ After UAE-Israel Deal


Some more news numbers:

50 Numbers From 2019 That Are Almost Too Crazy To Believe

50+ Questions No Reporter Dares Ask Joe Biden And His Campaign

50 Things You Should Get Right Now To Prepare For The Chaotic Events Of The Next 12 Months

50 Tips From the Great Depression

52 sick patients killed in Australia in first 6 months of new assisted suicide law

59 Chinese Apps Including TikTok Over "Privacy and Sovereignty" Violations banned in India

62 leaks threatened national security in early days of Trump administration

62 Nations Back Australia’s Demand for Chinese Coronavirus Probe

70 Obama holdovers from NSC

75 Preppers and what they learned during the lockdown

75 Trump Achievements

83 Tons Of Fake Gold Bars: Gold Market Rocked By Massive China Counterfeiting Scandal

85 Lies, Contradictions, Oddities, and Unusual Occurrences in General Michael Flynn's case

90 Virginia Counties, Municipalities Declared 2A Sanctuaries

95 celebs who declared Kavanaugh guilty give Joe Biden a pass

98 "Long-Term" COVID-19 Symptoms Including Baldness

98 Turn Out for Biden Town Hall in Iowa; Protester Takes Microphone

183 Monuments Ruined Since Protests Began, And Counting

200 Looters Stole $100,000 Worth of Goods from Tampa Walmart

328 Chinese Nabbed Trying To Enter U.S. Illegally At Southern Border

Tuesday, September 15, 2020


1 intelligence analysis offers some hope for November

2 Nobel Peace Prize nominations for President Trump

3 Crucial Breakdowns In Journalistic Standards That Explain The Atlantic’s Trump Political Hit Piece

8 Big Lies that Disqualify Biden

10 Great Deceptions Designed to Destroy the Republic

10 Miles Of Cars Line Up For Trump — And A Raucous Night In Small Town America

11 Facts That Prove That The Apocalyptic Wildfires On The West Coast Are Unlike Anything We Have Ever Seen Before

17 Facts That Prove The U.S. Economy Is A Complete And Total Disaster Zone At This Point

19 Non-Citizens Charged with Voting in 2016 Election in Swing State

20 Reasons why modern women are so unstable and miserable

20 States Force Taxpayers To Foot Bill For Transgender Surgery

20 Times Leftists Went Berserk On Campus In 2019

20 Unanswered Questions about the George Floyd Protests

21 US bases in Middle East targeted by Iran

23 Questions Joe Biden Needs To Answer About China

24 Voices That Are Warning America About What Is Coming, And Most Of Them Are Being Censored And Persecuted

25 Ridiculous Democrat Moments of 2019

27 Problems With Media’s Latest Failed Attack On Attorney General William Barr

28 North Koreans Charged In Sweeping Conspiracy To Launder $2.5 Billion For Nuclear Program

30 Illegals Raped or Sexually Assaulted 77 Kids in North Carolina just in OCT 2018 - National Media Blackout!

32 Bloomberg Bans as Mayor of NYC

32 Misinformation Schemes Used By Wall Street, Corporate America, and The Media

33 Examples Of Twitter's Anti-Conservative Bias

33 Russia collusion probe witnesses who could be subpoenaed in the Senate

35 Key People Involved In The Russia Hoax Who Need To Be Investigated

40 Privacy Groups Warn That Facial Recognition Is Threatening Democracy

41 Of 44 Districts With Highest COVID-19 Death Tolls are represented by Democrats

Monday, September 14, 2020


Pastor David Wilkerson claimed that he was not a prophet but a watchman on the wall.

I am not a prophet, and I refuse to allow anyone to put that tag on me. But I am a watchman. Just one of many in this nation who now warn Americans to get ready for persecution and judgment. -Racing Toward , 1976

GG note: NYC is not there yet, but there seems to be some clear warning signs in various headlines.


Wilkerson warned bankruptcy is coming to NYC:

The Fall of New York City:

New York City faces economic and social disaster! The sword of judgment hanging over that city will fall suddenly. Overnight changes will happen -- changes never known to the American mind. Bankruptcy will happen! A temporary reprieve will falter. Short-range encouraging signs will be swallowed up in lightninglike events that will bring on bankruptcy. America's queen city will declare bankruptcy.

Trust in your money and down you go! Trust in God and flourish a tree! (Proverbs 11:28 LB)

All your greedy businessmen, all your loan sharks -- all will die. (Zephaniah 1:11 LB) --Racing Toward Judgment, 1976

Gov. Andrew Cuomo Worries That Wealthy New York City Residents Won't Return; projected budget shortfall, as a result, is $2.3 billion

Andrew Cuomo Begs Rich Hedge Funders Fleeing NYC: "Please Come Back"

New Yorkers, Crushed By Pandemic, See $336 Billion In Personal Wealth Evaporate

NYC Commercial Real Estate Sales Plummet 54% To Lowest On Record

Real Estate Collapse: In Q2, A Record 44 NYC Neighborhoods Closed Fewer Than Five Deals

New York City's MTA Crisis Could Be "Catastrophic" For Housing Market

New York Landlords Beg Businesses: "Return To Work And Save The City's Economy!"

When Half Of NYC’s Tax Base Leaves And Never Comes Back

"Ghost Town": Shocking Dystopian Video Of NYC Shows An Abandoned And Boarded Up 5th Avenue


Wilkerson warned "murder is coming to Manhattan":

Murder in Manhattan:

There will be violence everywhere. Unheard-of-violence. Unbelievable violence. Unnecessary violence. Uncontrollable violence. The violence that has been seething beneath the surface for years will explode. No city street will be safe. Teen gangs will once again erupt with unparalleled waves of violence. The aftermath of it all is an outbreak of raping, murdering and burning. God's judgment will not be recognized or accepted. Men will curse God, and a spirit of lust and greed will overtake millions. An Antichrist spirit will spread like terminal cancer.

And I will bring distress upon men, that they shall walk like blind men, because they have sinned against the Lord: and their blood shall be poured out as dust, and their flesh as dung. (Zephaniah 1:17 KJV) --Racing Toward Judgment, 1976

After Mayor de Blasio Disbands Anti-Crime Unit, Shootings in New York Skyrocket

Crime Spike Hits Ultra-Wealthy Neighborhood

Escape From New York: Wealthy Residents Flee In Droves As The City Degenerates Into A Hellhole

Nearly 300 NYPD Officers File for Retirement as Violent Crime Surges

Over 30 Shot, 10 Killed, as Violence Surges in de Blasio’s NYC (JULY 27)

49 People Shot In NYC In 72 Hour Period (AUG 17)

NYC Man Shot to Death While Walking Dog as City’s Shooting Surge Continues

Joe Biden Supporters March, Threaten, Trash Restaurants and Businesses in New York, cause thousands of dollars in damage

Black Bloc Antifa March Through NYC’s Chinatown With “Death To America” Banner (video)

Murder Up 50% In NYC In August

NYC August 2020 Shootings More than Double August 2019

NY Mayor Bill de Blasio Defunded Police. More New Yorkers Keep Dying For It.

NYC Pushes $1.1 Billion Cut To NYPD Budget as Demonstrations rage

BLM Activists Block GW Bridge, Surround Police Precinct in NYC

Cuomo, De Blasio Go After Jewish Weddings, Cheer Black Lives Matter Riots

Massive Surge In Crime With Ongoing Riots And Looting Causing New Yorkers To Flee The City In Droves


GG question: If Pastor Wilkerson was right about the fall of NYC and murder would skyrocket in Manhattan, shouldn't we be prayerful that he also saw the greatest earthquake the US has ever seen coming to the US and that the Russians would attack the US with a nuclear barrage, most likely during our "worst natural disaster"?

GG note: My missionary friend, Robert, who recently died of COVID-19, also read and listed to David Wilkerson and thought these WILKERSON WARNINGS posts were important reminders that America would someday pay a heavy price for her abandonment of God and His Word. This post is dedicated to him.

Friday, September 11, 2020


Val-Jar: International Gal of Mockery

VAST MAJORITY of Americans Believe Deep State Broke the Law Working Against Trump in Election – Even Larger Majority Say Criminal Deep State Hacks Will Likely Walk Free

Venezuelan Socialism Victims Sound The Alarm - "Bernie Sanders is your enemy!"

Venom from honeybees kills aggressive forms of breast cancer

Vermont Lawmakers Propose Bill to Legalize Prostitution

Vernon Jones (Dem. State Rep. GA) Introducing Bill to Make Attacking Trump Supporters a ‘Hate Crime’

Vernon Jones Calls For Investigation Into Mob That Harassed Him, Others Outside White House

Veteran Virologist Slams Mainstream Media's "Misinformation" About An Effective COVID Treatment

VICE Magazine Interviewed Antifa Alleged Antifa Murder Suspect From Portland – Did Not Notify Police Or Attempt To Turn Him In

"The View" co-host insults black Trump supporters as nothing but props
(GG: Just another Leftist saying out loud, like Joe Biden, that if blacks aren't on the Democrat plantation, then "they ain't black.")

The Vindman Caper: Lee Zeldin and Victor Davis Hanson Nail the Obama-Fomented Subterfuge in the National Security Council

Vindman is Not Enough - Sebastian Gorka

Vindman, Not Whistleblower, Was Driving Force Behind Impeachment

Violent Crime More Important to Voters Than Black Lives Matter

Violent Leftist Who Was Caught on Tape Destroying and Spitting on UCSC GOP Display Booth Is Identified as Queer Activist

Violent Leftists at Ohio University Mob ‘Gun Girl’ Kaitlin Bennett As She Attempted to Conduct Interviews

Violent Riots Will Continue Unless You Vote Democrat claims Joe Biden

Viral Video From Baltimore Illustrates an Advancing Disease More Deadly Than COVID

Virginia Shipyard Worker Fired Over Trump 2020 Hat

Virologist Explains His Quest To Track Down The Origin Of COVID-19

Virtue-Signaling In America Reaches Unprecedented Heights

Virus Almost Identical to Corona Found in Abandoned Mine Seven Years Ago

The Voice Behind Many Bestselling Books On Tape Is Actually A Serial Killer

Voice of America, or Voice of the 'Mullahs in Iran'?

Vote for 'Traditional Plan' on sexuality credited for reduced giving

Thursday, September 10, 2020

9/10 - WATCHING . . .

West Coast under siege:

California’s wildfires are creating giant lightning-filled volcanic eruption clouds in California

California's wildfires are "historic" and record breaking

California's wildfires have burned 2 million acres, surpassing all-time record set in 2018

Unprecedented Wildfires Have Turned Skies Bright Orange And Blood Red Over California And Oregon

'Unprecedented' wildfires force evacuations and emergency responses throughout Oregon


White House under siege:

Group behind ‘Occupy Wall Street’ planning 50-day ‘White House Siege’ through Election Day

Canadian Communists At ‘AdBusters’ Release Material For Planned “White House Siege” Featuring White House In Flames


Election 2020 under siege:

If you would not put $1000 cash in an envelope and hand it to someone you do not know and trust that person to deliver it to the person you want it delivered to, then why on earth would you hand your ballot to that same someone you do not know and trust them to deliver it to another person to count it accurately and honestly? I am voting in person. Keep in mind, if Joe Biden wins this election, our corrupt and dishonest media will announce the pandemic over. If Donald J. Trump wins, the pandemic will go on another 4 years.

Armies Of Lawyers Are Ready To Fight A Long Legal Battle Over The Election Results

Bloomberg-Funded Group: Trump May Win Election Night, But Joe Biden Will Win Days Later Due to Mail-in Votes

Dem Operative Reveals How He Fixed Mail-In Ballots Over Decades

Dem operative spills the beans on how Democrats steal elections through mail-in voting

Google, Twitter plotting ‘wholesale suppression’ of Trump supporters, insider claims

Nancy Pelosi, Next President Of The United States?

New Narrative Being Pushed: Trump Will Lead Big On Election Night, But Biden Will Eventually Win Because Of Mail-In Ballots

Rasmussen Reports noticed something very fishy about polling

Six Democratic States File Lawsuit Against USPS For "Impeding Free and Fair Elections"


Dreams of America under siege:

“Something Big Is Coming”: Pastor Dana Coverstone Just Had Another Prophetic Dream About The Month Of September

And something even bigger in November

What Pastor Dana Coverstone Was Just Shown About The Statue Of Liberty Shook Him To The Core – Everyone Needs To Hear This!

God’s Messenger: ‘Meteor to strike after Oct 31 prompting subsequent nuclear strikes on 27 major cities’

Wednesday, September 9, 2020


Pastor David Wilkerson claimed that he was not a prophet but a watchman on the wall.

I am not a prophet, and I refuse to allow anyone to put that tag on me. But I am a watchman. Just one of many in this nation who now warn Americans to get ready for persecution and judgment. --Racing Toward, 1976



The rioting and demonstrating, the looting and unrest of the sixties are now history. But the riots are not over. Another wave is coming. This time I see Puerto Ricans, Cubans and Mexicans deeply involved. The coming economic confusion will ignite another round of demonstrations, riots, and civil disorder. . . . I am convinced that the worst is yet to come. --The Vision, 1973

America’s Major Cities Are Being Turned Into War Zones, And It Is Not Going To End In November

AP Reporter Describes Being Inside Portland’s Besieged Courthouse With US Marshals While 4,000 Rioters Attack

As Kenosha & Minneapolis Burn, Millions Of Americans Buy Guns

BLM Burns Down Kenosha — A City of 100,000 — With Police and National Guard Deployed

Rioters In Kenosha Destroyed A Statue Of A Dilophosaurus At A Dinosaur Museum (Avenging the death of Dennis Nedry)

BLM: “Every city, every town, burn the precincts, to the ground!"

BLM: BLM Chicago Leader Defends Looting: ‘That Is Reparations’

Data: 48 of America’s 50 Largest Cities Hit By Black Lives Matter Riots

The Formula for Civil Unrest Edition - Top 20 Bad Blue Tweets

National Guard Deployed To Kenosha Wisconsin Amid Rioting

NYC: Bernard Kerik: Over 300 NYPD Officers Injured in Riots, 600 Consider Resigning

NYC: NYPD Pulls Officers From District Attorney’s Offices After They Decline To Prosecute Rioters

The Racial Violence that Erupted in Obama’s and Biden’s America

Riot-Ravaged Minneapolis Businesses Can't Rebuild Because the Insurance Won't Cover It

Suddenly Fear Of Social Unrest Is Everywhere



There will be violence everywhere. Unheard-of-violence. Unbelievable violence. Unnecessary violence. Uncontrollable violence. The violence that has been seething beneath the surface for years will explode. No city street will be safe. Teen gangs will once again erupt with unparalleled waves of violence. The aftermath of it all is an outbreak of raping, murdering and burning. God's judgment will not be recognized or accepted. Men will curse God, and a spirit of lust and greed will overtake millions. An Antichrist spirit will spread like terminal cancer. --Racing Toward Judgment, 1976

CBS Deceptively Edits Barr Interview, Leaving Out Key Details On Violent Riots, Police Oversight

CHICAGO: 59 Shot, 3 Killed, over Weekend in Mayor Lightfoot’s Chicago (JULY 27)

Chicago, Portland, Baltimore – The Things We Have Been Warned About Are Now Starting To Happen Everywhere

Column: Something grows in the big cities run by Democrats: An overwhelming sense of lawlessness (Chicago Tribune, John Kass, July 22, 2020, not linked)

#DefundThePolice Fantasy Crushing Minorities, Inspiring Lawlessness

Minneapolis Authorities Warn Residents "Prepare" To Be Robbed and Obey Criminals

Much Worse Is Coming

Murder Increases in 36 of 50 Cities -- And This City Surprisingly Leads the Way

Murders Continue to Surge in Democrat-Controlled Cities

Nolte: School and Church Closings, Anti-Police Movement Blow up U.S. Homicide Rate

Nolte: Violent Crime Explosion Forces Minneapolis Residents to Form Militias

Police 'No-Go Zone' in Area Where George Floyd Died; Violence Spirals Out of Control

Portland Recorded More Homicides In July Than Any Month Over Last 30 Years

Portland, Seattle, Chicago, NYC: No End Of Violence In Sight For Progressive Cities

University Of Minnesota Students See Reported Violent Crime Spike After Cutting Ties With Police Dept

US Cargo Thefts Erupt As Violent Crime Spreads Across America

Friday, September 4, 2020


US Airlines To Burn Through $40 Billion By Year End If No Recovery (pre-COVID article)

US Army Accidentally Reveals New Hypersonic Missile

US archbishop refused to cancel ‘scandalous’ retreat for ‘gay’ clergy

US bishop: ‘climate change’ more deadly than abortion: threatens ‘very future of humanity’

US bishop: Not calling LGBT people ‘from sin’ condemns them to ‘destruction’

US bishops caught funding radical groups supporting riots, calling for ‘death’ to police

The U.S. Cities Mired In The Most Debt (pre-COVID article)

U.S. Court -- Mass surveillance program exposed by Snowden was illegal

U.S. Economy Contracting “At Its Sharpest Pace Since World War Two” And “The Worst Is Yet To Come” (APRIL 17)

The U.S. Economy Will Definitely Not Be Returning To “Normal”. In Fact, Things Will Soon Get Even Worse. (JUNE 10)

U.S. Industrial Production Suffers Worst Crash in 101 Years

US Intel Officially Declared Steele Dossier "Highly Politically Sensitive" and Mostly Uncorroborated

The U.S. Is Caught In An Economic Death Spiral, And One Group Is Being Hit Particularly Hard

U.S. Meat Industry at a Glance

US Moves Patriot Missiles To Iraq - Outraged Baghdad Says "Consequences" Coming After Airstrikes

US Muslim Brotherhood Op Protesting in California, Declares War on Police

US Navy begins construction on ship named in honor of homosexual pederast Harvey Milk

US Navy Is Developing Autonomous Submarines That Can Kill On Their Own

US Navy Now Letting Confused Sailors Define Their Own Gender

U.S. Navy suspends flight training for nearly 300 Saudi students

U.S. Outraged Over Europe’s Refusal to Extend Iran Sanctions

U.S. Pulls $62 Million in Funding From World Health Organization

U.S. Rips U.N. Panel for Ignoring Chinese Human Rights Abuses

US Says Iran's Satellite Launch Program 'Cover' For Nuclear Weapons Delivery

US Senate candidate from Maine uses a guillotine for campaign logo

U.S. Shale Patch Sees Huge Jump In Bankruptcies

US To Remove Patriot Missile Protection From Saudi Arabia Amid Oilpocalypse

U.S. Virgin Islands Want Access To Secret Maxwell Files

US voters warned by priest: ‘You cannot be Catholic and be a Democrat’

U.S. Wants Action After American Facing Blasphemy Charges Shot in Pakistani Courtroom

Where U.S. Troops Are Based In The Middle East

Wednesday, September 2, 2020

9/2 - WATCHING . . .

The Deep State:

The Continued Frameup of General Flynn

FBI Lawyer’s Guilty Plea Suggests Spygate Corruption Goes Way Higher

Judicial Watch: New Strzok-Page Emails Show FBI Investigated President Trump’s Tweets Critical of Obama and FBI

Obama State Department Official Destroyed Records At Christopher Steele's Request

Obama’s CIA Director John Brennan: 'Donald Trump Personifies Political Corruption and Malfeasance’

Ric Grenell Says Leakers Are About to Be Exposed

State Department Illegally Monitored Trump Jr., Hannity, Ingraham, Posobiec And Others From Kiev: FOIA

The Steele Dossier Was “Plan B”


Our deepening food crisis:

Famine of biblical proportions looms over humanity due to Corona

Pandemic Triggers Rapid Food Inflation As Unemployment Remains At Great Depression Levels

Iowa farmers devastated after derecho damages 14 million acres of farmland, grain bins

Drought, Windstorm Plunge Iowa's Corn Industry Into Chaos

Louisiana Food Banks Overwhelmed As Recession And Hurricane Spikes Demand

Buy Lots Of Food And Store It Some Place Safe, Because Very Difficult Times Are Approaching


Earth events:

CA: Fires, Blackouts, a Heat Wave and a Pandemic: California's 'Horrible' Month

CO: Pine Gulch Fire is now the largest wildfire in Colorado history after burning more than 139,000 acres

IA: Iowa’s farmers double blast: First the derecho, now a dramatic drought

LA: Hurricane Laura aftermath videos and photos

YELLOWSTONE: Yellowstone Supervolcano Gases Causing Trees To Die

"Return Of The Dust Bowl? The "Megadrought" In The Southwest Is Really Starting To Escalate

More than 100 000 livestock animals perish as intense snowstorms hit Patagonia, 70 percent of flock at risk

The mysterious South Atlantic Anomaly in Earth’s magnetic field is growing and about to split in two


Some great tweets:


Blind Leading the Blind

Burnin' Down the White House

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The Formula for Civil Unrest

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