Friday, January 17, 2020


Impeachment -- charade to circus:

Against Impeachment for Thought Crimes

American Collapse and The Great Impeachment Charade

Clinton Impeachment 'Judge': Trump Impeachment Is "Phony"

Democrats show their hand as Senate impeachment proceedings begin

GOP Lawmakers Slam Pelosi's Golden Pens, But Ted Cruz Had the Best Response

Greg Gutfeld rips Dems like never before over impeachment circus: ‘They don’t hate Trump, they hate you!’

Here’s What Senator Kennedy Said To Get Tucker Carlson ‘Excited’ About Impeachment Trial

In Genius Move, Trump Supports Impeachment, Forcing Democrats To Oppose - Babylon Bee
(GG: Heh!)

Jonathan Turley: Pelosi 'played into' McConnell's hands, 'destroyed' her own case for impeachment

McConnell’s brilliant statement on Nancy’s “golden pens on silver platters”

McCarthy: Trump impeachment trial ushers in era of hyper-partisanship the Framers feared

Pelosi On Impeachment Witnesses: “It’s Not A Question” Of “Proof” It’s About “Allegations”

Pelosi Repeatedly Misquotes Ukraine Call Transcript On House Floor, Switches “Us” For “Me”

Rand Paul Is Right: If The Senate Wants Impeachment Witnesses, They Have To Call Hunter Biden

The Democrats' weird response to sending the impeachment articles to the Senate

Welcome To The Circus: Trump's Impeachment Trial Begins Thursday With 'Ceremony and Formality'


Deep State:

Carter Page Says FBI's SpyGate Is "Just The Tip Of The Iceberg", Hints At Future Legal Action

Deep State Leaks Portion of Intelligence Briefing on Drone Strike That Killed Soleimani to NY Times Reporter in Order to Damage Trump

Durham Probes Early, Suspicious Contacts Between Obama State Dept And Papadopoulos

The Great Cover Up Of The Biggest Scandal In American History

The IG Report Documentary: “FISA and Spying on Team Trump”

We Were Warned About The Deep State, But Refused To Listen

"YOU’RE FIRED, MR. WRAY": FBI Director Christopher Wray Is Part of the Problem


Brennan and Comey:

Comey Being Investigated For A Leak Meant To Shield Then Candidate Hillary Clinton

Comey Under Investigation For Leaking Classified Info Involving Why He Took Power From Lynch In Clinton Case

DiGenova: Comey and Brennan 'Are The Coup Leaders' and 'Obama Knew All About This'

Exposing The Brennan Dossier: All About A Prime Mover Of Russiagate

James Comey Tried to Hide Fact that ‘Pee’ Dossier Wasn’t Corroborated

James Comey: The 21st Century's Benedict Arnold

Trey Gowdy rips Comey for FBI mismanagement: "He's lost his mind"

"Their Day Is Coming, I Promise You": Durham Probe To Contain "Very Problematic Findings", Meadows Warns


First, it was the Russia hoax:

Christopher Steele from Russia Collusion Hoax Caught Lying Before Either the Senate or the DOJ IG

FBI Director to FISA Judge: So Sorry We Screwed Up the Russia Investigation

Historian Doug Wead: Every Foreign Intelligence Service Knew Within 24 Hours Russia Collusion Was a Bogus Story

HUGE! Top Obama Official Funneled Steele Documents to Dem Lawmakers in Late 2016 and Was in Contact with Russian Embassy ‘Political Chief’

Italian prosecutors believe that Joseph Mifsud the man who started RussiaGate, ‘is Dead’

The Great Russian Election-Hacking Myth

Zuesse: Russiagate Investigation Now Endangers Obama
(GG: It's about time something did.)


Now, it's the Ukraine hoax:

Exposing the 'Whistleblower': Judicial Watch Sues CIA, DOJ for Eric Ciaramella Docs

Oh, look! Now some hackers "did something" (to paraphrase Ilhan Omar) to Burisma's computers:

Here Comes Wikigate 2: NYT Claims Russian Hackers Successfully "Breached" Burisma

Obama Admin Coached Anti-Trump Ukraine Ambassador On Biden Scandal

Obama-Related Shadowy Liberal Group Began Investigating Trump/Ukraine Months Before the ‘Whistleblower’ Complaint


Fake news:

Civil War 2.0 Manufactured By "Media's Mendacious Retailing Of Obvious Falsehoods"

Good golly! Miss Mollie (Hemingway) calls out media scoundrels that enabled spygate

Headlines Paint False Picture Of Ukraine Aid Freeze

Impeachment Is Now Sacred?

The Obama Administration's Guerrilla War

When it comes to the 'news' media, their anti-Trump narrative is relentless


Michael Flynn:

In order to get to President Trump, I think the Deep State had to get Mike Flynn 'out of the way.' They had to do it early, and they had to do it fast.

Joe diGenova: Corrupt Mueller Prosecutor in General Flynn’s Case, Van Grack, Is a “German Soldier Digging His Own Friggin’ Grave”

Judge In Michael Flynn Case Decides To Ignore Mounting Evidence Of Prosecutorial Abuse

Justice Department reverses itself on Michael Flynn, asking for up to six months in prison

Paul Craig Roberts: The Justice Department Is Devoid Of Justice

Make No Mistake: The Mueller Investigation Was All About Flynn

The Flynn Witch-hunt: McCabe’s Revenge?


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