Thursday, January 30, 2020


SARS: Nov 2002 to July 2003
WORLDWIDE: 8098 sick, 774 dead.
CHINA: 5327 sick, 349 dead.

WUHAN: Nov 2019? to ?
WORLDWIDE: 8200 sick (including reported cases in China), 0 dead, official
CHINA: 7711 sick, 170 dead (official, but possibly thousands)

UPDATE: WHO has now declared this a 'global emergency.' I suspect it's because the number of cases now exceeds the number of SARS cases. In the SARS outbreak, it took 9 MONTHS to reach 8,000 cases. We are now past that point.

For those who have Amazon Prime, there is a 1 hour, 40 minute documentary from 2009, titled 'Virus Empire: From SARS to Ebola' if interested.



First Case Of Human-To-Human Coronavirus Infection Confirmed In US: Live Updates

"I'm In An Apocalypse" - New Accounts From Wuhan Detail Coronavirus Outbreak

It's now 'racist' to protect yourself from virus with no known cure

Coronavirus Chaos Forces Starbucks To Shutter Almost Half Its Stores In China

SARS Versus Wuhan: The Difference Between Then and Now

Wuhan, which is now under effective quarantine, is a riverine and rail transportation hub that is a key node in shipping bulky commodities between China’s coast and its interior

Senator Calls For Immediate Shut Down Of All Flights From China To US; warns Beijing is lying about the full extent of the coronavirus outbreak, it's much worse than China is willing to admit


Michael Snyder:

A Week Ago There Were 547 Coronavirus Cases In China. Now There Are 7,711.

Potential Cases Of Coronavirus Are Starting To Pop Up Literally All Over The United States


Daily Mail: Chinese coronavirus doctors 'are beaten and have their hazmat suits ripped open' in quarantine units by a patient's furious family 'after the sufferer, 68, died of the lethal disease'
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CTH: President Trump Establishes Coronavirus Response Task Force – Headed by HHS Secretary Alex Azar

Kurt Schlichter: The Coronavirus Could Be Trump’s Katrina
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Breitbart: 15,000 Hong Kong Medical Workers Threaten Strike Unless Border Closed to Coronavirus

CIDRAP: Scientists warn nCoV more infectious than SARS, but experts have doubts
(GG: Scientists believe R0 is higher than previously believed -- it had been said to be 3.8, but now they believe it is 4.2. Keep in mind the Spanish flu had an R0 of 2.5.) Organic Prepper: What I Bought to Prep for a Wuhan Coronavirus Lockdown

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