Monday, August 31, 2020


Looks like actor Tom Arnold is having a good day:

JUNE 8, 2020: Arnold tells violent leftists they should get guns and go after Trump supporters

AUG 30, 2020: Trump supporter shot and killed by violent leftist in Portland, Trump blamed but not the rioters nor those calling for shooting and killing Trump supporters


2020 Is An Economic Nightmare – And Things Just Got Even Worse

2020's Economic Destruction Due To The State's COVID Response Will Pale In Comparison To What's Coming!

Blain: "The Brutal Reality Of Slowdown Is Becoming Clearer"

"Depression-Like Crisis" Unfolding With No V-Shaped Recovery Until 2023, UCLA Anderson Warns

Economic Collapse Is Imminent If We Can’t Stop Our Deficit Spending Spree

The Economic Depression Of 2020 Is Becoming An Endless Nightmare For Millions Of Americans

Fitch Revises United States Credit Outlook To "Negative"

For First Time Since The Great Depression, Americans Must Wait In Line For The Most Basic Essential Items

Housing Crash 2: We Have Never Seen Mortgage Delinquencies Rise This Fast In U.S. History

Pandemic Triggers Rapid Food Inflation As Unemployment Remains At Great Depression Levels

Russia-China "Dedollarization" Reaches "Breakthrough Moment" As Countries Ditch Greenback For Bilateral Trade

This Global Depression Will Be Brutal – Tens Of Millions Of Americans Can’t Pay Their Bills And Are In Danger Of Eviction

Unstoppable: The Greatest Depression and The Reverse Wealth Effect

The U.S. Economy Hasn’t Experienced Anything Like This Since The Great Depression Of The 1930s

US Q2 GDP Crashes By A Record 32.9%

Friday, August 28, 2020


Pennsylvania Avenue turned into a nightmare last night after President Trump spoke. This should not have happened! Protestors and rioters, angry that there are people in America who support the President, Donald J. Trump, decided to show just how much the Democrats are the "party of tolerance!


The White House and DC last night: A Contrast between Law and Lawlessness

Politico downplays enraged mob surrounding Senator Rand Paul and his wife; Paul's wife sets them straight


Pam Bondi Uses Biden's Own Slogan to Reveal His Corruption

Pandemic Hero’s Game Plan in One Picture

Pandemic, turmoil drives thousands to Christ in Iran

Panic Is Setting In Among Democrats, Desperate Pleas to Biden Begin

Parenting Website: White Privilege Lessons For Your Kids

Parkland Dad: Biden Jeopardizes Kids' Lives

The party that bore false witness against Trump to destroy him should not pretend they care what the Bible says

Party-switchers reveal a profound realignment of America's political parties

Patriot Retort: Let’s give the Convention the Star Trek Treatment

Paul Craig Roberts Asks "Where Did My World Go?"

PBS Reporter Mocks Republican Madison Cawthorn For Standing (He Was Told He’d Never Walk Again)

The Peculiar World of Dr. Fauci

Peer-Reviewed Study Rejects Pangolins As Intermediary Species For COVID-19

Pence Delivers Knock-Out Acceptance Speech

Pending Home Sales Plummet 35% YoY - Biggest Drop Ever As Buyers Forfeit Deposits

The Pentagon promises to use artificial intelligence for good, not evil

People With Dirt On Clintons Have 843% Greater Risk Of Suicide

People Who Have Nothing To Live for Destroy Everything For The Rest Of Us

Perkins Coie Lawyer Michael Sussmann’s Coordinated Leaks to Media and FBI’s James Baker, Likely Came From Steele, Fusion GPS

The Perpetual Crisis: Now The WHO Is Telling Us That COVID-19 “May Never Go Away”

Peter Schiff: People Will Be Wiped Out By The Inflation Tax

Philly Got a Soros DA, Its Murder Rate is the 2nd Highest in the U.S.; Soros killed a lot more black people than the police.

Philly News Editor Ousted After Daring To Question Legitimacy Of Burning The City's Buildings Down

Photo Appears to Show Black Lives Matter Supporters Holding Down and Kneeling on Neck of White Baby

Pigs at the trough: California Assembly wants more for itself at Asian-Americans' expense

Pirates Threaten Oil Operations In Gulf Of Mexico

Plague of Giant Rats Attacks New York City Diners After Corona Famine

Plagues of beetles, spotted lanternflies and Asian longhorned ticks are wiping out forests, crops and livestock around the world

Planned Parenthood officials admit under oath to altering abortions in organ harvesting scandal

Planned Parenthood spends $5 million to decry COVID-19’s impact on abortion ‘access’

Planned Parenthood Whistleblower Still Trapped In Kamala Harris’s Persecution Four Years Later

Playing with fire: Democrats who fail to condemn West Coast rioters may get burned

Police Officers All Over America Are Quitting Their Jobs Because Of The George Floyd Protests

The Police, Patriarchy and Feminism

Political skullduggery in Pennsylvania

Pollak: After TikTok, 2020 Election Is About China

Pollak: The Obama-Biden Pandemic 'Playbook' is less than advertised

Pollak to Prager: ‘Media Would Destroy Black America if It Would Get Rid of Donald Trump’

Pompeo: China Is Intent Upon The Destruction Of Western Ideas, Western Democracies, And Western Values

Popular Beach Liquefies and Disappears During M6.5 Idaho Earthquake

Portland burns because mayor said it had 'Nothing to Lose'

Portland Businesses Leave Due To 'Lawlessness Endorsed By Mayor'

Portland Passes “Green New Deal” Carbon Tax, First Of Its Kind in the Nation

Poseidon Multi-Purpose Oceanic System And Russian Undersea Warfare

Posobiec tweet (scroll down)

The Power of the 'Woke Dollar' Has Made Corporations Into Enemies

Prediction: GOP convention will sway traditional Democrats, independents

President Trump Offers a Choice Between Loving and Destroying America; The “People’s President” gives Americans back their country. Will they take it?

President Trump’s Speech Is Exactly What America Needed

Press conference in Ukraine names Joe Biden and John Kerry as agents of corruption

Prisons a 'hotbed' of extremism that can't be cooled down claims expert

Prof. Blames Christianity’s ‘Malignant’ Belief in Afterlife for Lockdown Protests

Prof: ‘Evidence overwhelming’ for fighting COVID with hydroxychloroquine

"Prometheus": Russia's S-500 system "capable of hitting targets in space"

"Prosthesis" - The 9,000-lb All-Terrain, Exo-Bionic Mech-Suit You Can Pilot

Protection for me but not for thee

Protesters Near Sodom And Gomorrah Tear Down Lot's Wife

Psychologist: Big Tech Will Use "Subliminal Methods" To Shift 15 Million Votes On Election Day

Pulitzer Prize Winner: White Race ‘Barbaric’

Putting 2020’s $10-Trillion-Plus COVID “Stimulus” In Perspective – From Ultra-Deflation To Hyper-Inflation



Nancy Pelosi needs to resign! She is incapable of being a Speaker for all Americans. She has become so deranged that she is now an embarrassment to herself and to this nation; for instance, calling Americans who are not in her leftist political party "enemies of the state" is shameful and beneath contempt. Wow! We've gone from "deplorables" to "enemies of the state" in just 4 short years. It was one thing for a has-been coattails politician like Hillary Clinton to call us "deplorables," but it is quite another for a sitting Speaker of the House to call those same people "enemies of the state"!

And now, to say Joe Biden shouldn't debate President Trump because it would "legitimize" him?!

Mistress of the Swamp needs to be drained, and now!

Pelosi could end up President claims expert

Pelosi Goes On Deranged Rant, Labels Republicans ‘Enemies of the State’

Pelosi: “I Don’t Think That There Should Be Any Debates… I Wouldn’t Legitimize a Conversation with Him”

Company Connected to Pelosi’s Husband Scored Coronavirus Bailout

Pelosi Congratulates Anderson Cooper for Having a Baby—Via Surrogate—That Will be Co-Parented by Ex-Boyfriend

Pelosi ripped up speech Trump made warning of the coming coronavirus

Pelosi rips up Bible

Trump Exposes Pelosi And Son's Ties To Ukraine-Linked Energy Group

Thursday, August 27, 2020


Here are more links of "journalists" in wife-beaters trying to bully, harass, intimidate, insult, shame and sucker-punch voters into not voting for Trump in November.

Black Washington Post Editor Deletes Tweet Saying ‘White Women are Lucky We Are Not Calling for Revenge’

Brit Hume says Mueller report coverage ‘worst journalistic fiasco’ he’s seen in 50-year news career

Carlson: Liberal Media Are ‘Thrilled’ with Division, Want People to ‘Hate One Another’

Carlson: Media fan racial flames

Carlson: CNN And MSNBC Peddling Panic, Not Science Or Data

CNN Analyst Joins De Blasio in Blaming Trump for Anti-semitic Attacks

CNN Curiously Cuts to Commercial as Kim Klacik Delivers RNC Speech

CNN Guest: Not Wanting To Be Raped And Robbed Is White Privilege

CNN Host Can't Handle Obamagate Fallout, Complains About Conservative 'Obsession' With Deep State

CNN Panel Blames Trump For All Its Avenatti Coverage

CNN: White Children "Don't Deserve Innocence"
(companion article: Black man shoots 5-Year-Old white child in the head at point-blank range, MSM silent)

CNN’s Lemon Blames Trump For George Floyd’s Death

CNN’s Lockhart Attacks Sandmann As ‘Snot Nose Entitled Kid’ After Network’s Defamation Suit

CNN’s Tapper: ‘Is It Possible That The Republican Party Is Now The Party of Deranged Bigots?’

Defund the Media: A Poem

Left-Wing Columnist: "I Would Vote For Joe Biden If He Boiled Babies And Ate Them"

Liberal TV Networks Bury Joe Biden Sex Scandal

Media Silent As Christopher Steele ‘Hero’ ‘Spymaster’ Narrative Crumbles

Media: You Know Who Are The Worst? White People!

The media's bid to elect Biden is worse than anything Russia ever did

The most dishonest, biased news coverage of our lifetimes — and it’s about to get worse

The MSM Has Betrayed Its Constitutional Privilege

The MSM Is at the Point of No Return

MSM ignores deadly violence in Barack Obama's political home town of Chicago

MSNBC: ‘It Would Be Delightful’ If Agents ‘Stormed In’ And Arrested Trump

MSNBC Still Hyping Russia Collusion Hoax: ‘We Will All Learn to Speak Russian’ If Trump Wins

MSNBC: ‘Trump And His Republican Enablers’ Are An ‘Existential Threat’ To The Country

NBC Labels Pro-Life RNC Speaker Abby Johnson ‘Opponent Of Abortion Rights’

Networks Cut Away As Chinese Dissident Praises Trump’s Approach to China's Communist Party, ‘An Enemy of Humanity’

NYT: Blame Churches, Not Riots, For Rise In Positive Covid-19 Tests

NYT Columnist Demands White People Ditch Family Members Who Don’t Support Black Lives Matter

NYT Manipulates FBI Lawyer’s Guilty Plea To Hide Real Spygate News

NYT Publishes Peter Beinart Op-ed Calling for End of Israel

Reporter Mocks Man Who Just Lost His Dad For Pointing Out John Lewis Funeral Double Standard

The State of Our Cities That Our Media Is Hiding From You

Taking Down the Mainstream Media in 140 Seconds

Vanity Fair Asks if Hollywood Is ‘Too Soft’ on Conservative Women

WaPo Covers Up For Portland BLM Attack On Unarmed Man That Nearly Killed Him

WaPo Does Damage Control After "Far More Damaging" Biden-Ukraine Tapes Disclosed

WaPo Is Not Even Pretending to Be Unbiased Anymore

WaPo, MSNBC Give Biden New Instructions On How To Address Burisma

WaPo Op-Ed Demands Ban on TV Shows and Movies About Police

WaPo Op-ed: ‘Give the Elites a Bigger Say in Choosing the President

WaPo Ridicules Priest For Refusing To Abandon His Flock In A Pandemic, Then Getting Coronavirus

When Bloomberg News’s Reporting On China Was Challenged, Bloomberg Tried To Ruin Me For Speaking Out

Past "Despicable Media" RFB posts

Past "Left Media Hate" RFB posts

Tuesday, August 25, 2020

8/25 - CENSORED!!

Peace talks:

We've seen this before . . . peace talks and hurricanes seem to go hand-in-hand.

Pompeo, Kushner travel to Mideast as US presses Arab-Israeli peace

Laura Strengthens To Hurricane Status, Forecast To Strike Gulf Coast With 'Devastating Punch'

One Of The Hundreds Of California Fires Is Now The Largest In State History

Massive wildfire burning in Colorado



Amazon bans book describing ‘health hazards’ of active gay lifestyle

Big Tech censoring doctors who have personally treated COVID-19 patients

The Biggest Blacklist in American History

Big Tech grows even more aggressive: Censors Don Trump, Jr. for widely shared HCQ video tweet

Civil Rights attorney Leo Terrell is being ostracized for supporting Trump

Daily Caller Experienced Google Suppression, Says Editor in Chief

Facebook, Twitter shut down ‘frontline’ doctors promoting COVID cure

HBO removes "Gone With the Wind," erasing the first black woman to win an Oscar

Here Are All The Professors "Cancelled" By The Left

Iowa State University syllabus warns students not to oppose abortion, gay marriage, BLM

NY Dems refuse to let Janice Dean testify at hearing about NY nursing home deaths

Rep. Jim Jordan: ‘Big Tech’s Out to Get Conservatives … That’s a Fact’

‘Vanity Fair’ Declined to Run Reade Story but Went to Kavanaugh’s High School to Dig up Dirt

Vermont Principal Put On Leave For Not Agreeing With Black Lives Matters

Vimeo de-platforms AFA

Viral Shadowgate Documentary Deleted By Facebook And YouTube After Film-Maker's Arrest

YouTube Caught Censoring Comments Deemed 'Offensive' To The Communist Party

Youtube Censors Epidemiologist Knut Wittkowski For Opposing Lockdown

YouTube deletes viral COVID-19 video by anti-lockdown epidemiologist

YouTube Demonetizes Chinese Blogger After She Posts Video On Coronavirus Origins

Zoom Censored Pro-Democracy Activists in America at China’s Request


Twitter gets its own category:

Flynn Lawyer Slams Twitter's Jack Dorsey Over 'Abuse Of Conservative And Patriotic Free Speech'

It’s Time To Stop Pretending Twitter Is Neutral

Kathy Griffin Tells Jim Acosta How to Kill President Trump …Update: Twitter Says Griffin’s Tweet Did NOT Violate Rules

Twitter Intervenes to Control Speech of The President

Twitter ‘Mistakenly’ Suspends Young Conservatives of Texas for Two Days

Twitter Removes Trump Campaign's Tribute to George Floyd, Citing Copyright Claim

Twitter Suspends PragerU, Prominent Conservatives, and Doctors for Commenting on HCQ

Twitter throws down the gauntlet on Trump

Twitter 'Un-Verifies' Journalist One Hour After He Tweets About Obama Spying On Journalists

Twitter Under Fire for Flagging Trump Posts but Not Iran Ayatollah Demanding Israel’s Genocide

Monday, August 24, 2020


AUG 20: California's Assembly Appropriations Committee voted 6-2 to pass Senate Bill 145, aka the Pedophile Protection Acty, by Scott Weiner, San Francisco Democrat -- a bill specifically written to protect LGBT from prosecution by younger and underage victims

AUG 21: San Francisco Judge orders David Daleiden to raise $600K in 11 days, or Planned Parenthood can take his assets

Lightning attacks spark worst fires in California’s history; historic wildfires around Bay area

The State Of California Is Never Going To Be The Same After This . . .

Firefighters have been battling more than 600 blazes – sparked by a staggering 12,000 lightning strikes – for a week. About 1.1 million acres of land has been torched. Most of the damage was caused by three clusters of fire “complexes” ripping through 1,175 square miles of forest and rural areas in the San Francisco Bay Area.

More "dry lightning" is expected in the next few days.

SCU Complex fire is "massive." Only 10% contained.

LNU Complex fire is burning across the north bay area and is only 15% contained.

Friday, August 21, 2020


Daleiden watch:

Judge orders David Daleiden to pay $600K by Sept 2 or risk losing to Planned Parenthood


Uber Warns Of 111% Price Hikes After California Judge Rules Drivers Are Employees

UCLA Prof: "We Need To Seriously Question Ideal Of Private Home Ownership"

UCLA Under Investigation for Anti-Semitism

UCSB Professor Uses Religion Class To Teach About "Error" Of "American Exceptionalism"

UGA Teaching Assistant: Some white people may have to die for black communities to be made whole

Ukraine: Gird Your Loins, Democrats!

Ukrainian court orders investigation into whether Joe Biden violated any laws when he forced the March 2016 firing of the country’s chief prosecutor

Understanding the gravity of the Russia hoax

Undignified Obama

United Methodist Church Plans to Split over Same-Sex Marriage, Gay Clergy

Unity Is a Wonderful Ideal, but as Democrats Veer Further to the Left, It Is Impossible

University Economist Calls for $12 Trillion in Slavery Reparations

University prof threatens to kick students from class who argue against BLM, abortion, LGBT

Unprecedented Perilous Times - Last Trumpet Newsletter

Unraveling California's Quick, But Complete Demise

"Unreported Truths" - This Is The COVID-19 Book That Amazon 'Quarantined'

Unsanctioned Pride parade draws thousands in Chicago (as churches forced to close)

Urban anarchists and Democrat progressives -- a match made in hell

UT Austin Professor Under Fire for Defending Sex with Underage Boys

Utah announces ban on counseling minors with unwanted same-sex attractions

Utah Senate committee unanimously approved a bill to decriminalize polygamy

UVA Leftist Complains About “Too Many White People” in Study Area


The United Nations:

UN demands Trump adopt international ‘right to life’ definition that includes abortion

UN’s $2B coronavirus funding plan includes abortion funding as ‘essential’

The United Nation is doing what it can to destroy traditional values

United Nations Claims It’s Politically Incorrect to Say “Husband” or “Wife”

"The United Nation's 'Woke' Climate Change Propaganda Is An Insult To Science"

Thursday, August 20, 2020


Earth watch:

CA: Wildfires force new evacuations, threaten thousands of structures as California declares state of emergency

CO: The Pine Gulch Fire burning north of Grand Junction has become the 2nd largest wildfire in Colorado history after it grew to 125,088 acres in size by Wednesday morning

IA: 75,000 Iowans still don’t have power one week after derecho – Governor requests $3.9B including $3.77 billion in crop damage in 36 counties

WA: Scientists Capture First Male Murder Hornet, A Sign Washington Swarm Is Ready To Hunt

America Has Never Experienced A Heatwave Quite Like This


China watch:

Over 100,000 Chinese Evacuated As Floods Continue Pressuring Three Gorges Dam

Xi Jinping’s Sudden Food Waste Panic Unrelated to Floods Destroying Crops


COVID-19 watch:

COVID-19 Mutation That's "10 Times More Infectious" Than The Original Discovered In Malaysia

The COVID-19 Pandemic Is Rolling Over: The Number Of US Hospitalizations Is Declining By 1 Percent Per Day


Israel watch:

AUG 18: Jared Kushner: The first time Israel has agreed to a map of a Palestinian state

AUG 19: Tropical Depression 13 heading toward South Florida; The depression formed in the tropical central Atlantic late Wednesday

AUG 20: Multiple Tropical Depressions Take Aim At US

AUG 20: Judge Rejects Trump Challenge To Manhattan DA On Tax Records

How Netanyahu plan to annex parts of West Bank helped tee up historic deal between Israel, UAE

WATCH: President Trump Blessed by Rabbis


Election watch:

The Post Office Just Endorsed Biden, What Does That Mean For Mail In Voting?

Dems Want To Give The Post Office An Extra $25 Billion

Insights to Consider Before November; Read this like your future depends upon it.

New Trump Ad Questions Biden's Mental Faculties With Sad 'Before and After' Clips

They're Angry, Not Stupid! Why Trump Is Likely To Win Again

Blatant Election Rigging: Twitter Wants To Make Sure We NEVER Have Another President Like Trump

The most revealing poll of all: gun sales

Investigation finds dead voters casting ballots in Colorado

Pennsylvania Officials Admit Duplicate Ballots Were Mailed Out to Voters

Pennsylvania: How Democrats Can Steal an Election

If The Democrats Lose in 2020, They'll Try to Destroy the Country

USPS Mail Carrier Charged with Fraud After Allegedly Tampering with Vote-by-Mail Requests

US Postal Worker Seen Tossing Campaign Mailers Into Dumpster; And We Should Trust Them With Ballots?

Friday, August 14, 2020

8/14 - WATCHING . . .

President Trump:

Report: Donald Trump’s Brother Hospitalized and ‘Very Ill’; Trump Expected to Visit


Earth watch:

Ditrianum: Seismic and Planetary Update 12 August 2020 (Quake Watch)

San Andreas: More Than 100 Earthquakes Hit Under Salton Sea, California Raising The Probability Of Larger Earthquakes In The San Andreas Region

New Madrid: The Infamous New Madrid Fault May Take Out 150 Miles of the Midwest and Will End Up More Devastating Than the San Andreas Big One, Which Is Also Overdue!

Ebola: Ebola in DR Congo: 84 cases, 36 dead

China: China's Inner Mongolia issues warning after bubonic plague patient dies

China: China's flood season leaves 219 fatalities, more than 4 million evacuated and 63 million affected


Crop watch:

A Second Straight Year of Flooding Threatens Another Year of Crops in Mississippi

Food Prices Rise To Dangerous Levels As “A Second Wave Of Layoffs” Hits The U.S. Economy

Farmageddon Continues As Bankruptcies Rise 8%

US Consumer Prices Surge As Food and Medical Costs Jump

Millions Of Acres Of Crops In The Central U.S. Have Been Destroyed By A Series Of Historic Natural Disasters

Extreme derecho: US Corn Crop Catastrophe, Grain Stores Destroyed, Food Prices Increase

100,000 Pasta Boxes And Enough Peanut Butter To Make Nearly 3 Million Sandwiches

Dramatic Photos: Desperate For Provisions, Thousands Of Cars Line Up At Texas Food Bank


Kamala watch:

Bad Blue Tweets: Kamala Owes Reparations Edition

Ben Shapiro: Joe Biden's Awful Vice Presidential Pick

David Daleiden: ‘Greatest threat to civil rights we’ve ever seen’: pro-life leaders react to Biden’s VP pick Kamala Harris

Don Surber: Treat Kamala like they treated Palin

The Federalist: Why Kamala Harris’s Stealth Radicalism Is Worse Than Bernie Democrats’ Open Radicalism

Gateway Pundit: Kamala Harris Opens Her Run as Veep Cheering Rioters, Looters as a “New Coalition of Conscience” in the Streets

Joshua Lawson: No, Kamala Harris Isn’t A ‘Moderate’ — She’s A Radical Threat To America

Larwyn’s Linx: A Vote For Biden Puts Far-Left Kamala Harris In Line To Be President — Scared Yet?

Meme Of The Year: Kamala Harris Canvassers Descend On Homes

Never Forget: Senate Voted Unanimously to Rebuke Anti-Christian Remarks by Kamala Harris and Support Religious Freedom in US

MSNBC Contributor: Harris Will Purge Government of Republicans, Impeach Trump Judges

RedState: Kamala Harris Has No Principles, and That’s What Makes Her Frightening

SovereignMan: Does Anyone Else Find This Ironic?

Tucker Carlson: Kamala Harris may end up running the country

Video: Kamala Harris’ Forgotten Adultery Scandal

Wikileaks: Releases treasure trove of documents on Kamala Harris released

Thursday, August 13, 2020


It's called the "Abraham Accord."

BREAKING: Trump Brokers Peace Deal Between Israel and the United Arab Emirates

Trump Announces Peace Deal Between Israel, UAE; ‘Full Normalization’

President Trump Unveils "Historic" Israel-UAE Peace Plan

Israel and UAE reach historic peace deal, Israel to suspend annexation

I want to make a note here. In Genesis 13 we read that Abram and Lot had to separate because each man had so much livestock that the land wasn't able to "bear" them both and there was strife between Abram's men and Lot's men, so the two agreed to separate. Abram told Lot to pick an area of the land that he liked best and take his herds there. Verse 10 says, "Lot lifted up his eyes, and beheld all the plain of Jordan, that it was well watered everywhere, before the Lord destroyed Sodom and Gomorrah, even as the garden of the Lord, like the land of Egypt, as thou comest unto Zoar."

In my Holman KJV Study Bible, here are some footnotes worth noting:

v9: Abram realized the only way to end the dispute was for them to separate. As senior member and head of the clan, he should have been the first to select the region in which he would live. But Abram graciously handed the choice over to Lot, allowing his nephew to lay claim to the most desirable spot in the whole land.

Which, as we know, Lot chose the area of Sodom and Gomorrah.

v14-15: When Abram gave parts of the Canaan to Lot in the land-for-peace deal, it threatened to undo God's earlier promise to Abram (12:7), but God's promises could not be thwarted by Abram's actions. In spite of Abram's commitment to Lot, the Lord Himself would give Abram all the land that he could see in every direction. What is more, Canaan would also belong to Abram's seed for ever. . . .
GG: The very first "land for peace" deal was between Abram and Lot, but the land was not Abraham's to give away. The only part of the land that was destroyed and left unusable for decades (and parts even to this day as it is the Dead Sea area) was the part Lot wanted because it looked to be the best. It was well watered and would be good for his herds.

But looked what happened to Lot: it was all gone in one night, destroyed in a fiery inferno from on high when a meteor blasted apart over the region and rained down fire and brimstone. Lot lost his wife and his sons-in-law, his home and his herds. He fled with two daughters for their lives and the destruction was such that his two daughters believed no one was left alive. People, we've never been through something like that. The only equivalent I can think of might be a nuclear attack. The last we see of Lot is him living in a cave in the mountains with his two daughters who got him drunk and had sex with him because they believed all the men had been killed.

The point I want to make it that Lot took land that was not his to take and it ended badly for him and his family. He lost everything!

This blog has noted terrible storms, earthquakes, economic upheaval and political scandals in the past when US Presidents have pushed Israel in the peace process. This time, we have a deal. We need to be on the watch. No fear, but eyes opened.

Tuesday, August 11, 2020


Watching Sept 17:

Group behind ‘Occupy Wall Street’ planning 50-day ‘White House Siege’ through Election Day


News updates:

Sally Yates’ Testimony Showed She’s Either Ignorant Or Lying About Russiagate

Salon Owner Sues Oregon Over State-Sanctioned Shutdown Harassment—'I Can't Back Down Now'

Satellite images of Chinese hospital parking suggests outbreak began in August

Scenarios for a China-India Himalayan War

School District Sued Over Transgender Policy That Bans Teachers From Telling Parents Their Kids Have Switched Sexes

Scientists at DHS labs are uncovering the secrets of coronavirus

SCOTUS LGBT Decision Will ‘Create a Tsunami of New Litigation’ Against Religious Groups

Seattle Held ‘Segregated’ Training Session On ‘Undoing Whiteness,’ Encouraged Staffers To Forfeit ‘Guaranteed Physical Safety’

The Second Act of the Flynn Case Has Begun...and It's a Total Circus

Secretive CIA Blade-Wielding 'Ninja Bomb' Used In Another Syria Targeted Killing

Sedition Edition - Top 20 Tweets from Bad Blue

Sen. Tim Kaine’s Comments on the Origins of Slavery Epitomize the Historical Ignorance of the Left

Senate Republicans block radical ‘Equality Act’ that ‘steamrolls’ religious liberty

Shredded T-Shirts Used as Toilet Paper Are Backing Up Sewer Systems

SHUT UP! Indiana School Tries to Silence Parents on Facebook with Draconian Policy

"Silenced" - We Live In A Time When Our "Opinions Qualify As Crimes"

Silenced: Whole Friend Groups of Teen Girls Are Transitioning

Sister of Black Federal Officer Murdered In Riots: Looting, Killing, Defunding Police Won’t Solve Racism

Small Businesses In Catch-22 Begin Revolt: 'Defy State's Stay-At-Home Order Or Face Collections'

Smithsonian Goes Full Marxist: Nuclear Family, Science, Christianity All Part of Oppressive 'Whiteness'

So, Those are the Details the FBI Omitted in Russian Collusion Intelligence Report

Social Media Campaign Targeting Jew-Hating Professors Reaches 121,000 Across Four Universities

Social media giants want China to have a say in American health care

Solar Minimum Is Here, and it’s one of the Deepest in a Century

"Somebody Cooked Up The Plot": The Hunt For The Origins Of The Russia Collusion Narrative

Soros'd - The Chicago Tribune Union’s Depraved Assault On John Kass

Monday, August 10, 2020


Earth watch:

A Major Earthquake Along the San Andreas Fault Looms Along its Southern Segment in Coachella Valley and Scientists try to Put Together Different Pieces of the Puzzle

New Chinese Tick-Borne Virus Outbreak Kills 7, Infects 60 And Scares The World

Rare M5.1 Earthquake Rattles North Carolina – Biggest Quake In NC Since 1916 – 104 Years!

Three Gorges Dam Update August 9 2020

Tropical Disturbance Spotted In Atlantic, Could Form Into Storm This Week

Why Have So Many Enormous Earthquakes Hit The United States In Recent Months?


News updates:

Satanic Temple Raffles Free Abortion, Says Killing Unborn Babies Is ‘Ultimate Offering to Satan’

SAVAGE: I refuse to take rushed COVID vaccine, I will join a militia first

The School Closures Are A Big Threat To The Power Of Public Education

Scientists Discover Evidence Of Parallel Universe Where Time Flows Backward

Searching Twitter For "Racist" Returns Donald Trump As Top Result
(GG: Twitter is determined to interfere with the 2020 election.)

The Senate Dem Rape Culture That Made Biden

Seth Rich: According to Attorney, the DNI Allegedly Has Call Records Between Seth Rich and WikiLeaks – It’s Now Presumed Brennan’s CIA Was More Involved Than We Thought

Seth Rich, Julian Assange, and Dana Rohrabacher - Will We Ever Know The Truth About The Stolen DNC Files?

Seth Rich Refuses to Stay Buried

Shocker: Some Inmates Released Due To COVID-19 Returned To Crime, Including Murder

#ShoutYourAbortion Artist Insists: ‘God Is All Right With Abortion’
(GG: Very deceived! Thou shalt not kill.)

Sidney Powell Drops a Bomb or Two on the Glaring Problems With the Flynn Case

Sidney Powell Highlights The Intersection of The Flynn Case With NSA Metadata (Surveillance) Abuse

Social Security Will Run Out Of Money By 2029 Because Of COVID-19

Some People Are Furious with Reporter Catherine Herridge for Reporting News

"Somebody Cooked Up The Plot": The Hunt For The Origins Of The Russia Collusion Narrative

Sorry, Twitter, But Trump Is Right About Mail-In Ballots

The Spread of the Debt Virus

States Are Now Wrestling With The Biggest Budget Crisis They Have Faced In All Of U.S. History

Stephen King series in 2003 showed chloroquine defeating a Chinese 'coronavirus' outbreak

Steve Scalise: Mailing Ballots to Non-Citizens Is ‘Definition of Voter Fraud’

Students Demand Lax Grading For Black Students. University Agrees

Study Points To COVID-19 Lab Creation; Lead Author Suggests 'Forced Selection' Vs. Genetic Engineering

Supermarket mob chases woman out of grocery store for not wearing a mask

Suppression of Expression Obscures the Truth About the Virus

Sysco Warns Of "Unprecedented Times" As COVID Crushes Restaurants

Thursday, August 6, 2020


25% of ballots in Brooklyn June primaries invalid

25% Of US Restaurants Will Never Reopen

30% Of Americans Didn't Make Their Housing Payment In June

41% Of Business Closures On Yelp Have Permanently Closed As V-Shaped Recovery Implodes

42% of Recent Layoffs Will Result in Permanent Job Loss

45% of Churchgoers Prefer Sermons That Are 30 Minutes or Less

50% increase in robberies in Santa Ana as Suspects Exploit Mask Recommendation

52% Of Small Businesses "Expect To Be Out Of Business Within Six Months"

55% of Americans Support Restrictions or Ban on Abortion - CBS Poll

56% of Americans Agree With Trump That Vast Majority of Police Are Doing a Good Job

60% of Voters Believe Some Media Want Shutdown to Drag On to Hurt Trump in November

60% Of People Naturally Resistant To SARS-COV2, New Study Reveals

62% Of Americans refrain From sharing their views because of current political climate

68% Of Unemployed Workers In The U.S. “Are Eligible For Payments That Are Greater Than Their Lost Earnings”

72% of Americans Believe Social Media Companies Hold Too Much Power in Politics

81% of Black Americans Want To Maintain or Increase Police Presence in Their Neighborhood

83% of Voters Don’t Like Obama Neighborhood Diversity Rule

86% More Prescriptions by Psychiatrists For Psychotropic Drugs During Lockdown Months

110% with Trump claims Obama's brother Malik, who claims Trump 'Not a Fake'

250% Increase in Homocides in LA During 'Defund Police' Peaceful Protests