Friday, January 31, 2020


Timeline of Cases (Deaths):
(Note: Worldwide cases include cases in China, but deaths in parenthesis are deaths outside of China. Keep in mind with China, there are people in China who are insisting that the true number of cases and deaths has been distorted by the Chinese government.)

Information from Johns Hopkins Global Map

1/31: Worldwide - 9925 (8); China - 9783 (214); US - 6 (0)
1/30: Worldwide - 8200 (0); China - 7711 (170); US - 6 (0)
1/29: Worldwide - 6151 (0); China - 6151 (132); US - 5 (0)
SARS: Worldwide - 8098 (0); China - 5327 (349); US - 8 (0)



'Burning Bodies In Secret' - New Accounts From Wuhan Detail Coronavirus Outbreak

New York Post reports first Coronavirus case in Queen, but NYC health spokesman denies

"They All Knew!" - Chinese Furious At Virus-Fighting Officials Who Lied About Human Transmission

Martenson Fumes: The W.H.O. Just Prioritized Money Over Human Life

WHOphoria Fades, Stocks Slide As Virus Pandemic Nears 10,000 Cases

"On Thursday, the World Health Organization on Thursday labeled the virus a global emergency. Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus, WHO director-general, best known for the 2017 NYT article "Candidate to Lead the W.H.O. Accused of Covering Up Epidemics", said the greatest worry was the potential for the virus to infect countries with weaker health systems, though his bizarre, travel agency-like praise for China’s response steadied markets, although ironically just after the World Health Organization tried to assure people that things are under control, the U.S. State Department told Americans not to travel to China and said those visiting or living there should to leave."

Global Run On Virus Masks Leaves US And Europe With No Supply


Michael Snyder:

Exponential Growth Rate: The Number Of Confirmed Coronavirus Cases Is 236 Times Higher Than It Was 2 Weeks Ago

The True Number Of Coronavirus Victims Is Far Larger Than You Are Being Told


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