Wednesday, September 25, 2019


'I AM NOT SUICIDAL,' Says Man Who Exposed Hillary's Ties to Google

"I Can't Wait Until These People Are In Charge Of Healthcare..."

Idiot CNN Analyst Says the NFL Won’t Remain Viable Unless They Encourage More Gays To Come Out

I Rest My Case

Identity Politics Violence is Tearing America Apart

If Deplatforming Hoaxsters Is OK, the News Media Should Be in Big Trouble

If Senate Bill 1273 Passes You Could Be Fined $15,000 for Sharing Memes on Social Media

If The Debt Machine Was Turned Off, The US Would Immediately Plunge Into Horrifying Depression, New Study

If Truckers Stopped Working, Grocery Stores Would Run Out Of Food In 3 Days

If You Can't Sell Your Hysteria to Adults, Try Kids

If You Think The Price Of Oil Is Skyrocketing Now, Just Wait Until The War Starts . . .

If You’re Pro Life, You Might Be A Nazi . . . says Washington Post

IG Report on Comey Provides EVIDENCE Barack Obama Was Involved With Deep State Obstruction Trap of President Elect Trump

Illegal Aliens Sue Trump Administration To Ensure They Can Get Taxpayer Money Via Welfare

Illegal Aliens Worked for 10 Years Using Stolen Identities at Plant

Illinois Lawmakers Push Property Tax Hikes To Fund Affordable Housing

Illinois Paid Millions in Medicaid for People Who Are Already Dead

Illinois' Shrinking Tax Base: Residents Are Leaving and Taking Their Incomes With Them

Immigrant Student Loses Miss World Title For Refusing To Try On A Hijab

IMPEACHMENT MADNESS: Pelosi makes it official

In 2019, Bombings And Explosions Up 45% In Sweden

In Maryland, the state lets you choose your biological gender, but not which school to attend

In Ominous Warning, Ray Dalio Says The Current Period Is Just Like 1935-1945

In Seven Days, Three Independent Media Websites Have Been Targeted For Destruction By Liberal Establishment News Outlets

In The U.S., A Transportation Recession Has Already Officially Arrived

In Unprecedented, Shocking Proposal, BOE's Mark Carney Urges Replacing Dollar With Libra-Like Reserve Currency

Increasingly in the West, one must do as the Muslims do -- or else

Indictment Bingo

Inflation Is Showing Up At The Worst Place Possible For Consumers: Walmart

Instagram 'Trusted Partner' Caught Harvesting Vast Personal Data To Create Detailed Dossiers

Iran is reportedly jamming ship GPS navigation systems to get them to wander into Iranian waters

Iran said to be building large military base on Iraq-Syria border

Iran Whacks Four Zeroes Off Of Currency

Irony: Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg Treated in Hospital Funded by David Koch

Italy on the brink

Italy's Salvini Erupts At Richard Gere: "Why Don't You Take Italy's Migrants To Hollywood On Your Jet"

Italy: With Salvini out of office, the EU is wasting no time in steamrolling its open borders agenda

It's Disgusting What the Climate Panic Brigade Is Doing to Greta Thunberg

IT’S NOW RACIST TO LOVE YOUR COUNTRY: Pelosi Says “Make America Great Again” Means ‘Make America White Again’

It’s Time For The Left To Deal With The Excesses Of The Trans Movement

Tuesday, September 24, 2019


Watching Thursday:

This blog has watched the political trouble that Israel's Benjamin Netanyahu has been in for several days. But he's not alone. The Democrats are constantly throwing tantrums about President Trump, and apparently there are hints that they may throw a big one on Thursday. I do not buy it one bit that they are doing this for the good of the country. As it has been said, they hate President Trump more than they love this country. Thursday will be just another opportunity to prove yet once again they've lost their minds.

Michael Snyder: “The Dam Could Break On Thursday”: Here Are 12 Quotes That Show The Democrats Are Getting Ready To Impeach Trump

Watching the economy:

Lately, there has been no shortage of troubling news.

SEPT 24: Repo Madness Day 6: Fed Aid Jumps to $105 Billion

SEPT 23: Dollar Funding Shortage Accelerates As Both Overnight And Term Repo Oversubscribed

SEPT 22: Disaster Ahead? Hawaii's Economy Will Slow To "Near Standstill"

SEPT 22: 'Vaguely Troubling': BIS Warns Of Financial Disaster Amid $17 Trillion In Negative-Yield Debt

SEPT 22: It's Official: Bank of America Now Calls What Is Coming "QE4"

SEPT 21: Former Head Of Plunge Protection Team Says Fed Has To Buy More Debt

SEPT 19: Peter Schiff: Why The Fed Won't Be Able To Rescue The Economy This Time Around

SEPT 19: Schiff: The Next Crash Will Bring Down The Fiat Money System

SEPT 16: Ignore At Your Peril: New Data Warns A Recession Is Looming!

SEPT 16: Marshall Islands Creating New Cryptocurrency In Push To De-Dollarize

SEPT 16: 6 Of The Last 8 U.S. Recessions Were Preceded By Oil Price Spikes – Damage To Saudi Oil Industry Could Take “Months” To Repair

SEPT 15: De-Dollarization: Europe Joins The Party

SEPT 9: Schiff: We've Accelerated The Process Of The Dollar's Demise

SEPT 9: Federal Reserve Chair Jerome Powell Insists There Won’t Be A Recession When All The Evidence Suggests Otherwise

SEPT 5: "It's American Hegemony That's Being Backed Into A Corner" - The Dollar Is More At Risk Than The Yuan

SEPT 3: As China Settles In For A Long Trade War, Economic Pressure On Trump Continues To Grow

SEPT 1: Study Discovers That If The Debt Machine Was Turned Off, The U.S. Would Immediately Plunge Into A Horrifying Depression

AUG 26: Preparing For A Financial Apocalypse: Insiders Are Selling “$600 Million Of Stock Per Day In August”

AUG 27: Rabobank: "The US Will Simply Not Allow A New Reserve Currency Without A Fight"

AUG 22: U.S. Manufacturing Contracts Down for First Time in a Decade

AUG 21: One Of The Largest “Too Big To Fail” Banks In America Boldly Declares That “The Wheels For A Slowdown Are In Motion”

Monday, September 23, 2019



JPost, 9/23: U.S. Special Envoy Jason Greenblatt meets Benny Gantz; Meeting comes three days after duo met Prime Minister Netanyahu

JPost: Balad votes won’t count for Gantz, putting Netanyahu in lead

the "Deal of the Century":

Israel National News: 'Deal of the Century' to be significantly delayed

A senior US official told Arutz Sheva on Sunday, however, that the results of the election and the uncertainty they have created in Israel will cause a significant delay in the publication of the plan.

"There is a different situation here and there may be a fundamentally different government than the one we have been working with in recent years. There is also no certainty that the Prime Minister will be the same person who is currently in office. Therefore, further examination of the situation will be required and the publication of the peace plan will be significantly delayed,” said the senior official.

The official declined to set a date, but said the plan would not be published within a matter of weeks and also predicted it would not happen in 2019.

Continuing economic turmoil:

Zerohedge: US Futures, Global Markets Slide As Europe Careens Into A Recession

Zerohedge: Dollar Shortage Eases But Banks Still Signal $66 Billion Funding Shortfall In Fed Repo Operation

Breitbart: Repo Madness Day 5: NY Fed Pumps $65.8 Billion Into Funding Market

Breitbart: Repo Madness Heads Into Day 4: Another $75 Billion Liquidity Drop from NY Fed Coming Friday

Yahoo!: NY Fed to pump $75 bn into money markets daily through Oct 10

Michael Snyder: Goldman Sachs Has Just Issued An Ominous Warning About Stock Market Chaos In October

More links about economic turmoil tomorrow.

Friday, September 20, 2019


President Trump's 'deal of the century' for the Israelis and the Palestinians is expected to be unveiled soon. Everyone is just waiting on the dust to settle in Israel's September 17th election and see who the winner is.

Netanyahu calls on Gantz to form unity government

Almost All The Votes Are Counted, And There Are 2 Ways That Benjamin Netanyahu Could Remain Prime Minister Of Israel

Speaking of the peace process, soon-to-be-leaving-the-Trump-peace-team Jason Greenblatt is in Israel today to meet with Benjamin Netanyahu.

Trump's outgoing peace envoy heads to Jerusalem, to meet Netanyahu, Gantz

Greenblatt gave an interview on Weds the 18th about the peace plan.

‘Let Me Try to Dispel the Myths’: Jason Greenblatt Tells Hamodia the Inside Story

In the midst of the past few days, there is tremendous turmoil everywhere, starting with the Gulf:

Parts of south Texas, like Houston, and parts of southwest Louisiana have absolutely been hammered by catastrophic flooding from tropical storm Imelda. She is right up there with Hurricane Harvey (2017) and tropical storm Allison (2001) for incredible rainfalls.

By the way, Imelda formed on September 17th, the day of Israel's election. She is the 9TH named storm of the Atlantic hurricane season. Imelda formed rapidly on the 17th and LESS THAN HOUR after forming, came ashore in Texas and began catastrophic flooding. says the name Imelda is derived from two German words: ermen "whole, universal" and hild "battle".

Disaster unfolding! Tropical Depression Imelda causing extraordinary threat to life and property in Texas with more intense rain in the forecast

Major, catastrophic flooding hits Texas, at least two people dead as slow-moving storm dumps over 1 100 mm (43 inches) of rain

Imelda continues dumping heavy rain on parts of the Southeast Texas, already the 5th wettest tropical cyclone for the contiguous US

This blog has written about both of those incredible storms (Harvey and Allison) and their connection to previous attempts at a peace plan of some kind on the Israelis and the Palestinians.



Right now, we have an unprecedented SIX named storms between the Atlantic and the Pacific:

Yahoo: 6 tropical storms whirling at once have set a record

One of those 6 storms is Lorena, and she bears watching because she might actually hit California.

Michael Snyder: Is California About To Get Hit By A Hurricane For The Very First Time In U.S. History?

There is tremendous economic turmoil, especially in the "repo" market. Interestingly, this news began breaking on 9/17, the day of Israel's election, although Zerohedge did issue a warning on 9/13 that this "storm" was coming.

9/19, Zerohedge: Liquidity Shortage Getting Worse: Fed's Repo Oversubcribed Even More As Funding Demand Jumps

9/18, Breitbart: Repo Madness: Fed Announces a Third Day of Emergency Funding, BILLIONS of dollars injected

9/18, Yahoo: Why is the NY Fed pumping billions into the money market?

9/17, Zerohedge: Today's "Watershed" Repo-calypse Is "One Of The Worst Things That Can Happen"

9/17, Zerohedge: Something Just Snapped: Chaos Hits Repo Market As "Dollar Funding Storm" Makes Thunderous Landfall

9/17, Michael Snyder: Major Red Flag: The Fed Shocks Everyone With An Emergency Intervention In The Repo Market For The First Time Since 2008

9/13, Zerohedge: A "Dollar Funding Storm" Is Set To Make Landfall In Weeks: What Happens Next

Continuing to watch Yellowstone . . . :

Mary Greeley: Yellowstone Supervolcano, Horse Butte Uplift Continues, Norris Junction, Spectrograms

and Ebola in Africa:

SEPT 18: 3,145 cases; 2,098 dead

Wednesday, September 18, 2019


Times of Israel: Muddy results clearly show Israelis unfazed by prospect of life after Netanyahu

JPost: Israel elections: Netanyahu and Gantz stalemate

Breitbart: Deadlocked Knesset Continues as Final Votes Get Counted

Michael Snyder: Avigdor Lieberman Is Israel’s New “Kingmaker”, And He Will Use That Leverage To Make Sure Israel Goes To War With Hamas

One News Now: Israel's 2 main political parties deadlocked after election

CNS News: Uncertainty in Israel After Vote Puts Netanyahu and Rival Neck-and-Neck


This blog is watching for political turmoil for President Trump as the time approaches to release the "political phase" of his peace process, which is supposed to be after Israel's election. As we can see, Benjamin Netanyahu is facing his own political turmoil.

Interestingly, on the same day as Israel's election, Democrats pushed impeachment hearings against President Trump. It did not go so well for them.

First witness up, Corey Lewandowski.

He apparently spoke his mind and said what a lot of Americans would like to say to these worthless clowns.

The Daily Signal: 4 Key Moments From House Panel’s First ‘Impeachment Hearing’

Breitbart: Chaos on Capitol Hill: Judiciary Hearing with Corey Lewandowski Devolves into Bedlam, Democrats Lose Control

Patriot Retort: Lewandowski Torches the Judiciary Clowns

Monday, September 16, 2019

Friday, September 13, 2019



Dividing Israel: Netanyahu's Major Annexation Announcement

Did Netanyahu's announcement play a role in this? I wonder.

SEPT 5: Trump peace plan architect Jason Greenblatt to quit administration

I find it interesting that Greenblatt announced his resignation in the aftermath of Hurricane Dorian. If you will remember, he joined Kushner's team in August 2017, as Hurricane Harvey was forming.


Peace process reveal approaching:

As the 'political' part of the peace process is getting ready to be unveiled sometime after Israel's election on September 17, this blog is watching for any 'political' problems for President Trump.

SEPT 12: Pelosi: Impeachment Is ‘Very Divisive’ — But If We Have to Go There, We Will

Tropical Storm Nine:

"Tropical Storm Nine" set to cross the battered northwestern Bahamas: Hurricane status is a possibility with 1,300 people still missing after Hurricane Dorian


MARY GREELEY: Yellowstone Supervolcano, Magma Rises, VT Volcanic, Harmonic Tremors


CIDRAP: 3,081 cases; 2,064 dead

See first post of today, FACEBOOK UPDATES.


Banned From Facebook for Mentioning T _ _ _ _ R _ _ _ _ _ _ _

Facebook and PolitiFact Are Protecting AOC from Criticism

Facebook Bans Violent Threats… Except the Violent Threats Against Conservatives Laura Loomer, Paul Joseph Watson, Alex Jones, Gavin McInnis, Milo

Facebook censors LifeSite, claims opposition to giving kids trans hormones is ‘hate speech’

Facebook Faces Lawsuit Over Massive 2018 Data Breach

"Facebook Is Positioning For What Comes Next: The Complete Collapse Of Confidence In Fiat Money"

Facebook is preparing to test hiding all your 'Likes'

Facebook lawyer argues you should have ‘no expectation of privacy’

Facebook Move Gives ACLU, 90 Left-Wing Groups ‘Power Over Every Post a Conservative Makes’

Facebook Suspends Israel Prime Minister Netanyahu

Facebook To Unmask 'Hate Speech' Suspects In France

Facebook unveils ‘its most invasive and dangerous form of surveillance yet’ with launch of Libra cryptocurrency

Facebook’s Recent Algorithm Changes Are Laying Waste To Conservative And Liberal Outlets

Facebook's Founder Admits To Interfering In Political Speech

Lara Loomer files $3 billion lawsuit against Facebook for banning her for being a "dangerous individual"

Libra: Facebook's Crypto Trojan Rabbit

Facebook Won't Say Whether Banned Individuals Can Use Libra Despite Claiming To Be 'Politically Neutral'

Sage advice: Be cautious when using Facebook's currency

Mark Zuckerberg Brags: We Didn't Allow Pro-Life Groups to Advertise Before Ireland's Abortion Vote

PJ Media Report on Facebook Ban Is 'Hate Speech,' According to Facebook

Thursday, September 12, 2019


A Hollywood Blacklist for Trump Backers?

Are Dems Prepping Michelle Obama For A Hail-Mary Toss Against Trump?

Are Democrat Politicians Taking Trips to Mexico to Provide “Coaching” on how to Cross the Border?

Can gov't force you to violate your convictions?

Can we say Eugenics?

Can we trust Democrats after they lied so much about Obamacare?

Could the Green New Deal Create More Climate Victims Than It Saves?

Could the INCEL Community be Propelling Mass Shooters?

Did Ilhan Omar’s Husband Spill The Tea?

Did We Learn Anything From 9/11?

Do You Understand that Democrats will Destroy America?

Guess What Warren Buffett Is Doing With His Money Right Now?

Has Rep. Ilhan Omar Committed a Stoning Offense?

Has the LGBT movement overplayed its hand?

If Trump's 'Bigotry' Is an Impeachable Offense, Why Did Obama Get a Pass?

Is China Hoarding Food, Gold And Other Commodities In Anticipation Of A Global Collapse?

Is Christopher Wray Protecting Andrew McCabe?

Is random survey 'trolling' conservative voters?

Is the United Nations a Circus or an Insane Asylum?

Is there a future for the Boy Scouts?

Is Trump's Response to the MSNBC Smear a Turning Point in Media Disinformation?

Obama at Columbia – Or Was He?

The death of Obamacare?

Was Christine Blasey-Ford Just Outed By Her Own Lawyer?

What Happened During Flynn Lawyer’s Secret Meeting With Judge This Week?

What Happened to Jeffrey Epstein?

What In God’s Name Is Happening In Christianity?

What Is so Damaging Towards Hillary that After Years, the DOJ Still Won’t Provide Requested Email to Senator Grassley?

When Will Big City Democrats Stop Enabling Illegal Immigration?

Where did the $16 Billion in US Grants Given to Baltimore in 2018 Disappear to?

Where is Huma Abedin’s Laptop?

Who Inflicts The Most Gun Violence In America?

“Who is the most corrupt prosecutor you ever dealt with?" (scroll down)

Who Protected Epstein For Decades, And Why?

Who wouldn't vote for that?

Whom will socialized medicine kill?

Why Are We Hearing About the White Supremacist in El Paso and Not the Liz Warren Supporter in Dayton?

Why Is The Federal Govt. Hiring "Ebola Airport Screeners?"

Tuesday, September 10, 2019


Dem candidates trip over each other to declare who will best destroy the economy

Dems Close Last Remaining Offices In South Dakota

Dem Staffer Who Doxxed GOP Senators During Kavanaugh Hearings Headed to Prison

Dems Are Quietly Trying to Pass a Massive Payroll Tax Increase warns Job Creators Network member

Dems Are One Hundred Percent Wrong about Racism

Dems Can’t Deport ’11 Million’ Illegals, but Will Confiscate 16 Million AR-15s
(gg question: And then what will they go for after they get the AR-15s?)

Dems collectively hate everybody

Dems Launch New ‘Listen Up, Hayseeds’ Campaign To Connect With Rural Voters -- The Onion

Dems need to choose between the truth and Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez

Dems Officially Vote to Become Party of the Non-Religious

Dems playing the race card on Repubs for saying the same things Dems said a few years ago on illegal immigration

Dems Propose First Gun Grab Since Lexington And Concord

Dems ready to replace worship of God with worship of the state

Dems Threaten Supreme Court: Reject Second Amendment or Face Court-Packing

Dems Using Same Tactics as Adolph Hitler

Dems Are Planning to Steal the 2020 Election

Dems: Love and Aid for Illegal Migrants, Nothing for Americans

Dems sneak gun control measures into Violence Against Women Act reauthorization

Dems vote to lift ban on embryonic gene-editing research

Dems Delete God

'Disorganized' DNC Dives Deeper In Debt As WikiLeaks Bombshells Haunt Party

Dishonest Dems Use Obama-Era Photo to Launch Investigation into 'Kids in Cages' at the Border

DNC Resolution Takes Aim at Christians, Warning Against 'Religious Liberty'

Far Left Prepares To Throw Barack Obama Into The Dustbin Of History
House Democrat wants to prosecute people who make fun of members of Congress online

House Democrats’ Uncivil War Is Fueled By Identity Politics

If elected to the White House, Democrats promise to ban combustion engines, meat products, transportation and agriculture, plunging America into famine and pestilence

Is this RussiaGate 2.0? Democrat Thugs Push DOJ to Investigate More GOP Donors

It’s Official: The Democrats Just Want You Dead

No Outrage Over Democrat Ties to Foreign Election Interference

Real collusion with America's enemies. There is a pro Iran and pro China wing in the Democrat Party

The Democrats’ 2020 Campaign Theme Is 'You Americans Are Terrible'

The Democrats' Blueprint To Steal 2020 From The Voters Of America

“There are only two sides: America and the Democrats.”

There is an Existential Threat to the Very Idea of American Citizenship and Dems are Leading the Charge

This is How the New Communist-Led Democrat Party Plans to "Fundamentally Transform" America

Trump has branded the Democrat Party

Voter Intimidation: It’s a Democrat thing

Monday, September 9, 2019


Large 3,500-Year-Old Staircase From Canaanite Palace Discovered in Galilee

Latin America is Collapsing and Taking America With It

Lawmakers Target Pentagon Pedophiles With Bipartisan Child Porn Bill

Leader Of Satanic Temple Declares Members Mostly “LGBTQ”

Leading Dem: 'Medicare for All' Should Cover Gender Reassignment Surgery for Illegal Aliens

Left Amps Up Justifications For Violence Against Their Political Opponents

Leftist imbeciles upset that conservatives volunteered to clean up Baltimore garbage and litter

Left-wing election commission chair calls tech giants to summit on ‘fraudulent news’ crackdown

Left-Wing ‘Fact-Checker’ Snopes Is Trying To Deplatform Babylon Bee

Left-wing principal of DC school fails to protect Trump-supporting student

Leftist Gestapo: 'No Laughing at Chappelle Jokes!'

Leftists Hound Mastercard, Demanding It Put Conservative 'Hate Groups Out of Business'

Leftists Threaten to Murder El Paso Victim’s Family After They Meet with President Trump During His Visit to Texas

Legal Immigrant Prof's Criticisms Of Illegal Immigration Prompt Calls For Ouster

Lego Introduces New Sharper Bricks That Instantly Kill You When You Step On Them

Leprosy Could Be The Next Public Health Crisis To Hit Los Angeles

LGB Versus T: How The 'Trans' Issue Is Dividing A Movement

LGBT Activists Seek to Destroy Christianity
(gg note: Another perspective about the so-called "Equality Act.")

LGBTQ Activists Outraged That Pennywise From 'It Chapter Two' Isn't a Gay Ally

LGBTQ Reporter: Castro, Dems Not Woke Enough on Abortion Rights for ‘Trans Men’

LGBTQ storms Toronto Chick-fil-A opening, fans line up

Liberal Criminologists Mislead Us

Liberal Libido

Libra - An existential threat to human rights, data privacy and national sovereignty

Lindsey Graham: Obama Should Be Questioned Under Oath About Trump Campaign Investigation

Lindsey Graham Politely Explains to Idiot Reporters Why He needs an AR-15

London Zoo Held Pride Party for Its Gay Penguins

Look Who’s Interfering With the 2020 Election

Lowe's Laying Off Thousands And Outsourcing Maintenance And Assembly Jobs

Lula Admits, BRICS Was Created As A Tool Of Attack Against The US Dollar

Friday, September 6, 2019



GG note: When disasters strike, we donate to Franklin Graham's Samaritan's Purse.


Yellowstone Steamboat Geyser continues to break historical yearly eruption record


CIDRAP: 3,054 cases and 2,050 deaths


'Fall Armyworm' Invades China; Wreaks Havoc On Agriculture Lands

China using drones to combat fall armyworm

Falling From Grace: The Decline Of The US Empire

Fake News Media is Trying to Write Mike Cernovich out of the Epstein Story He Broke

Famous former con-artist says never use debit card!

'Fast and Feast' Diet Really Works for Weight Loss

FBI Rocked By Public Suicide of TOP FBI Agent Who Investigated Clinton Foundation

FBI Agents Went To Comey’s House, Retrieved Secret Memo Written After His Termination

Federal Court: Christian Videographers Cannot Be Compelled to Work Same-Sex Wedding

Feminist: 'Heterosexuality is Just Not Working'

Fitton: Court Grants Significant New Discovery in Clinton Email Case

FLORIDA: Judge orders release of FBI records in Sarasota probe that may tie Saudi royals to 9/11 hijackers

Flynn Attorney Sidney Powell Drops Atomic Sledgehammer of Truth on DC Court

FOIA Uncovers Taxpayer-Funded Islamic Propaganda Forced on Teachers, ‘Islam Glorified, Christianity Disparaged and America Bashed

Fr. Martin at gay ‘pride’ Mass: Pope has appointed ‘many’ pro-LGBT cardinals, bishops

France Presses Washington On $15BN Iran Credit Line To Save Nuclear Deal

From El Paso to Fort Hood

FUKUSHIMA: More than a million tons of radioactive water set to be dumped into the Pacific

Thursday, September 5, 2019


Multiple states are making easy, cheaper abortions their top priority.

CALIF: California Wants to Grow ‘Abortion Tourism’ Industry as Other States Clamp Down

ILLINOIS: Abortion bill would make Ill. America's abortion capital

KANSAS: The Kansas Supreme Court Steps in to Protect Abortion from Pro-Life State Lawmakers

NEW YORK: N.Y. Budget Would Fund Expenses of Poor Women Traveling to City for Abortions

RHODE ISLAND: Rhode Island Signs Law Permitting Abortions up to Birth

VERMONT: VT’s GOP Gov. Signs Law Making Abortion a ‘Fundamental Human Right,’ Abortion Up To Birth


Abortion as aphrodisiac

Abortion Was the Leading Cause of Death Worldwide in 2018, Killing 42 Million People

AUG 30: US day of mourning to commemorate 20 million black lives lost to abortion

Bernie Sanders: Abortion Helps Curb Population Growth to Combat Climate Change

David Daleiden forced to pay $195K fine over videos exposing Planned Parenthood selling baby parts

‘Historic’ Daleiden hearing begins, putting abortion industry’s ‘big players’ on stand

In court hearing, Planned Parenthood employee admits to trafficking in baby body parts

Incredibly Sick, Federally-Funded Experiments Are Happening Behind Closed Doors In Secret Laboratories All Over America

Ilhan Omar tweets endorsement of tax-funded abortions for illegal immigrants

Joe Biden Compliments the Courage of Woman Who Told Him She Had 3 Abortions

Joe Biden's Healthcare Plan Would Make Roe Federal Law and Force Taxpayers to Pay for Abortions

Judge Blocks Ohio ‘Heartbeat’ Abortion Law

Judge Upholds Oklahoma Ban on ‘Dismemberment Abortion’ in Historical Decision

Leftist legal org coaches schools on getting students secret abortions

Mark Levin: 'The NRA Doesn't Kill People. That's Planned Parenthood!'

List of companies who claim abortion is good for their businesses

Mark Zuckerberg Brags: We Didn't Allow Pro-Life Groups to Advertise Before Ireland's Abortion Vote

Netflix sees subscriber numbers, stock prices drop after supporting abortion in Georgia

Planned Parenthood terminates new president, not extreme enough on abortion

Pro-abortion actress Alyssa Milano tells Hollywood filmmakers what pro-life states to boycott

Supreme Court lets dismemberment abortions continue, won’t hear Alabama case

The Pro-Abortion factions are zeroing in on Christians

Top Execs of 180 Companies: Abortion Necessary to Be Successful in Business

What I Learned About Pro-Life Women After I Had An Abortion

Woman Assaults Pro-Life Activist at University of Wisconsin-Madison

WSJ/NBC Poll Finds ‘Record High Majority’ Support for Abortion

Wednesday, September 4, 2019



Aerial footage shows total devastation in Abaco, Bahamas after Hurricane Dorian


Academia considers cannibalism

ACLJ Obtains Obama DOJ’s Immunity Agreements with Hillary Clinton Lawyers Cheryl Mills and Heather Samuelson

ACR99: California Resolution blames Christians for LGBTQ distress, demands affirmation

ACR99: Assault on religious liberty on a fast track in California

Activist mom of 10 target of hostile doxing

Actor Tom Arnold Levels Death Threat Against Donald Trump Jr.

AFA: Target continues doing nothing to prevent voyeurism

African Migrants on way to US FIGHT MEXICAN POLICE in Wild Border Brawl in Tapachula

ALASKA: Unusually warm temperatures across Alaska this summer led to die-offs of massive amounts of unspawned chum, sockeye, and pink salmon

All The People Who Think They Are Better Than You Are Much, Much Worse - Kurt Schlicter

All the president’s men, Obama style

Alleged 9/11 Mastermind Could Blow Saudi Role Wide Open In Lawsuit Testimony

Amazon bans books on gay ‘conversion therapy’. Is the Bible next?

Amazon Drivers Involved In Multi-Million Dollar Theft Ring Involving Pawn Shops

Amazon, Microsoft, Putting World at Risk with ‘Killer AI’ claims International Business Times report

America Is Drowning in the Left's Lies About Trump

America Is Not Going To Be A Free And Open Society Any Longer - Michael Snyder

Americans Under The Age Of 39 Have Completely Different Values Than The Generations That Came Before Them - Michael Snyder

Americans VASTLY Overestimate the Gay Population in U.S., Gallup Finds

America's Billionaires Congealing Around Warren And Buttigieg

An Indicator With A 100% Perfect Track Record Of Predicting Recessions Says That Another One Is Coming - Michael Snyder

Angel Moms to Alyssa Milano: Why Don’t You ‘Fight for American Children Raped by Illegal Aliens in Our Country’

Anti-White Privilege; The only socially acceptable racism today is racism against whites

Apple Apologizes For Siri Eavesdropping; Suspends Human Reviews, Will Delete Recordings

Archaeologists Find Church of the Apostles Near Sea of Galilee

Astonishing Events Of The Present And Future

Tuesday, September 3, 2019


Watching Dorian:

SEPT 3: As Dorian pummels the Bahamas, there are 4 more areas of concern forming

SEPT 2: New Forecast: Hurricane Dorian Is Going To Absolutely Hammer The East Coast All Week Long

SEPT 2: Hurricane "Dorian" caused 'unprecedented damage' to the Bahamas

SEPT 2: Bahamian Official Filmed Cat-5 Dorian As It Swallowed His Home

SEPT 1: A Category 6 Storm? If The Scale Went That High, Hurricane Dorian Would Be One

SEPT 1: Bahamas take direct hit from catastrophic Category 5 Hurricane "Dorian" - the strongest in history to hit the region

SEPT 1: Dorian Strikes Bahamas with Record Fury as Category 5 Storm


Dad horrified as public school convinces daughter she’s a ‘boy’…and he can’t stop it

Daleiden: ‘Kamala Harris Is the Greatest Threat to Civil Rights’ in Generations

Dangerous White Nationalists Cleverly Disguising Themselves as Black and Brown People

Dayton mass shooter and Drag Queen Story Hours both motivated by hatred of women

Days of Lot: New Survey Finds That Evangelical Christian Support for Gay Marriage Has More Than Doubled

Debra Messing and co-actor attempt to persecute actors/actresses for supporting President Trump, Greg Gutfeld puts them in their place

Dershowitz: The Dangerous Stalinism Of The "Woke" Hard-Left

Devin Nunes suing Twitter for defamation, shadow-banning, and censoring conservatives and ignoring lawful complaints of abuse

Did You Hear About HR 838, It Creates a Behavioral Police Force

DiGenova: “IG Horowitz has Concluded ALL FOUR FISA Warrants to Spy on Trump Campaign and Administration Were Illegal”

Dinesh D'Souza: Obamas' Mansion Purchase Exposes 'Hollow Rhetoric' Behind Climate Change

Disaster And Disease In A Havoc Stricken World - Last Trumpet Newsletter

Disney’s Toy Story 4 praised by LGBT activists for lesbian moms scene

911 Dispatcher Tells Drowning Woman to 'Shut Up' During Her Final Moments

DISTURBING: ISIS Using ‘Telegram’ App To Plan Attacks On US Cities

Ditrianum: Potential for large earthquakes early September 2019

DOJ Inspector General Report Rips James Comey For Leaking Memos For Personal and Political Gain

Donald Trump vs. the Elite

Drag Queen Story Hour 'greatest grooming program ever devised,' counselor says

Drag Queen Story Hour Branches Out

Drag queen teaches kids to ‘twerk’ at library story hour

Drug Addict Tries To Kill Woman With a Pitchfork in Leftist Utopia