Tuesday, June 30, 2020

6/30 - DEMS, PART 1

Dems Promise to Persecute Trump Supporters if They Take White House

Dems ‘pretty sure’ the key to the election is burning the country down

Dems Support Foreign Intervention in Our Elections

Dems Are Looking For A “Savior” To Enter The Race, But Will They Give Us A Devil Instead?

Dems call for and act on abolishment of cash bail

Dems Politicizing is Dangerous to Our Lives

Dems 'perfectly happy' with their own conspiracy theories

Dems Vow To Disintegrate Gun Rights

Dems' Hatred of President Trump and America Itself Is Appalling

Dems' 2020 Vision: America Last

Dems vote against motion calling unborn babies members ‘of the species homo sapiens’

Dems Always Choose America’s Enemies Over America

Dems' Wealth Tax Could Cost American Workers Trillions, According To New Study

Dems Sunday Funnies

Dems are getting nervous as they realize their base is tuning them out

Dems in Congress Give Iranian Protesters the Middle Finger

Dems 'Terrified' That 'Evidence of Real Corruption' Will Emerge in Senate

Dems Tell Moms They Need To Sideline Their Kids To Be Successful

Dems Impeached Trump to 'Shield' Themselves from 'Reckoning that Will Come'

Dems and the ‘Reeducation’ of the American People

Dems Vs. the People

Dems Say Virginia Rally Won’t Impact Their Plans For Gun Control Legislation

Dems Pay Millions to Firm Backed by Google’s Eric Schmidt

Dems Seek Civil War, But Will Get Revolution

Dems Cities Have the Highest STD Rates in America

Dems Way Off the Deep End on Abortion, New Poll Finds

Dems' impeachment about President Trump, wayward voters, and democracy

Dems Work Overtime to Force Trans Agenda

Dems vote to override state 'right-to-work' laws, boosting labor movement

Dems Still Don’t Know Why Trump Won in 2016

Dems' un-American agenda appeases LGBTQ community

Dems May Have Lost...but They're Still Smarter than You

Dems Becoming More Desperate...and More Dangerous

Dems' Bloodless Assassination Attempt Has Failed, At Least for Now

Dems Don't Realize How Much Impeachment Hurts Them

Dems Hate What Trump Is Highlighting about Them

Dems Triggered After Trump Tweets 'Misleading' Montage Of Pelosi Insulting SOTU Honorees

Dems walk out on black pro-life, defense-of-marriage pastor

Dems Admit They Are A Bunch Of Sexist Racists

Dems, you did build that: Chicago named most corrupt city in US

Thursday, June 25, 2020

6/25 - ROBERT

It is with a heavy heart that I learned today that my beloved missionary friend in Mexico, Robert, has passed away.   He contracted COVID-19 and died on Sunday.   Robert was a man like no other our family had ever met.  He tirelessly took Bibles all over Mexico, going to remote locations to spread the Gospel. The last email we had from him in early June was that he was leaving for a remote location in southern Mexico and would be out of pocket for a week or two.  He was taking a load of Bibles and wanted to see if there was a church there.  I don't know if he found a church there, only that he became sick at some point on that trip.  He did go to a hospital, was diagnosed with COVID and then died there in the hospital.

Unless something happens with the peace process that I feel needs to be passed along quickly, I will take a few days to step away from the blog.  I loved this man dearly, and I will miss his godly wisdom and frequent encouragement.  I look forward to seeing my friend again someday.

Tuesday, June 23, 2020


I am requesting prayer for a missionary that I have not heard from in some time. I don't know that anything is wrong, but he is in a difficult place and it is unusual to have no response to emails or text. Please pray for Robert as you felt led. Thank you.


President Trump will be meeting today about his/Kushner's peace plan.

Friday, June 19, 2020

6/19 - WATCHING . . . 2.2M CASES, 121K DEAD


JUNE 18: 2,278,919 CASES; 121,024 DEAD

JUNE 16: World coronavirus total tops 8 million cases


Earth watch:

Enormous Cloud of Sand From Africa’s Sahara Is Heading for Texas, Louisiana and Florida

Signs of Next Big Earthquakes? Oarfish Discovered in Mexico and Washington State and Quake Cloud Over Taiwan

Earth’s North Magnetic Pole Is Heading Towards Siberia – And We Now Know Why

A ‘Biblical’ Plague Of Locusts Has Put Millions On The Brink Of Famine: “We Have Never, Ever Seen What We Have In The Last Six Months”

Iran faces worst locust plague in 50 years, recent attacks unprecedented

"Triple Threat": COVID-19, Ebola, Measles Outbreak In Congo

Increased activity at Kick 'em Jenny submarine volcano, 1.5 km (1 mile) exclusion zone to be strictly observed

Laacher See: The Caldera in the Middle of Europe Is Bubbling Intensively

5G? Emergency Disaster Declared in Croatia After More Than 50 Million Bees Die Mysteriously Overnight


Rumors Of Wars:

China, India, North Korea, South Korea, Israel And Turkey All Move Toward War


The Supreme Court and 'woe':

Supreme Court ruling also largely relieves congressional Democrats of the need to enact the so-called Equality Act, a bill that would legislatively impose those same requirements on the country

Sen. Hawley Reveals D.C.'s Dirty Little Secret—and the Real Reason SCOTUS 'Super-Legislators' Redefined 'Sex' in Federal Law

Supreme Court Redefines Sex, Threatens Freedom of Religion; When words don’t mean anything, rights don’t mean anything.

Ruth Institute: Supreme Court LGBT Ruling ‘Erases Womanhood’

SCOTUS writing transgenderism into law the ‘Roe v. Wade of religious liberty’

SCOTUS’s Transgender Ruling Firebombs The Constitution

Scalia Rolling Over in His Grave: Gorsuch Leads 'a Brute Force Attack on Our Constitutional System'

Carrie Severino: SCOTUS LGBT Decision Will ‘Create a Tsunami of New Litigation’ Against Religious Groups

Without any sense of self-awareness . . . Out of Nancy Pelosi's own mouth: “As Isaiah Says, ‘For the Lord Will Have a Day of Reckoning…Woe to Those Who Make Unjust Laws’

JUNE 15: Supreme Court decision.

JUNE 16: SPEAKER of the House speaks a profoundly prophetic word from God's Word. She has spoken a "woe" to those who make "unjust laws," only she thinks she pronounced this "woe" on President Trump.

But President Trump did not make any "unjust laws."

However, the Supreme Court did.  Just the day before.

When the Equality Act was proposed, a tremendous storm hit Nebraska impacting a large number of crops. Subsequent flooding not only destroyed even more, the stormy weather went on so long that farmers had a tough time getting crops into the fields, and when they did, an early cold snap destroyed much of those.

I wrote about the timing here:


Now that Neil Gorsuch has alleviated the need for the Democrats to get a President into the White House so that that particular piece of legislation could be passed and signed into law, I cannot imagine what will happen to America next.

I just know that in Genesis 19 that there were several cities that had their own version of the "Equality Act." Fire rained down "and, lo, the smoke of the country went up as the smoke of a furnace."

Monday, June 15, 2020


Pastor David Wilkerson claimed that he was not a prophet but a watchman on the wall.

I am not a prophet, and I refuse to allow anyone to put that tag on me. But I am a watchman. Just one of many in this nation who now warn Americans to get ready for persecution and judgment. --Racing Toward Judgment, 1976



The auto industry is going to be hurt badly.--The Vision, 1973

Auto Sales Plunge 33% In May, Set For Worst Year Since 2009

Banks Brace For Default Wave: Wells Fargo Stops Making Loans To Independent Car Dealers

Nissan reports heavy losses, cuts production



I believe we are going to witness the bankruptcies of some of this nation's major and most popular corporations. --The Vision, 1973

Neiman Marcus Strikes Bankruptcy Deal With Creditors As 'Rona Rout Claims Latest Victim

24 Hour Fitness Files For Chapter 11 Bankruptcy

Numerous major U.S. companies declare bankruptcy as coronavirus lockdowns drag on

25,000 More Store Closures Expected As Pandemic-Fueled "Retail Apocalypse" Rolls On

"This Is Just The Start": US Bankruptcies Soar 48% In May, Most Since Financial Crisis



God is going to judge America for its . . . child molestations . . . --Set the Trumpet to Thy Mouth, 1985

Witness Says He Saw Bill Clinton On 'Pedo Island' With Epstein

Newly released 60-page report details US bishop’s predatory sexual behavior



Drastic troop withdrawals from Europe will cause even more confusion. Leaders of the European Common Market will capitalize on this anti-American sentiment to establish a firmer power base and grip on world trade. The world’s economic power base will shift to Europe. –The Vision, 1974

GG: I've been seeing more and more articles about President Trump pulling U.S. troops from Europe. This prophetic word from Wilkerson seems to be setting up to be fulfilled.

Europeans resent Trump's forcing them to contribute to their own defense

Germany Whips Up Anti-Americanism Amid Domestic Virus-Response Backlash

Trump Lashes Out Over Lagging NATO Spending - Pulls 9,500 Troops From Germany



The Pope will be considered more of a political than a spiritual leader . . . --The Vision, 1973

GG: Francis certainly seems to be more of a worshiper of the creation rather than the Creator.

Pope Says Virus Is Nature's Response to the Climate Crisis

Pope Francis Calls for 'Structural' Change Activists to Take Advantage of Coronavirus Crisis in Easter Letter

Pope Francis: Wounds of Mother Earth ‘Bleed in Us’



There will be a sudden rush to buy farms, ranches, and homes in the country. Thousands will attempt to flee from cities . . . there will be a growing urge to 'get away from it all' -- and much money will be invested in land and acreage in rural areas by people who have secret dreams of . . . becoming self-supporting. The Vision, 1973

As U.S. Cities Crumble, Demand For Rural And Suburban Properties Is Soaring

"Overnight, The World Became The Twilight Zone" - Exodus From Cities Sparks Mountain-Dweller Greatest Fear



America is going to be destroyed by fire! Sudden destruction is coming and few will escape. Unexpectedly, and in one hour, a hydrogen holocaust will engulf America -- and this nation will be no more.

In one hour it will all be over.

God will “melt” America . . .

America’s cup of iniquity is full; the bear has prepared and is set to act -- it is now only a matter of time. From over the North Pole the deadly missiles will come. Fear and some kind of supernatural impulse will cause the enemy to make the first strike.

The unthinkable is going to happen to America and parts of Canada. --Set the Trumpet to Thy Mouth (1985)

Not A Deterrent, But Massive Provocation: Russia Blasts US Ambassador's 'Move Nukes To Poland' Remarks

Nuclear Brinkmanship Is Back: Putin OKs Using Nukes In Response To Conventional Attacks

Putin Says Russia Will Soon Be Able To Counter "Invincible" Hypersonic Weapons

From over the North Pole the deadly missiles will come.

JUNE 10: US F-22 Raptors Intercept No Less Than 8 Russian Warplanes Off Alaska

Fear and some kind of supernatural impulse will cause the enemy to make the first strike.

JUNE 2: Vladimir Putin endorses nuclear doctrine allowing for first strike



According to biblical prophets, one of the most significant flash points of judgment is “when your men become as women.” It seems we now have multitudes who say, “Don’t call me male or female, call me person.” Tragically, this emphasis on personhood has created a generation of neurotics with no respect for God-ordained roles. --Racing Toward Judgment, 1976

NBC News: ‘Transgender Men’ Experience ‘Pain of Menstruation’

Trans Activist: It Isn’t Fair That Women Still Have Periods While Living As Men

Massive Crowds in New York, Chicago, Los Angeles for ‘Black Trans’ Protests

‘Harry Potter’ Star Rupert Grint Turns on J.K. Rowling: ‘Trans Women Are Women’
(GG: Rowling, creator of Harry Potter, refuses to say that trans women are women so it's interesting to see the woman who pushed witchcraft on the whole world with her books being turned on by trans activists and the very actors who became famous because of her books.)



David Wilkerson, in a sermon from 1989, said this about the Supreme Court:

"There is one come out of thee, that imagineth evil against the Lord, a wicked counselor" (Nahum 1:11). God must pour out His fury when the nation turns from simply ignoring God to deliberately plotting against Him.

This evil one who plots against God -- making laws, giving wicked counsel, designed to anger God -- is the consensus, the national mind, expressed by its judges, courts, and government. This one who has arisen in our midst is embodied in our Supreme Court, our federal courts, our judges on every level. These people have become wicked counselors, waging war against God. And they have blood on their hands!

They are evil God-haters, who protect baby-killers and atheistic rights. They have shaken their fist at God, daring Him to react to their flaunted rebellion. This small handful of wicked counselors has set their hearts against God. They have declared war, and God no longer can hold back His fury.

I do not care one bit what the Supreme Court does; however, you see, God is going to turn it into a kangaroo court of fools. "For now will I break His yoke from off thee, and will burst thy bonds in sunder" (Nahum 1:13). These wicked counselors will go down in judgment. God has promised to confound them and to make their faces black with fear.

Nahum asks, "Who can stand before His indignation? and who can abide (endure) in the fierceness of His anger?" (Nahum 1:6), when God's fury is on the land, when the fierceness of God's anger strikes, what judge can then stand in rebellion? What court will endure? God will smite them all with fear, striking their hearts with confusion. They will be helpless against the flood, crying, "What has happened? It's all going down!" --sermon, The Last Days of America

Supreme Court Redefines 'Sex' in Federal Law in Orwellian Ruling

Friday, June 12, 2020


Watching COVID-19, again:

They Are Telling Us That The 2nd Wave Of The Coronavirus Is Here, And The Stock Market Is Totally Freaking Out

Peak Prosperity: Covid-19 On The Rise In 20+ States


Watching Somalia Seattle:

Can you imagine if this were Trump supporters or the Tea Party?

Are You Enjoying the Far-Left Church of Woke?
(GG: She NAILS it!)

It Only Took 2 Days For Seattle’s “Autonomous Zone” To Descend Into Chaos
(GG: Sounds like Utopia to me. Who's ready to move there?)

Seattle "Autonomous Zone" Now Has A "Heavily-Armed" Warlord As Crime Spikes 300%
(GG: Gotta love how this group of idiots is calling themselves the "new police." AND put WALLS around their "autonomous zone"!!)

Seattle Mayor Jenny Durkan Covers For Anarchists, Calls Their Seizure Of Streets A ‘Block Party’

Tucker: The world welcomes its newest country

Let Seattle stew in its own excrement


Watching the persecution of Flynn that just doesn't end:

From the First Page, Judge Gleeson’s Brief Against Flynn is a Travesty

This Takes Some Nerve: House Dems File an Amicus Brief In the Flynn Case Against Dismissal, Claim ‘Partisanship’
(GG: Of course they did!)


News numbers:

2 New York Attorneys Arrested For Throwing Molotov Cocktail At Police

2 shocking theories about the target on Flynn's back

2 'Unusual' COVID-19 Features Convincing Scientists It Was Man-Made

3 Reasons Why Christians Should Reject #BlackLivesMatter

3 Ways Lockdowns Paved The Way For These Riots

4 Horsemen of America's Apocalypse

4 "Mysterious Signals" Captured From Outer Space

5 Chinese Media Companies designated as ‘Official Government Entities’ by Trump admin

5 Truths That Still Aren't Widely Known about the June 4 Tiananmen Square Massacre

6 Recent Examples of Joe Biden’s Cognitive Decline That Should Concern Us All

6 times Adam Schiff insisted that there was Russian collusion

6 Ways The Obama Administration Railroaded The Rule Of Law To Destroy Michael Flynn

7 Devastating Revelations About Crossfire Hurricane In New Releases

7 Different Strains Of Coronavirus Circulated In California

7 Thoughts About Politics in the Coronavirus Outbreak

7 Thoughts on the Civil War the Other Side Wants So Badly

7 Ways the DNC Will Use Contact Tracers for Biden’s Campaign to Oust Trump

8 ways Pelosi's HEROES Act directs taxpayer money toward abortion

8 Russian Warplanes Intercepted Off Alaska on June 10

9 of 11 statues of Confederate leaders Pelosi wants removed from Capitol were Democrats

9 Signs Of The End Times That Are Unfolding Right In Front Of Our Eyes

10 Deadliest Disasters In American History

10 Most Important Questions For Rod Rosenstein This Morning

10 Numbers That Show The U.S. Has Fallen Into A Horrifying Economic Depression

12 Words and Phrases We Never Want To Hear Again

15 Times Establishment Media Used ‘Bigoted’ Phrases to Refer to the Coronavirus

18 Murders in 24 Hours: Inside the most violent day in 60 years in Chicago

18 Signs That We Are Facing A Record Breaking Economic Implosion In 2020

Thursday, June 11, 2020

RIOTS 2020

4 posts today, so keep scrolling.

Riots in major U.S. cities, some protestors mad about the death of George Floyd, others are just taking advantage to loot stores and burn property

The Purge 'Message' Blasts Over Loudspeakers As Rioters Torch Cars

CNN Guest: Not Wanting To Be Raped And Robbed Is White Privilege

LA Rabbi: Black Lives Matter Pogrom Was Like Kristalnacht

Barbarians At The Mall

Across America, Protesters Are Angry, Rioters Are Having a Blast

Boston: Rioters Deface ‘Glory’ Monument to Black Civil War Soldiers in Boston

New York: As Rioters Destroy New York, Cops Kick Jewish Families Out of a Playground

St. Louis: 77-Year-Old Retired Police Captain Murdered By Looters

Washington, D.C.: National Guardsmen Stand Watch on Steps of Lincoln Memorial

The Controlled Burn Rages Out Of Control

Cry For This Country, Because The Streets Of America Have Become A War Zone

The DOJ Has Launched An Investigation As More Evidence Emerges That Someone Is Orchestrating The Violent Riots

“Extreme Looting”: We Are Seeing Looters Use Absolutely Crazy Tactics That Have Never Been Seen Before

James O’Keefe Strikes Again! Latest Undercover Video Exposes Antifa Terrorist Movement: Recruitment, Combat Training and International Connections #ExposeAntifa

'God is Dead': Leftist Rioters Vandalize Churches and Synagogues

Larwyn’s Linx: Soros-Backed Radical Missouri A.G. Kim Gardner Releases Every Rioter and Looter Arrested in STL

The Left Owns The Riots

Leftist Media and Politicians Incited Race Riots

Leftist rioters coming for you

The Media Are Lying To You About Everything, Including The Riots; The media lied about the Russia collusion hoax, about the Mueller probe, about impeachment, about the coronavirus—and now they’re lying about the riots.

Satanists Join With Antifa

Minneapolis Riots Are Reminder That Police Don't Protect You Or Your Property

Where is the FBI?



JUNE 11: Tropical Depression Cristobal Makes Rare Landfall on Great Lakes: Hurricane Winds; 300,000 People in the Dark; 10-Foot Waves; Massive Rainbows and Spectacular Iridescent Clouds in Ohio and Michigan

JUNE 10: CA: Live From Hell: New Sepulveda Fire Looks Like Burning Nightmare as it Sweeps Across Bel Air, Los Angeles

JUNE 8: CO, WY: Tens of Thousands Without Power After Exceedingly Rare Derecho Makes Weather History in Wyoming and Colorado – That’s Only the Third Derecho Recorded in Western U.S.

JUNE 4: NJ, PA: Extreme Derecho Kills 3 and Disrupts Power to 500,000 People Across Pennsylvania and New Jersey

MAY 27: FL: Record heavy rains trigger severe flooding in Florida, U.S.

MAY 26: Hailstorms Are Increasing in Strength, Hailstones are Reaching Enormous Sizes and Insurance Costs Are Skyrocketing – An Overview of the Hail Apocalypse in the U.S.

MAY 23: This Mammoth Hailstone Was so Large That it Literally Went Through the Roof of a House During an Extreme Storm in Texas


MAY 18: IL: Major flooding hits Chicago, city on pace to break the monthly May rainfall record, U.S.


MAY 3: TN, MO, AR, OK: Deadly Derecho Slams Nashville With 70 mph Winds, Snapping Trees and Knocking Out Power to More Than 100,000 Customers – Baseball-Size Hail Across Missouri, Arkansas, Oklahoma and Tennessee (Videos)
(GG: MARCH 3, Nashville hit by deadly tornado.)


APRIL 22: OK, TX, LA: Dozens Of Terrifying Twisters Tear Through Texas and Oklahoma


APRIL 21: MISSISSIPPI: MS tornado rated as EF-4 -- the fourth EF-4 in 2020, the most fatal tornado year since 2012


APRIL 12: TEXAS, LA, MS, GEORGIA: Violent Tornadoes In Louisiana And Mississippi Kill At Least 11 – Catastrophic Damage Reported on Easter Sunday

APRIL 4, MISSISSIPPI RIVER FLOODING: Already Braced for Covid-19, Towns Watch the Rising Mississippi With Fear

MARCH 30, CLEVELAND, OH FLOODING: Severe storms trigger '100-year flood' in Cleveland, Ohio

MARCH 29, JONESBORO, AR TORNADO: Large tornado rips through Jonesboro, causing extensive damage, Arkansas

MARCH 28, OKLAHOMA, MISSOURI HAILSTORMS: Violent Storms Drop Huge and Destructive Hailstones on Oklahoma and Missouri

MARCH 25: TISHOMINGO, MS TORNADO: Large and destructive tornado hits Tishomingo, Mississippi -- rare tornado emergency issued

MARCH 3, NASHVILLE, TN TORNADO: Strong tornado hits Nashville, causing extensive damage -- at least 24 casualties and 40 structures destroyed, Tennessee, U.S.



JUNE 9: What Comes After The "Deepest Economic Crisis Since The Great Depression"

MAY 25: "Worse Than The Great Depression" - Peter Schiff Fears '70s Stagflation "On Steroids" Ahead

MAY 8: San Diego Unemployment Rate Nearly 27%, Breaking County Record Set During Great Depression

MAY 5: Sam Zell: Fallout From Coronavirus Will Be "Worse Than The Great Depression"

MAY 4: Investing Legend Sees A Second Great Depression For Stocks By 2023

APRIL 30: Unemployment Tops Thirty Million – Numbers Not seen Since the Great Depression

APRIL 28: "No Happy Ending For You" - Roubini Explains The Coming Greater Depression Of The 2020s


APRIL 27: Are You Ready For The Great Depression Of The 2020s?

APRIL 27: White House Economic Adviser: Q2 GDP Will Be Biggest Negative Number Since Great Depression; -20% To -30%

APRIL 26: White House economic advisor Kevin Hassett says unemployment rate will approach Great Depression

APRIL 16: Bullard Warns "Depression" Is Possible

APRIL 11: Welcome To The Greater Depression

APRIL 9: World faces potential new ‘Great Depression’ as virus toll mounts

APRIL 8: Thursday's unemployment claims numbers suggest that the US unemployment rate is already around 13%, its highest level since the Great Depression, and worse than the depths of the financial crisis

MARCH 30: 49 Percent Of U.S. Companies Expect Layoffs “In The Next Three Months” As Unemployment Heads To Great Depression Levels

MARCH 26: Top 5 Causes of the Great Depression - ThoughtCo

MARCH 25: "Greatest Depression Has Already Started", Celente Warns

MARCH 24: 1929 Redux - This Is Not Your Ordinary Crisis

MARCH 24: "The Chances Of A Greater Depression Are Increasing By The Day" Warns Dr.Doom

MARCH 20: The Crash Of 2020 Is Now Worse Than The Great Depression

MARCH 18:US risks falling into a 1930s style Great Depression
Steven Mnuchin reportedly tried to explain to a group of Republican Senators that if they didn't vote for the administration's massive $1 trillion+ stimulus package, then they would risk allowing the American economy to fall into a depression with unemployment rates as high as 20%, a level not seen in the US since the 1930s.

MARCH 14: The Last Time This Happened Was October 1929...

Tuesday, June 9, 2020


Chinese virus:

6/8, DAY 142 - 2,034,502 CASES; 113,568 DEAD
5/31, DAY 134 - 1,839,119 CASES; 106,241 DEAD
5/4, DAY 107 - 1,218,638 CASES, 70,727 DEAD
4/2, DAY 74 - 245,573 CASES, 6058 DEAD
3/2, DAY 42 - 88 CASES, 2 DEAD
1/21, DAY 1 - 1 CASE, 0 DEATHS


Obama-Appointed CDC Chair Caught on Camera Lobbying to ‘Get Rid of’ White Americans

Obama CDC Boss Who Admired China’s Response Put in Charge of Contact Tracing

‘The Obama Order That Changed Everything’

Obama Staffer, Bill Gates, Soros Behind the Group Pushing a Celebrity Global Response to Chinese Coronavirus

ODNI: Intelligence Community Will Give Threat Briefings to Presidential Candidates, Not FBI

Oh Good, We’re Doing The Civility Thing Again

The Oil Price Collapse Is Yet Another Sign That Economic Activity Is Crashing Dramatically All Over The World

OK, Karen!

Omar Accused of Yet Another Fraud

One Million Moms Warns: Marvel Film 'Eternals' Includes Openly Gay Married Superheroes

"Only Official Sources Permitted" - Amazon Censors COVID-Truther Book In Latest 'Ministry Of Truth' Moment

The Only Social Contract is the Constitution

Operation Destroy Catherine Herridge

Oral Arguments in Gen. Flynn Case on Friday — An Introduction to What’s Ahead

Our world as we know it has gone: Thousands of farms folding every day: Pigs being used as compost: Biblical Locust swarms: Another billion mouths to feed this decade and we don't know how Covid-19 will end

‘Outdated,’ ‘Backwards’ to Think More Police Create More Safety, says the woman who is trying to destroy David Daleiden for exposing Planned Parenthood's sale of aborted baby parts in series of undercover videos

Outrage at Democrats Wearing Kente Cloth During Moment of Silence: ‘So Woke It Actually Feels Racist’

Over The Last 3 Years, American Culture Has Gone Even Deeper Down The Toilet

Owner of 7-SIGMA manufacturing to leave Minneapolis after plant set on fire in riots and authorities just let it burn

Monday, June 8, 2020


Actor Tom Arnold Calls For Armed Insurrection Against Trump Supporters

Jeff Bezos Scolds Amazon Customer for Saying ‘All Lives Matter’

Black Lives Are a Pretext

Black Pro-Lifers Arrested for Praying at Planned Parenthood While Hundreds of Rioters Go Free

CBS Deceptively Edits Barr Interview, Leaving Out Key Details On Violent Riots, Police Oversight

Larwyn’s Linx: Minneapolis City Council announces veto-proof push to disband police in George Floyd aftermath

Minneapolis City Council President Defends Plan to Dismantle Police: Expecting Help Is ‘Privilege’

‘Abolish The Police’ Is A Slogan For The Destruction Of America

And Just Like That the Cure for COVID Was Unveiled – Massive Riots, Looting, Destruction in the Millions and Wholesale Persecution of Police

Nancy Pelosi, Democrats Kneel to Protest Police Brutality

Be Courageous And Stand Firm, America—We Do Not Kneel

Get off your knees!

Why I Will Never Kneel

Michelle Obama LOVES the damage rioters are doing to America and eggs on their anger -- tells rioters "Don't let anyone tell you that you're too angry!"

Second Looter Arrested – Linked to Killer of Retired Police Chief David Dorn

Here Are The Companies That Support Antifa, Black Lives Matter, and Want You Dead

This Is Exactly What Is Going To Happen If Police Departments Are “Disbanded” Or “Defunded” All Across America

Hannah-Jones Slams Paper’s ‘Both-Sideism’ in Running Tom Cotton Op-Ed — We Shouldn’t Be Running ‘Misinformation’

Friday, June 5, 2020



Coronavirus Mutates Into Now-Dominant, More Contagious Form As Doctors Ponder 'East Coast vs. West Coast' Strains

Coronavirus Uses Same Strategy As HIV To Evade, Cripple Immune System: Chinese Study Finds

COVID-19 Suvivors To Be 'Permanently Disqualified' From Military By Default

Hong Kong Study: Surgical Masks Could Reduce Coronavirus Transmission By As Much As 75%

South Korean Study Finds Recovered COVID Patients Who Test Positive Aren't Infectious

UK COVID-19 Deaths Pass 40k As Brazil, Mexico Report Explosion Of New Cases: Live Updates

Lancet Retracts Medical Study Critical of Hydroxychloroquine – Study Results Were Designed for Political Purposes

Scientists Find Coronavirus Can Linger In The Air Of Crowded Spaces Longer Than We Thought


Earth watch:

Tropical Storm Cristobal Set To Strike US This Weekend

Swarm Of Earthquakes In Yellowstone Renews Fears Of Supervolcano Eruption

Yellowstone Is Just a Distraction, Cascadia Is The Big One

Congo Faces New Ebola Outbreak – Already 5 Dead While Being Deadly Hit by Measles and Coronavirus

Highly Contagious and Deadly Virus Decimates Rabbits Across the U.S.

Monster Landslide Dragging Several Buildings Into the Sea in Norway’s Far North… It’s Terrifying!

Very Abnormal Seismic Activity Concerns Scientists in South Korea as it Could Be a Sign of a Major and Very Destructive Earthquake


Sky watch:

NASA Keeping Tabs on Stadium-Sized Asteroid Headed Toward Earth


Michael Flynn:

The DOJ supports its petition for writ of mandate with an explosive brief

Judge Sullivan Finally Responds To Mandamus Petition In Flynn Case, Proving Why It Was Necessary

Judge Sullivan Delivers Response in Flynn Case and It’s Something

Rosenstein Admits He Would Not Have Signed FISA Warrant If He Knew Of Exculpatory Evidence, Throws McCabe Under The Bus

The Senate Should Focus On What The Flynn Transcripts Do Not Contain... Starting With A Crime



New coronavirus vaccine will be for those 'who want to get it,' said President Trump

New Dangerous Species of ‘Murder Hornet’ Invades the U.S.: The Deadly Asian Giant Hornet Kills 50 People Per Year and Decimates Entire Beehives in Just Hours

New FBI Document Confirms The Trump Campaign Was Investigated Without Justification

New Flynn Transcripts Confirm Mueller Team Lied To The Court And The Country

The New Internet Censorship

New Large Hadron Collider (LHCb) Analysis Still Finds Deviations from the Standard Model of Particle Physics and Nobody Knows How This Mystery Will Turn Out

New Mysterious Fast Radio Bursts Traced Back To Their Host Galaxies

New Seafloor Faults Discovered Near Puerto Rico Quakes’ Epicenters

New Study Warns Up To 70% Of Americans Will Eventually Catch COVID-19 And The Pandemic Could Last 2 Years

New WHO Guidelines Encourage European Kids Under 4 Be Taught "Masturbation" and "Gender Identity"



No Blue State Bailouts: Hold Democrats Accountable for Democrats’ Policies

No Gay 'Pride Month' Proclamation for June from President Trump

No Proof That Russia Hacked DNC - Democrats Hid Sworn CrowdStrike Testimony For Over 2 Years

No Question China Misled The World On Coronavirus

No shame from PBS over 'Prideland' propaganda


North Korea:

MAY 25: Kim's New 'Nuclear-Capable Submarine' About To Be Deployed: South Korea

JAN 18: Pentagon's No.2 General Says North Korea Building New Missiles "Fast"

FLASHBACK DEC 19: North Korea's Kim Warns Of "New Strategic Weapon"

FLASHBACK OCT 19: Photos of Kim on white horse may look absurd but are loaded with meaning; most likely North Korea has a new weapon of war


Nursing homes:

More than 40% of COVID deaths in multiple countries came from nursing homes: reports

CALIF: California's COVID Nursing Home Death Rate 'Cover Up' Is Imploding

MICHIGAN: Gretchen “Cuomo” Whitmer Policy Placed COVID-19 Infected Patients in Nursing Homes

NEW JERSEY: 1 in 10 N.J. nursing home residents have died from COVID-19

NEW YORK: "Grandma Killer" Cuomo Sent 4,300 Patients Back To Nursing Homes Despite Positive COVID-19 Tests

PENNSYLVANIA: Pennsylvania made nursing homes accept COVID patients, but health secretary's mom was moved to hotel

Thursday, June 4, 2020


David Wilkerson wrote in his book The Vision about the fall of New York City.


Wilkerson notes that "unbelievable" violence is coming to New York City. NYC will be under God's judgment, but it will not be recognized. And surely it is not being recognized because Cuomo just boasted that New Yorkers "read the Bible." I have a link to that unbelievable statement below. Sorry, Cuomo, but NYC has got to be one of the ungodliest cities in America. If San Francisco is proud to be Sodom, NYC is Gomorrah.

NY has not fallen yet, but COVID-19 and the Antifa and BLM riots have certainly brought her to the very edge of the cliff -- it's only a matter of time.



Cuomo Backs Fines for New Yorkers Not Wearing Masks
(GG: But NO bail for ACTUAL criminals.)

Janice Dean Brings Straight Fire to Gov. Andrew Cuomo After He Virtue Signals About Wearing a Mask

Andrew Cuomo: Criminals' Best Friend

Cuomo: 'We Didn't Have Hurricanes' Before Climate Change

Cuomo Meets Donald Trump with Infrastructure Wish List for New York

Cuomo Plans to Rename Brooklyn Park After Trans Activist

Rev. Graham: Cuomo Wants to Save Lives But Signed Unrestricted Abortion into Law

Cuomo Needles Donald Trump: ‘Here in New York We Actually Read the Bible’
(GG: Apparently not the 10 Commandments. Or Leviticus. See link above.)



Coronavirus in NY: A timeline of how the disease spread through the metro area

New York Becomes Wuhan As Its Crematories Work Overtime

New York Launches Investigation Into Mysterious New COVID-19-Linked Illness As 3 Children Die: Live Updates

Cuomo Laughs at Chris Rock's Coronavirus Death Joke

Cuomo To Out-Of-State Volunteers: Thanks For The Help — And Here’s Your Tax Bill

New York State Bar Association considers proposal to demand ‘mandatory’ COVID-19 vaccine


New York:

NY Bans Plastic Bags, Threatens $500 Fines
(GG: Ironically, because of COVID-19, many stores are asking customers to NOT use the reusable bags because of studies showing the Wuhan virus stays on the fabric longer, therefore, use the plastic bags.)

NY now lets minors switch gender on birth certificates

NY Sanctuary Law Freed Illegal Alien Charged with Child Sex Abuse


New York City:

Mayor deBlasio Releases 900 Inmates To Reduce Coronavirus Risk – Makes Room To Arrest Priests, Ministers, Pastors
(GG: Wanna bet who some of the rioters are?)

Over 400 NYC Looters to Be Freed from Jail Thanks to ‘Bail Reform’ Policy

Looters Grab $2.4 Million Worth of Watches from Soho Rolex Store

AMBUSH: NYPD Officers Stabbed, Shot in Overnight Attack. Union President Asks, 'Are We Surprised?'

“Complete Anarchy”: New York Cops Beaten, Run Over by Cars in Night of Rioting and Arson by Peaceful Protesters (Video)

New York Police Say They 'Are Losing the City' as Cuomo and de Blasio Play Politics With the Riots

Chanel, Apple, Rolex, Other High-End Stores Looted In New York’s SoHo (Photos)

Bronx streets turn chaotic as looters run wild

This is what a Leadership Vacuum looks like


New York Times:

The New York Times Is About to Face a Reckoning For Its Lies

NYT’s David Brooks: Coronavirus Outbreak ‘What Happens When You Elect A Sociopath As President’

NY Times Worries Half of Americans Will Refuse to Take Coronavirus Vaccine

NY Times Reporter Got Cedar Sinai Doctors Video Of UV Light Treatment Removed Because It Sounded Like What Trump Described

New York Times on Memorial Day Weekend: ‘Why Does the U.S. Military Celebrate White Supremacy?’

NYT Removes Fake Anecdote About Medical Intern Dying of Coronavirus


Nursing homes:

A convenient amnesty: Cuomo says nobody to be punished for nursing home deaths

Betsy McCaughey: Cuomo nursing home scandal – Deaths likely closer to 10,000 and it gets worse

AF Branco cartoon

Dem Gov. Cuomo Blames The Nursing Homes For Obeying His Orders And Taking Covid-19 Patients

Tuesday, June 2, 2020


Pastor David Wilkerson claimed that he was not a prophet but a watchman on the wall.

I am not a prophet, and I refuse to allow anyone to put that tag on me. But I am a watchman. Just one of many in this nation who now warn Americans to get ready for persecution and judgment. --Racing Toward Judgment, 1976

The rioting and demonstrating, the looting and unrest of the sixties are now history. But the riots are not over. Another wave is coming. This time I see Puerto Ricans, Cubans and Mexicans deeply involved. The coming economic confusion will ignite another round of demonstrations, riots, and civil disorder. . . . I am convinced that the worst is yet to come.--The Vision, 1973

GG: We've had some looting and rioting in downtown OKC the past 3-4 nights, things thrown at the police, spray painting on buildings, vandalism, lots of shouting and fireworks, tear gas.

Riots in major U.S. cities, some protestors mad about the death of George Floyd, others are just taking advantage to loot stores and burn property

The Purge 'Message' Blasts Over Loudspeakers As Rioters Torch Cars

Across America, Protesters Are Angry, Rioters Are Having a Blast

Rioting From Minneapolis Spreads To Los Angeles, Black Lives Matter Attacks Two Police Cars On Freeway

Heartbreaking: Rioters Burn Homeless Man’s Possessions as Bystanders Cheer

Mayhem: Rioters Set Historic Church Ablaze Near the White House

Behind Burning City Protests, Barack Obama’s New Army

Rioters So Angry About George Floyd ... They Wrote 'Free Palestine' on a Synagogue

Shocking Evidence That Indicates That Somebody Is Trying To Orchestrate An Internal Uprising Inside The United States

Santa Monica the Morning After the Riots

The Horrifying Civil Unrest We Have Been Warning You About Is Here, And America Is Literally Coming Apart At The Seams

The latest narrative spin fell apart in the spin cycle

The Minneapolis Disaster has Democrat Fingerprints All Over It

Kosher stores, synagogues, vandalized and looted in LA protests

U.S.A. Burning

GG: Personally, I don't think Pastor Wilkerson was talking about just this latest rioting. He wrote The Vision in 1973, and we've seen multiple riots since then, so I think he was speaking to the whole conglomeration of them (the Rodney King riots, Ferguson, Baltimore, Milwaukee, etc.)

Monday, June 1, 2020


Chinese virus:

5/31, DAY 134 - 1,839,119 CASES; 106,241 DEAD
5/4, DAY 107 - 1,218,638 CASES, 70,727 DEAD
4/2, DAY 74 - 245,573 CASES, 6058 DEAD
3/2, DAY 42 - 88 CASES, 2 DEAD
1/21, DAY 1 - 1 CASE, 0 DEATHS


News updates:

Nadler In 2004: ‘Paper Ballots Are Extremely Susceptible to Fraud … I Can Show You Experience Which Would Make Your Head Spin’

Nancy Pelosi’s Daughter Endorses Violent Assault Against Senator Rand Paul

NARAL Pro-Choice President Takes Issue with Coronavirus Protestors Using 'My Body, My Choice'

Nation's Political Class Perfectly OK With Your Financial Death

The National Debt Clock Is Flashing A Major Red Alert!

"NATO Go Home!"

Naval War College Prof: Trump Is ‘Unmanly,’ Supporters ‘Trapped in Perpetual Adolescence’
(GG: Don't you like how this professor paints everyone with a broad brush and yet there's a good chance he hasn't talked to everyone who supports President Trump?)

Navy Releases Video of High Energy Laser Weapon Destroying a Drone

NBC Bans Reporters From Using The Word “Riot” In Coverage Of Minnesota

NBC Never Had a Problem With Hillary Clinton’s Pay-to-Play State Department but With Mike Pompeo Different Rules Apply

NBC: ‘Transgender Men’ Experience ‘Pain of Menstruation’

Nearly 100 Hollywood Celebs Smeared Brett Kavanaugh But Won’t Condemn Joe Biden

Neil Howe: Expect Creative Destruction In This Fourth Turning

Neiman Marcus Strikes Bankruptcy Deal With Creditors As 'Rona Rout Claims Latest Victim

New Mexico Governor Quarantines Entire City, Closes All Roads That Lead Into Town

Newly released 60-page report details US bishop’s predatory sexual behavior, reckless spending

The Next Spider-Man May Be Bisexual

Ninth Circuit Court Rules Against the President and Churches

No Matter Who Biden Picks, His Running Mate Will Be A ‘Karen’

No More All-Female Pageants? Transgender Suing Beauty Pageant For Barring Biologically Male Contestants.

Nobody Ever Imagined That The Job Losses Would Get This Bad So Quickly

Nobody Sells Guns Better Than Democrats Running For President

Norma McCorvey From Roe v. Wade Didn't Reject the Pro-Life Cause, Former Lawyer Says

North Carolina: 570 Workers Test Positive For COVID At Tyson Plant

"Not A Bluff": White House Might Pull US Military & Intelligence From UK Over China's Huawei

Not A Deterrent, But Massive Provocation: Russia Blasts US Ambassador's 'Move Nukes To Poland' Remarks

Not Pushing Back Fuels LGBT Tyranny

'Nothing Improper, And FBI Knew It': Flynn Transcripts Released

Nothing small about abortion giant's business

The NSA's New "Contact Chaining" Tool

NSA's Social Network Mapping is More Vast, Omnipresent, & Horrifying Than Snowden Revealed

The Number Of Jobs Lost In April Was More Than Double The Total Number Of Jobs Lost During The Last Recession

Numbers. Don’t. Lie! Brit Hume’s back-and-forth with COVID-Karens about lockdowns is BRUTAL (then he shares GREAT thread)