Sunday, January 26, 2020


Yes, it is Sunday evening, and I wanted to give some updates. The news is happening so fast that it seems some links are no longer relevant just a few hours after they appears. Thanks to all who are sending me links. I appreciate you!

Please note, I refuse to link to CNN, or to any UK paper (The Mirror, Daily Mail, Sun, etc.). I may read some of those links, but I won't link to those sites. Thank you for understanding.

I still do not think this situation warrants panic. I think it warrants watching. Me posting these links is NOT me signaling fear or conspiracy theory. The media has a habit of hyping things and making a situation look really bad. In part I think it is "click bait," in part their desire to want to be "first" with breaking news. Our U.S. media has show MULTIPLE times in the past 3 years since President Trump was elected that they will distort, lie, falsely accuse, make up quotes, and alter headlines and distort facts to paint as bad a light as possible on not only President Trump but also on President Trump's supporters and conservatives. I do NOT trust any so-called 'main stream media.' They have irreparably damaged their integrity with self-inflicted wounds with their inability to be non-biased. They do not have the best intentions towards all Americans by making it VERY clear the only allegiance they feel is to their Leftist causes. With that in mind, I have no choice but to distrust MSM and make the assumption that at best their reporting of ANY news story is incompetent and at their worst their reporting is simply malicious.

As low as my opinion is of ABC, CBS, and NBC in general, and of CNN and MSNBC in particular, my opinion of China's integrity is even lower. To be fair, I believe that this virus was upon them before they truly realized what was going on, UNLESS it is a virus that just so happened to escape from their Level 4 virus research center that just so happens to be located at the epicenter in the very province where the outbreak took place. The moment the big dogs on the front porch in China decided to clamp down on social media, it was game over for their credibility. That means that only their official narrative will be allowed, and anyone not employed in MSM knows exactly what that means -- the truth is more scarce than the vaccine they so desperately need. Because this virus has left China, if people begin dying from it outside of China, we will be able to tell, to some degree, if China is telling the truth about the mortality rate there in China.

So in the meantime, all we can do is watch. I am providing links to sources that I think are the most accurate. Like I did during the Ebola outbreak back in 2014, I will be providing regular updates. This is information for YOU, for YOU to decide what to believe about the situation. It is me passing along information I am reading in case you haven't seen these articles. That is my ONLY purpose in providing these links. It is not to hype the situation or to signal fear or to imply that the situation is dire. I refuse to link to any article that I think pushes some wacko conspiracy theory; you know what I'm talking about -- someone claims that someone knows someone who does 'black ops' at Area 51 and they know someone who knows someone who is 'top level' at FEMA who saw 2.4 million caskets on train cars in Texas. I will leave those stories to the people out there who have those reports down to a fine art.

In the meantime, here you go:

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