Wednesday, July 1, 2020

7/1 - DEMS, PART 2

I will be away from the blog until July 7th.

Dems Take Gamble That America Is Finally Ready For A Rich, White President

Dems Didn’t Care When Obama Granted Clemency to a Terrorist, But Want to Investigate Trump’s Pardons

Dems Russian Roulette

Dems are Wounded and Dangerous

Dems Are Right. Americans Find Annoying Liberal Women Very Annoying.

Dems are trying to advance their political agenda using coronavirus

Dems Are Really Bad People

Dems are Using Your Money to Let Felons Out of Jail

Dems Demand Google Bury "Climate Misinformation"

Dems demand FDA approve at-home abortion pills during COVID-19 crisis

Dems Burisma Bait and Switch

Dems Will Sacrifice Americans to Win the Presidency

Dems Push ‘Devil’ Coronavirus Bill H.R. 6666, ‘Door-to-Door’ Contract Tracing

Dems Trying To Eliminate Proof Of Who You Are To Vote?

Dems Have Abandoned Civil Liberties

Dems Tell Supreme Court That They Are Preparing For A New Impeachment

Dems Latest Impeachment Attempt Implodes After Big Supreme Court Decision

Dems Paid Pennsylvania Election Officials to Stuff Ballot Box

Dems Using Pandemic to Get All-Mail Voting, Ballot Harvesting

Dems Much More Likely Than Republicans to Snitch on Neighbors for 'Lockdown' Violations

Dems will Exploit Vote-By-Mail "Scam" For "Greatest Rigged Election In History" says Trump

Dems: Stop Talking About Biden’s Racist Gaffe

Dems, Hillary Share Photo Of WH To Prove Trump ‘Cowered In The Dark,’ But Pic Was Taken In 2015 Under Obama

Dems' coronavirus, riots hypocrisy exposed by James Woods

Dems at War

Dems Launch ‘Committee to Draft Michelle Obama’ for VP

Dems give DOJ liars and conspirators a free pass

Dems Want to Abolish the Police and Confiscate Our Guns

Dems' Cities: Fourth-World Scourges

Dems' Political Blackface

Dems' refusal to control or even condemn riots will drive the voters into Trump's arms

Dems Warn That the American People May Tamper With Next Election

Dems Suddenly Outraged by Large Crowds Again

Dems Want to Replace Senile Man in Basement with a Guy Who Killed 5,800 People in Nursing Homes