Wednesday, January 15, 2020


7 Major Earth Changes That Are Happening Right Now That Everyone Needs To Know About - Michael Snyder

A God Clock? Sea and Surface Temperatures, Major Earthquakes, Volcano Eruptions, Droughts, Extreme Temperatures, Famine, Flooding, Wildfires and Cyclones suddenly intensified in the late 50s!

Animal deaths:

Aussie Wildfires Intensify After Killing Half A Billion Animals; Record Numbers Evacuate

More Than 10,000 Camels to be Shot in Australia Because They Drink Too Much Water

1 Billion Animals Dead: Under A “Blazing Red Sky” In Australia, Apocalyptic Wildfires Are Killing Koalas, Kangaroos And Countless Other Creatures

U.S., Canada have lost 3 billion birds since 1970. Scientists say 'nature is unraveling.'

Global Authorities Brace For A Worldwide Protein Shortage As “One-Quarter Of Earth’s Pigs Have Been Wiped Out”

“Pig Ebola” Is Now Running Wild In Indonesia, And It Has Already Killed About One-Fourth Of The World’s Pigs

Pig ebola outbreak: “This is the largest animal disease outbreak in history,” there is no cure! Swine fever could be the end of pork: The disease is the black death, (Plague) for pigs



Harvard scientists are planning to spray millions of tonnes of dust into the stratosphere to stop global warming



NEW HAMPSHIRE: 2 Earthquakes in Tilton, New Hampshire M 2.1, Foreshock and Aftershocks

NEW MADRID: Earthquake M2.5 New Madrid, Are You Prepared For a Big One?

NEW MADRID: The New Madrid Earthquakes of 1811-1812 - SSGI Analysis

PUERTO RICO: Almost 600 quakes of all magnitudes up to a 6.5 struck Puerto Rico in the last 7 days with 1,500 since Dec 28th 2019: Thousands still sleeping outside: Puerto Rico still recovering from Hurricane Maria

PUERTO RICO: Puerto Rico Has Sunk 5.5 Inches After Earthquakes


Magnetic North Pole:

Earth's Magnetic North Pole Is Moving Faster Than Ever, Leaving Scientists Baffled

Magnetic North Pole Continues Drifting at Unprecedented Speed and Crosses Prime Meridian

Santa's New Home: The North Pole Is Moving To Russia


Pacific Ocean:

FUKUSHIMA: Fukushima: Japan Proposes Dumping Radioactive Waste Into Pacific As Storage Space Dwindles

HAWAII: A Hurricane Obliterated Hawaii's Most Spectacular Reef

OREGON: Huge Wave Sweeps Family Into Ocean, Daughter Dead and Missing Son as Giant King Tides Produce Dozens of Feet High Waves in the Oregon and southwest Washington Coast

WEST COAST: Strange Things Are Happening In The Waters Along The West Coast, And The Fish Are Starting To Disappear



Massive Sinkholes Swallow the Shrinking Dead Sea – More Than 6,000 Just in Israel and Craters Forming Daily



Chinese Officials Confirm Latest Health Crisis Caused By SARS-Like Coronavirus

First Case Of SARS-Like Pneumonia Reported Outside China As Scientists Scramble To Develop New Test

The Mysterious New “SARS-Like Virus” That Is Killing People In China Has Now Spread To Japan

Ebola in Africa now has 3,409 cases with 2,236 dead

The U.S. Winter Flu Season Arrives Earliest in 15 years Driven by Unexpected Virus


ALASKA, JAN: Shishaldin Volcano Alaska's colossus shot a cloud of ash more than 5 miles high for the second time this week and raining volcanic particles onto a nearby community

GALAPAGOS, JAN: La Cumbre Volcano on the Fernandina Island erupted in the Galapagos, spewing lava on the ecologically sensitive environment

PHILIPPINES, JAN: The incredible coincidence of the Taal Volcano eruptions of 1911 and 2020: Solar cycle 24, (2011-2019) is almost a perfect copy Solar cycle 15, (1905-1916) with the most sun spotless days this century

MAYOTTE, 2018: Mystery Of Weird Seismic Hum Heard Around The World Solved; new volcano off Africa was forming



NOV 2019: Alaska in the news again for all the wrong reasons! Monday, December the 9th was the warmest December day ever recorded: Unprecedented warmth is killing Alaska's fragile ecosystem

At least 12 dead as massive winter storm system hits U.S.

2019 was the 2nd wettest year on record for the U.S. They also experienced 14 billion-dollar weather and climate payout: Was officially the worst agricultural disaster in modern day history



Yellowstone National Park Is Creating a New Thermal Area

World's Tallest Geyser Breaks Eruption Record; Steamboat erupted 48 times in 2019 -- old record, 32 times in 2018

Yellowstone Calder Shakes from Puerto Rico Earthquakes 01-07-2020