Friday, August 30, 2019

8/30 - THE NEWS



MICHAEL SNYDER: “Monster” Hurricane Dorian Is Projected To Be “A Very Big Hurricane, Perhaps One Of The Biggest”

Here is a screen capture from


MICHAEL SNYDER: Magnitude 6.3 Quake Off The Oregon Coast Raises Concerns That The Cascadia Subduction Zone Could Soon Rupture

DITRIANUM: Strong Earthquakes August 27-29 show Pre-Seismic Signals


MARY GREELEY: Yellowstone Earthquakes, Hot Spot burnt trees, Spectrogram, Harmonic Tremors, 8-28-19

MARY GREELEY: More! New Yellowstone Hot Thermal Areas at YVO National Park They Don't talk about

Ebola in Africa:

CIDRAP: 3,004 cases; 2,006 deaths


The Average U.S. Farm Is $1,300,000 In Debt, And Now The Worst Farming Crisis In Modern History Is Upon Us

The Charlottesville Lie - PragerU

The Complete De-Platforming Of All Non-Establishment Voices

The Convenient Death of Jeffrey Epstein

"The Distortion Is Grotesque" - Google Insider Turns Over 950 Pages Documenting Bias To DoJ

The Enemy of America

The False Promise of Fish Oil Supplements

The Ferguson Effect comes to New York: NYPD arrests plummet in wake of officer firing in Garner case

The fiction of man-made global warming

The Fix Was in from the Start for Hillary's 'Exoneration,' Immunity Agreements with Aides Suggest

The 'Gay Gene' Is a Total Myth, Massive Study Concludes

The gaying of Major League Baseball, and every other professional sports league, is almost complete

The Google Fascists

The Hate Squad: Picking up where Hillary left off

The Left is accumulating hellish power over us

The Left Is Shrieking That America Was Always Hopelessly Flawed So They Can Remake It

The Left's Endgame Is Not Chaos. It's Worse.

The Left’s War on Women

The link between pot and mass shootings may be closer than we think

The Many Ways That Democrats Are After Your Money

The Marshall Islands in the Pacific have radiation levels up to 1,000 times higher than Chernobyl and Fukushima: With Plutonium-239, a radioactive half-life of 24,100 years

The New Me – author unknown

The ‘nightmare’ California flood more dangerous than a huge earthquake

The Palestinian Authority Hated the Bahrain Conference Because It Was About Helping Palestinians

The Pocket-Sized Black Hornet Drone Is About To Change Army Operations Forever

The Repetitive Replay of History has Reached its Culmination

The Ridiculous Fit a NYT Columnist Threw After Being Called a 'Metaphorical Bed Bug'

The scandal of Charlottesville is not what the president said about neo-Nazis, it’s what the media said he said

The Shame of Baltimore; How the Democrat machine - that Rep. Cummings is part of - destroyed Charm City

THE ULTIMATE BETRAYAL – The Truth About The Invasion of America

The upcoming SCOTUS fights over LGBT issues is about more than just employment law and LGBT protections, the outcome of this battle will affect many Americans

Thursday, August 29, 2019


Three interesting stories on August 28.

First, JPost let us know of a further development in the peace process:

AUG 28: Peace plan to be released only after Israel's elections, says Greenblatt

JPost reports that the "political component" of Trump's peace plan is to be released.

With the economic part of the peace plan released in June, we've seen all kinds of crazy economic turmoil. I would imagine we are about to see President Trump in all kinds of political turmoil now, perhaps starting with this second interesting news report, which also attacks Trump financially:

MSNBC's Lawrence O'Donnell, a long-time hater of President Trump, claimed to have an inside source telling him that Russian oligarchs signed financial documents for President Trump at Deutsche Bank. O'Donnell promptly backtracked when contacted by Trump's attorneys.

Trump Breaks MSNBC: Lawrence O’Donnell Apologizes for Deutsche Bank Claims

And this third interesting story, tropical storm Dorian became a hurricane, set to hit Florida as a Category 3 or 4 on Sunday or Monday:

AUG 28: Hurricane Dorian Slips Past Puerto Rico, Florida Now the Target, becomes Cat 1

AUG 28: We Are Being Told That Dorian Could Become A Category 4 Hurricane Before It Finally Slams Into The U.S. Coast

AUG 29: Florida Declares State Of Emergency As Hurricane Dorian Set To Ruin Labor Day Weekend

How serious will Dorian become? We won't know until we see it in the rear view mirror. FYI, "Dorian" is an Irish name that means "exile, wanderer."

BTW, Bill Koenig posted this video two weeks ago:

Eight major record-setting catastrophes that occurred during the GHW Bush, Clinton, GW Bush, Obama and Trump presidencies

Wednesday, August 28, 2019


Samantha Power’s Brutal Emails Point to Political Motivations for Unmaskings

San Diego City Council: Guns Must Be Locked or Disabled in Homes

San Francisco to paint over historic George Washington mural

Satellites Have Already Started Watching Your Every Movement

Schlichter: Get Ready For Apocalypse Ruth

Scientists Are Building a Real-Life Version of the Starship Enterprise's Life Scanner

Scott Adams's 'Dilbert' exposes the Democrats' debate strategy

Scott Adams puts a cork in the left’s collective mouth, starting with the effete dope David Hogg

Seattle Is First Major US City With Annual Home Price Decline Since Crisis

Secret McCabe Texts With MI-5 Counterpart Emerge, Spotlighting UK's Early Role In 'Russiagate'

Senate confirms lesbian judge tied to radical LGBT legal group

Serious concerns about mixing monkey, human cells

Seth Rich's Ghost Won't Go Away

Shrine to Apostle Peter unearthed: Israeli archaeologist

Silicon Valley Is Building a Communist-style ‘Social Credit’ System

Snopes Plays Satire Police, Slams Babylon Bee for Joke About Erica Thomas and Chick-fil-A

Social justice movement 'greatest threat to gospel' I've ever seen claims Tom Ascol

Sorry If You’re Offended, but Socialism Leads to Misery and Destitution

Spygate Indictments Coming, Says Former Intelligence Operative Tony Shaffer

State legislatures attempting to allow teens to get HPV shot without parental consent

Stop spreading conspiracy theories … say the conspiracy theorists

Strange sunsets are being witnessed around the world as the Arctic burns: "Worst Arctic wildfires in 10,000 years!"

Strong opening for Kendricks' latest flick

Students Asked To Identify If Racist Quotes Are From Trump Or Biden, Shocked To Find Out They’re All Biden

Students Slam Obama Immigration Quote... When They Think It's From Trump

Study: Olympic Guidelines Give Transgender Women an 'Intolerable' Advantage in Women's Sports

Sugar-rich diet feeds the rise of new superbug

Supreme Court: Bad Day for Everyone, Especially Roberts

Supreme Court to hear major ‘sexual orientation,’ ‘gender identity’ case Oct. 8

Monday, August 26, 2019


We all know this probably won't end well and that there is more, much more, to come. Be watching.

AUG 25: We Are Being Warned That The Last Week Of August “Could Be Highly Volatile” For Global Financial Markets

AUG 24: China is preparing for a hot war with the United States and Trump is responding

AUG 23: A Critical Threshold Has Just Been Crossed, And Things Will NEVER Be The Same Again . . .

AUG 23: Beijing Enraged After US Navy Ship Sails Through Taiwan Strait

AUG 14: China's High-Tech Tyranny

AUG 13: Guess Who China Is Blaming For The Riots In Hong Kong?

AUG 8: Is China Hoarding Food, Gold And Other Commodities In Anticipation Of A Global Collapse?

AUG 7: China’s in Real Trouble -- Mark Stys explains how tariffs hurt China

AUG 6: “Worst Year Ever”: The Chinese Ban On U.S. Agricultural Products Will Be A Death Blow For Countless U.S. Farms

AUG 5: China Just Went Nuclear In The Trade War, And There Is No Turning Back Now

AUG 5: $1,400,000,000,000 Gone In Less Than A Week – Stock Market In Turmoil As The Trade War Dramatically Escalates

AUG 5: Currency War Begins: Chinese Yuan Crashes Past 7 To New Record Low; Global Markets Tumble After Beijing Suspends US Agri Imports

AUG 2: Gordon Chang: China’s Communist Regime ‘Happy to Kill Tens of Thousands of Americans’ via Fentanyl

AUG 2: China Is Extremely Angry, And They Now Consider The United States To Be Enemy #1

AUG 1: "Watch Out America" - China & Russia Are Coming After The Dollar

JULY 30: We Just Witnessed 3 Major Developments That Could Easily Lead To Global War

JULY 10: World's Largest Supplier Of Consumer Goods Warns Chinese Factories In "Urgent And Desperate" Shape

Monday, August 12, 2019


Mark Levin Lights Up Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez Like a Christmas Tree at Chernobyl

Mark R. Levin’s excellent attack against the press

Matt Drudge's 'Future' Is Now Realized, And That Has Legacy Media Enraged.

May was the second wettest month in US history

Media Ignores 2020 Democrat Joe Sestak’s Connection to Big Obama Scandal

Media Worried About Leaking of Dossier Sources After Leaking Dossier Sources

Medicare For All Destroys Medicare; It’s not Medicare for All. It’s Destroy Medicare for All

Mexico: AMLO is giving some investors second thoughts

Mexico Sets Homicide Record As Country Descends Into Chaos

Mexico City Caves to BDS Extremists, Removes Photos of Jerusalem and Golan Heights

Michael Moore: Time Trump Voters ‘Come in from the Storm,’ Embrace Universal Healthcare, Free College

Michael Snyder: 7 Unanswered Questions About Jeffrey Epstein’s Death That The Mainstream Media Needs To Be Talking About

Michael Snyder: 10 Quotes From Big Names Across The Political Spectrum That Are Suspicious About The Cause Of Epstein’s Death

Michael van der Galien at PJMedia: Vanity Fair: Trump Knew Jeffrey Epstein Had Incriminating Photos of Bill Clinton

Michelle Malkin: Big Data ‘Pulling the Plug’ on Conservatives ‘Who Might Tip the Scales’ in 2020

Michelle Obama Claims People Dismiss Presidency After Barack: ‘If a Black Guy Can Do It, Anybody Can’

Migrants Quarantined with UNKNOWN Disease, 10-Year Old Girl Found With 20 Types of Semen In Her

8-Year-Old 'Mini AOC' Has to Delete Parody Accounts After Doxxing, Death Threats Against Her Family

More on Jeffrey Epstein’s “Suicide”

Morning Briefing: Jeffrey Epstein Totally Gets Vince Fostered

Most Americans Can’t Afford to Pay Rent, Eat Food, Buy Stuff, or Get Sick (And It’s Just Going to Get WORSE)

MS-13 Committed L.A. Area-Killings With Machetes, Cutting Out Victim’s Heart: Officials

MSNBC Host: We’re Not Going To ‘Play Fair’ To Put Trump In Jail

Muslim Jihadis Gang-Rape, Torture, Murder 60-Yr-Old Christian Virgin; Some of her former students and neighbors were among the perpetrators

Muslims Patrolling Streets of NYC in Their Own Squad Cars: Residents Alarmed

Mysterious criminal dies a mysterious death - Daniel Greenfield

Friday, August 9, 2019


Watching . . .

America's farms:

"We're Already Starting To Ration Our Corn" - Perfect Storm Could Send Spot Prices Higher

Asteroid approaching:

Enormous Asteroid 2006 QQ23 Set to Skim Past Earth This Weekend


2,781 cases; 1,866 dead


News updates:

Japanese Scientists Plan to Create Human-Mouse Hybrids

Jared Kushner: Two-state solution was 'a good attempt'

Jeff Daniels and the Arrogance of the Left

Jewish Student ‘Forced to Go Into Hiding’ After Admitting She Voted for Trump

Jim Jordan Reminds Dems Who Really Built 'Cages' at the Border

Jimmy Carter's Trump Derangement Syndrome Is Too Much Even for Jeff Flake

Joaquin Castro Warns Potential Trump Donors They'd Better 'Think Twice' Before Supporting the President

Joaquin Castro Hit List Is a Dirty Trick for the Ages

Joe Biden Calls for Jail Time for Insurance Execs 'Who Totally Oppose My Plan'
Joe Biden has fly land on hiss Face--as He Accuses Trump of ‘Immorality’ and ‘Carnage’

Joe Biden Asked About His Favorite Historical Figure Who Was Not a President… Answers: Thomas Jefferson

Journalists Failed Our Newspapers

Juárez Registers 889 Homicides So Far in 2019

Judges Seated by Trump Begin to Transform ‘9th Circus’

Judgment Day coming for Democrats

Jupiter: Meteor EXPLOSION captured in rare footage, Would have destroyed Earth!

Just what gets you the 'white nationalist'/'white supremacist' label?

Justice Department resumes capital punishment, orders executions of five inmates

Judicial Watch:

FBI Admits Hillary Clinton Emails Found in Obama White House

FBI Knew of Hillary’s Abuses

Obama’s DOJ Granted Immunity to Hillary Clinton’s Lawyer Who Destroyed 33,000 Emails

Judicial Watch Finds New FBI Documents Showing 'Lenient Treatment for Evident Criminal Activity'

Wednesday, August 7, 2019


Fact Check: Trump Treating Illegals as Well or Better Than Obama

Father of boy killed in school massacre wins defamation suit

FBI implicated in destroying evidence to benefit Clinton

FBI Report Says You're A Potential Domestic Terrorist if . . .

Federal Judge Took Democrats' Russia Collusion Lawsuit Against The Trump Campaign To The Woodshed

Federal Judge won't let Trump supporter sue WaPo for defamation

Federally Funded Harvard Program Offers Humanized Mice Made With Aborted-Baby Parts for $800-$1,272

Feminist Author Says Parents With ‘Bad Genes’ Should Be Banned From Reproducing

Feral Irishman: Sounds about right

Finally, An American President Stands up to Sharpton

FLASHBACK: Governor Cuomo Told Conservatives They Weren’t Welcome in New York

Flood of illegal migrants to the border outpaces last two years with 1.1M expected in fiscal year 2019

Flynn’s Lawyers: Mueller Team Wanted False Testimony, Possibly Retaliated When Rebuked

For Countless Americans, Living In Their Vehicles Has Become “The New Normal”

Former CNN Host Calls For "Eradication" Of Kellyanne Conway And All Trump Supporters
(gg: Yet Leftists insist that it is President Trump who is fomenting violence!)

Former Google Engineer Says Google Will Try to Prevent Trump's Reelection

Former Presidential Adviser: Free Healthcare For Illegals Would End America

Frederica Wilson is the Mad Hatter

From the redcoats to the black robes

Funny how no one wants to look into that report that Omar married her brother...

Tuesday, August 6, 2019


What a horrible weekend! Two mass shootings in less than 24 hours. Look at one of the parallels with Israel as well as the announcements and events (particularly economic with China) of July 31-Aug 5 below, and beginning about 48 hours after Jared Kushner's peace process meetings, which by the way, focused on the economic portion of President Trump's peace plan.

JULY 31: Kushner meets with Benjamin Netanyahu and Jordan's king about President Trump's peace plan.


JULY 31: White House announces President Trump will be hosting Arab leaders at Camp David to discuss his ideas on the peace process.

YNET: Trump to launch peace conference with Arab leaders in Camp David

AUG 1: Israel - Two attacks on two borders in one day

Two attacks on two borders (one on the southern followed by one on the northern) in less than 24 hours.

One targeted IDF troops stationed along Gaza (southern border), while another targeted Hezbollah positions in Syria’s Golan Heights (northern border).

AUG 2: White House announces that the Trump Administration has launched a global campaign to decriminalize homosexuality and invites "all nations to join us!"

LIFESITE: White House confirms Trump’s LGBT support in multiple pro-gay tweets

AUG 2: Supreme Court to hear ‘sexual orientation,’ ‘gender identity’ case Oct. 8

. . . (ACLU) declared it would be “one of the biggest days in LGBTQ legal history."

AUG 2: China Is Extremely Angry, And They Now Consider The United States To Be Enemy #1

Like Israel, the US had two attacks on two borders (one on its southern border followed by one on its northern border) in less than 24 hours.

AUG 3: Mass shooting kills 20 with 26 injured in El Paso, Texas (a southern border state)

Then, within hours . . .

AUG 4: Another Mass Shooting Leaves 9 Dead, 26 Injured In Dayton, Ohio (a northern border state)

AUG 4: "Journalists," Democrats, liberals and leftists IMMEDIATELY blame President Trump. As usual, none of these groups blame the shooters or hold them responsible for their actions.

AUG 4:  Michael Snyder: Everybody Is Blaming Trump For The Mass Shootings, But There Is A Twist That Hardly Anyone Is Talking About

AUG 4:  PJ Media: As Expected, Trump Blamed for Deadly Massacres

AUG 5: Trump To Address Nation Monday Over Mass Shootings, Says More Gun Control May Be Needed

Then bam! Tremendous economic turmoil - a significant uptick in economic tensions between the US and China, and a big wipeout on the stock market!

AUG 5: For The First Time In 25 Years, US Treasury Just Designated China A Currency Manipulator

AUG 5: China Just Went Nuclear In The Trade War, And There Is No Turning Back Now

This is the most significant economic news:

AUG 5: "On A Scale Of 1-10, It's An 11" - Wall Street Reacts To China's Retaliation

AUG 5: Carnage: Stocks Plunge Most In 2019 As China Sparks Global Turmoil

AUG 5: Michael Snyder: $1,400,000,000,000 Gone In Less Than A Week – Stock Market In Turmoil As The Trade War Dramatically Escalates

We are not out of the woods, not even close. There will be more turmoil in the days to come.

Thursday, August 1, 2019


Yesterday, 7/31:

Kushner meets Jordan king for talks on Mideast peace plan

So far, the Trump plan is to address economic incentives for the Palestinians, which this outline was launched at the Bahrain conference in June, a conference the Palestinians refused to attend. In yesterday's meeting, apparently King Jordan stressed his support for the two-state solution. The article does not outline any commitments or outcomes of yesterday's meeting, only that there was a meeting.

Also yesterday, Kushner and his team met with Benjamin Netanyahu:

JPOST: Jared Kushner meets with Netanyahu in Israel as U.S. doubles down on peace plan

According to the above JPost article, the meetings are not over yet:

Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu met Wednesday evening with senior White House adviser Jared Kushner, who is on a tour of five Middle East countries before Washington decides on the next step following June’s economic workshop in Bahrain.

Arutz Sheva is reporting that President Trump himself will host a meeting at Camp David before the Israeli elections in September to discuss his peace plan proposal. The article does not mention the date of this future meeting, nor who will attend. However, the article does state some of the topics that will be presented.

Trump will present the deal without going into binding details. He will say yes to a Palestinian entity, but not necessarily to a state, and will also say yes to a Palestinian presence in eastern Jerusalem but not necessarily to it being a capital.

ARUTZ SHEVA: Trump to lead peace conference at Camp David

As "Stage 1" of President Trump's peace plan deals with economic incentives, it might be important to watch our economic news here in America. I posted some links yesterday (coincidentally, as I did not know about the meetings). Here are a couple more economic news articles.

AUG 1: US Futures Rebound From Post-Powell Tantrum As Dollar Juggernaut Continues

JULY 31: “The Stock Market Started To Fall In July…”