Friday, January 31, 2020


Timeline of Cases (Deaths):
(Note: Worldwide cases include cases in China, but deaths in parenthesis are deaths outside of China. Keep in mind with China, there are people in China who are insisting that the true number of cases and deaths has been distorted by the Chinese government.)

Information from Johns Hopkins Global Map

1/31: Worldwide - 9925 (8); China - 9783 (214); US - 6 (0)
1/30: Worldwide - 8200 (0); China - 7711 (170); US - 6 (0)
1/29: Worldwide - 6151 (0); China - 6151 (132); US - 5 (0)
SARS: Worldwide - 8098 (0); China - 5327 (349); US - 8 (0)



'Burning Bodies In Secret' - New Accounts From Wuhan Detail Coronavirus Outbreak

New York Post reports first Coronavirus case in Queen, but NYC health spokesman denies

"They All Knew!" - Chinese Furious At Virus-Fighting Officials Who Lied About Human Transmission

Martenson Fumes: The W.H.O. Just Prioritized Money Over Human Life

WHOphoria Fades, Stocks Slide As Virus Pandemic Nears 10,000 Cases

"On Thursday, the World Health Organization on Thursday labeled the virus a global emergency. Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus, WHO director-general, best known for the 2017 NYT article "Candidate to Lead the W.H.O. Accused of Covering Up Epidemics", said the greatest worry was the potential for the virus to infect countries with weaker health systems, though his bizarre, travel agency-like praise for China’s response steadied markets, although ironically just after the World Health Organization tried to assure people that things are under control, the U.S. State Department told Americans not to travel to China and said those visiting or living there should to leave."

Global Run On Virus Masks Leaves US And Europe With No Supply


Michael Snyder:

Exponential Growth Rate: The Number Of Confirmed Coronavirus Cases Is 236 Times Higher Than It Was 2 Weeks Ago

The True Number Of Coronavirus Victims Is Far Larger Than You Are Being Told


When will they turn off the Internet?

PS: I have decided to do quick updates over the weekend. Check back, if you wish.

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1/31 - DID WHAT?

Did Anyone Else Catch Warren Admitting to This Potentially Fatal 2020 Blunder?

Did China Just Announce The End Of US Primacy In The Pacific?

Did Comey Talk to a Lawyer?

Did Commissar Schiff employ KGB tactics to spy on his rivals as well as Trump?

Did FBI and CIA have an agent provocateur who tried to entrap the Trump Organization in a Russia deal?

Did Google Assassinate Wife Of Whistleblower Who Exposed The Search Engine?

Did Joe Biden Implicate Barack Obama in Ukraine Quid Pro Quo Scandal?

Did Nick Sandmann open the door?

Did The FBI And DOJ Ask Putin’s Buddy To Help Get Trump?


What a Palestinian capital in East Jerusalem would really mean.

What America Really Needs Is A Lot More Love

What Baghdadi’s Death Tells Us About the Real Terror Threat

What Democrats Don’t Realize Is That Trump Is Just A Small Shadow Of The Awaking Giant He Represents

What Hillary, Seth, and Paige Have in Common

What if world gives up on two-state solution?

What In The World Is The Federal Reserve Thinking???

What is to Blame for the Transgender Epidemic Hysteria?

What Michelle Obama Leaves Out About 'White Flight'

What They Don’t Tell Women About Chemical Abortions Will Hurt You

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What We Call National Health Care or Single-Payer Is a Crime Against Humanity

What Will Democrats Destroy First: Themselves Or The Country?

What You Think Is Controlled By What You Watch, And What You Watch Is Controlled By The Elite

What that CNN clip of Don Lemon, Rick Wilson, and Wajahat Ali tells us about the election ahead

What is Inside The Latest Court Filings In Michael Flynn’s Case

Thursday, January 30, 2020


SARS: Nov 2002 to July 2003
WORLDWIDE: 8098 sick, 774 dead.
CHINA: 5327 sick, 349 dead.

WUHAN: Nov 2019? to ?
WORLDWIDE: 8200 sick (including reported cases in China), 0 dead, official
CHINA: 7711 sick, 170 dead (official, but possibly thousands)

UPDATE: WHO has now declared this a 'global emergency.' I suspect it's because the number of cases now exceeds the number of SARS cases. In the SARS outbreak, it took 9 MONTHS to reach 8,000 cases. We are now past that point.

For those who have Amazon Prime, there is a 1 hour, 40 minute documentary from 2009, titled 'Virus Empire: From SARS to Ebola' if interested.



First Case Of Human-To-Human Coronavirus Infection Confirmed In US: Live Updates

"I'm In An Apocalypse" - New Accounts From Wuhan Detail Coronavirus Outbreak

It's now 'racist' to protect yourself from virus with no known cure

Coronavirus Chaos Forces Starbucks To Shutter Almost Half Its Stores In China

SARS Versus Wuhan: The Difference Between Then and Now

Wuhan, which is now under effective quarantine, is a riverine and rail transportation hub that is a key node in shipping bulky commodities between China’s coast and its interior

Senator Calls For Immediate Shut Down Of All Flights From China To US; warns Beijing is lying about the full extent of the coronavirus outbreak, it's much worse than China is willing to admit


Michael Snyder:

A Week Ago There Were 547 Coronavirus Cases In China. Now There Are 7,711.

Potential Cases Of Coronavirus Are Starting To Pop Up Literally All Over The United States


Daily Mail: Chinese coronavirus doctors 'are beaten and have their hazmat suits ripped open' in quarantine units by a patient's furious family 'after the sufferer, 68, died of the lethal disease'
(GG: I don't link to DM.)



CTH: President Trump Establishes Coronavirus Response Task Force – Headed by HHS Secretary Alex Azar

Kurt Schlichter: The Coronavirus Could Be Trump’s Katrina
(GG: Got an extra minute? Read this.)

Breitbart: 15,000 Hong Kong Medical Workers Threaten Strike Unless Border Closed to Coronavirus

CIDRAP: Scientists warn nCoV more infectious than SARS, but experts have doubts
(GG: Scientists believe R0 is higher than previously believed -- it had been said to be 3.8, but now they believe it is 4.2. Keep in mind the Spanish flu had an R0 of 2.5.) Organic Prepper: What I Bought to Prep for a Wuhan Coronavirus Lockdown

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Above the Law? Hillary Clinton Refuses to Get Served Tulsi Gabbard's $50M Lawsuit

Are the Democrats Committing Electoral Suicide?

Are all Dems above the law?

Are Russia And China Headed For A Military Alliance?

Are So Many Americans Fat Because They’re Getting Terrible Nutrition Advice From ‘The Experts’?

Are US Banks Facing A Credit Trap?

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If Islam permits deceit, why should non-Muslims let their guard down?

Is Governor Northam trying to start a second civil war?

Should police be able to use DNA databases to solve cold cases?

Was Hillary’s Attack on Tulsi Gabbard Part of a Plot to Destroy Trump?

Was Obama One of 38 Individuals Identified in State Report on Hillary’s Emails? And Will They Disclose This?

Was There Another Reason For Electricity Shutdowns In California?

When Did Ukraine Become A "Critical Ally"?

When They Can Take Your Children Away... How Free Are You?

Where Was the Love for Whistleblowers During the Obama Administration?

Where were the whistleblowers on foreign policy during Obama’s terms?

Whom do our politicians really serve in our country?

Who's Up for Destroying Health Care and a 42% Sales Tax?

Will Chicago Be the Largest U.S. City to Declare Bankruptcy?

Will The Democratic Party Exist After 2020 Election?

Will The Global De-Dollarization Collapse The Greenback?

Will McCabe Bring The FBI Down With Him?

Wednesday, January 29, 2020


Simply put, much happened yesterday.

First, the peace plan:

As we anticipated President Trump along with Benjamin Netanyahu revealed the 'Deal of the Century.' It claims a 'new dawn' in the Middle East.

Donald Trump Announces ‘New Dawn’ Middle East Peace Deal with Bibi Netanyahu

The word 'dawn' is used only twice in the King James Bible, once to reference a time of day (Matt 28:1), but the other is to reference PROPHECY:

We have also a more sure word of prophecy; whereunto ye do well that ye take heed, as unto a light that shineth in a dark place, until the day dawn, and the day star arise in your hearts: --2 Peter 1:19

Here is what Vine's Expository says about this verse: ". . . signifies to shine through; it describes the breaking of daylight upon the darkness of night, metaphorically, of the shining of spiritual light into the heart. A probable reference to the Day to be ushered in at the Second Coming of Christ: 'until the Day gleam through the present darkness, and the Light-bringer dawn in your hearts.' (emphasis mine)

Words mean things, and for President Trump to say that his 'Deal of the Century' is bringing a 'new dawn,' then it is only prudent to see what the Bible has to say about the word and any context with that word. In this case, President Trump did not use the word to designate a time of day (saying something like "the annexations will begin at dawn on xxx day"). Instead, he used the word 'dawn' to mean the beginning of something new. In its one use in the King James to designate something other than a time of day, the word 'dawn' is associated with prophecy and the Second Coming of Jesus Christ.

Could it be that this peace plan moves certain key elements into place and that 'that day' is now dawning? Like Caiphas, has President Trump spoken, signaling something prophetic yet not realizing that he did?

I don't know, but I find it interesting to note.

Essential elements of the peace plan were unveiled:

1. A map: This is the FIRST time a map has been offered; no other prior peace plan put forth by any U.S. President offered a map. Each of the previous Presidents involved in pushing the peace process on Israel may have had an idea of a map in their heads, or, who knows, an actual map for private consumption but a map has not been offered previously. Look at this screenshot I captured of commentary from Daily Crow:

2. Land divisions: Michael Snyder has written about how much land is offered to the Palestinians, so I won't reinvent the wheel here. The title of his article tells you pretty much everything you need to know. I am not trying trivialize the 180-page plan, I'm just saying his title gives, in a nutshell, what us prophecy watchers have been looking for in any deal offered to the Palestians.

Trump’s “Peace Plan” Would Double The Size Of Palestinian Territory And Give Them A Capital In East Jerusalem

3. Israeli reaction: They are going to get to work on it right away.

FREE BEACON: Trump Admin Says Israel Has Accepted Plan for Palestinian State

TIMES OF ISRAEL: Cheering Trump plan, Netanyahu says he will start annexation process Sunday

ZEROHEDGE: Israel Will Vote Sunday To Annex West Bank Lands Delineated In Trump's 'Peace Plan'

4. Palestinian reaction: Riots.

IOTWR: “Palestinians” Violently Riot When Offered Their Own State and Peace Deal

PJMedia: Trump Offers Palestinians Peace and a State; Abbas Calls Him an SOB, Vows to 'Escalate' Resistance

5. Palestinian allies reactions:

Palestinians (and Democrats) Reject Trump's Peace Plan, But Key Arab States Do Not

GG: Please note that Democrats rejected the 180-page plan without reading it but in 2010, expected Americans to pass Obamacare without reading it; in fact, we had to pass it to know what was in it.

Ilhan Oman, you know that Somali immigrant in Congress who doesn't miss an opportunity to hate on America and Americans or Israel immediately calls President Trump's plan 'theft.'

6.  Two of the future Gog-Magog players also had something to say about the peace plan:

Iran’s Kahmeini vows ‘satanic’ US peace plan will not be realized

Erdogan says Trump’s Mideast peace plan ‘absolutely unacceptable’; Turkish leader warns that in granting Jewish state the right to Jerusalem, proposal ‘ignores’ Palestinian rights and is ‘legitimizing Israel’s occupation’ (didn't link to article)

7. Video and transcript:

President Trump and Prime Minister Netanyahu Remarks on New Peace Proposal – Video and Transcript

The second part of this post, same-day events:

1. Netanyahu indicted:

Netanyahu indicted in Israel hours before joining Trump to unveil unlikely peace plan

That led to this observation at several news outlets:

Indicted Prime Minister and Impeached President present peace plan

2. Impeachment witness votes:

Apparently several rinos are oblivious to the American people, and it appears Pierre Delecto is still smarting from from America's rejection back in 2012, and like so many who lack self-awareness, he's punishing someone else (Trump, in this instance) for his own failures.

GOP Doesn't Have Votes To Block Witnesses: McConnell

Yep, looks like we are going to have to endure a little longer, the Dems and rinos aren't thru with their porn show yet.  However, this could change -- maybe it will come to an end soon.

3. CDC held briefing on coronavirus to the public, issued warning:

CDC Issues Level 3 Warning: Avoid All Non-Essential Travel To China

4. Zerohedge notes that the Wuhan virus may be a 'supervirus' created by a researcher in Wuhan:

I have thoughts about this, and those are in a second post from today -- 1/29 WUHAN 'DEVIL' VIRUS UPDATE below.

Is This The Man Behind The Global Coronavirus Pandemic?

5. 7.7 Caribbean earthquake:

THE WATCHERS: Major M7.7 earthquake hits between Cuba and Jamaica, followed by M6.1 near Cayman Islands

THE BIG WOBBLE: A massive mag 7.7 and a mag 6.1 are very near misses for Jamaica, Cuba and The Cayman Islands (The same fault line which has rocked Puerto Rico with more than 4,000 quakes since Jan 2019)

6. Middle East:

JAN 29: Coronavirus Spreads to Middle East with First Case in UAE Confirmed

7. Trump supporters mocked:

This is nothing new. Those who voted for Trump in 2016 have been mocked, ridiculed, threatened, beaten, lost their jobs, lost their friends, and in one incident a Trump-supporting boss was killed by an anti-Trump employee.

Yet, yesterday, CNN took the mocking to a whole new level. Don Lemon and two guests started mocking Trump supporters using fake southern accents. The three 'men' (I don't know how they identify) laughed uncontrollably throughout the segment. They simply could not contain their contempt.

They think you’re a joke

Lemon has since apologized, but no one believes him.

Don Lemon Digs a Deeper Hole with His Terrible Apology, Denying Obvious Bigotry

CNN's Don Lemon Offers Lame Apology To 'Illiterate Redneck' Trump Supporters

I will close this long post with this reminder from Michael Snyder:

Those That Bless Israel Will Be Blessed, But Those That Try To Divide The Land Of Israel Will Be Cursed



Vine's Expository Dictionary of Old and New Testament Words, 1997, pg 262.


SARS: Nov 2002 to July 2003
WORLDWIDE: 8098 sick, 774 dead.
CHINA: 5327 sick, 349 dead.

WUHAN: Nov 2019? to ?
WORLDWIDE: 6151 sick, 132 dead
CHINA: 6061 sick, 132 dead



Zerohedge is updating about the virus often. Thank you, Zerohedge!

JAN 29: Is This The Man Behind The Global Coronavirus Pandemic?

GG: I read this article and was incredulous. IF IT IS TRUE, and at this point I have no reason not to believe this article, this researcher in WUHAN was studying why bats did not become sick from the viruses they carry (i.e. SARS, ebola, etc.) and was looking for a way to overcome their (bats') natural immunity. He is a researcher of 'superviruses.' If, indeed, a supervirus has been created that not even a bat can handle, then what about us poor humans and such a 'supervirus'? Do Chinese authorities know this? Is this why their containment efforts are as vigorous and draconian as they are? If a 'supervirus' was indeed created, how did it escape? Accidentally or maliciously?

This guy works for a place 'nicknamed' The Umbrella Corp. Someone caught an interesting connection between the 'coronavirus' and 'The Umbrella Corp.' to the 'carona' virus coming from 'The Umbrella Corp.' in the Resident Evil movie franchise.

Coronavirus Coincidence?

JAN 29: Number Of Coronavirus Cases Surpasses SARS As China Holds 60k Under 'Observation'

"It's only 8:15 am in Beijing and health officials have already confirmed more than 840 new cases in Hubei Province."

GG: MORE than 840 new cases in this one province ALONE. China just finished building a 1,000 bed hospital, in 48 hours no less, and it looks like it is already full. What does that tell you? Further, can China continue to do this for each province and for every 1,000 cases?

JAN 29: American and Chinese Airlines May Never Bounce Back From The Coronavirus Outbreak

JAN 29: Blain: "It's Not About Infection Rates Or Mortality: The Economic Damage Is Already Very Real"

JAN 29: Beijing Economist: China GDP Growth Could Sink Below 5% Due To Coronavirus Outbreak

GG: This article does address China's GDP but adds the comment that China is NOTORIOUS about misinformation when it comes to its economic status so that the real percent is probably 3%. But the article adds a comment at the very bottom that has NOTHING to do with the title or China's economy -- the articles notes that a person in Japan who became ill had not been to Wuhan but is a tour bus driver and drove some Chinese tourists on his bus. That gives some pause. A) Who on the bus was sick? B) The driver sits at the front of the bus and is technically not part of the group, yet he became ill. So what of those on the bus who are traveling together, who all is sick now? How many? What sites did this group visit? What casual contact at those sites? Eateries? One could easily ask a dozen more questions.

JAN 29: UK Schools Warned To Watch Out For "Xenophobia" As Coronavirus Spreads

JAN 28: Rickards: What Happens When A Biological Virus Turns Into A Financial Virus?

JAN 28: Coronavirus Could Shock World Into Recession, Stephen Roach Warns

JAN 28: Freeport-McMoRan CEO Fears "Global Black Swan" As "Devil"-Virus Sparks Record Copper Collapse

"Freeport-McMoRan's shares are on the cusp of a bear market as the world's largest copper producer warned about plunging copper prices on concerns coronavirus has severely impacted China's economy, reported Reuters. Chief Executive Richard Adkerson said in an interview on Tuesday that the outbreak of coronavirus in China is a "real black swan event" for the global economy. China is the largest buyer of the industrial metal in the world, and with large swaths of its industrial sector shut down because of the virus and holiday, demand has collapsed, sending prices lower for the past ten sessions, the longest losing streak since 1986."

"Copper is regarded by many in the investment community as a bellwether of the global economy. With dozens of Chinese cities locked down and tens of millions of people confined to their homes, the second-largest economy in the world has ground to a halt. . . . Adkerson's warning of a "black swan" event for the global economy is because China is one of the largest drivers of growth in the world. If, for whatever reason, their industries or consumers go offline, it would create a massive shock that could tilt the global economy into recession."


Other sources:

JOHNS HOPKINS: Real-time coronavirus map

MSN: Coronavirus: China has quarantined 50 million people. Experts worry that might backfire
(GG: Article notes quarantine would probably not happen here in the U.S. because during the Ebola crisis a nurse who was detained, with the help of the ACLU, sued New Jersey for the trouble they caused her by detaining her.)

NYPost: US health officials directing $105 million to fight coronavirus outbreak

SCIENCE: Can an anti-HIV combination or other existing drugs outwit the new coronavirus?

DAILY MAIL: Some villagers have dug up roads and armed themselves with SPEARS to keep residents of Wuhan from fleeing. (GG: I don't link to DM.)

Tuesday, January 28, 2020


News stories happening today, on the same day as the peace talks:

Netanyahu formally indicted in court on corruption charges
(GG: as he is here speaking with President Trump about the 'Deal of the Century')

HHS, CDC Hold Coronavirus Briefing

CDC Issues Level 3 Warning: Avoid All Non-Essential Travel To China

GG: With these 2 events occurring on the same morning (Trump-Netanyahu meeting and public CDC warning), it appears they are now linked together.


Wuhan virus:

The Big Wobble:

Timeline of the 2019-nCoV coronavirus: This Page Will Be Updated Daily

Doug Ross:

4 links to articles

The Gateway Pundit:

Hong Kong Closes Schools Till March! — Food Shortages in Affected and Barricaded Areas

Popular Science:

We’re still not sure where the Wuhan coronavirus really came from

Red State:

The Worst Symptom of Coronavirus is Racism According to UK and Canada


JAN 28: China Curbs Travel To Hong Kong As Projections Suggest 300,000 Already Infected By "Devil Virus"

JAN 28: Rabobank: "What If We Are On The Brink Of An Exponential Increase In Coronavirus Cases?"

JAN 28: China Virus Cases Almost Double Overnight, Deaths Top 100 As North Korea Closes Border


Last night, on the 10 o'clock news, reporters said that there are 2 suspected cases of coronavirus here in Oklahoma. Names, whether the 2 had traveled to China or not, ages or the city or county involved would not be released at this time. As I went to my various sites this morning, I saw nothing about these 2 possible cases, but the news report may show up later today. But this made me wonder how many other states also have suspected (or possible) cases and the news isn't very noticeable about it?

OSDH testing 2 in Oklahoma for possible coronavirus


I assembled a 2nd post today of NEWS UPDATES. Scroll down if you wish to look over the links. Thx!


Gavin Newsom Demands Free Land From Trump So He Has Somewhere to Put All the Homeless People

Gay Activists Attack ‘Homophobic’ Black Minister’s MLK Day Sermon

The Gay Divide is Taking out Churches

The Gay Mafia Comes to Idaho

George Soros, buying a district attorney near you

George Soros’ War Against the Jews

German Industry "Stuck In Recession," No Signs Of Bottom, Warns BDI

Germany Records Slowest Economic Growth In Six Years

Giant star, Betelgeuse, is acting strange, and astronomers are buzzing

Giant star, Betelgeuse is Continuing to Dim! It’s Down to 1.506 Magnitude

Gillette CEO Says The Billions Of Dollars Lost Over The “Toxic Masculinity” Ad Was Worth It

Giuliani blasts Obama for failing to investigate Biden and son Hunter

Global Debt Is Up To $188,000,000,000,000 – This Is Officially The Biggest Debt Bubble The World Has Ever Seen

Globalism and the Hoodwinking of the American Elite

Globalist Magazine "The Economist" Tells Plebs To Eat Bugs

Goodbye Big Apple: More People Are Leaving New York Than Any Other State In The U.S. -CBS New York, Jan 1, 2020
(GG: I don't link to CBS.)

Good bye Middle Class: 50 Percent Of American Workers Make Less Than 33,000 Dollars A Year

GOP Rep. Greg Steube: Not One Democrat Voted to Protect Women’s Sports

Gorsuch warns judicial activists he's coming for them

Grassley Letter Asks Whether Taxpayers Paid Russian Agent To Help Start The Collusion Hoax

"Great Slowdown" - Indian Economy Headed Towards ICU, Warns Former Economic Official

Greta Thunberg: A Living Explanation of the Left

Greta Thunberg Tells World to ‘Start Listening’ to Her Warnings of Climate Catastrophe

The Ground Zero Mosque Project Is Back

GRU Spearphishing Emails Fooled Democrats, Clinton Campaign in 2016

'Gulags Weren't That Bad': Sanders Staffer Says Trump Supporters Will Need To Be 'Re-Educated In Camps'

The Gun Control and Confiscation Agenda

Gun-grabbers Northam and Bloomberg claim Virginia's Second Amendment–supporters spreading 'misinformation'

Guy beats down women, but gay mag calls him the ‘bravest athlete in history’ because he’s trans

Monday, January 27, 2020


Israel peace process update:

JPOST: Trump to unveil Israeli borders map for first time in peace-plan rollout; Trump will reveal peace plan on Tuesday

JPOST: Netanyahu will meet with Trump on Monday and Tuesday

TIMES OF ISRAEL: Former US envoy Haley defends timing of Trump peace plan rollout

TIMES OF ISRAEL: Netanyahu en route to Trump meeting: ‘Together we’ll make history’; Taking off for Washington, PM contrasts the Iran nuclear deal championed by Barack Obama with the Deal of the Century to be released by ‘huge friend’ of Israel, Donald Trump

TIMES OF ISRAEL: Netanyahu: White House peace plan an ‘opportunity that cannot be missed’; Ahead of trip to Washington to discuss much-awaited deal, PM praises Trump as ‘greatest friend that Israel has ever had’

TIMES OF ISRAEL: Trump plan would see Palestinian state on up to 70% of West Bank, reports say

ISRAEL HAYOM: US envoy postpones Israel visit to defend Trump peace plan at UN

TIMES OF ISRAEL: Jordanian king expresses reservations over Trump peace plan

CNS NEWS: Netanyahu Foresees ‘History’ Being Made With Trump This Week; Hamas Pledges More Terror

AM. THINKER: Trump to meet with Netanyahu and Gantz about his proposed peace plan

" . . . here’s what we don’t know: The contents of the proposed peace plan.

We know it won’t concern Jerusalem’s status as Israel’s capital, because President Trump already confirmed that when he moved the U.S. embassy to Jerusalem, sparking other countries to do the same. And it won’t be about the Golan Heights, because President Trump has already recognized Israeli sovereignty over the Golan Heights. And it won’t be about Israel settlements in the historically Jewish West Bank, because Trump has already held that the settlements are not illegal.


On the same day:

PJMedia: John Bolton sells out

See 2nd post from today below this one: Wuhan Virus Updates


U.S. cases: 5
(WA, IL, CA, AZ)


JAN 27: Stocks Drop Around Globe on Rising Fears of Wuhan Coronavirus

JAN 27: CDC Monitoring 110 People in 26 States for Coronavirus



JAN 27: Two Nasty Traits Of This Coronavirus, Typically Not Seen Together
(GG: Definitely worth the 3 minutes to read.)

JAN 27: Global Stocks Crash As Coronavirus Pandemic Infects 3,000; China, Yuan Plummet

JAN 27: Canada Says Wife Of First nCoV Patient Also Has Virus
"Alarming development . . . this might constitutes evidence of human-to-human transmission outside of China - a sign that the virus has reached a new stage of contagion that some epidemiologists and researchers dismissed as extremely improbable just last week."

JAN 27: Wuhan Mayor Offers To Resign As Coronavirus Cases Near 3,000; Supply Shortages Intensify

". . . information about the virus was not disclosed in a "timely manner"

. . . Chinese officials waited a whole month to inform the world about the outbreak after the first cases were discovered in early December

. . . roughly 5 million people had already left Wuhan before the lockdown

. . . In addition to the 11 million 'official' residents of Wuhan (are) millions of migrant workers from the countryside (who) have already returned home, threatening to spread the virus across China's impoverished rural areas where awareness of prevention strategies is minimal.

. . . scientists on Monday said they had, in fact, found evidence of the virus at the market . . . the virus was detected in 35 of the 585 environmental samples . . . with 33 of the positive samples taken from the market’s western zone, where the wildlife trading business was concentrated.

. . . more health researchers in China are warning that the state is woefully undercounting the number of cases. A researcher at HKU med school announced that his new estimate for active cases in China is closer to 25,000.

. . . April and May can see major outbreaks in the aforementioned four major (Chinese) cities

JAN 27: China Closes Foxconn, Johnson and Johnson, And Samsung Factories Amid Virus Outbreak

A much larger problem in China is the shutdown of major parts of its economy, and those impacts will soon be felt globally. China is the growth engine for many economies of the world -- this is a shock that could tilt the world into a prolonged slowdown. . . . Brende suggested the global economy could be entering a period of vulnerability where external shocks could trigger a global recession. The shutdown of major industrial hubs in China and collapsing consumption by Chinese consumers could certainly be a shock that will shortly impact the global economy.


Michael Snyder:

JAN 26: N95 Masks Are Selling Out All Over The World As People Everywhere Panic About The Coronavirus Pandemic

. . . based on a study published in The Lancet, the Wuhan coronavirus fatality rate has leaped to 15%, and the infection rate among those exposed is 83%. These numbers are virtually unheard of in the world of microbiology and infectious disease transmission. It means that 15 out of every 100 infected people will die. It also means that 83 out of 100 exposed people will become infected and able to transmit the disease to others.

Remember: Just like any study, that one could potentially be flawed, but if the truth is anywhere close to that we are in big, big trouble.

JAN 26: Over And Over Again The Mainstream Media Hasn’t Been Telling Us The Truth About This Coronavirus Outbreak

1. . . . we were repeatedly told that there was very little to be concerned about because it was very unlikely that human to human transmission was happening. But now we know that this virus spreads very, very easily between people.

2. . . . we were repeatedly told by the mainstream media was that a victim had to start showing symptoms before they could spread the disease. Unfortunately, now we know that is completely and totally false. As you will see below, Chinese officials have confirmed that even those showing no symptoms at all can spread the disease.

3. . . . the biggest fraud of all has been the “official numbers” that the Chinese government has been putting out. According to the latest count, there are now 2,051 confirmed cases and the death toll has risen to 56, but at this point it has become clear that those numbers are completely divorced from reality.

4. Many sick people are not even being seen in the hospitals for lack of personnel to help them. They are being turned away.

5. . . . the Chinese have also been purposely suppressing the death toll by falsely categorizing the deaths of many of the victims . . .

GG note:  For instance: if the person dies BEFORE being tested for the corona virus, their cause of death is NOT listed as being from the corona virus because they were not tested for it so, therefore, it cannot be confirmed.


The Big Wobble:

JAN 27: China Crisis: Impossible to contain: Actual number infected thought to be up to 200,000: Virus can spread before symptoms show: Towns around Wuhan barricading roads and motorways to stop people entering

Sunday, January 26, 2020


Yes, it is Sunday evening, and I wanted to give some updates. The news is happening so fast that it seems some links are no longer relevant just a few hours after they appears. Thanks to all who are sending me links. I appreciate you!

Please note, I refuse to link to CNN, or to any UK paper (The Mirror, Daily Mail, Sun, etc.). I may read some of those links, but I won't link to those sites. Thank you for understanding.

I still do not think this situation warrants panic. I think it warrants watching. Me posting these links is NOT me signaling fear or conspiracy theory. The media has a habit of hyping things and making a situation look really bad. In part I think it is "click bait," in part their desire to want to be "first" with breaking news. Our U.S. media has show MULTIPLE times in the past 3 years since President Trump was elected that they will distort, lie, falsely accuse, make up quotes, and alter headlines and distort facts to paint as bad a light as possible on not only President Trump but also on President Trump's supporters and conservatives. I do NOT trust any so-called 'main stream media.' They have irreparably damaged their integrity with self-inflicted wounds with their inability to be non-biased. They do not have the best intentions towards all Americans by making it VERY clear the only allegiance they feel is to their Leftist causes. With that in mind, I have no choice but to distrust MSM and make the assumption that at best their reporting of ANY news story is incompetent and at their worst their reporting is simply malicious.

As low as my opinion is of ABC, CBS, and NBC in general, and of CNN and MSNBC in particular, my opinion of China's integrity is even lower. To be fair, I believe that this virus was upon them before they truly realized what was going on, UNLESS it is a virus that just so happened to escape from their Level 4 virus research center that just so happens to be located at the epicenter in the very province where the outbreak took place. The moment the big dogs on the front porch in China decided to clamp down on social media, it was game over for their credibility. That means that only their official narrative will be allowed, and anyone not employed in MSM knows exactly what that means -- the truth is more scarce than the vaccine they so desperately need. Because this virus has left China, if people begin dying from it outside of China, we will be able to tell, to some degree, if China is telling the truth about the mortality rate there in China.

So in the meantime, all we can do is watch. I am providing links to sources that I think are the most accurate. Like I did during the Ebola outbreak back in 2014, I will be providing regular updates. This is information for YOU, for YOU to decide what to believe about the situation. It is me passing along information I am reading in case you haven't seen these articles. That is my ONLY purpose in providing these links. It is not to hype the situation or to signal fear or to imply that the situation is dire. I refuse to link to any article that I think pushes some wacko conspiracy theory; you know what I'm talking about -- someone claims that someone knows someone who does 'black ops' at Area 51 and they know someone who knows someone who is 'top level' at FEMA who saw 2.4 million caskets on train cars in Texas. I will leave those stories to the people out there who have those reports down to a fine art.

In the meantime, here you go:

MAP: Johns Hopkins Created a Helpful Real-Time Map to Track the Zombie Apocalypse - Doug Ross

JAN 26: Some Practical Questions About The Coronavirus Epidemic
(GG: Excellent questions and points!)

JAN 26: Coronavirus Latest: 2,799 Global Cases Resulting in 80 Fatalities - Zerohedge

JAN 26: Coronavirus Kills Man In Shanghai As China Confirms Nearly 2,000 Cases - Zerohedge

JAN 26: 5 Million Potential Carriers Have Left Wuhan As Coronavirus Appears To Mutate Into "More Transmissable" Form - Zerohedge

JAN 26: US, Other Countries Scramble to Evacuate Citizens From Wuhan, Center of Viral Outbreak - Epoch Times

JAN 25: The Numbers for the Wuhan Coronavirus Outbreak Just Don’t Add Up - The Organic Prepper

JAN 25: Did China Steal Coronavirus From Canada And Weaponize It? - Great Game India

JAN 25: Martenson: The Risk Of A True Pandemic Is Higher Than We're Being Told -Zerohedge

JAN 25: Doubts rise about China's ability to contain new coronavirus - CIDRAP

JAN 25: UK Researcher Predicts Over 250,000 Chinese Will Have Coronavirus In Ten Days - Zerohedge

JAN 25: China Suddenly Increases Death Toll By Over 60% As Virus Jumps To Europe - Zerohedge

JAN 25: Coronavirus Update: Simulation it could kill 65 million people: Arrives in Europe: Virus escaped lab in Wuhan? More than 150,000 unaware they are sick as the incubation period is 5-to-10 days.- The Big Wobble

JAN 25: The Wuhan National Biosafety Laboratory is the only lab in China designated for studying dangerous pathogens like SARS and Ebola: Coincidence? Had annual safety drill days before outbreak! - The Big Wobble

JAN 25: China Update: Some Predictions Indicate Wuhan Coronavirus Could Turn Into Major Pandemic - The Gateway Pundit

JAN 25: "Thermonuclear, Pandemic-Level Bad" - Harvard Epidemiologist Warns Viral Outbreak Might Get A Lot Worse - Zerohedge

JAN 25: New Research Casts Doubt Coronavirus Epidemic Started At Wuhan Food Market - Zerohedge

JAN 24: China Confirms Wuhan Virus Infections in over 90% of Provinces - Breitbart

JAN 24: The giant institution vs the virus - PJMedia

JAN 24: Now We Are Being Told That The Incubation Period For The Coronavirus “Can Be Around Two Weeks” - Michael Snyder

JAN 24: How does the Wuhan coronavirus outbreak compare to SARS and MERS? - The Hill

JAN 24: China's nCoV total tops 900 as outbreak expands to France - CIDRAP

JAN 24: With new nCoV case in Chicago, US says no travel to Wuhan - CIDRAP

Friday, January 24, 2020


Like a lot of people, I am watching this virus that is coming out of China. What will happen with it? How far will it spread? How many people will become sick with it? How serious is it? It looks set to become a pandemic, but will it?

It seems to be moving fast. If you are a prepper, you might want to take stock of your supplies and see if you've let anything slip. If you are not a prepper, you might want to think about it. Either way, all of us should, I think, watch this developing situation.

JAN 24: Senator Says CDC About To Confirm 3rd US Coronavirus Case
(GG: This article gives quite a bit of information, so this link I recommend if you don't have time for the others. Note that China is trying to build a 1000-bed hospital by FEB 3 to hold the sick.)

JAN 24: Doug Ross has 6 links about the Wuhan virus

JAN 24: Why The Coronavirus Is A Real Threat To Oil Markets

JAN 24: China Welcomes in “Year of the Rat” as Deadly Coronavirus Ravages Hubei Province and Financial Stress Grips Country

JAN 24: China's coronavirus outbreak looks worse than the Chicoms are admitting

JAN 24: Big Wobble Update No 7: Coronavirus linked to pigs? Hundreds of millions of Chinese pigs died of disease last year: Up to 50,000 people are walking around, many unaware they are sick.

JAN 23: Just A Coincidence? A U.S. Patent For ‘An Attenuated Coronavirus’ Was Filed In 2015 And Granted In 2018

JAN 23: A ‘High-Level Exercise’ Conducted 3 Months Ago Showed That A Coronavirus Pandemic Could Kill 65 Million People

JAN 23: Big Wobble update No 6: 2nd city shut down: 20 million quarantined: 3rd city closes train stations: incubates in a person for 5-to-10 days: Thousands walking around not knowing they are sick

JAN 23: Coronavirus Death Toll Hits 25 As Beijing Confirms 830 Patients Infected

JAN 23: China Quarantines City Of 11 Million As Hong Kong Confirms Second Case Of Coronavirus

JAN 23: Snakes, Bats, Badgers & Rats: Scientists Suspect New Coronavirus Originated In Animals

JAN 23: The 'Year of the Rat' in China is starting with 2019 nCoV outbreak

JAN 23: Doomsday Clock Hits 100 Seconds To Midnight As Viral Pandemic Sweeps Globe

JAN 22: "No Chinese Allowed": Hysteria Grips Asia As Millions Travel Amid Viral Outbreak

JAN 22: Big Wobble update No 5: WORLD IN PANIC! 440 confirmed cases equal almost 20,000, unconfirmed cases according to Prof Neil Ferguson's table: MRC Centre for Global Infectious Disease Analysis

JAN 22: The Plague

JAN 22: Outbreak: Pictures From The Wuhan Viral Crisis

JAN 22: Coronavirus Nightmare: Chinese Hospitals Are Turning Away Hordes Of Sick People Because There Is No Room For Them

JAN 22: Chinese Officials Warn Of "Virus Mutation Spreading" - 440 Cases Confirmed, 9 Dead

JAN 21: "I’m Not An Expert On Pandemics But...": Global Stocks Slide, Hong Kong Plunges On Coronavirus Fears

JAN 21: Big Wobble update No 4: Hundreds of millions of Chinese are on the move this week as human-to-human transmission confirmed: Will spread more quickly and widely: No of cases in the 1000s

JAN 21: The New Mystery Virus In China Is ‘Adapting And Mutating’ And No Known Drug Works Against It

JAN 21: A State Of Panic Hits The Globe As Cases Of China’s New Mystery Virus Rise Exponentially

JAN 21: During the busy Lunar New Year, an aggressive coronavirus is on the move

JAN 20: China’s new killer virus is mutated SARS and may be one more mutation away from infecting millions. Will it make the lethal leap?

JAN 20: Cases Of China’s New Mystery Virus Have Quadrupled, Human-To-Human Transmission Confirmed, And It May Soon Arrive Here

JAN 20: Wuhan’s 11 Million People Face Quarantine as Virus Fears Spread

JAN 18: Mystery Chinese Virus Has Likely Infected Over 1,700 As It Sweeps Across China And Japan

JAN 16: The Mysterious New “SARS-Like Virus” That Is Killing People In China Has Now Spread To Japan

Thursday, January 23, 2020


A NATION UNDER JUDGMENT? Foreigners Will Be Put Above Thee.

When a nation is under judgment, Deuteronomy 28 spells out how one can tell. We read of multiple examples in the early chapters of Exodus as the Pharaoh that opposed Jehovah came under judgment for his defiance against God's Will. Because of Pharaoh, food sources were destroyed, Egypt was littered with dead and dying livestock and animals, homes and public buildings were destroyed or heavily damaged because that's what judgments do -- they destroy and dismantle a nation's infrastructure and the economy. David Wilkerson wrote in several of his books the different signs of judgment upon a nation.

Deut. 28: 43: The stranger that is within thee shall get up above thee very high; and thou shalt come down very low.

That verse mean foreigners, immigrants, illegals, will come in and be given precedence over and at the expense of the nation's own citizens.

Given preference at jobs:

ATT Laying Off Americans, Forcing Them to Train Their Foreign Replacements

Census: Indian Visa Workers Driving Americans Out of Middle-Class Jobs

Democrat Attorneys General Demand Fast-Track Work Permits for Illegals and Migrants

Lobbyist Says U.S. Critics Are ‘Racist’ for Opposing Stealth Transfer of Millennials’ Jobs to Indian Migrants

Immigration Expert: Government Program Incentivizes Employers to Discriminate Against Citizen College Grads

Rep. Paul Gosar: Get a STEM Degree, Watch Foreigners Take Your Job

Senator Mike Lee’s bill attempted to favor Chinese and Indian Workers Over US Workers

Justice Dept. Defends ‘OPT’ Program Which Pays Investors to Hire Foreign Graduates

Democratic 2020 candidate Michael Bloomberg says he will recruit “an awful lot more” immigrants “to take all the different kinds of jobs” in the U.S. economy

New York Times Disdains Wage Raises for Blue-Collar Americans

Free education:

NY Democrats Kill Bill for Tuition for Gold Star Families, Pass Tuition for Illegals Instead

Rand Paul: Taxpayers Pay Community College Tuition for Foreigners

Free healthcare:

California to become the first state to extend health benefits to some who live in USA illegally

Rahm Emanuel: Dems Want To Give Illegal Aliens Free Health Care, Take Away Health Insurance From 150 Million Americans

(gg: Barack Obama and the Dems owe Joe Wilson an apology. He said this would happen.)

Free pass at airports:

TSA Lets Illegals Skip Airport Security Lines Ahead of Citizens

Free pass on committing crimes:

Dems: Nobody is above the law … except Illegals

Especially in certain 'sanctuary' states:

CA: In California, Illegals Come First; Californians Don't Matter

CO: Denver Doubles Down on Sanctuary Policy After Illegal Alien is Arrested in Hit-and-Run Fatality

NY: Illegal Alien Freed After Allegedly Killing Mother of Three on Christmas Eve

NY: Mayor DeBlasio Blasted by Law Enforcement Officials for Sanctuary Laws that Allowed the Murder of 92-Year-Old Woman

NY: New York State Blocks ICE and Border Patrol Access to DMV Database

Free pass on coming over the border illegally:

Senate Democrats Demand Amnesty For Foreign Nationals

House passes farm bill that critics say grants ‘large-scale amnesty’ to illegal immigrants

Sen. Booker 'personally accompanied' asylum seekers across the border

Preferred housing:

NYT: Middle-Class Americans Must Sacrifice Their Suburbs to Aid Poor Immigrants

Tom Steyer: Americans Must Provide Cheap Housing to Illegal Immigrants

16 percent of all refugees admitted will need housing assistance paid for by taxpayers

Social welfare preference over Americans:

SEAL who killed bin Laden mocks 2020 Democrat for caring about 'immigrant families' instead of 'homeless veterans'

Refugee resettlement costs American taxpayers nearly $9 billion every five years, according to the latest research

Important to note:

The reason the Left wants the citizenship question blocked . . .

Supreme Court Votes 5-4 To Block Citizenship Question on 2020 Census


Losing our republic: ‘Long lines’ of illegals form in NY to get driver’s licenses without ANY fear of deportation

New Jersey Governor Signs Bill Allowing Illegal Aliens to Obtain Driver’s Licenses

Decades of immigration may have taken 24 House seats from Trump states

Five States Face Federal Lawsuit Over Inaccurate Voter Registrations

ILLINOIS: Illinois Secretary of State: Automatic Voter Registration Allowed Non-Citizens to Vote in 2018

OHIO: Investigation Uncovers Hundreds of Illegally Registered Non-Citizen Voters

Wednesday, January 22, 2020


Watching the peace plan discussed on Tuesday:

US team meets Mideast officials to discuss peace plan rollout
(GG: Part of the discussions -- when the peace plan should be 'rolled out.' Perhaps sooner rather than later.)

Watching Israel for a large gathering of leaders Thursday:

Massive Gathering of Kings in Jerusalem on Thursday: A Realization of Psalms 48

Netanyahu Ahead of Holocaust Remembrance Day: ‘Jews Will Never, Ever Again Be Defenseless’


Magic Mushrooms One Step Closer To Becoming Legal Depression Treatment

Majority Of CEOs Fear Persistent Global Slowdown, Most Since 2009

Making Hate Pay: The Corruption of the Southern Poverty Law Center - Tyler O'Neill

Marijuana Is More Dangerous Than You Think

Mark Levin: The Next Democrat President Must be Impeached

Matt Walsh destroys transgenderism in less than a minute

Mauldin: We're On The Brink Of The Second "Great Depression"

The Martyrdom of Saint Greta of Sweden

The media use the transgender movement as a lever forcing people to deny reality

The media will never admit that President Obama's policies were intentionally dangerous

Meet Ballie: Samsung rolls out mini robot ‘life companion’ at CES 2020

Men’s high fashion has finally achieved total wokeness

Methodists not the only ones deviating from Scripture

Michael Moore calls for elimination of all Trump supporters as hysterical Dems embrace genocidal philosophies of Stalin, Hitler and Mao

Michigan Islamic Leaders Mourn Soleimani

Mish: Illinoisans Leave State In Record Numbers... And So Are We

Mitch hands the Democrats a dilemma...

More evidence that porn leads men to abuse women – and sometimes kill them

The Most Irritating person of 2019 is....

MSNBC’s Malcolm Nance: Trump Supporters Are ‘True Believers,’ Just Like ‘ISIS Members’
(GG: No, Malcolm Nance, Trump supporters are NOT murderers, but if you would pay attention to the news sometime, like the next link after this one, you will see it is the Trump haters who are killing and hating and maiming and injuring Trump supporters. But that doesn't fit your partisan hack narrative.)
Man stabs, kills pro-Trump boss, drapes American flag over him, deputies say
(GG: The pro-Trump boss gave the Trump hater a job but the Trump hater hated Trump and his boss more than he wanted his job and a life outside of prison. Think about that.)

MSNBC Clown Chris Matthews calls Trump ‘An Assassin' for take-out of Solemani

Muhammad makes list of top 10 baby names in the U.S. for the first time

Muslims Are Unequivocally Commanded to Hate Non-Muslims

Muslim Cleric: Annihilation Of US And Israel In Keeping With Quran’s Teachings

Muslim Organization Wants International Law Criminalizing Criticism of Islam

Muslim Teen Accused of Starting Aussie Grass Fire Laughs As He Leaves Court on Tuesday

Tuesday, January 21, 2020


Family of armed robber outraged that store clerk shot and killed their brother in self-defense: 'Yes, he's robbing them — oh well!'

Far-Left Rachel Maddow Demands to Know If Pro-Life Democrat Belongs in the Party

Fed Injects $83BN In Liquidity As Market's Repo Addiction Getting Worse

Female High School Track Athlete SPEAKS OUT Against Transgender Athletes

Female reporter sues trans activist for ‘defamation,’ denies sexually assaulting him in lady’s bathroom

The Fertility Industry Is a Science Fiction Nightmare

Fired FBI agent Strzok Doubles Down On His Own Malfeasance. Claims his Anti-Trump Tweets Protected by the 1st Amendment.

The First Illegal Border-Crossing Terrorist Is On Trial, But Don’t Expect The Media To Cover It

First Salvo: Here Are the Three Anti-Gun Bills Virginia Democrats Are Voting on Today (Jan 16)

FISA Court Selects Lawyer Who Vehemently Denied FBI Misled FISA To... Lead FBI Reforms

Food Prices Are Skyrocketing Around the World and Economists Get Nervous

The Forever War

"Forget The KKK, Modern-Day Liberals Are The Biggest Impediment": Clarence Thomas Reflects On Biden Experience

Freedom Loving Virginians Are Fighting Back, but Will It Be Enough?

“Friday Next Week Is going to be Phenomenal. It’s Going to Be EPIC!” – General Flynn’s Attorney Sidney Powell Promises Big News This Friday!

The friendship ultimatum - Patriot Retort

Monday, January 20, 2020


Pastor David Wilkerson claimed that he was not a prophet but a watchman on the wall.

I am not a prophet, and I refuse to allow anyone to put that tag on me. But I am a watchman. Just one of many in this nation who now warn Americans to get ready for persecution and judgment. --Racing Toward Judgment, 1976

. . . Laws will be twisted and defied -- Racing Toward Judgment, 1976

Actor Adam Goldberg: ‘Big Whoop’ If Impeachment Is Overturning an Election

Atlanta PD Will No Longer Chase Criminals if They Flee From Cops

Cook County Christmas shopping, Kim Foxx style

First, the purges: Comrade Chesa Boudin fires prosecutors for...prosecuting

FISA Court: Carter Page ‘Misconduct… Calls Into Question’ Every Warrant FBI Ever Asked For

Hillary Clinton Cheers Trump Impeachment – Encourages Lawless Democrats to “Keep Going

Lawless Democrats Led by Jerry Nadler REFUSE GOP Lawmakers’ Right to Hold Minority Hearing Day

Michael Moore calls for elimination of all Trump supporters

Schiff Wants His Own Witnesses at Senate Trial After Denying GOP Witnesses in House Impeachment Inquiry

'Omniviolence' Is Coming And The World Isn't Ready


New York is encouraging lawlessness with its new bail reform:

NY releases child rapist (scroll down to see tweet)

Suspect Released Without Bail After Shocking Attacks on Three Jewish Women

DeBlasio’s war on bail is recycling Jew haters to attack again

Trump Hater Starts Fires in Jewish Girls’ Dorm, Released the Next Day

We Can No Longer Ignore The Attacks On Jews In New York

Manhattan DA Declines to Prosecute Anti-Semitic Attack as Hate Crime

Man accused of driving drunk, killing pedestrian freed due to new criminal justice reforms

NY’s Anti-Bail Reforms Help Free Alleged Murderer of Army Vet

Thief who robbed four banks is FREED on New York's no-bail policy - then knocks over another bank 24 hours after shouting 'I can't believe they let me out' - UK Daily Mail
(GG: I don't link to Daily Mail)

Illegal Alien Charged with Murdering 92-Year-Old New York Woman Overstayed His Visa
(GG: ICE had wanted him, de Blasio refused and turned the guy loose and now he is accused of sexually assaulting and strangling this elderly woman)

As Police Prestige Declines, Crime Increases and Civilization Weakens

Bill de Blasio's New York Is Rapidly Becoming a Dangerous Hellhole