Friday, July 31, 2020


Earth watch:

JULY 28: Netanyahu, Pompeo put Trump peace plan back on the table

JULY 31: Isaias explodes into hurricane overnight, to make run along southeastern US coast

Bahamas bracing for Hurricane "Isaias"

Tropical Storm Isaias Forms With South Florida In Crosshairs

A Second Straight Year of Flooding Threatens Another Year of Crops in Mississippi

A Sizable Earthquake Just Hit Los Angeles, And The Clock Is Ticking For The West Coast Of The United States

The Ridgecrest Earthquakes That Struck Southern California Last July Have Increased the Risk of a ‘Big One’ Along the San Andreas Fault

New Study Shows How the Cascadia Megaquake Will Have Dramatic Effects on Puget Sound’s largest cities Seattle, Tacoma and Olympia

ESA's SWARM investigates weakening of Earth's magnetic field, possible split up of South Atlantic Anomaly

Massive flooding in China is threatening its famed Three Gorges Dam

Mystery as Hundreds of Sea Stars Wash Up Dead in Chile

Biblical Swarms of Voracious Locusts Jump From Argentina to Brazil, Threatening Winter Crops – Devastating Plague Heading North With Colombia, Guatemala, El Salvador and Belize Already Reporting Insects – Mexico and the U.S. Next?

New outbreak of Ebola in DRC: 68 sick, 31 dead


Economic warnings:

Economic Devastation On A Scale That America Has Never Seen Before

Economic Nightmare: Nearly 50 Percent Of All The Jobs Lost During The COVID-19 Pandemic “May Be Gone Permanently”

Goldman Warns "Real Concerns Are Emerging" About The Dollar As Reserve Currency; Goes "All In" Gold

The Price Of Gold And The Price Of Silver Are Both Soaring Into The Stratosphere As The Global Economy Collapses


News updates:

The Economist’s Editor Accuses Mike Pence of White Supremacy, Gets So Wrecked He Deletes

Ecuador's Navy On High Alert As 260-Strong Chinese Fishing Fleet Encroaches On Protected Galapagos

Educators Are Nervous About Kids Being Away From Public School Indoctrination During Shutdown

This Election Is Republicans Versus China

The Elites Are Revolting

Employee Health Screening Apps Are Coming - Proceed With Caution

Epic Moments During the House Judiciary Committee Hearing With AG Barr

Eric Eggers: Detroit Has 30,000 More Registered Voters than Citizens of Legal Voting Age

Escape from Minneapolis

Ethiopia Tweet Outrages Egypt, claims "The Nile is Ours," As Giant Upstream Dam Being Filled In

Everyone Thinks They Know What’s Going On When They Actually Don’t - Rabobank

Everything You Need to Know About the Left in One Headline

Everywhere Statues Are Torn Down By The Mob, History Promises People Are Next

Experiment Exposes Potential Serious Issue with Mail-In Voting

Experts, media, and the left do us wrong

Thursday, July 30, 2020



JULY 30: Almost 30 Million Americans Went Hungry Last Week As Recovery Stalls

JULY 18: Devastating Hailstorm Destroys Thousands Acres of Crops in Western Minnesota – Millions of Dollars Lost

JULY 14: There Are Nationwide Shortages Of Aluminum Cans, Soda, Flour, Canned Soup, Pasta And Rice

JULY 5: COVID Impact - 1.5 Billion Pound Potato Mountain Trapped In Supply Chain

JUNE 12: COVID Spreads To 60 Plants, Sparks Fear Of US Food Shortages As 2nd Wave Strikes

JUNE 11: Inflation Data Shows Massive Disruptions to U.S. Food Supply and Demand



JUNE 10: World on the brink of worst food crisis in 50 years, UN warns

JUNE 5: Widespread Famines Ahead: Adding to Economic Woes, Locusts Devastate Crops From South to Central Asia

JUNE 1: People Are Going to Go Hungry, That’s the Truth: Pandemic Effects Could Leave 54 Millions Americans Without Food

MAY 26: We Are Being Told To Prepare “To See High Prices At Grocery Stores” And “It’s Likely That Shortages May Only Get Worse”



MAY 14: You May Not Understand This Now, But You Need To Get Prepared For The Food Shortages That Are Coming

MAY 14: Ag Nightmare Could Result In "Corn Mountain" As Prices Collapse

MAY 12: A Taste Of What Is Coming – Food Prices Just Increased By The Most That We Have Seen Since 1974

MAY 5: The Bible Says That There Will Be Famines In The Last Days

MAY 1: Kroger Begins Limiting Purchases On Ground Beef And Pork In Some Stores

APRIL 30: McDonalds Starts To Ration Meat Amid Supply Chain "Concerns"



APRIL 30: Why The Meat Shortages Are Going To Be Much Worse Than Most Americans Are Anticipating

APRIL 30: Las Vegas Transforms Casino Into Food Bank As Working Poor Line Up For Miles

APRIL 30: McDonalds Starts To Ration Meat Amid Supply Chain "Concerns"

APRIL 30: Beef Prices Soar To Record High As Meatpacking Plants Shutter

APRIL 29: Rabobank: The Next Phase Of The Crisis - Food Shortages In Staples Such As Rice, Sugar, Corn And Eggs

APRIL 28: Millions Of Of Pigs, Chickens And Cattle Are Being Euthanized While The Media Warns “Shortages” Are Coming

APRIL 26: “The Food Supply Chain Is Breaking” And We Are Being Warned That “Meat Shortages” Are Imminent

APRIL 26: Iowa Pig Farmers Face Euthanizing Thousands of Animals as Supply Chain Stalls

APRIL 26: American Farms Cull Millions Of Chickens Amid Virus-Related Staff Shortages At Processing Plants

APRIL 26: National Guard Deployed At Nation's Food Banks To Ensure Stability During Unprecedented Times

APRIL 25: Hog-Culling Next As Meatpacking Plants Shutter Operations Stoking Food Shortage Fears In Weeks

APRIL 24: At Least 10 Meatpacking Plants Close In Weeks Across America Stoking Food Shortage Fears

APRIL 24: Frozen French Fries a Casualty of the Coronavirus


APRIL 23: Pork Shortages To Strike America In Two Weeks

APRIL 22: Food-Shortage Fears Well-Founded? Tyson Closes Two Major Pork Plants Over COVID Concerns

APRIL 22: Five threats to US food supply chains

APRIL 21: The UN Is Now Admitting That This Coronavirus Pandemic Could Spark Famines Of “Biblical Proportions”

APRIL 19: Meat Prices Suddenly Surge As Food Processing Plants Shut Down, With 1000s Of Tons Left To Spoil

APRIL 13: Major Meat Processing Plant Closes as Hundreds of Workers Contract Coronavirus

APRIL 12: While Thousands Of Americans Need Food, Nation’s Largest Farms Are Destroying Millions Of Pounds Of Fresh Goods That They Can No Longer Sell

APRIL 11: Fatal bird flu found on turkey farm in South Carolina

APRIL 11: Farmers Battered By Food Glut As COVID-19 Shifts How America Eats

APRIL 10: 'Breadlines' Erupt Across America As Lockdowns Crush America's "Working Poor"

APRIL 10: America’s “Food Lines” Are Being Measured In Miles As Desperation Sets In All Over The Country

APRIL 9: Farmers Toss Thousands Of Acres Of Fruits, Veggies As Sales Plummet

APRIL 5: Food Banks Warn They Will Soon Run Out Of Food As Economic Suffering Explodes All Over America

JAN 29: The Verdict Is In: Farm Bankruptcies Up in 2019

Tuesday, July 28, 2020



JULY 23: Greenblatt: Peace plan asks Israel to pledge land for Palestinian state

GG note: This won't end well. Certainly needs to be watched.


News updates:

Rabobank: US-China Relations Are About To Fall Off A Cliff

Ramadan Rage: Jihadis Kill 584, Injure 587 in Three Weeks of Holy Month

Raping and Impregnating Infidels: 'Another Form of Jihad'

Rasmussen Poll Shows 2:1 Support for ‘Hire American’ over ‘Business First’

Ratcliffe Declassification of ‘Annex A’ Shows How the FBI Tried to Sandbag President Trump Using the Steele Dossier

READ: Justice Gorsuch Torches Roberts and the Liberal Wing of SCOTUS in Nevada Church Case...In One Paragraph

Reckoning: It all goes back to Obama

Record Temperatures, Long Lines And Increasing Scarcity Will Greatly Test The Patience Of Americans This Summer

Red Wave on the Way? Here’s What The Recent Elections Are Telling Us

Reddit Says It Will Allow Hate Speech Against “People Who Are in the Majority”

Re-educating Whitey

The Religious Freedom of a Nation May Depend on One Small Cake Shop

Removing A US President Without An Election

Report Hyped By Climate Alarmists Warned: Millions Dead, Nuclear War, and Sunken Major Cities By 2020

Researchers Retract Botched Anti- Hydroxychloroquine Study Which Was Used To Attack Trump

Rioters Are So Angry About Police Killing That They... Stole Baby Clothes and Air Fryers From Nearby Target

Robert de Niro: Trump a ‘Nasty Little Bitch’ and His Supporters Are Crazy

Robert Gagnon writes . . .

Roberts Sides with Liberal Justices as Supreme Court Rules in Favor of Restrictions on Religious Services

Robocallers To Get STIR/SHAKEN

The Robots Are Coming, And They Are Going To Take Over Millions Of Jobs

Robots Are Killing The Millennial Worker

Roosevelt Statue To Be Removed From NYC's Museum Of Natural History

Rosenstein agrees that by August of 2017 there was no evidence of Trump-Russia collusion

Rush Limbaugh: Democrats Will Try to Keep Economy Shut Down to Ensure Trump Loses Re-election

Russian Company Begins Selling World’s First Transgender Doll For Kids

Rutgers Prof Blames White Conservatives For Using Virus To Kill Black People, says "F**k Trump Supporters"

The Rutherford Institute: The Slippery Slope to Despotism: Paved with Lockdowns, Raids and Forced Vaccinations

Monday, July 27, 2020


Pastor David Wilkerson claimed that he was not a prophet but a watchman on the wall.

I am not a prophet, and I refuse to allow anyone to put that tag on me. But I am a watchman. Just one of many in this nation who now warn Americans to get ready for persecution and judgment. --Racing Toward Judgment, 1976



I believe we are going to witness the bankruptcies of some of this nation's major and most popular corporations. --The Vision, 1973

Broke Brothers - Oldest US Men's Retailer Files Chapter 11 Bankruptcy

Charting The Retail Devastation: Here Is The Stunning List Of US Store Closures In 2020

Chesapeake Files For Bankruptcy, Wiping Out $7 Billion In Debt And Any Existing Equity Value

Chuck E. Cheese Parent Files For Chapter 11 Bankruptcy

GNC Files Chapter 11 Bankruptcy With Plan To Sell Itself

Las Vegas Icon Cirque Du Soleil Files For Bankruptcy

Retail Apocalypse Accelerates - 8,700 Stores Closing, Number Set To Rise



God is going to judge America for its . . . child molestations . . . --Set the Trumpet to Thy Mouth, 1985

Why the Epstein Scandal May Be the Most Important Story of the Decade

Epstein's girlfriend, Ghislane Maxwell, facing charges for her alleged role in Epstein's pedophile sex-trafficking ring

Central Mueller Witness, A Child-Trafficking Pedophile, Sentenced To 10 Years In Prison



A second judgment zone will be stricken with drought. Long, tragic drought. Rivers and streams will dry up. Water tables will no longer support irrigation systems. Crops will wither and die in the fields. Winds will carry away topsoil, and this nation will suffer its worst dust bowl in all its history. None has been like it before, and none will ever be like it again. The drought will spread and cover thousands of square miles. . . . . . . God . . . Will judge America with severe drought. . . . Scientists will try to explain the drought as just another dry cycle. --Racing Toward Judgment, 1976

Another Dust Bowl Storm Will Devastate the American West and Nobody Is Prepared For it

Western U.S. Is Facing the Worst Megadrought in Over 1,200 Years



There will be a sudden rush to buy farms, ranches, and homes in the country. Thousands will attempt to flee from cities . . . there will be a growing urge to 'get away from it all' -- and much money will be invested in land and acreage in rural areas by people who have secret dreams of . . . becoming self-supporting. The Vision, 1973

Rickards: Depression & The Great American Exodus

Real Estate Expert Warns 'Exodus' From Cities Will Last Two Years

Housing Market Outside New York City Booms As City Dwellers Flee

Wealthy Homeowners In 'Mad Rush' To Flee San Francisco

US New Home Sales Plunge To 10 Year Low As Exodus From Cities Accelerates

Right Now There Is A “Mad Rush” To Get Out Of The Cities

This is Why More Americans Are Escaping The Big Cities - The Exodus is Massive

"Parameters Of Paranoia Are Changing" As Doomsday-Bunker-Builders Boom In Post-COVID Normal


GG note: My missionary friend, Robert, who recently died of COVID-19, also read and listened to David Wilkerson and thought these WILKERSON WARNINGS posts were important reminders that America would someday pay a heavy price for her abandonment of God and His Word. This post is dedicated to him.

Tuesday, July 21, 2020


Alito: Court's 'Preposterous' Trans Ruling Threatens Religion, Speech, Privacy, and Safety

America Has Become A Powder Keg That Is Ready To Explode At Any Time

America heading toward a bad case of the Blues

America Held Hostage

America’s Problem Is Systemic Liberalism

American Power Grid 'Vulnerable' To Chinese Cyberattacks, Navarro Warns

Americans Have Already Skipped Payments On More Than 100 Million Loans, And Job Losses Continue To Escalate

A Society On The Brink Of Complete And Utter Chaos

Bill Whittle: Two Americas

For Dems to Succeed, Americans Must Fail

Greater Depression? Shocking Images Show Horror Of America's New 'Breadlines'

The Jonestowning of America

Most Americans say protest graffiti, statue vandalism, trespassing, looting are violent acts

Portland Organizer: It’s Not Just About Abolition Of The Police State, But Abolition Of The United States

Record Number Of Americans Died From Drug Overdoses In 2019 As Fentanyl Moved West

Saks Fifth Avenue Shields NYC Store With Barbed Wire, Attack Dogs To Deter Looters

Sesame Street Teaching Children America Is A Racist Country

“Something Big Is Coming”: Pastor Dana Coverstone Just Had Another Prophetic Dream About The Month Of September

Soon, You Will Need To Wear A Mask To Enter Virtually Every Major Retail Store In America

Study Finds 'Historic' Drop In Math, Reading Scores Since Adoption Of Common Core

Transformative Upheaval In The United States

VIDEO: Welcome To Joe Biden’s America

Violent Crime Is Surging Dramatically In Major Cities All Over America

Friday, July 17, 2020



Netanyahu aide said to admit US in no mood for annexation, so PM won’t go ahead

US urges Netanyahu to keep alive chance of Palestinian state



Extreme "Heat Dome" To Fry US With Record Temperatures Up To 121F For Several Weeks

New Madrid Earthquake M 2.4 and Past Volcano Eruptions There



COVID-19 virus has properties that have never been found in nature before

Chinese study: Antibodies in COVID-19 patients fade quickly

EXCLUSIVE: Virus researchers uncover new evidence implying COVID-19 was created in a lab

Chinese Virologist Flees Hong Kong, Accuses Beijing Of COVID-19 Cover-Up

More Than Half Of COVID-19 Patients In New Study Have Heart Damage

Scientists Discover That The One Big Assumption That Everyone Has Been Making About COVID-19 May Be Dead Wrong

Another Bombshell: A 3rd Study Has Now Found That COVID-19 Antibodies Disappear Very, Very Rapidly

LancetGate: Pulling a Fast One on Proponents of Hydroxychloroquine and Chloroquine


Economic warnings:

It's The Preppers That Are Laughing Now...

The Housing Crisis Of 2020: Millions Of Americans Missed Their Last Rent Payments, And Tens Of Millions Could Soon Be Evicted

It Starts: Mortgage Delinquencies Suddenly Soar At Record Pace

This Is A Financial Extinction Event

“Lockdown 2.0”: This New Wave Of Lockdowns Will Ensure The U.S. Remains In An Economic Depression Through The 2020 Election

Job Losses, Bankruptcies And Store Closings Are All At Apocalyptic Levels As The U.S. Economic Collapse Rolls On

"Look Out Below": Why The Economy Is About To Fly Off A Fiscal Cliff

This Is Why We Are Facing A 6 Week Countdown To Immense Economic Despair . . .

As The Stock Market Soars, The Numbers Say That The Real Economy Is In The Midst Of A Historic Crash

Fed's Beige Book Is Blue With Alarm At Economic Devastation Across The US

Tuesday, July 14, 2020


China has been unrelentingly persecuting Christians for the past several years but Xi has intensified his persecutions in the past few months.


JULY 12: 400+ Protestant Venues Destroyed or Closed in Shangrao City; The CCP continues cracking down on house churches and state-approved venues in the southeastern province of Jiangxi.

JUNE 28: Major power orders Christians: Renounce God or we'll cut off food and housing

JUNE 11: China removes over 250 church crosses in first 4 months of 2020: report

JUNE 11: China's Communists Aim to Rewrite the Bible to 'Create a New Version of Christianity'

MAY 12: China Cracks Down on Christian-Run Orphanages


JULY 13: One of the worst rainfall seasons on record hits China, massive floods affecting nearly 38 million people

JULY 13: 6 quakes hit China in 2 days; Three Gorges Dam hit its limit: experts; China lake looks set to spill

JULY 13: China Faces ‘DISASTER’ Between Now and September With a Giant Plague of Locusts Already Invading the South

JULY 10: China's tallest building flooded from 60th to 9th floor; Dam makes flood power 25x stronger

JULY 9: The Worst Flood in Living Memory" - Yangshuo, China

JULY 7: Bubonic plague, dengue fever confirmed in China; Severe floods prompt high alerts

NOTE THE MENTION OF Jiangxi province:

The CCP continues cracking down on house churches and state-approved venues in the southeastern province of Jiangxi.

E China’s Jiangxi province upgraded the emergency response for flood control from Level II to Level I, starting from 10 a.m. on Saturday. As of Friday, over 3.68 million residents in Jiangxi had been affected by the floods.

Putting "Jiangxi province" in a search engine brings up multiple links to both recent persecutions as well as the flooding disasters.

China in Focus:

China in Focus on YouTube has several videos about both the persecution and the disasters.

CHINA: Pandemic and Persecution

China in Focus


Was the release of flood waters a means to destroy the Wuhan bio lab?

Wuhan floods: Natural or Deliberate?

Saturday, July 11, 2020


A MUST watch video!

Friday, July 10, 2020


Watching Israel:


JPost: Kushner meets to advance peace process. Jordan, Egypt, Germany, France warn against.


SCOTUS rules Trump must hand over his tax records




TS FAY forms. Bound for NY.

From behindthename:

Derived from Middle English faie meaning "fairy", ultimately (via Old French) from Latin fata meaning "the Fates". It appears in Geoffrey of Monmouth's Arthurian legends in the name of Morgan le Fay. It has been used as a given name since the 19th century. In some cases it may be used as a short form of FAITH.


Earth watch:

Apocalyptic Locust Plague Invades Argentina as Millions of Flying Insects Fill the Skies

A Strange Swarm of More Than 22,000 Earthquakes Has Rattled South California for the Last Four Years and Scientists Finally Know Why

Biblical Locust Plagues Are Currently Ravaging Crops and Threatening Livelihoods on 4 Continents and the Worst Is to Come in Southwest Asia

Krakatoa and The Great Comet of 1882: Exploring The Real Engines of ‘Climate Change’

Mary Greeley: Danger from Gigantic Magma System Feeding Mt Rainier, St Helens, Mt Adams Volcano's

Thick Smoke of Wildfires Raging in Siberia Travels 5,000 Miles Into the Pacific Northwest Skies

Tropical cyclone organizing off North Carolina, expected to break another 2020 Atlantic hurricane season record

Worst Ever African Swine Fever Outbreak Forces 1 MILLION Pigs to be Culled in Nigeria


The Last Trumpet Newsletter:

Transformative Upheaval In The United States


News updates:

Tables turned on Mueller prosecutors: Ten actions ripe for scrutiny

Taiwan’s Re-Elected President: China Needs to ‘Face Reality,’ ‘We Are an Independent Country’

Taleb: Masks Matter - Here's The Model!

Teacher Spying on Student During Virtual Class Sends Cops to Search 11-Year-Old's Home After Spotting a BB Gun

Teachers Union Demands Kids Share Bathroom With Transgender Educators

The term "looting" is racist claims LA Times Executive Editor

Test Positive For COVID-19, End Up In A Police Database

Texas hospital starves quadriplegic COVID-19 patient to death against wife’s protests

‘Thanks for the help, bigots, but we’ve got this now' edition

There is no appeasing the mob

There Will Be A Lot More Rioting, Looting And Civil Unrest As The U.S. Economy Continues To Crumble

"There Will Be Holy Hell to Pay"

There's a cancer amongst the pensioners of the Pentagon

They Shut Down America To Slow Down The Coronavirus, But In The Process They Killed The Economy

"This Is My Biological Truth" - Transgender Trailblazer Legally Reclaims Original Sex

This Is The Worst Employment Collapse In U.S. History By A Very Wide Margin

They Want To Make “Social Distancing” A Permanent Part Of Our Lives

They'll Wreck The Economy If They Have To

This Should Be A Major Wake Up Call For Every Single Person Living On The Planet

'This Is No House of God!' Black Lives Matter Activists Yell as They Harass Church in Upstate NY

'Tidal Wave' Of Delinquent Mortgages Set To Surpass Great Recession

TikTok is Controlled By the Chinese Communist Party – Delete It.

Tom Arnold calls for fellow liberals to get their guns and go hunt Trump supporters

Tom Cotton EVISCERATES Cancel Culture in 'Obelisk of Wokeness' Speech

Tom Perez Recites Scripture to Defend Democrats' Extreme Views on Abortion

TOMS Shoes Spent Millions Promoting Gun Control- Now Creditors Are Taking Over

Total US Debt Increases By $1 Trillion In One Month

The "transgender" endgame

'Trans Women' vs. 'Cis-Women': Feminists Created the Monster Now Devouring Women's Sports

Treatment of Ron DeSantis vs Andrew Cuomo Is Why People Should Hate the Media

Truck Drivers Suffer Largest Job Loss On Record After April Bloodbath Leaves 88,300 Unemployed

The Truth about Muslims' 'Jerusalem Day' and the Al Aqsa Mosque

Turley: Dem Senator Pretty Much Made the Trump White House's Case in Rosenstein Hearing

Turning Men Into Women

Tyranny as far as the eye can see

Tuesday, July 7, 2020


CNN’s ‘Catholic’ Chris Cuomo agrees with his brother: Americans don’t need ‘help from above’

The number is down because we brought the number down,” he said. “God did not do that. Faith did not do that. Destiny did not do that. A lot of pain and suffering did that … That’s how it works. It’s math. And if you don’t continue to do that, you’re going to see that number go back up. And that will be a tragedy if that number goes back up.” --Andrew Cuomo

Wow! Gloating during a pandemic that America in general and New York in particular doesn't need God.

I have terrible news for these two godless Catholics. God isn't some mere object that is relevant only when and where these two say He is; instead, God is very much in control, and these two will find out some day, probably the hard way, how horribly wrong they both are. The day is coming when New York City will fall!

Wednesday, July 1, 2020

7/1 - DEMS, PART 2

I will be away from the blog until July 7th.

Dems Take Gamble That America Is Finally Ready For A Rich, White President

Dems Didn’t Care When Obama Granted Clemency to a Terrorist, But Want to Investigate Trump’s Pardons

Dems Russian Roulette

Dems are Wounded and Dangerous

Dems Are Right. Americans Find Annoying Liberal Women Very Annoying.

Dems are trying to advance their political agenda using coronavirus

Dems Are Really Bad People

Dems are Using Your Money to Let Felons Out of Jail

Dems Demand Google Bury "Climate Misinformation"

Dems demand FDA approve at-home abortion pills during COVID-19 crisis

Dems Burisma Bait and Switch

Dems Will Sacrifice Americans to Win the Presidency

Dems Push ‘Devil’ Coronavirus Bill H.R. 6666, ‘Door-to-Door’ Contract Tracing

Dems Trying To Eliminate Proof Of Who You Are To Vote?

Dems Have Abandoned Civil Liberties

Dems Tell Supreme Court That They Are Preparing For A New Impeachment

Dems Latest Impeachment Attempt Implodes After Big Supreme Court Decision

Dems Paid Pennsylvania Election Officials to Stuff Ballot Box

Dems Using Pandemic to Get All-Mail Voting, Ballot Harvesting

Dems Much More Likely Than Republicans to Snitch on Neighbors for 'Lockdown' Violations

Dems will Exploit Vote-By-Mail "Scam" For "Greatest Rigged Election In History" says Trump

Dems: Stop Talking About Biden’s Racist Gaffe

Dems, Hillary Share Photo Of WH To Prove Trump ‘Cowered In The Dark,’ But Pic Was Taken In 2015 Under Obama

Dems' coronavirus, riots hypocrisy exposed by James Woods

Dems at War

Dems Launch ‘Committee to Draft Michelle Obama’ for VP

Dems give DOJ liars and conspirators a free pass

Dems Want to Abolish the Police and Confiscate Our Guns

Dems' Cities: Fourth-World Scourges

Dems' Political Blackface

Dems' refusal to control or even condemn riots will drive the voters into Trump's arms

Dems Warn That the American People May Tamper With Next Election

Dems Suddenly Outraged by Large Crowds Again

Dems Want to Replace Senile Man in Basement with a Guy Who Killed 5,800 People in Nursing Homes