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Israel, peace process update:

Interesting timing on this one:

The following article from The Times of Israel is dated May 27, BUT the caption under the picture says the map portrayed was revealed May 25.

Settler leaders produce map they claim shows Trump plan for Palestinian state

Opponents of the plan say the map carves out a Palestinian state. The Trump peace team is saying the map is not final.

ALSO on MAY 25:

A police officer pinned an unarmed black man, George Floyd, to the ground using his knee and apparently unconcerned with Floyd saying he couldn't breathe. Floyd later died. Minneapolis has since erupted in riots.

Since every major news site is carrying links to the rioting, I won't duplicate here.

This blog has tracked events for the past 10 years of when the U.S. pressures Israel concerning trading land for peace, it appears to be the same as cursing Israel because terrible things often happen here in the U.S., things like earthquakes, riots, scandals, economic turmoil and hurricanes. Speaking of which, I posted this link yesterday. It seems worth reposting today:

Most Dangerous Storm Season Since Katrina May Be Ahead

Many of us prophecy and end-times watchers who watch Israel, often remember Hurricane Katrina as forming in the aftermath of the U.S. strongly pressuring Israel to pull out of Gaza. Katrina is not a name we want to see. Let's hope and pray we do not have another one.

Parts of Trump's "deal of the century" peace plan are to begin being implemented come the first few days of July. Multiple Arab and Islamic states and entities have threatened ugly behavior if Israel implements any part of the plan, particularly annexation of the West Bank.

Naftali Bennett: Trump peace plan map needs to change; 'The map is not good for Israel. It must be corrected.' Israel's Annexation Plan of the Jordan Valley

The Big War Between Israel And Her Enemies Could Begin As Soon As July 1st

Hamas Chief Vows Major "Armed Resistance" If Trump's Deal Of The Century Implemented



Map of all the places where people have reported contracting flesh-eating bacteria in 2019

Map Of Mars: The Geology Of The Red Planet

Map of where mass shootings have taken place

Map of where 'Undocumented' immigrants live in the US

Map of The World's Longest Non-Stop Flights
(GG: Pre-Covid.)

Map Shows "Four Times As Many Jihadist Militants" Around The World Than Before 9/11

Maps Show Where Most Tornadoes Hit in the USA

Mapped: The State Of Facial Recognition Around The World



Sorry, media: You’re not victims no matter how much ‘abuse’ you take

HILARIOUS: Trump Campaign Mocks Biden. Journalists Don't Get the Joke

The Media Wants America to Stay Closed Forever; It has Americans right where it wants them: trapped in front of the TV

The Mainstream Media’s Influence is Finally Waning

Media Ghoulishly Cheer Coronavirus as 'Trump's Katrina'

Media in Panic Mode over Latest Presidential Polls

Media Keeps Demanding Facebook Let It Censor Republican Ads

Media Will Never Understand The Country So Long As They Keep Hating Trump Voters

Media Is Complicit in Leftist Violence Against Trump Supporters

MSM reporting of US COVID-19 mortality rate: An exercise in 'How to Lie with Statistics'

Media Thinks Lawsuit Against Fox Is Great, Until They Get Owned and Have to Defend Fox

Whistleblower Tells Project Veritas That CBS News Faked a News Story To Make Covid Seem More Severe

C-SPAN posting inaccurate transcripts of Trump briefings

Gallup Poll Shows That No One Thinks the Media Is Doing a Good Job During the Pandemic

MSNBC Contributor: Americans’ Obsession with Freedom Blinds Us to Threats Like Climate Change, Viruses

MSNBC’s Nicolle Wallace Finds a Political ‘Silver Lining’ in Wuhan Virus Crisis, and It’s Disgusting

MSNBC phony mask-shaming busted on live TV



Bank Of Mexico Cuts Rates By 50bps To 5.50% As Expected

Moody's Downgrades Mexico To Baa1, Pemex To Junk

Hailstones Big Like Melons Slam San Luis de Potosí, Mexico

Cartel Violence Increasing Despite Pandemic Restrictions in Mexican Border Cities

A magnitude, 6.1 rocks the west coast of Mexico, the 44th major quake, (Mag 6 or higher) of 2020

Mexico M6.1 Earthquake Warning For Possible Larger Quake, Rivera Plate


Michael Flynn:

Charles Hurt: Barack Obama’s Obsession with Gen. Michael Flynn

The Reason Why Barack Obama Targeted Michael Flynn Goes Well Past Petty Politics

Understanding The Mueller Lies About Michael Flynn

Materiality is the Key to the Flynn Impasse

Michael Flynn Judge Emmet Sullivan Needs To Recuse Himself Already

One of the Unmaskers of General Flynn from Obama’s Treasury Department Is the Wife of Dem Rep Raskin Who Presented Unconstitutional Impeachment to the Senate

Newly released material in the Flynn case implicates Obama

No Justice, No Freedom

'Sensational' hearing coming over Flynn judge, judge arranged a speaking engagement for former FBI Director James Comey at Howard University for $100,000

Wait . . . That’s How Peter Strzok Signed Off on the FBI’s Counterintelligence Probe into Trump-Russia Collusion



Michigan Gov. Whitmer Is A Hateful Leftist

Michigan’s Sociopath Lady Governor: Anti-Lockdown Rallies Are Just Trump Rallies In Disguise

Michigan Salon Owner On Getting Cease-and-Desist Order After Reopening : ‘It’s Definitely A Scary Situation’

State Senator: Gretchen Whitmer Engaged in ‘Cover Up’ of Husband’s Boat Request

Lockdown Lawsuit: Doctors Hit Gretchen Whitmer With Lawsuit Over Medical 'Time Bomb'

Michigan's top politicians provoked devastating dam burst to protect mussels

Over 25% of Michigan Workforce Filed For Unemployment



Millions of Americans Seethe with Rage Over the Assaults on President Trump
(GG: See 63 Million Trump Voters 'disenfranchised' link below)

Millions of Cicadas Are About to Invade Parts of the US

Millions Aren't Paying Rent, Sparking a Coronavirus Housing Crisis

Millions In Federal Funds for PBS Stations that Partnered With Chinese Foreign Agent On Pro-Beijing Film

Millions Upon Millions Of Jobs That Have Been Lost Are Never Coming Back

22 Million Jobless Claims In 1 Month: Last 4 Weeks Erase All Jobs Created Since The Great Recession

63 Million Trump Voters 'Disenfranchised' by Impeachment

Thursday, May 28, 2020


Mac Slavo: Google Drive Takes Down Personal Copy Of "Plandemic"

Malignant Hypocrisy; The Democrats’ lynching of Brett Kavanaugh

Mall of America On Verge Of Default After Missing Two Loan Payments

A Man in Full; Dan Crenshaw’s inspiring story

Many Majority-Black Cities Excluded From Fed's Municipal Liquidity Facility

Marie Yovanovitch Knew More About Burisma than She Admitted to Impeachment Inquiry

Mark Zuckerberg Blasts Twitter For Tagging Trump Tweets As "Misinformation" -- "Internet Platforms Aren't Arbiters Of Truth"
(GG: This is the truth, just surprised it came from Mark Zuckerberg.)

Maryland Democrat votes SEVEN TIMES on legislation in Congress (scroll down to tweet)

Mastercard joins ID2020 Alliance

MaterCare founder prayer request

Matt Gaetz crafting legislation that would strip social media giants of their Section 230 legal immunity if they fact check content on their platforms; President Trump to sign Executive Order on Thursday concerning social media

Companion article: With his tweets about Scarborough’s intern, Trump set a trap for Twitter

Matt Margolis: The Coronavirus Timeline Liberals Don't Want You To See

Matt Walsh destroys transgenderism in less than a minute

Mattel Sales Plunge 14%

Max Baucus, Obama's Ambassador To Beijing, Compares Trump To Hitler On Chinese TV

Maxine Waters: Trump, Protesters ‘Should Be Ashamed’ — We Don’t Want Businesses ‘Opened Back Up’

McGovern: Turn Out The Lights, Russiagate Is Over

Medical journal publishes study encouraging euthanasia

Meet The Company That Flies The Super Rich On Pre-Sanitized Planes To Mega-Yachts In Malta For $16,000/Hour

Meet The Tech Company That Wants To Appear To Like Trump But Support His Opponents

A megadrought is parching the American West

Megan Fox: 'Contact Tracing' Jobs Create Terrifying Army of Karens

Member Arrested After Working Out at New Jersey Gym That Defied Governor Murphy’s Coronavirus Lockdown Order

Memorial Day highlights Trump's vitality and Biden's lifelessness

Men Accused of Raping Children Among 830 Inmates Freed in Massachusetts

Methodical Destruction of Obama's Legacy

Michael Every: "A Few Months Ago, Any One Of These Stories Would Have Been Front-Page News And Market-Moving"

"Minneapolis Is Burning" - Buildings Torched, Stores Looted, Protests Over George Floyd Intensify

Minneapolis Rioters Are So Angry About Police Killing That They... Stole Baby Clothes and Air Fryers From Nearby Target

Minneapolis rioters destroy police station

Minnesota Governor Walz is here to do 2 things during the coronavirus: shut down churches and kill grandmas

The Mises Institute: CDC Slashed The COVID-19 Fatality Rate To A Fraction Of Earlier Estimate Used To Justify Lockdowns

Angry Mob Screams Obscenities At Non-Mask Wearing Customer in Staten Island Grocery Store, chase out of store

Mobile Phone Activity From Wuhan Lab Suggests 'Possible Shutdown' In October Due To 'Hazardous Event'

More Evidence That Obama Knew About Spygate

Moron Has Paid For a Trump Death Clock in Times Square

Most Americans Are Not Going To Be Able To Handle What Is Ahead

Most Americans Want The Government To Issue More Stimulus Checks

Most Dangerous Storm Season Since Katrina May Be Ahead; ‘Puzzle pieces in place’ to mimic 2005 season when Katrina hit

Mount St. Helens Eruption 40th Anniversary: On May 18, 1980, the Bulge of the Volcano Slid Into the Valley and Uncorked a Catastrophic Lateral Blast, Removing 1,300 Feet of the Mountain

Mueller Team May Have Leaked Fake Story to CNN to Sway Manafort Judge

Mysterious Coronavirus-Linked Syndrome Spreads From London To New York

Wednesday, May 27, 2020

5/27 - NEWS UPDATES - 1.7M CASES, 101.2K DEAD

Chinese virus:

5/26, DAY 129 - 1,735,023 CASES, 101,282 DEAD
5/20, DAY 123 - 1,602,466 CASES, 95,467 DEAD
5/18, DAY 121 - 1,558,175 CASES, 92,478 DEAD*
5/17, DAY 120 - 1,532,946 CASES, 91,096 DEAD
5/14, DAY 117 - 1,469,170 CASES, 87,653 DEAD
5/13, DAY 116 - 1,440,427 CASES, 85,991 DEAD
5/12, DAY 115 - 1,408,155 CASES, 83,377 DEAD
5/7, DAY 110 - 1,308,582 CASES, 77,902 DEAD
5/4, DAY 107 - 1,218,638 CASES, 70,727 DEAD
1/21, DAY 1 - 1ST CASE (0 DEATHS)
*I have read several articles that some states are fudging the numbers of deaths for various reasons, mainly for additional federal funds. For instance, I read one person was killed in a motorcycle accident but tested positive for COVID-19 post mortem, so the death was counted as a coronavirus. Yeah, that's not right.

LA Mayor Backpedals Lockdown Extensions After Furious Reaction

Lab-Made? SARS-CoV-2 Genealogy Through the Lens of Gain-of-Function Research

Lancet: Abortion Services Must Be Central in Global COVID-19 Response

“The Land Of The Snitches”

Large earthquakes rock “The Ring Of Fire” in May

Larry C. Johnson: Understanding Unmasking Gate

The Last Refuge: DEFIANCE – There are More of Us Than Them . . .

Latest Michael Flynn Revelations Bring FBI Offer to Christopher Steele Back Into the Spotlight

Latin America Overtakes U.S., Europe in New Coronavirus Cases over Past Week

Lawsuit Against Cuomo Alleges 'Bloodless Coup' Has Stripped New Yorkers of Their Constitutional Rights

Lawsuit Documents Allege James Biden Committed Fraud, Racketeering

Lawyers can’t call male athletes ‘males,’ judge rules in transgender track case

Leader McConnell Signals Support for Obama Admin Subpoenas

Leaked Data Suggests China May Have 640,000 COVID-19 Cases

"Leave My Mom Out Of It": Virtual Debate Between Caruso-Cabrera And AOC Turns Ugly

Lebanon Announces Default On $1.2BN Debt Payment In Historical First

Lee Zeldin tweet -- BadBlue Top 20 tweets

Leftist Website Uses Image of White Protesters to Depict Story About Black Terror Suspect

Leftists HATE Homeschooling, and What They Hate, You Should Love

Leftists Fume As Michael Moore Turns On Fraudulent "Green" Movement In Latest Movie

The left's two big albatrosses: Biden and Pelosi

Left-Wing Columnist: "I Would Vote For Joe Biden If He Boiled Babies And Ate Them"
(GG: Perhaps this is why the Left enjoys late term abortions.)

Legal Analysis Shows the DC Circuit Court Took the Most Extreme, Rare and Drastic Measures Possible Against Rogue Judge Sullivan in General Flynn’s Case

Let California Twist in the Wind Without a Bailout

'Let them eat ice cream — Nancy Antoinette'

Letter from Trump rips Tedros for failings in pandemic in order to cover for China

Levin on Obama's Smoking Gun Flynn Meeting: 'This is Obama's Blue Dress'

LGBT activist Catholic teacher brags about reading pro-gay, trans books to 5th, 6th graders

LGBTQ Activist Groups Pressure Government to Coerce Acceptance from People of Faith

LGBTQ-Themed Charter School Seeks to Open in Alabama

Liberal Group Tracked Cell Phones of Anti-Lockdown Protesters in 5 States

Liberal justice 'warned' Flynn-hating judge about partisanship

Liberal Privilege in Two Tweets

Liberals Are Content To Watch It All Burn

Liberals versus the Constitution

Liberals Who Crowed About Collusion Demand Twitter Censor Trump Tweets

Liberals Would Rather People Die Than Have Hydroxychloroquine Work

1962 ‘Life in 2022’ Image Depicted Everyone Trapped in Pods

"Like It Was Designed To Infect Humans": COVID-19 'Cell Culture' Theory Gains Steam

Lindsey Graham Sets Vote To Subpoena Comey, Brennan, Dozens More Over ‘Crossfire Hurricane’

List of Obama Officials Who Sought to 'Unmask' Flynn Released

Local Governments Shocked That People Locked Up For 4 Months Want To Have Fun On Memorial Day

Lock Up the Lockdown Governors

Lockheed Martin Releases Clip Of Simulated Attack On Russian Defense Systems

London: Stab City

London will blare Islamic call to prayer during Ramadan as churches remain closed

The Longer ‘in Context’ Video Clip From Joe Biden’s ‘You Ain’t Black’ Interview Was Even Worse

A Look At The Democrat Dallas Judge Who Jailed A Salon Owner

Looming Giant Landslide in Alaska Could Trigger Enormous Tsunami at Any Moment

Lord and Taylor Plans To Liquidate, 'Going Out Of Business' Sales Expected As Soon As Stores Reopen

Luongo: From RussiaGate To ObamaGate and The End Of Boomerville

Luongo: Joe Rogan Just Blew Up The Death Star

Tuesday, May 26, 2020


Pastor David Wilkerson claimed that he was not a prophet but a watchman on the wall.

I am not a prophet, and I refuse to allow anyone to put that tag on me. But I am a watchman. Just one of many in this nation who now warn Americans to get ready for persecution and judgment. --Racing Toward Judgment, 1976



The auto industry is going to be hurt badly.--The Vision, 1973

Automakers In Chaos As Broke Rental Car Companies Stop Placing Orders For Vehicles

Something Odd Is Going On In Parking Lots Around The US

SUVs Are Being Parked In The Middle Of The Ocean As Auto Inventory Crisis Deepens



I believe we are going to witness the bankruptcies of some of this nation's major and most popular corporations.--The Vision, 1973

"Biblical" Wave Of Bankruptcies Is About To Flood The US

The Collapse Will Be Visible: “For Lease” And “Space Available” Signs Are Starting To Go Up All Over America

Gold's Gym Files For Chapter 11 Due To Government Lockdowns

Hertz Files For Bankruptcy As Lockdowns Crush Rental Car Industry



God is going to judge America for its . . . child molestations . . . --Set the Trumpet to Thy Mouth, 1985

Bankruptcy Filed by Boy Scouts of America over Sex Abuse Lawsuits



Scientists may try to explain the spreading drought conditions as another dry cycle, but they will not be able to explain away the infestation of worms and pestilences of crop- and root-destroying insects that coming.--Racing Toward Judgment, 1976

As the world watches Covid-19, massive swarms of locust are exploding due excessive rains, the largest plague in almost 100 years have reached numbers that are unfathomable and continue to grow

Second Biblical Wave of Vicious Locusts Invades East Africa, Pakistan, India



A second judgment zone will be stricken with drought. Long, tragic drought. Rivers and streams will dry up. Water tables will no longer support irrigation systems. Crops will wither and die in the fields. Winds will carry away topsoil, and this nation will suffer its worst dust bowl in all its history. None has been like it before, and none will ever be like it again. The drought will spread and cover thousands of square miles. . . . . . . God . . . Will judge America with severe drought. . . . Scientists will try to explain the drought as just another dry cycle.--Racing Toward Judgment, 1976

Another Dust Bowl Storm Will Devastate the American West and Nobody Is Prepared For it



. . . The economy will totter on the brink of total collapse.--Racing Toward Judgment, 1976

Coronavirus And The "Unsinkable" Titanic Analogy

"The Damage Is Not Theoretical" - It's Deep, Global, and Pervasive

Here Is Why The U.S. Economy Would Continue To Crash Even If All The Lockdowns Were Lifted Immediately . . .

Stocks Suffer Worst Week Since Lehman Despite Biggest Fed Bailout Ever

"This Is Not A Recession. It's an Ice Age..."

Upon A Shaky Foundation... Enter Covid-19

The Worst Economic Collapse Ever?



. . . Laws will be twisted and defied -- Racing Toward Judgment, 1976

How The Obama Administration Weaponized Surveillance Laws To Target Trump

Rios: Obama changed rules that allowed unmasking of Flynn

Obama, Clinton 9th Circuit Judges Suspend Bill of Rights Until Coronavirus is Cured

There's No Longer Any Question: Biden Carried Out A Cover-Up In Ukraine

Liberal Law Professor Calls Out Judge in Michael Flynn Case: This Could Devolve into Mob Rule



The entire nation will tremble with economic and social upheaval. . . . Pensioners will suffer the most.--Racing Toward Judgment, 1973

Illinois' Federal Bailout Request Is An Admission Of Its Massive Pension Problem

"Worse Than 2008" - American Pension Funds Report Record Losses In Q1



The Pope will be considered more of a political than a spiritual leader . . . of this great union.--The Vision, 1973

How a controversial letter from Pope Francis shaped climate politics and the Biden 2020 campaign

Pope Francis Calls For Marxist Economic Summit



I see the formation of a super world church consisting of a union between liberal ecumenical Protestants and the Roman Catholic church, joining politically hand in hand, creating one of the most powerful religious forces on earth.--The Vision, 1973

Top Catholic Church Official Reveals New Global Pact Pushing for One-World Government

Pope Francis invites religious, political leaders to sign ‘Global Pact’ for ‘new humanism’



There will be a sudden rush to buy farms, ranches, and homes in the country. Thousands will attempt to flee from cities . . . there will be a growing urge to 'get away from it all' -- and much money will be invested in land and acreage in rural areas by people who have secret dreams of . . . becoming self-supporting.--The Vision, 1973

Young People Are Rushing To Leave Big Cities In Favor Of "Less Infected" Suburbia



Economic setbacks and confusion will catch many unprepared for the consequences. Suicide will follow. There will not be a repetition of scenes so familiar during the Great Depression when businessmen committed suicide by jumping from windows. Nor will they be putting guns to their heads and pulling the triggers. The new method will be suicide by overdoses from sleeping pills and other chemical sedatives. --The Vision, 1973

. . . suicide by overdose will become so widespread that hiding it will become impossible. --The Vision and Beyond, 2003

Doctors: Suicides Outpace Coronavirus Deaths at Northern California Hospital During Lockdown

The High Cost Of Locking Down America: “We’ve Seen A Year’s Worth Of Suicide Attempts In The Last Four Weeks”

"We've Never Seen Numbers Like This" - Trauma Doc Sees Post-Lockdown Suicide Wave Starting

Friday, May 22, 2020


A Record Fleet Of 117 Tankers Is Bringing Super Cheap Crude To China

Beijing Claims Chinese Want ‘Military Force’ Against Taiwan

Bloomberg: Don’t Look Now, But China Just Locked Down Over 100 Million In New COVID-19 Outbreak

Bolsonaro’s Brazil Announces Chinese-Built $100 Million Base in Antarctica

Can't Make This Up: Beijing Begins Construction Of A P-3 Biolab

Chilling Documentary Maps Out Likely Origin Of COVID-19

China Asked WHO To Delay Pandemic Announcement, Deny Human-To-Human Transmission: German Intelligence

China "Condemns Grave US Interference In China's Internal Affairs", Warns Of Consequences

China Daily Censors Opinion Article Written By EU Officials; Removes Any Mention Of China As Virus Origin

China Expert Warns Communist Regime Unlike Anything "Since The Third Reich"

China Has Jailed Hundreds Of People For Questioning Official COVID-19 Narrative, Report

China Hid Severity Of Coronavirus To Hoard Supplies, New Intelligence Shows

China Readies Unveiling Of Stealth Nuclear Bomber Capable Of Reaching LA

China Threatens 'Severe Consequences' for Tom Cotton, Dan Crenshaw, Missouri AG

China Using Alleged BuzzFeed Pedo's Wuhan Lab Article For Propaganda War Against United States

China Warns Of Possible Armed Conflict With US Over Coronavirus Backlash

Chinese Ambassador To Israel Found Dead In Home, Sparking Avalanche Of Rumors Amid Tensions With US

Chinese Embassy In France Twitter Account Shares Cartoon Bashing U.S. Over Virus Response

Chinese State Media Warn Country Will Strike Back At Coronavirus Lawsuits By Interfering In US Elections

DAMNING 'Five-Eyes' Intel Report: China Suppressed, Destroyed Coronavirus Evidence, Endangered Other Countries

DHS: China 'intentionally concealed the severity' of coronavirus outbreak to hoard supplies

EU Softens Report on Chinese Disinformation After Pressure From China

EU Defends Bowing To Communist Chinese Censors

Report: China Cracks Down on Christian-Run Orphanages

Report on Cellphone Usage Reveals #WuhanVirus May Have Shuttered China's Bioweapons Lab in October

Rickards On China: More Bark Than Bite, But...

US B-1B Bombers Again Fly Near Chinese Airspace Amid 'New Cold War' Threat

US Outrages China With $180M Torpedoes-For-Taiwan Deal On Same Day President Sworn In

Vast Majority Of Aussies Believe China Covering Up True Scale Of COVID-19 Outbreak

White House Weighs Economic Retaliation Against China As Hassett Warns "All Options Are On The Table"

W.H.O. Continues to Obey China, Ignores Taiwan Coronavirus Success

"Winnie the Flu"

Wuhan Biolab Where Coronavirus Was Studied Mysteriously Shut Down In October, Report Claims

Xingkong-2: China’s new missile threat?

Thursday, May 21, 2020


Two posts today, so keep scrolling.

Chinese virus:

5/20, DAY 123 - 1,602,466 CASES, 95,467 DEAD
5/18, DAY 121 - 1,558,175 CASES, 92,478 DEAD*
5/17, DAY 120 - 1,532,946 CASES, 91,096 DEAD
5/14, DAY 117 - 1,469,170 CASES, 87,653 DEAD
5/13, DAY 116 - 1,440,427 CASES, 85,991 DEAD
5/12, DAY 115 - 1,408,155 CASES, 83,377 DEAD
5/7, DAY 110 - 1,308,582 CASES, 77,902 DEAD
5/4, DAY 107 - 1,218,638 CASES, 70,727 DEAD
1/21, DAY 1 - 1ST CASE (0 DEATHS)
*I have read several articles that some states are fudging the numbers of deaths for various reasons, mainly for additional federal funds. For instance, I read one person was killed in a motorcycle accident but tested positive for COVID-19 post mortem, so the death was counted as a coronavirus. Yeah, that's not right.


K–12: Ten Lies Teachers Tell You

Kamala Harris, Planned Parenthood sued by videomaker for Suppressing Aborted Baby Parts Exposé

Kamala Harris Bill Would Make It 'Hate Speech' to Say 'Chinese Virus'

Kashakri Says Real Unemployment Rate Is As High As 24%

Kate Brown, Oregon's Gov., Decrees Residents in Closed Counties Cannot Shop in Open Counties

Kayleigh McEnany Nails Susan Rice for Lying and the Media for Obfuscating

Keep Your Mouth Shut -- You're Nonessential

Kelli Ballard: The Full Fauci Timeline: Sorting Fact From Fiction

Ken Starr: Barack Obama Has Opened Himself to 'Huge Questions'

Kennedy: GOP Senators Couldn’t Get Their Heads Far Enough up Their Butts to See the Stimulus Bill Pelosi’s Way

Kiev: Ukraine Judge Orders Joe Biden Listed As Alleged Perpetrator Of Crime In Prosecutor's Firing

Killed By The Coronavirus Lockdowns: 1000s Of U.S. Businesses That Were Shut Down Will Be Closed Permanently

Kim Kardashian Circumvents the Mainstream Media to Share the Positive Impact a Trump Policy Is Having

Kobach: California Shouldn’t Demand Money from the Rest of Us Only to Give it to Illegal Aliens

Kommissar Bartholet of Harvard Casts Her Jaundiced Eye on Homeschooling

Koppelman: Trump Supporters Are the Worst of Ourselves

K.T. McFarland States That The Intelligence Community ‘Wanted To Bring The Trump Administration To Its Knees’

Kurt Schlichter: Forget About Seeing Any Justice For Obamagate
(GG: Sadly, I think Schlicter is right.)


Coronavirus is exposing mini-tyrants all over the U.S. The level of contempt these people have for others is just astounding. Many of these restrictions have nothing to do with the coronavirus but everything to do with the level of hate these so-called "leaders" for the people of their state. What does David Horowitz say? "Inside Every Progressive Is A Totalitarian Screaming To Get Out" So true! And it alarms me how many cops are turning from "serve and protect" to "harass and bully." Isn't it interesting how COVID-19 is exposing the inner feminazi of many of these hard-core feminist governors? They are brutal, surly, arrogant and smug to the point of being downright contemptuous in response to the concerns of their citizens. One has to ask, are these governors and cops and judges (etc.) wanting civil unrest because this how you get it.


MAY 21: Defiant Baltimore Pastor Tears Up Cease-and-Desist Order During Sermon, Welcomes Authorities to Take Action

MAY 21: Health Department Closed New Jersey Gym that Defied Shutdown Order

MAY 21: Illinoisans Revolting Against Lockdowns as Chicago Mayor Orders Parking Bans Around Churches to Thwart Services

MAY 21: Minnesota Bishops Defy Governor’s Lockdown with Return to Worship

MAY 21: Bang(s)! Protestors Take a Shot at Gretchen Whitmer as They Storm the Capitol With ‘Operation Haircut’

MAY 20: Gretchen Whitmer Allows Gay Swinger's Club to Operate While Barber Loses License

MAY 19: 'In a Word, Ludicrous.' Entrepreneur Leads REVOLT Against Whitmer's Lockdown Orders

MAY 19: Illinois Governor Pritzker Threatens Business Owners with a Year in Prison if They Try to Reopen

MAY 17: Oregon Salon Owner: State Sent Child Protective Services After Me Because I Opened My Business

MAY 15: Oregon governor fines salon owner and sends CPS after her children for opening her salon

MAY 15: Mass. Governor Targets Churches For Shutdown Rules He Didn’t Apply To Home Depot

MAY 13: Seattle Cop Fired for Protesting Lock Down Just As Jay Inslee Declares He Will Confine People Without Food Who Don’t Cooperate With Contact Tracers

MAY 13: Gretchen Whitmer Targets 77-Year-Old Barber’s Livelihood, Strips Operating License ‘Without a Hearing’

MAY 6: Texas Attorney General: Jailing Salon Owner Was a ‘Shameful Abuse’


MAY 5: Arrogant, well-fed judge with steady paycheck contemptuously sentences struggling Texas mom to 7 days in jail for wanting the same, to earn a paycheck so she can put food on the table

MAY 5: Violent Criminals Get Released During Pandemic, But a Texas Mom Was Sentenced to Jail For Wanting to Feed Her Kids

MAY 5: TX DA will not charge drug dealers and thieves who commit crimes of less then $750 in value. But will prosecute a hair dresser who's trying to save her business.

MAY 5: Dan Crenshaw Has Less Than Kind Things to Say About the Jailing of the Dallas Salon Owner

MAY 5: Dan Bongino: God bless Shelley Luther. She has more guts than the entire Swamp combined. She’s an inspiration.

MAY 5: Texas created a Wuhan virus martyr by imprisoning Shelley Luther


MAY 5: Kansas City, MO, tells churches to keep lists of who all attend in case city needs to see who attended services; medical offices and grocery stores, however, are exempt

MAY 5: They Want To Make “Social Distancing” A Permanent Part Of Our Lives

MAY 4: Virginia church cited by cops for having 16 people in 293-seat building
(GG: Despite being a male, Northam has a raging inner feminazi he unleashes quite often with absolute glee. I lived in VA for many years, right there on the beach. It is hard for me to wrap my head around the fact that the state that gave us so many Founding Fathers let this guy anywhere near the governorship because the last thing he is is one of them.)

MAY 4: America Has Become “The Land Of The Snitches” During This Coronavirus Pandemic

MAY 4: Demonstrators in Boston Flock to State House in Protest of Governor’s Orders
(SIGN AT PROTEST: Tyranny is not leadership!)

MAY 4: Protesters Descend on Salem to Show Gov. Kate Brown Oregon Wants to Reopen

MAY 4: Chicago Mayor Lori Lightfoot: We Will Cite You, Arrest You, And Jail You For Violating Stay-At-Home Orders
(GG: Now mind you, this mini tyrant is threatening to arrest people NOT for violating laws that the legislature has passed BUT for what she has demanded as part of her power-grabbed decrees during this pandemic, which, btw, are decrees that are against the Constitution.)

MAY 3: Watch: Video Of NYPD Officer Brutalizing Bystander During 'Social Distancing' Arrest Sparks Outrage

MAY 1: The Peasants Think They Have a Right to Work... And They Turned Out in Droves in New York to Make that Clear

Wednesday, May 20, 2020



EU says won’t recognize unilateral Israeli annexation in West Bank

France threatens Israel ties over settlement annexation

(Le Pen Calls For Dissolution of French Parliament After Macron Loses Majority)

(Migrant Youths Riot In Paris Again, Attack Police With Fireworks)

Joe Biden vows to reverse Trump administration policies in Israel if elected president

Israeli Professor Shows Virus Follows Fixed Pattern

Jordan’s king warns of ‘massive conflict’ if Israel annexes land in West Bank

Stage Set For Intifada: PA's Abbas Ends All Agreements & Security Cooperation With Israel and US

US Pressures Israel To Sever Economic Ties With China


News updates:

Janice Dean Drops Oliver Darcy When He Goes After Fox for Having Different Opinions on Trump and Hydroxychloroquine . . . and then drops Chris Cuomo

Jarrett: Trump on Russia Hoax: ‘When the Papers Come Out’ We Will Learn Obama ‘Knew Everything’

JC Penney Strikes $500 Million Bankruptcy Financing Deal

Jeff Bezos Launches $10 Billion "Bezos Earth Fund" To Fight Climate Change

Jeff Sessions: Leak Of Michael Flynn Phone Call Was An ‘Absolute Crime’

Jeffrey Lax, Columbia U. Professor, Tells Trump-Supporting Student to ‘Drop Dead’

Jennifer Rubin: More Republicans Than Democrats Will Die Because Right-Wing Media Is Downplaying Coronavirus

The Jihad Murder in Florida You Heard Nothing About

Jim Jordan: FBI Dir. Wray 'Doesn't Seem to Care' About Attempted Coup, So 'We're Going Around Him'

Job Openings Plunge Most On Record Amid Mass Layoffs, Plunge In Hiring

Joe Biden announces a truly terrible nickname for Trump

Joe Biden: Israel's Fake 'Friend'

Joe Biden trolled by Trump campaign with ‘Investigative’ Mini Series ‘Truth Over Facts’

Joel Pollak: Barack Obama Himself Was the Threat to the Rule of Law

John Podesta Told Lawmakers Payment for Steele dossier Was Split 50-50 Between DNC and Campaign

Johnson: Newly Declassified Susan Rice Email Shows 'Corruption' of Presidential Transition

Jorge Ramos is mad at Mexico for blocking illegal immigration into America

Joy Behar, OBVIOUSLY well-fed and living well with HER paycheck contemptuously insults lockdown protesters as Neo-Nazis for wanting food and a paycheck, too

Judges Demand Power Over All Children With Fake Constitutional Right To Education

Judicial Watch: “UNBELIEVABLY SEDITIOUS”: Here’s What We Know About Barack Obama’s Involvement in #Obamagate

Just Who Exactly Was 'Fiddling' as People Died, Madame Speaker?

Justice Dept. Releases Documents of Spectacular FBI Malfeasance in Flynn Defense


James Comey:

Comey’s Stalinists: Jail time is all they should have to look forward to

Declassified Susan Rice Email Does Comey No Favors

Declassified Rice Email Confirms Obama, Biden And Comey Targeted Flynn

James Comey’s Slow Descent Into Madness Continues

Lankford: Comey Discussed Ways to ‘Entrap the President

Rubio: Damage Done to Intel Community by the ‘Post-Career Behavior’ of Individuals — ‘Especially by’ Comey


James Clapper:

James Clapper Admitted No Direct Evidence of Russia Collusion in 2017


John Brennan:

Brennan: Trump Plays to a ‘Very Debased Group of People’

Fox News: John Brennan Suppressed Intel Saying Russia Wanted Hillary Clinton to Win

If Brennan is outed, so is Obama

John Brennan: The Traitor-in-Chief

John Brennan Used Private Contractors to Unmask Trump Officials Because Official Government Employees Are Required to File a Report When They Unmask US Citizens


Jonathan Turley:

Jonathan Turley Rips Apart Obama’s ‘Leaked’ Statement About the DOJ and Flynn, and It’s Glorious

In Michael Flynn case, Judge Sullivan's gross overreach turns justice into mob rule

The 'Unmasking' Of Joe Biden


Judge Sullivan:

Bauer: Sullivan's trying to run out the clock

Flynn’s Lawyer Files Writ of Mandamus after Levin Suggests as Solution to ‘Rogue’ Judge’s Obstinance

In Flynn Case, Judge Sullivan's Gross Overreach Turns Justice Into Mob-Rule

Judge Sullivan Likely Committed Reversible Error In Taking The Guilty Plea of General Michael Flynn

Judge Sullivan refuses to dismiss Flynn case, opens door to outside interests submitting amicus briefs

Judge Sullivan should be careful what he asks for

‘Rule of Law’? Flynn Case Shows Courts and Law Enforcement Are Prosecuting Personalities, Not Wrongdoing

Tuesday, May 19, 2020


Two posts today, so keep scrolling.

Chinese virus:

5/18, DAY 121 - 1,558,175 CASES, 92,478 DEAD*
5/17, DAY 120 - 1,532,946 CASES, 91,096 DEAD
5/14, DAY 117 - 1,469,170 CASES, 87,653 DEAD
5/13, DAY 116 - 1,440,427 CASES, 85,991 DEAD
5/12, DAY 115 - 1,408,155 CASES, 83,377 DEAD
5/7, DAY 110 - 1,308,582 CASES, 77,902 DEAD
5/4, DAY 107 - 1,218,638 CASES, 70,727 DEAD
1/21, DAY 1 - 1ST CASE (0 DEATHS)
*I have read several articles that some states are fudging the numbers of deaths for various reasons, mainly for additional federal funds. For instance, I read one person was killed in a motorcycle accident but tested positive for COVID-19 post mortem, so the death was counted as a coronavirus. Yeah, that's not right.


Did, What?

Did China Stop the WHO From Declaring a Health Emergency Just So It Could Drain the World of PPE?

Did The Fed Just Reveal Its Plans For A Digital Dollar Replacement?

Did I Already Have COVID-19?

Did James Clapper Lie To Congress About Briefing Obama On Flynn’s Phone Calls?

Did John Brennan Run a Back Channel Op Using Foreigners for Info on Flynn?

Did Mark Zuckerberg Just Expose Big-Tech's Real Endgame? Ousting Trump?

Did The Mueller Team Violate Brady and Flynn Orders?

Did Obama and his thugs frame and remove CIA Director General Davis Petraeus, to replace him with John Brennan?

Did Obama's UN Ambassador Samatha Power Commit Perjury Regarding the Flynn Unmasking?

Did Sally Yates Blackmail Trump?

What A Messed Up Leftist World

What Exactly Is Wrong with a President Putting America First?

What is China covering up about the coronavirus?

What We Still Don't Know About The Michael Flynn Case


Great questions:

Are These Blue-State Governors Just Pro-Virus?

Are We Able to Survive a Supervolcano Eruption?

Do Democrats Hate Democracy?

Has The FBI Been Lying About Seth Rich?

If Hydroxychloroquine Definitely Doesn’t Work, Why Is The NIH Starting A Clinical Trial To Study It?

Is Big Pharma Suppressing Hydroxychloroquine?

Is COVID-19 Bringing The Bible’s 10 Great Plagues?

Is This The Beginning Of The End Of German Support For NATO?

Wait, Did Joe Biden Just Say Nearly Half the U.S. Population Died of 'Gun Violence'?

Was AG Barr Set Up by Stone Prosecutors to Give Appearance He Had Intervened for Trump?

Was Professor Panic's Flawed Computer Model Virtue-Signaling To His Radical Climate Activist Lover?

Where is the record of Flynn’s conversation?

Who Wrote This Pro-Communist China Article? CNN Or Xi Jinping?

Monday, May 18, 2020

5/18 - 1.5M CASES, 91K DEAD

Two posts today, so keep scrolling.

Chinese virus:

5/17, DAY 120 - 1,532,946 CASES, 91,096 DEAD
5/14, DAY 117 - 1,469,170 CASES, 87,653 DEAD
5/13, DAY 116 - 1,440,427 CASES, 85,991 DEAD
5/12, DAY 115 - 1,408,155 CASES, 83,377 DEAD
5/7, DAY 110 - 1,308,582 CASES, 77,902 DEAD
5/4, DAY 107 - 1,218,638 CASES, 70,727 DEAD
1/21, DAY 1 - 1ST CASE (0 DEATHS)

Watching first named tropical storm:

Tropical Storm "Arthur" forms off the coast of Florida as the first named storm of the 2020 Atlantic hurricane season


Watching Mexico:

Mexico registered 49,219 cases of coronavirus on Sunday, with the country’s death toll rising to 5,177

Mexico Is Cremating Bodies On An "Industrial Scale"

Mexico's Economy Is Disintegrating


News updates:

I Know Nothing -- Bad Blue tweets

I Will Provide a Pathway For Legalization of 11 Million Illegal Aliens, says Biden

Identity Politics Lied. New Yorkers Died

If Brennan is outed, so is Obama

If It Has To Pay For COVID-19, US Has To Pay For AIDS, 1918 Spanish Flu

If This Is What “The New Normal” Is Going To Look Like, It Is Going To Be Horrible

“If This Judge has the GALL to Not Throw This Out, He Ought to be Impeached!” – Harvard Attorney Alan Dershowitz on Judge Sullivan in General Flynn Case

Ignored by National Media – 80-Year-Old Veteran and His Wife Were Visiting Son’s Grave When They Were Gunned Down in Cold Blood

Ilhan Omar Endorses Joe Biden After He Confuses Wife With Sister -- Bee

Ilhan Omar's ingratitude to the country that gave her refuge knows no bounds

Illegal Aliens Hope to Influence Super Tuesday Primaries for 2020 Democrats

Illegal Aliens Will Get Mail-in Ballots in California says Eric Eggers

Illinois: Business owners could do jail time under Pritzker's new emergency rules

Illinois: Half Of Illinois' COVID-19 Deaths Come From Retirement Homes

Illinois Shows How Destructive High Taxes Are

In California, the PTA partners with Planned Parenthood for sex ed, and schools also encourage kids to participate in 'sex ed squads.'

In "Decision He'll Come To Regret," Judge Allows Warrantless Aerial Surveillance Of Baltimore

In Easter interview, German bishops’ head calls for changing Church teaching on homosexuality

“In The First 100 Days Of My Administration, No One, No One Will Be Deported At All," claims Biden

In Unprecedented Move, Two Fund Giants Liquidate CLO Warehouses

Increasing Possibility of Explosive Eruptions at Kilauea Volcano in Hawaii

India Develops World’s First Bulletproof Combat Helmet Against AK-47

Indifference To Illegality Of Illinois' Stay-At-Home Order Is Frightening

The Inevitable Coronavirus Censorship Crisis Is Here

Infected: Bizarre EU-Funded Comic Book Predicted Pandemic, With Globalists As Saviours

INFOGRAPHIC: Timeline of FBI’s FISA Abuse in Trump Campaign Investigation

The Intolerance Of The "Tolerant" Left: The End Of Liberal Democracy?

Investment of U.S. Federal Retirement Funds in Chinese Companies halted by Trump

Iran Tried To Sabotage Israel's Water Supply In Major Cyberattack: US Officials

The ISIS Plot in Kansas City You Heard Nothing About

If Half the Country's Deaths Were in Montana, Would New York Shut Down?
(GG: I'll help answer this -- no.)

It Is Much Worse Than You Are Being Told

It looks like President Obama ordered up phony RussiaGate scandal

It Sure Looks Like Obama Official Samantha Power Lied Under Oath

It Was Perjury Trap, More Actions May Be Coming

"It's A Weapon For The US" - China Official Renews Calls To Dethrone The Dollar

'It's about control': Franklin Graham sounds alarm on government's true motive

It’s Hard To Take The Left’s Abortion Arguments Seriously When They Betray Them For COVID-19

It’s Heating Up: FBI Questioning Feinstein Over Stock Sales, Burr Steps Aside From Intel Chair
(GG: It could be just me, but I don't think it will go anywhere with Feinstein. As usual.)

It’s on the House: Roughly 2 Million Americans Have Missed Their Mortgage Payments

It's time to address how social media giants are censoring Republicans

It's What You're Not Reading In The News That's Most Important

Italian Politician Demands Bill Gates Arrest For Crimes Against Humanity
(GG: Something else that will go nowhere.)

Friday, May 15, 2020


Two posts today, so keep scrolling.

Chinese virus:

5/14, DAY 117 - 1,469,170 CASES, 87,653 DEAD
5/13, DAY 116 - 1,440,427 CASES, 85,991 DEAD
5/12, DAY 115 - 1,408,155 CASES, 83,377 DEAD
5/7, DAY 110 - 1,308,582 CASES, 77,902 DEAD
5/4, DAY 107 - 1,218,638 CASES, 70,727 DEAD
1/21, DAY 1 - 1ST CASE (0 DEATHS)


Clapper: Unmasking ‘Is Not at All Nefarious’ — It Was ‘Appropriate’ in Flynn Case

Dan Bongino: This Is Just The Beginning of the Spying Scandal

Dershowitz: Flynn Judge "Endangering Our System Of Separation Of Powers"

Dov Fischer: A Time to Hate

Larwyn's Linx: ‘Obamagate’ Isn’t A Conspiracy Theory, It’s The Biggest Political Scandal Of Our Time

Rios: Obama changed rules that allowed unmasking of Flynn



How a small plague of locusts grew into billions in just over 12 months stretching from China sweeping all the way to Botswana in Southern Africa

How America’s Woman-Dominant Sexual Dynamic Is Destroying Marriages And Families

How Bad Is It Going To Get: JPMorgan Halts All Non-Government Guaranteed Small Business Loans

How Bill Gates Monopolized Global Health

How China is buying up America's food supply

How coronavirus attacks the entire body — damaging the brain, kidneys and more

How Coronavirus Shutdowns Are Killing America’s Health Care System

How Democrats’ Get-Trump Crusade Has Irreparably Damaged The Nation

How Did Gay 'Wedding' Flowers Lead to a Supreme Court Battle Over Creativity?

How five different members of Joe Biden’s family all got rich through his connections

How Jew-Hatred Infected the Democratic Party

How Muslim Men See White Women

How Obama/Biden Wrecked the U.S. Medical Device Industry

How Obama FBI Team Fed Christopher Steele Classified Documents

How Obama's Mid-East Policy Led To Nazi Rebirth In Today's Germany

How Privilege And Woke Politics Are Destroying The Left

How Robert Mueller Let Conspiracies Run Wild for Years Despite Having Answers Almost Immediately

How Star Trek Funds Linda Sarsour

How Stupid is Jennifer Rubin?

How the Obama Administration Shattered the Rule of Law

How And Why America’s Food System Is Cracking



Why Dem governors prolong their states' lockdown: Follow the money

Why Did Obama Tell The FBI To Hide Its Activities From The Trump Administration?

Why Does The Mainstream Media Seem So Desperate To Keep The Coronavirus Lockdowns Going?

Why is Obama Panicking Now?

Why Laws Against Hate Speech Are Dangerous

Why the self-censorship when anti-Semitic violence is perpetrated by blacks?

Why we're not likely to see Democrats release a list of judicial nominees